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Iris Lark Iris has just come back from the marketplace and she's clad in armor. Unfortunately she's not used to it and waddles a bit as she moves. She puts together the ingredients for a stew and when it simmers she goes to an exam room to fold some bandages. So there she stands, back to the door, hands moving steadily as she folds bandages into squares.
Aidan Drake Aidan makes his way into the clinic and seeing and hearing some movement from one of the exam rooms he steps in knocking on the door, "'Scuse me miss you one of the docs here? I seem to have been in a tangle with a minigun and came out mostly intact..."
Iris Lark Iris turns to glance over her shoulder and she smiles at Aiden, gesturing him in. "I remember seeing that, I can probably help you." She points to the exam bed and moves to wash her hands. "None of the bullets are still .." She trails off and gestures towards Aiden, her lips pursed. "If so, it's gonna hurt a little bit."
Aidan Drake Aidan glances down at his chest as he heads in and shrugs, "I dunno I didn't take the time to see if I was see through" He grins a bit but it's still a bit of a grimace, "My sister patched me up a bit but she doesn't have all the facilities to fully treat the injury."
Iris Lark "Well, I hope you don't mind me poking around in the wounds to make sure." Iris says, pulling a crock of salve and some bandages with her. "By the way, I'm Iris Lark, people say I run this clinic but I just try to help." She smiles at Aiden and gestures to him. "Your turn."
Aidan Drake Aidan grins, "I'm Aidan Drake. New Deputy and lead magnet. Pleasure to meet you Doc Lark." He moves over to the exam table, "Don't mind getting poked and prodded kinda par for course when ya get shot."
Iris Lark Iris chuckles softly as she pulls back the bandages on the wounds and starts to work on them. She picks up a metal tweeze and leans in, digging into the first wound. "Feel free to talk while I work, if you distract yourself a bit it doesn't hurt as much." She says, gazing briefly up at Aiden's face before she goes back to work.
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit slowly seeing as there's somebody poking unnatural holes in his body, "So how long have you been here around El Dorado? I'd grown up here but left for a while and boy howdy has this place changed."
Iris Lark "I've only been in town for a few months." Iris answers, offering Aidan a quick smile before she goes back to work. "I'm not seeing any bullets left behind, that's good." She leans back and grabs a hot rag and begins to clean the wounds. "What made you want to be a deputy?"
Aidan Drake Aidan glances over at Iris, "My family ranch got overrun by bandits about 15 years ago. Wanted to make sure it didn't happen to another family. And no bullets left is a good thing right?"
Iris Lark "It's a very good thing, nobody likes having bullets dug out of an open wound." Iris says, her eyes on her work. "I don't blame you for wanting to make this place a bit safer, I'm sure you noticed that it isn't.." She presses her lips together. "So how would someone go about reporting a possible crime?"
Aidan Drake Aidan hmms as she keeps working on him, "I'd say report it to myself, Clara or Roxie. Why what kind of crime did you see?"
Iris Lark Iris immediately looks nervous and she goes back to tending Aidan's wounds. "I might have seen something in one of the alleys here, but.." Her mumbling words trail off as begins to treat the wounds with salve and wrap them. She still seems to be mumbling softly under her breath but the only word that might discernable is the word "dangerous." Her usually steady hands are shaking and as she ties the last bandage she makes eye contact with Aidan, before looking away quickly.
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "Well stop by the office and make the report. Or if you'd rather not be seen talking to the law I could come here for treatments and you could explain what happened or we could meet up for lunch sometime. I'm here to help but I want you to feel safe to tell me."
Iris Lark "It ain't safe. I don't know who he was, he could be you." Iris says, taking a few steps back to clean up the mess she's made. She gestures for Aidan to get up and move around. "How does that feel now?" She asks, loosely folding her arms over her chest.
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "Then I'd talk to my boss Clara. Since she's a female I can promise that she's not him." He moves a bit, "Feels good thanks doc!"
Iris Lark Iris holds out a hand and smiles. "Fifteen caps." She says, nodding slowly. "I'll think about talking to Clara."
Aidan Drake Aidan nods and hands over the caps before he gets back up from the table, "I'd recommend that she's been here a while. Good people. And thanks doc."
Iris Lark "You're welcome, and I'm just an Iris. A healer, not really a doctor." Her cheeks turn red and she turns away to continue to clean up the bed and counter.
Aidan Drake Aidan smiles and nods, "Okay Iris. I appreciate it." And on that note he heads out the door.