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Claude The infirmary is quiet. In the days since the attack most of the patients that survived had been released to return to their homes. Despite trying to leave once before all Claude managed to do was pop some stitches and get himself in trouble with the Vault's medical professionals. Now he's laying in one of the beds, an IV in his arm, trying to relax. There's a Grognak the Barbarian comic laying closed on bedside stand next to him, but other than that he seems to be without much to do.
Zasha Zasha makes her way into the infirmary, humming as she does..."Dance you cares away...worry for another day..." She stops a moment, as she acccess her pip..."Lets see..something something...something...there we are...can we fix it?...hmmm, good question..." As she moves over by Claudes bed, and reaches to the light fixture on the wall and unscrews the bulb.
Claude When he hears the singing Claude looks over to see where it's coming, eyes opening a little wider when he sees Zasha. He turns slightly to face her better and greets her, "Hello! How are you?" It seems as though he's been without company for the most part and even someone coming to fix the lights counts. "I haven't seen you since the other night. Are you doing okay?"
Zasha Zasha hmmms, "Oh, hello.." as she blows on the bulb a bit to cool it down. "Other night?..oh, when my dinner got ruined. Yeah, I found something else to eat. So it all worked out." She reaches into her tool kit, pulling out a small marker. She then starts writing on the bulb, turning the 60 into an 80 watt. She blows on it to dry it a bit. Then screws it back in. "So, what are you doing in here?"
Claude "That's good. I'm glad you got some food in you," Claude says to Zasha, putting on a little smile. By the way his eyes look, slightly puffy and unfocused, he may be stoned. "Remember when I landed on that grenade after that guy in the cool coat tossed it at us?" He sits himself up in bed a little and lowers the sheets from his chest to show that his whole torso is bandaged up. "I'm going to have so many scars. Barely made it, apparently."
Zasha Zasha says, "Well, that was kinda stupid you know...instead of jumpin on, why not just kick it away?...thats what I woulda done. Yep....but thats me, I think outside the can."
Jericho "Right after you, I think it was you, broke my nose. Good times." Jericho calls over, cheerful as he can manage from where he's cuffed to a bed. "It'd of blown your command center to hell. You should probably be thanking him."
Claude "All I knew was that if I didn't do something the command center and you guys would have been toast," Claude says to Zasha with an attempt at a shrug that ends in him wincing and resting a hand lightly on his chest. His attention swings over Jericho's way and the injured singer says, "I still can't believe you tried to help me." Then he lifts his chin at the other injured man, "I thought you guys were trying to kill us all."
Zasha Zasha says, "oh, him? That guy, the infiltrator..right, I should threw 2 bottles...sneaking in our home for no reason, trying to kill us...should punish you somehow..let me think.""
Jericho "No, we were just after the GECK. Well, I was." Jericho says with a halfhearted shrug. "The wasteland is hell, raiders are choking our supply lines. I'd at least hoped we were going to try it diplomatically. Didn't want all of you dying to be the last thing I saw before the big sleep."

"Punish me?" The lanky man scoots up in his cot. There's a whirring sound and his non-destroyed arm starts to glow. "If that's the case suppose I should have a free hand." Just like that he gives a firm yank and pops the chain on the cuff, freeing his hand up.
Claude "I'm pretty sure it's up to the Overseer to decide how to punish people for serious infractions..." Claude says before the guy in the next bed over breaks his cuff. "Hell," the singer says, twisting around to try to get at something under his bed. He reaches for something while letting out a shout as he probably tears sutures. "Argh!" As he reaches into a pile of clothes he says, "Don't either of you try anything, please! Just relax."
Zasha Zasha says, " here in the rock, where we are safe, and no neeed to deal with the outside decide to bring us your grief? Oh yes, your such a nice gorg. I'm sure once we get the seals back in place, you'll make a great memember of society."
Jericho "Shit." Jericho scoots to the edge of the bed, manage to fall off and crack his head on the floor. Swearing softly he turns over and fumbles about for a few moments, before managing to pull himself up into a nearby wheelchair (presumably for taking him to be interrogated once he woke up). With a wince he wheels himself over, "Don't be such a hard ass, lemme see the wound. I /am/ a doctor."

The currently one armed and one legged cyborg looks over at Zasha, "You bet your ass. Bring me an autodoc and some scrap metal and wires, I'll show you how to patch up a cybernetic arm."
Claude When he comes up Claude's empty handed, "Damn. They took my gun away." Then he rolls back onto his back, letting out a wince before wrapping his arms around his chest, and rocking slightly from side to side. The bandages on his chest soon start to show red spots where blood leaks through. His heavy lidded, half stoned eyes go wide when Jericho wheels over to him. "You're a doctor?" He exhales deeply to help fight through the pain he's feeling. "Fine. I guess you did keep me from turning into ground beef. You can look all you want."
Zasha Zasha puts her foot against the chair, and gives it a push back. " know what...ut uh. Friends, watch him..ok?" She turns to Claude, "You really think letting someone that ruined our world have another chance to kill you, is a good thing?"
Jericho "Don't be such a buzz kill." Jericho says, taking the opportunity to grab some supplies off the cart before rolling back up to the other side of Claude. "If I wanted him dead I'd of let the grenade do it. Wouldn't of lost my fucking leg doing that. He just beat me to jumping on the damn thing."

"Yeah. Looks like you tore your sutures. Again. Luckily for you, I only need one hand to fix that."
Claude "He could have let me die if he wanted to. Worst that happens is he sticks his weird glowy arm through me and finishes the job," Claude tells Zasha. "If he is a doctor then we might as well try to put him to use." As Jericho works on him, Claude lifts his head to watch the doctor do his thing. Blinking a few times he says, "I got spooked when you broke your chain thing. You gotta let a guy know you're not going to try to go on a killing spree before you do that."
Zasha Zasha shakes her head, walking over and picking up the phone. She dials a number, "Hello..yes security...the prisoner in the infirmary just broke loose and is bothering other paitents...might want to move him to the prison."
Jericho "What a bitch." Jericho teases, lowering his voice for effect. "If you get me beaten again I'm gonna be real sore about it." Chuckling at his own joke he finishes off the stitching and rolls back. "All set, how's that feeling?"

Not really waiting for an answer he goes about treating some of his own burns and cuts.
Claude Looking at his sutures Claude nods and does a little attempt at a shrug, "Better, thanks." Then he leans back in his bed and lets out a sigh. "I gotta get better. I hate being stuck in bed." He glances to Zasha and says, "Let them know we're in a hurry here, okay?" A little wince can be seen as he adjusts himself on his pillows, making himself more comfortable at the expense of being in greater pain, "If you ever get out of jail, pal, come by the night club. I'll sing your favorite song for you."
Zasha Zasha says, "well gee, I wonder appear out of nowhere..destroying our way of life..oh yes, we should give you a parade, and a key to the vault..oh wait, you got must already have a key to our vault. I guess we should just forget all the people that died, and say..yeah, one new person. Right right, seems fair.""
Jericho "Get out of jail?" Jericho says with a grin. "No. They're gonna torture me. I'm the only one you managed to capture, people'll want blood. I know how this works."

"I didn't kill anybody. Haven't killed anybody. Hell, I didn't even open the fucking door. But there's not really any point in arguing my case." Content for the moment he returns the supplies and wheels himself back over to the cot. It isn't easy, but he does manage to get back into it. "Might as well be useful while I still have one hand though."
Claude "We'll have to see what happens. I don't think that we've got any torturer types in the Vault," Claude says. "I think you'll be interrogated, but I don't know how harsh it'll be." Then he nods at Jericho, "Where did you come from, anyway? And who were those guys you were with?" The singer adjusts himself in the bed still further, causing some pain to himself but not letting that stop him in his quest for comfort.
Jasper The mail stops for no disaster or villainous onslaught. And neither does Jasper, clunking in through the open hatch carrying his backpack by its straps with it stuffed full of 'vital' information for the Good Doc Holiday. Probably missives requesting information about their captured prisoner. "Dooccc?" He calls out, rather than trying to push through whatever security is guarding Jericho.
Zasha Zasha shakes her head, and just gives CLaude a dirty look. "So, I see..your just gonna buddy buddy up to a complete stranger, well I hope he treats you real well...I won't be surprised when you end up dead." She shakes her head.
Jericho "I'm actually a Vaultie too. From the commonwealth. Took the GOAT and everything." Jericho wraps his arm around his chest. "Was a pretty sweet gig, up until the Marauders found a Pip-Boy. Killed everyone. Ended up in New Vegas, then El Dorado. That's where that group was from, lead by the Courier. Real bad ass from Vegas, thought she was a legend until I met her myself."

He more or less ignores Zasha's negativity for the moment, as well as the voice calling out from the doorway.
Claude When someone calls out for the 'doc' Claude can't help but look over. Spotting Jasper he lifts an arm slowly at the postal carrier. His attention swings to Zasha rapidly, "Hoping someone doesn't get tortured isn't necessarily buddying up to someone. And he did save my life at great expense to himself."

He swings his attention on back to Jericho, "Sorry your Vault got wasted." Then he kind of nods, "So tell me about the GECK thing. Why'd you guys steal it? What does it do?"
Holiday "What is it?" Holiday murmurs behind Jasper. Apparently, the good Doc had been out of the infirmary when he arrived. Judging by the sleepy, just-woke-up sort of look to her, she's been trying to catch up on shut-eye since the Vault breach, after which she'd been pulling long hours tending patients like Claude. "You got somethin' good for me?" Taking a long drink out of the steaming mug in her hands, she moves past him into the clinic, green eyes surveying its occupants and her patients. Seems there are more folks here than she remembers being when she left to sleep.
Jericho "Hey doc." Jericho greets, nodding at Holiday. "You happen to have any benzodiazepines? Between you and me being in a vault makes me real uncomfortable."

Looking back at Claude he offers, "Garden of Eden Creation Kit. Capable of fixing the soil and the water, make it where we can grow food that isn't irradiated and mutated. Our vault claimed to have one, but it turned out to be a promotional piece. Guess they didn't expect to actually need them."
Jasper "Oh." Claude is here, and Jasper digs deep to pull out a small wrapped collection of letters, to hand off to Holiday with one of his smirks that might have been patented if such an office still existed to do so. "So many inquiries. And for the lounge man." He'll strut the distance to the bed and dump the reminder of the bag onto Claude's lap. Numerous get well-soon cards from barflys and music-lovers alike. "This is the guttersnipe who came in the night to kill us?"
Claude "Hell, I can see that being useful outside of the Vault," Claude tells Jericho after a moment of thought. He's about to add something when Jasper approaches him and delivers the mail. Claude grins when he sees all the stuff addressed to him and tells the postal worker, "Thanks for delivering to me here, Jasper. This should help cheer me up until I get back on my feet and behind the microphone." And then he nods to the mailman again, "Yeah. He said he didn't kill anyone and based on the way he tried to pull me off the grenade I jumped on I'm inclined to believe him. Don't think it'll make much difference when the Overseer comes up with a punishment, though."
Holiday The brunette doctor takes that bundle of letters from Jasper, mouthing a quick 'thank you' before setting them on her desk and moving to the sink to scrub her hands. When Jericho calls out to her, she turns her face to look at him over a shoulder. Even for the cybernetic man who apparently was partly responsible for the Vault's current situation, she only has empathy and a warm beside manner to offer. "I've been told to keep your treatment to a minimum, Jericho," Holiday explains. "I'm afraid uncomfortable is just the name of the game right now. For all of us." She at least appears reluctant, drying her hands and approaching the small group gathered. Xenia gets a warm smile, but her gaze settles on Claude, buried in fan mail. "How you feeling?"
Jericho "I'm a doctor, not a raider." Jericho argues, halfheartedly. When Holiday says that he nods her way too, "Why I took the liberty of treating myself while you were gone, Claude tore his sutures again, but I took care of that too." He pushes up to as much of a sitting position as he can manage. "As long as he rests he'll be back to the club in no time. I'd give it at least a month before any serious performing though."
Jasper "I don't think Claude ever did any /serious/ performing." Jasper is quick to quip twoards Jericho. His empty backpack is left hanging from his hand, thumping against his calf during movement. "I /think/ we might be able to get the water purifier doing some of its job. Some. Not full." Its spoken off to Holiday and not even a whiff of concern for the prisoner in the room overhearing.
Claude "I'm hanging in there, Doc," Claude tells Holiday, putting on as much of smile as he can in his uncomfortable, pained and itchy state. "It's good to have mail, though," he holds up an envelope to show what he's talking about. "I usually end up at the piano so I don't need to move around too much. I wish I had some accompaniment, but you gotta make do with what you've got, right?"

He hums for a moment before singing, "Out of the tree of life I picked a plum..." going into 'The Best is Yet to Come' for a couple of lines, "You came along and everything's starting to hum." He stops then, "Just making sure I ain't forgotten what to do."

Claude looks over at Jasper and grins, "If you're too serious how can you have any fun?"
Holiday Jasper earns a little nod from the doctor, who murmurs something aside to him. Although she shoots singing Claude a little disapproving sort of look at hearing he'd torn his stitches in her absence, it's Jericho that receives the brunt of Holiday's gaze. "I didn't realize you were a physician," she replies, hands resting lightly on her hips. Her expression is pure curiosity. "What sort of work did you do in El Dorado?" Maybe they'd all had this conversation before, but Holiday had missed it, and the fact that the newcomer is a medical professional with knowledge of the world upstairs seems of interest to her.
Jericho "If I hadn't of lost my arm, I'd offer to look at the purifier." Jericho speaks up. " But we'll need to see if the Overseer has me shot first." When Holiday speaks to him he looks over, "Like I was telling Claude, I'm actually from the Commonwealth. Was a vault doctor like yourself, but we got raided. Ended up in New Vegas where I got a job at the New Vegas Medical clinic. Mostly implant and make cybernetics, but I can handle just about any injury."
Jasper "We both know I don't take life all that seriously, Mister Claude. But I know that you do. Enough to be angry about some things." Chattering. Lots of talking right now. Claude and Jericho both lay in hospital beds talking. Jasper has just arrived and dispensed with the mail. Claude with his fanmail and Holiday with her collection of urgent missives. Jasper has fallen to the wayside for the moment, backing up to lean into the wall and listen in. He has no medical expertise and thats where the conversation has gone.
Chance Chance enters in and looks about, "Well, well, well. If you can't catch them, you fall on them." He laughs a little, "Hello boys. How you doing?" He looks at Claude, "You are a hero my man, and I owe you a drink, or a whole lot of drinks." He looks over at Jericho, "I bet you have an interesting story."
Claude "In my defense, doc, Jericho started acting like he was going to fight somebody so I went for my piece. Thought it was under the bed with my clothes," Claude says from beneath his pile of envelopes. He starts grabbing the mail and piling it up neatly on his lap. "No way am I going to stay single after this," he says with a little chuckle.

He looks from his notes to Jericho, then over to Jasper and furrows his brow. As he's a little stoned he can't quite come up with the right words to say.

Looking at Chance instead, Claude says, "Alright, Chance. That sounds like a plan. Might be a while before I can get to the club for one, though. I might see if we can't wheel this bed there for the poker game, though, I haven't missed one in months."
Holiday Holiday, smart as she is, looks dumbfounded at all the place names that Jericho is throwing at her. Commonwealth? New Vegas? Her dark brows furrow. "If the Overseer doesn't execute you, your skills'll be important here. But what you know about out there--" She points in the general direction of 'up'. "--is worth much more. If anyone asks me, I'll make an argument to keep your brainpan intact. But," Her gaze slides to Jasper briefly. "Neither the Overseer nor his Assistant are exactly huge fans of mine." Offering a small smile, she very gingerly checks Claude's new stitches briefly and, finding them satisfactory, moves back to the sink to wash her hands. "Do you need looked at? A second opinion, as it were?" she asks Jericho.
Jasper "New Vegas sounds like Viva Las Vegas." The Mailman Jasper adds color to the commentary. Empty backpack let dumped to his feet, "I'm sure they are quite content to let the best doctor they know practice down in her infirmary. And the man's brainpan is the only brainpan down here that knows much about out there." A quick blown kiss towards Holi. So impertinent.
Jericho "I'm from north of here." Jericho explains again for Holiday's sake. "Ended up in California on the other side of the country." Chance gets a nod. "Interesting enough. Though I was well out of the action for most of the good stories. I don't care all that much for Deathclaws."

"Aside from a few broken ribs, and having my leg amputated below the knee, I'm mostly fine." He speaks to Holiday before nodding back at Jasper. "Vegas got lucky, was mostly untouched. Up until the Legion torched it and crucified everyone anyway."
Chance Chance looks at Claude, "Hell, we can bring the game here. I'm sure the Doc won't mind." He looks at Jericho as he rambles about this and that and shakes his head, "That's a lot of stuff going on. How long has the air been breathable up there?" He looks back to Claude to make sure this guy isn't just pulling a fast one on him and then back to Jericho.
Holiday "A little fun in the infirmary never hurt anyone, I s'pose," Holiday answers Chance with a smile, rolling a stool on wheels over to sit between Jasper and Claude's bed. Her eyes are on Jericho, though. "The 'Legion'?" she wonders outloud. Sighing, she says, "I feel like it'd take you a hundred years to catch us all up on what's happening out there."
Jericho "Going on a hundred years now I think, though I wouldn't really call it breathable. The water is so irradiated just touching it kind of burns. This close to the coast you get radiation storms too." Jericho answers Chance. "Giant bugs. Ghouls. Mutated animals. Outside of settlements there isn't any law either."

He nods at Holiday. "It's bad. Legion was a nasty group of raiders, modeled after Caesar's Legion. They liked to crucify people to make a point and dealt in slaves. Bad business all around. If I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure the raiders out this way are cannibals too."
Chance Chance looks at Jerico, "I have an idea. You seem to know your stuff. What if you submitted a set of security plans to keep the vault safe from people like you breaking in. That might buy you a little gratitude with the Overseer. It all sounds bad up there. What hope is there?"
Jasper "Vault-Tec expected cannibalism out of whatever survived. So thats not too surprising." Jasper's eyebrows furrow together, and he is looking towards Holiday and her reactions. "Recreational activities? I haven't gotten to play too much poker, did you play Doc?" He'll step towards Claude's bed and help the man go through some of his get-well cards.
Holiday The doctor's lips fall apart at Jericho's horrific account of the things above. She actually looks personally offended, as if it were an attack on her own personal dreams of seeing the world beyond. "But... it can't all be bad, right?" she argues, looking to Jasper and Chance for back up. As if they'd freaking know. "I mean, obviously folks are surviving." Jasper's question gets a distracted little shake of dark hair. "Not since the explosion."
Jericho "You want me to be completely honest?" Jericho asks, but doesn't wait for an answer. "Whoever was in charge of watching the door must have been off doing something else. Should of been an emergency shut off."

Holiday does get a grin. "Of course it's not all bad. You haven't lived until you've seen the Jewell of the Commonwealth, or tried the brahmin barbeque in the Texas Commonwealth. It's dangerous up there, but there are plenty of decent folk just trying to live."
Chance Chance nods a little, "And your group broke in here just to get a power cell? Was that it?" He shakes his head, "No manufacturing up there anymore? Seems like a good thing to do." He seems restless. It doesn't matter how bad is sounds out there, one look into his eyes one can see he has the wanderlust. "Is the door open now? Just the elevaator collapsed?"
Jasper "Vault-tec doesn't give /everything/ an acronym, Chance. GECK is probably something big dealie." Jasper moves to stand next to Holiday, and flicks fingertips through her bunched up hair. Cuz hes a jerk. "I don't think they're gonna let me just be a mailman anymore, are they? I'll have to go do actual repairing and work."
Holiday Holiday swats at Jasper's hands in her hair like she would a fly. Not that there are flies down here. "Worse than a little brother..." she teases him as she looks back to Jericho. His words seem to elicit some amount of relief in her. "We aren't expecting it to be a cakewalk," she nods, glancing to the other vault dwellers. "Just want a little hope for better, is all."
Jericho "The GECK is a terraforming device." Jericho explains once more to the new faces. "Doubles as a fusion reactor too. Everything you need for settling the wasteland. Without one, it'll probably be two or three hundred more years before the radiation clears to reasonable levels."
Chance Chance ahhs at that and nods, "Ok. More than a battery. Can you teach us how to live out there? That would be useful. Time has changed but we haven't..yet. Seems you could offer those services to help us make it our next stage now that the door is popped." He looks to Holiday, "Who's the best person to talk to Overseer do you think?" He looks at Jasper, "Suggestions?"
Claude Claude has been sleeping. The drugs and the pain had finally gotten to him, but somehow, what the people were saying next to him got through enough that he opens his eyes and lifts his head up, "Do you think we're going to need to know how to survive outside the Vault? I don't know the first thing about anything but singing, looking good, playing cards and drinking."
Jasper "A geck would be very useful. But its ours and you straight up stole it." Not /you/ you, but you. You guys. Jasper has an opinion about this and he doesn't think too highly of those who came in. "Claude, you might be the best reason we survive. We've got something to dig up, bring together and thrive on. To hand out. Singing is free. So is hope." The overseer? Jasper's eyes roll upwards at that and he waits awhile. "Put something together, and the mailman will deliverth."
Holiday At Chance's question about who should go to the Overseer, Holiday shrugs a bit, dark hair shifting against her lab coat. "I don't even know whose opinion the man respects anymore, beyond his own. We might have to come together for him to see reason." She nods at Jasper's words, then shifts her gaze back to Jericho. "If they don't kill you, what will you do?"
Jericho "Well, if I don't get killed or kicked out, I'm gonna need to start working on a new leg. After I fix my arm." Jericho sighs and pats the mess of metal and exposed wires. "Then I should probably check out that water purifier y'all were talking about. Can't remember the last time I had clean water."
Chance Chance looks at Jericho, "I think we should talk more. Right now I have to go. Shift is about to start. I'll have to check and see who was suppose to be on the door .... just to know." He nods to the man and looks to Claude, "I'll bring the game down here for Saturday, but I'll be back before then." A nod to the doc and to Jasper and then Chance makes his way out.
Claude "I hope you're right, Jasper," Claude tells the fellow, nodding slowly to him. Then he glances at Holiday, "You're right, Doc. If people eed to speak to the Overseer we should send a delegation. If I can get there I'll go, tell him we should or shouldn't do the thing." The pain meds seem to be kicking in again. "Are we talking about fixing this guy's leg? Because he did get it blown off pulling me off a grenade."

Then he waves to Chance, "Take it easy, buddy. I'll see you soon."
Jasper "I should probably go back and refill my backpack. SOMEONE had too many letters and had to get his own special trip." Jasper very carefully aims a punch into Claude's shoulder. Somewhere without bandages. He'll turn towards Holiday and put hand atop her head, to lean in and plant a smooch into her hair. "Stay safe there, Doc. I'll probably get burninated again and need ya."
Holiday Holiday's lips quirk up into a sort of wry smile. "With all due respect, thinking they'll let you near the water reclamation project is all sorts of wishful thinking," she tells Jericho, shifting to glance at Jasper who seems to be in charge of some part of the project. At Claude's offer to help with the delegation, Holiday shakes her head some, patting the hospital bed he's sitting on. "You need rest. Let other folks handle it." She swats Jasper's hands away from her patient as he goes, but lets him kiss her all the same. "I'll apply to have that robot of yours confiscated, sir," she warns him, teasing. Probably.
Jericho "Just have my fingers crossed they won't pull me teeth." Jericho says, settling in as well as he can. "My leg was keeping me up, but I think I'm gonna try and catch a little sleep."
Claude "Take care, Jasper. Thanks again for the special delivery," Claude says to the other man, holding up a letter to emphasize his words. At Holiday's words he nods a little bit, "Okay, Doc. But if people need help I'm here for them. I hate laying here, feeling useless all the time." He glances at the letters he's stacked up, though, and smiles. "But I think our visitor has the right idea. I'm going to try to get some sleep." As if he hadn't just woken up. "Goodnight."
Holiday "I know," Holiday offers Claude simply with a warm smile, standing and doublechecking his intravenous fluids before moving away to let her patients rest. She walks with Jasper toward the infirmary hatch, chewing her lower lip briefly. "Maybe you oughta let him help work on it," she says tentatively, her voice low so as not to disturb those who sleep. "Under supervision, of course. Even if we can't repair it for use in the vault, it might prove useful topside."
Jasper "Maybe. Maybe not. We'll see. Theres plenty of techs in this vault, Jeanne." Jasper halts to lean back into the infirmary, hands gripping the hatchway to hold himself upright. "You can swing by and help too. With the purifier. Need a doc telling me how to keep the water free from biological contaminants. Right?"
Holiday "Or at least a doc telling you how to not get yourself blown up," Holiday offers, smiling mildly. She shrugs. "I'll think about it." Going to the door, the doctor pushes him out gently. "Go on, Jas. Goodnight."