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Claude The infirmary is a mess. People have been dragged in from throughout the vault. There are injured, dead and dying folks in all of the beds and in the surgery area. Even the Mister Orderly, usually just seen gathering dust, is working it's floating ass off. Amidst the screams of the wounded, the Vault's medical professionals work hard to keep people alive.

One of the people being brought in for treatment is Claude. The singer is a mess. He is covered in blood from his head to his feet, his vault suit and the body armor worn overtop of it both ruined by whatever destroyed much of the tissue on his chest. What may make the sight worse is that the man is still awake, moaning in pain as he's transported. He gets set down in the area set aside for triage to let one of the doctors or nurses take a look at him. His blue eyes are wet from tears and wide open and he's breathing heavily, trying hard to deal with the pain.
Xenia Xenia walks beside the team of security folks carrying Claude in, holding the wounded man's hand, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Stay with me, Claude... think about the lyrics from 'New York, New York'. How did the second verse go again?" she asks, voice thick with tears and shivery with emotion. She may be in a greater danger of going into shock than the wounded man after the sight of so much blood, gore, pain, and misery, but she clings to him like a cute red-haired band-aid, looking almost hysterically out of character in security armor and carrrying a plasma pistol holstered awkwardly at her hip.
Holiday Chaos is the name of the game right now. Holiday navigates it as best she can, moving from patient to patient, trying to triage on the fly as all the nurses are busy, too. When the security team comes in, the doctor points them unthinkingly to one of the last empty beds at the end of the room. She suddenly realizes that it's Claude and Xenia being brought in. "What happened to him?" Holiday calls to Xenia over the noise and chaos, until she has the chance to really observe the girl and the fragile state she's in. She directs the question at the security officers instead, readying trauma supplies in a nearby cabinet.
Claude "Start spreading the news," Claude sings softly to Xenia as he grips her hand as tightly as he can, fighting through the pain to provide the answer to her question. "You're leaving today..." He manages to continue before he needs to take a break to shut his eyes and exhale deeply. When he's placed on the empty bed he lets out a relieved sounding sigh, followed by a single, pained sob.

One of the guys that helped transport him fills in Holiday quickly, "Heard he jumped on a grenade to save a bunch of people." They sound almost in awe of the man they're carrying.
Xenia "He jumped on a grenade... to save /us/," Xenia says, looking at Holiday through eyes that don't quite seem to focus completely, looking through the doctor more than at her. "One of the invaders jumped on it, too. The only one that wasn't killed. I don't know how they're still alive. I'm just glad they /are/!" She looks back at Claude, biting her lip. "What about the third verse? Can you teach it to me? I'm considering a duet, and I want it to be witth you. You don't want to be seen with a partner who can't remember her lyrics, do you?" She smiles a shaky smile at him, at odds with her tear-filled eyes.
Holiday Close now, Holiday quickly but gently grasps Xenia's shoulders and sets the girl at the foot of the hospital bed they've placed Claude on. She can recognize shock when she sees it. "Just sit here quietly and talk to Claude, yeah?" she says to her friend before moving up the bed to the singer, brows furrowed as she takes in the damage that's been done... and it's a lot. "You allergic to anything, Claude?" she asks him, pulling a cart full of medical supplies to her side.
Claude "I'd love to a have a beautiful woman join me on stage," the singer says to Xenia, looking up at her for a moment and trying to put on a smile, partially succeeding before the pain gets to him again. "I want to be a part of it, New York, New..." Claude trails off to turn towards the doctor. "Nope, Doc." He's getting a little quieter as he speaks now, struggling to get words out. "Doc. I'm hurt really bad." He breathes in shakily.
Xenia Plopped onto the foot of the bed by Holiday, Xenia lets go of Claude's hand to save him at least a little pain, and because for a mad moment she worries that she might stretch it out of shape. "Got it, Holiday. Sitting like a champ here..." she murmurs, studying Claude's arm almost comically worriedly for signs of stretching before smiling at Claude. "You're still in there pitching. That's a miracle all by itself. I know it doesn't feel like one right now, but it is. And you saved me! Saved a lot of us, actually. That's wonderful all by itself."
Holiday "I've seen worse than this, doll, you'll pull through just fine," Holiday reassures him as she puts latex gloves on. She undoubtedly has -not- seen worse, but she isn't about to tell him that. Using a super sharp scalpel, the doctor carefully cuts away Claude's suit and armor from the waist up. Once that's done, she shoots him in the arm with two stimpaks to stabilize. "Keep talkin' to him, Xenia."
Claude "I couldn't let any of my friends get hurt," talking softly, Claude is still hanging in there and staying conscious. "Why did they hurt us?" His head lolls around on the bed and his eyes squeeze shut as more tears threaten to leak from them. "Thanks Holiday." As the stimpaks hit him and start to kick in the young singer opens his eyes again.
Leo 'The vault will never be the same' Kept echoing through Leo's mind as he left the scene at the control center. There was hundreds more places he should probably follow up on, dead bodies and spent casings. A little strange he showed up in the Infirmary, fedora gripped in one hand. He took the scene in after clearing the doors, the broken parts bleeding into gauze and swollen sutures, prizes of the resulting raid. Absent of a reason to continue, he was looking for answers as always.
Xenia "You got it, Doc. They don't call me Motormouth for nothin', right?" Xenia asks, smiling that brittle smile. "Hear that, Champ? You're going to be fine. Just hang in there." She frowns wearily at the question, trying to think it over. "I don't know... I just don't know. I heard something over the surviving invader's radio about a G.E.C.K., but I'm not sure what that is. Securing it seemed to be their goal, though, now that I think about it..." She bites her lip as Claude's head swivels repeatedly around and his face twists up in pain. "I don't know how long it'll be until we've got full power back on again. I've heard a whole level is sealed off 'cause the main door got breached by the invaders... I didn't think that was /possible/..."
Holiday "No sense in worrying about the 'why' right now, mister," Holiday smiles down at Claude as she waves a nurse over to apply pressure to his largest wound to staunch the bleeding. The brunette doctor literally slips in blood as she moves from her cart back over to her patient. "Gonna stick you real quick with some feel-good, alright?" Feeding two needles into his forearm, she starts administering fluid and some sort of opioid. Claude will feel a lot less bad momentarily. In the interim, Holiday prepares to close up his wounds, glancing briefly at the man standing in the door nearby. "You bleedin'?" she calls to him over the chaos of the infirmary. Triage ain't exactly professional right now.
Claude "They stole something from us? Did they break our water thing, too?" Claude asks Xenia softly as he looks over at her with an expression of curiosity on his face. "The vault door... That means... What if there are more of them outside? I'm too hurt to fight any more." He attempts a laugh then, perhaps feeling better thanks to the stimpaks, but it fails about a second in. "Not that I could fight anyway. I barely remember which way to point the darn gun they gave me." When Holiday hooks him up with the IV Claude doesn't move at all, not seeming to notice, "Okay Doc. Stick away."
Leo Leo rests his gaze onto the hero of the vault control room, currently under Holiday's knife. He steps for the table, but is carefully not to get too close. "I would be if Claude didn't share the blast radius with one of the assaulters." He smiles down at Claude shifting his eyes to rest onto Xenia, "Do you remember their callsign's? On the radio?" He quizzes.
Xenia "And I'm any better? We're a sorry couple of defenders, aren't we?" Xenia asks, grinning at Claude, the idea of them protecting the Vault suddenly hysterical in her mind. "I'm still not sure I was holding that pistol right, or if I could've fired it even if I was. I even fainted when I saw you jump on that grenade!"

She looks up at Leo as he enters, shivering, sure he witnessed her heroid fainting spell. "I might have to think about that. But I'm almost sure I heard the words El Dorado, and the one who threw the grenade said they were the El Dorado Militia. And they stole a G.E.C.K. from /our/ Vault... what /is/ a G.E.C.K.? Why would people be willing to kill our people and trash our Vault to get it?" she asks, throwing up her hands helplessly.
Holiday The doc is busy at work as the others talk, washing each of Claude's wound with a saline solution just in case there were any pieces of grenade or anything else present. Saline drips to the floor as she works, mingling there with his blood. Once the wounds are clean, she starts to suture. The lounge singer should feel almost nothing at this point. Green eyes look askance at Leo as he approaches and asks questions. "Must you puzzle it out -now-?" Holiday murmurs at him quietly, tilting her chin towards Xenia. "He's a walking open wound, and I'm fairly certain she's in shock."
Claude When the pain meds hit him Claude's eyes grow more tired looking all at once, but a lot of the tension in his body leaves. His now slightly spaced out looking eyes manage to settle on the new arrival, "Hey Leo. Did that guy make it? The one I blew up with?" Well, based on how he's talking a little easier now there's more evidence that the narcotics are kicking in. His head lolls in Xenia's direction and he says with a great deal of concern in his tone, "You fainted? Are you okay?" He starts to reach a hand out towards her before he realizes that he's causing himself more pain and lays his arm back down. "I'm an open wound, Leo," Claude says seriously to the other man.
Xenia "Wait... I'm in shock? Wow... who'd've thought it..?" Xenia murmurs, blinking owlishly. "I don't /feel/ like I'm in shock..." she continues, overly thoughtfully. "Doc, what does shock feel like? Is it just awful?" She smiles borderline vacantly down at Claude. "Not open for much longer... Doc's stitching you up nice and neat."
Leo A grimance touches the side of Leo's face when Xenia recounts events from moments ago, but seem like a life time. He thumbs the main dial on his pip-boy, compling more data into another file. "Dunno details about our geck, but these guys just cut our head off and opened us up to everybody and everything up stairs." Leos says, flicking eye's from Xenia and then to Holiday. "And when Zaxxie lifts lock down procedure, you'll probably be stitching up the ones who make it back from clearing level 1." His fedora finds the top of his head, "Medical team took him to the prison, hopeful. Just worry about getting better, I heard you owe Chance a drink." Leo gives Claude a quick wink.
Holiday Holiday offers a warm smile in Xenia's direction. "Cool skin, rapid pulse, dizziness or fainting... Just means your brain's trying to play catch-up, love," she offers quietly, in the middle of suturing up the largest of Claude's wounds. Her gloved hands are covered in blood, but she holds the needle steady and works with quick precision. She offers aside to Leo, quietly so as not to agitate her patients. "Folks up in level one right now?"
Claude "I'm feeling better already," Claude says to Xenia. "Thanks for getting me up here. It means a lot." He's a little out of it, but it's probably for the best. "Yeah. Chance got the last round," the singer looks to Leo again and nods at him. He lifts his head to watch the doctor work on him, looking on expressionlessly for a few seconds before laying his head backk down and turning it to face Xenia again, "You're going to be okay. The doctor will take good care of you."
Xenia "Fainting... yeah, that fits," Xenia murmurs, feeling the back of one of her hands, then her wrist. "Dunno about the pulse and the cool skin... can I get back to you on it, Holiday?" she asks, biting her lip against a giggle. She smiles semi-vacantly at Claude. "Security did the hard part. I just talked a lot. And I may need more help from the Doc than you. That's irony for ya. I mean, look at you, lying there, totally together again, and I'm in shock, without a mark on me. What a funny world." She looks to Leo. "Any idea how our prisoner is? He was on the grenade, too. Guess that kind of makes him a hero. Such a funny world..."
Leo "Who ever got sealed off up there they're on their own until lockdown is lifted." Leo says to Holiday, he lifts a hand rubbing that familiar spot of his stubble chin. "Gotta get admin to look through records, get a head count on who might be stuck in level one." He paces three steps closer to Xenia's end of the infirmary bed. "No idea yet, I won't be surprised if somebody kills him if he makes it." He looking at his pip-boy again, "Could use some walking wounded. Mind clearing a few non-critical patients for me, Doc?"
Holiday More than half of Claude's lacerations have been sutured up by now. Holiday brushes a bit of dark hair away from her face with the back of her hand, accidentally streaking her cheek with blood. "Grab her a blanket, Lisa," she directs a nurse nearby, who pulls a light blanket out of a cabinet and drapes it over Xenia's shoulders gently. Still sewing up her patient, Holiday affords another glance at Leo, frowning. "I won't give you anyone who's been shot. Or concussed, or cut up." She glances at Xenia. "Or is in shock. Ain't many who fit that description." She does glance over towards the door, where a handful of folks wait with various small bandages and towel compresses.
Claude "Doc's doing a great job on me," Claude says to Xenia before he raises his head to look at his injuries getting patched up again. "I'm pretty sure I'll be okay. You'll be fine in a bit, too." His head turns in Leo's direction, "I'll be good to go in a minute, partner. Just need a new vault suit. This one's ripped." By now he's fighting off sleep. Exhaustion, pain meds and shock all catching up with him. He opens his eyes wide to keep sleep away.
Xenia "Then you /don't let them/! Don't let /anyone/ kill him... we need him. He knows who those awful El Dorado Militia people are... where they came from. Why they did what they did to us. You've got to keep him alive!" Xenia murmurs, grabbing Leo's shoulder when he comes near her, her tone intense in spite of her near-mumbling delivery. "/Got/ to... we have to know /why/..."

She lets her hand fall from his shoulder, slumping with a little groan as she's blanket-wrapped by the nurse, murmuring a weary, "Thank you," to her. "You should rest, Claude. Even I can tell you're all-in, and I do pretty well knowing which side of the bandage is sticky."
Leo Leo drops his hand from his chin, and switches his pip-boy to sleep. Leo watches Holiday, eye's collecting information about how she talks to her nurses and finally how she talks him. His head moves up and down, accepting her reply, he does catch her glance to the door following it and then looking back at her. "Your the boss, Holiday." He grins, literally tipping his fedora at her.

    Xenia has his attention, just as she has his shoulder, he's laying those brown eye's on her now soaking up the reactions of emotions running post tramatic event. Leo straightens up when Xenia releases him, "Chance or Joey's are probably with him now, not gonna say their won't be attempts, but first we have to get ready to clear level one." Leo gives Claude a nod, "I'll bring you a new one when we're ready to move." Leo turns now, hand digging into a pocket and finding an object he almost forgot about. Feet carrying him halfway across the infirmary, he pulls it out, a blood stained pack of cigarettes he took form one of the assaulters. He turns back, holding it up for the three to see. "Least there's still smokes outside the vault." He's smiling now, placing one of these 'El Dorado' brand ciggys between his lips, probably lighting it after getting triage volunteers.
Holiday "There," Holiday murmurs with a sense of finality, tying the last suture. "You aren't a walking open wound any longer." With a little smile down at Claude who may or may not see it depending on his state of consciousness right now, Holiday gathers her suture supplies and bloody gauze and drops it all on the cart beside her. Now that the lounge singer is no longer bleeding out, she chances a smile at him. "-Rest- now. Doctor's orders." Chancing a quick kiss on the top of Xenia's head, Holiday moves across the room to the sinks to wash all the gore off her hands. "You better smoke those -outside-!" she calls across the infirmary to Leo, resisting adopting his smile. For the most part.
Claude "Yeah, I think I'm gonna need to take a little nap," Claude says after Xenia and Holiday tell him to rest. He turns his head slightly to the side and closes his eyes. It doesn't take long for the wounded man to fall asleep as exhaustion finally overwhelms him. As he lays still he looks almost peaceful.
Xenia "Priorities..." Xenia murmurs, pouting as she looks away from Leo and his cig. Her eyes fall on Claude, smiling faintly as he dozes off at last, looking almost serenely peaceful. Her smile slowly crumbles away, remembering the journey to that expression from the control center...

And then her brow is kissed. She blinks owlishly up at Holiday, surprised. "Thank you," she whispers, drawing the blanket tighter around her and drawing an edge over her head, like a hood, as she huddles at the foot of the bed, shivering occasionally.