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Jasper Maintenance! Clubhouse for the technical, for the charcoal covered for those trying to get the purifier back together. It used to be a happy sort of place. But lately morale is so low, and with the attack there is too much work and not enough parts. Or people. Jasper gets an almost evil eye as he saunters in with the mail. Because thats just more work orders, isn't it?
Xenia Xenia, who fits only the last item on that list, looks up wearily from a set of blueprints of the purification system as Jasper enters. "Just put it all on the corner there. Hopefully we'll get to it soon. Or at all," she says, indicating the left corner of the desk.
Jasper Jasper puts it on the edge of her desk, definitely. That being his backside. He'll perk himself on the edge of her desk and look down at her schematic. "Thats a shitload of redundancy in that blueprint. I'm surprised its not recirculating its gray water through its charcoal filter point if theres no where for it to go now." Jasper doesn't /mean/ to sound like a snarky know-it-all. But he had spent time looking at this thing like she had. "But you probably know about what the situation is right now..."
Hjara     Hjara quietly arrives from below, her suit probably needs to be cleaned, but Utilities' work is never done. Blood stains are a real pain to get out.

    She hardly makes a noise as she strides from the entrance and to the tool closet, opening her toolkit and browsing what's available with mildly discontent sighs.
Xenia Xenia rolls her eyes as Jasper plants his backside on her desk. "Does that mean there's no mail today?" she asks. "And if you mean 'it doesn't work' and 'the Vault may be untenable' when you say 'the situation right now', then yes, I do. Any deeper than that? I'm just not sure of anything at the moment." She watches Hjara enter, offering a tired wave. "Feel free to join us. How are things where you were?" she asks, trying to sound friendly in spite of her fatigue.
Jasper Hjara gets a quick glance as she putters through the tool closet, then Jasper's gaze slides around the room slow. "No mail. Not really. Everyone knows you guys are busy. Just...this..." From the backpack a long thermos is pulled from it, and settled onto the desk in front of Xenia, then unscrewed. The small of coffee, a prized commodity in the vault wafts out and smacks Xenia RIGHT IN THE NOSE. "A present."
Hjara     Hjara huhs, then realizes she's being spoken to. "Well, after Pa went down in that attack, I've been pullin' double shifts. Every waking moment I'm consumed with a fire 'n rage hotter than tearin' that invader lass in half an' her blood stain the absolute feck out of me suit. Oer than that, pretty well." she answers about how things are. "Still cleanin' up the blood and bodies, but I also have some patchwork I need to do about them bullets and energy burns."
Xenia Xenia sniffs the air as the thermos is uncapped, nodding slowly after a moment. "I see. Thanks. Better cap that off so it stays hot. Unless you want some," she replies, with a faint smile. Glancing at Hjara, she nods, her smile fading. "You've done nothing but good work, during and after the attack," she says slowly. "I don't know how you do it, after everything that's happened, but I'm glad you're working for /us/ and not /them/. Thank you. For everything," she adds, sincerely.
Jasper "Not thirsty right now?" Jasper caps it back up again, nice and tight for Xenia. He moves it aside and away from whatever Xenia is working on, then clasps his hands in his lap. "That handy of mine is battered but still working. So its going to do most of the deliveries for now. So. I'm your guyses." A quick smile for Xenia and Hjara, even if its weak and delicate. The young man probably lost someone too.
Hjara     Hjara overhears the other conversation and then, being thanked. "Well I've been prone to just stewin' in that hellstorm of fire and hate durin' work, time hardly seems to pass. Hope I do not need therapy for it later." she murmurs, "Hopefully we get to a semblance of normal."
Xenia "Hopefully. I think we're /all/ going to need therapy after /that/. I can't even think about that fight without the room trying to spin around on me," Xenia replies, shuddering. "The death toll beggars belief. Last I heard, it was up to eighty. I'm one of the lucky ones, I guess, since I didn't lose anyone to the attack itself. But my sister and I are all that's left of our family anyway."

She looks to Jasper with some concern. "Has there been any word on the Assistant Overseer? I've heard a lot of the senior leadership were killed by the invaders, but specifics are a little tougher to come by. I still haven't heard anything definitive about some of them, including the Overseer," she asks, as gently as she can. The nature of the question is brutal enough as it is. "And I'm wondering what you mean about the water purifier and all that redundancy. I'm no engineer, but I'm wondering if there may be a way to take advantage of that."
Jasper "My part wasn't so great. Down below during some explosions. My Handy welded our way out of the cave-in, me and the others." Jasper missed most of the fighting. Which is lucky, but also shitty. Because hes young and could've helped. And he probably feels like crap for not being around to help. "So many. My daddy is alive, but I haven't seen'em in awhile. But...everyone else is gone. The top admin..I think they're sequestered away for some reason." The fake-smile fades and he squirms a touch.

"We couldn't get it running at full, not without that controller chip and all of the extra. But...we could get it /running/ again. To not up and die of thirst." He reaches out to wrap a hand over Xenia's shoulder and squeezes. "So. Maybe we can survive awhile.."
Hjara     Hjara rumbles. "So, we can survive, but proper sustainance will mean parts we don't have, not just repairs." she says. "And nothing's saying we can't survive out there, or more folk aren't able to just come by and raid us again later." is added ontop of that. "Sounds like our Overseer has a lot of things to think about."
Xenia "Saving people from a cave-in with your Handy is hardly 'not so great'. Please, don't sell yourself short," Xenia points out softly. "At least you didn't faint after the shooting stopped, and you saved /someone/. And your idea with the water purifier may save even more. So please, stop kicking yourself." She instinctively rests her hand over his hand on her shoulder for just a moment before letting go.

Hjara's comment draws a sad nod. "All true. Whatever else we do, we may need to leave the Vault just to restore the water works to full functionality, and I'm not sure how we're going to keep this place fully secure with that hole in our main door, and enemies who got in through some way we didn't even know existed."
Jasper "We are definitely going to have to leave the vault. We don't have the goods to replace some of this stuff. But we can force push water through charcoal beds. Make it drinkable. Just not quick." Jasper waited for the hand to leave his before pulling back. "I'm on the go out and see, line of thought. We haven't been scrapping for life all of these years. We should be in a good condition to thrive again. GECK or no GECK."
Hjara     Hjara rumbles more, "Alright, well. Guess I get my Ripper cleaned and do my suit up as best I can, then take vanguard and carve up anything that tries to hurt the vault or her people." she seems a little content shifting to daydream about that.
Xenia "If we don't have them, we'll just have to find them. Out there, more than likely. Maybe there are other Vaults out there somewhere," Xenia muses. "But the whole population of the Vault can't come with us all at once, and even with the door breached, this place is still more tenable than what's out /there/. We'll probably have to send out scouting parties to see what's out there, or something like that. Not like we can just stroll out and camp just /anywhere/. Until we can move the whole population, we need at least basic utilities working. Enough so we don't have everyone keeling over from thirst or lack of breathable air."
Jasper "I don't think we know much of anything. And we've got /one/ guy talking in the infirmary. Just one. Who knows if he is lying to us." Jasper shakes his head towards Xenia's hopeful musings. "Pick some people. Maybe a quarter of us. And send them out. Seal the door behind them." He'll glance towards Hjara and grin at her. "I'll take you with me in my party, toots. You're scary."
Hjara     Hjara eases up a little as her toolkit's updated, leaving her finally able to turn around without feeling bad. "Alright. Though even that plan will likely need some vetting. I'd volunteer to scout."
Xenia "I'll have to put this past what's left of our leadership before we do anything. For now, I welcome any and all input. If I'm talking like an idiot, please let me know. I'd rather feel like an idiot than get someone else killed," Xenia says, meaning it. "And I also welcome volunteers, Hjara. I have a feeling you'd be happier out there, even if only for a little while. If our recent visitors are any indication, the neighbors aren't necessarily friendly. But after what you've done thus far, I've got a lot of confidence in you."

She smiles wryly at Jasper. "I've taken that into account, not that I've heard much of his talking. Not even second-hand. A quarter of us would make for several parties. As for sealing the door, we'd have to patch the damage the invaders did getting out to make that work."
Jasper "I don't know how much planning we can do." Jasper shrugs his shoulder towards Hjara. Because what do they really know. His eyebrows lift up high as if he didn't know the door was bad enough to worry about. "Thats..Wow. The door is that bad? Well. We'll get the purifier working. Then the door sealed. THEN go out and find what we need to fix it for good." Jasper stands up from Xenia's poor desk.
Xenia "Can't plan for everything, no. But we /can/ work to ensure we don't make the stupid mistakes," Xenia says firmly. "Like... ummmmm... oh, y'know... walking out in your Vault undies 'cause you forgot to put on your Vault suit. Things like that," she adds, blushing faintly and throwing up her hands in frustration at her own feeble example. "Gods, my brain doesn't want to /work/ today..."

She stands, pulling a long, taut stretch on her tiptoes, arms extended over her head, groaning softly as stiff muscles are stretched. "As for the door, I haven't seen it yet. But the radio chatter we overheard from the invaders suggests they breached the door from the inside on their way out, supported by the sealing of Level 1 against radiation. Worst case scenario, we can't fix it at all, and thus we can't seal the door. Not something I like to think about."
Hjara     Hjara sighs. "And if the door can't be fixed that means the first level's seals are all we got now. With unfriendly neighbours on the horizon that know we're capable of some sort of resistance and need to leave for parts."
Jasper "Stupid mistakes. Pack for the worst things you can imagine." Jasper pulls his backpack across his shoulders once more, glancing between the two of them. "I'm gonna go find a terminal and get some sort of search program running. See what we can cross-reference from old supply lists and warehouse inventories."
Xenia "Good luck, then. Please, if you find anything we can use, let us know immediately. And thanks again!" Xenia calls after Jasper.