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Jasper Plans are getting made to restore some functionality to the water purifer before the tanks run dry even with rationing. After some late nights and much Nuka-Cola, the computer people have designed a program to cross-reference inventory reports with usage reports to try and identify parts that have been in storage. Unfortunately, sometimes people forget to file reports and with some of these being a hundred years old there is no one to ask.

So people have begun assembling this morning at the Utilities main office to reference assignments of what to look for. All eyes seem to be upon Xenia and Jasper today, the ones with the little papers and the assignments.
Xenia "Thank you all for coming. I know it's been a rougher month than /any/ of us could ever have had in our worst nightmares, and believe me, I'm glad we're able to work together even through this. Gives me a lot of hope." Xenia says sincerely, standing to address the assembled Utilities.

She pats the stack of papers. "Some really smart people in the computer lab dug up our inventories across the entire history of this Vault of ours. So we know what parts we need, and we know we have most of them, according to these papers." She lifts a page off the top and holds it up. "The bad news is, the records weren't quite meticulously kept... sometimes a report got lost, or just never got filed, and inventories weren't always thorough, because other things were more important at the time."

She sets down the paper she was holding, dusting off her hands. "What we're left with is a big job... a thorough search of the warehouses to find out what really is in them, and not just what's on the papers. We'll be working in pairs. Take a clipboard with you, for your list and your own personal, corrected inventory sheet. Keep in mind that some of these doors haven't been opened in years, so there's no telling what's in there. Nobody will complain if you decide to take a sidearm with you, or body armor, but above all don't forget a flashlight. We don't know if all the lights will work. Any questions?"
Hjara     Hjara was around as always, finishing up her other utility duties and reporting in at the office. Stepping inside and hearing Xenia's speech. Who needs flashlights when everyoe has pip boys? Hjara's hardly kept ol rippy away, even if his use for utilities is sidelined by a blowtorch or the like. It's a nice peace-of-mind for her. She has no questions for now, and just looks to see who else is gathered.
Black Black listens to Jasper and Xenia give announcements to those gathered, glancing about amongst the faces. He's come prepared, ripper at his side, Pip-Boy 3000 for illumination and a extra body count to contribute to the efforts of restoring the Water Purifications.
Jasper Jasper must be that really smart people because he is grinning towards Xenia as she talks. "I /think/ we set up the assignments enough that the people who might see some trouble are the ones who can handle said trouble." Now the listing of names begins! Groups or two and threes get the more frequently visited warehouses. With their pipes and what not. "Hjara. John Black....Xenia and Jasper." Jasper is reading his own name. "Stockroom 23. Level 8. Is that /actually/ a thing?" He'll step in towards Hjara at least. Because he recognizes her. "This John guy is security right?"
Xenia Xenia can't help rolling her eyes good-naturedly at Jasper's grin. "You just read off your /own name/ like all the others... you know that, right?" she asks Jasper impishly. "And yes, he's Security. Why? Did you slate us for someplace where we might /need/ Security?" She's trying to be upbeat and friendly about all this. Mostly because the idea of needing security while inventorying a warehouse is a slightly disturbing thought to her.
Hjara     Hjara looks to Black, then back up to Jasper. "Think one of you two bosstypes should have Security here." she mentions, inclining her head towards Black. "Not that I saw him when things got rough, but I'm not sure how well you two can fight off an angry critter if any are alive down there."
Black Black nods in agreement with Hjara, mentioning to Jasper as he focuses on him. "I've never seen someone turn down a helping hand." He glances over to Hjara, then Xenia and back to Jasper. "I'm probably the most capable fighter out of all of you. I was contributing in other parts of the Vault during the siege. Now, are we going to stand around or are we going to work on getting those purifiers functioning safely again?" Black asks the trio at large, casually.
Jasper "See? I knew I picked a good security guy. Look at him all motivated and snappy and ready to step to." Jasper grins towards Black and lifts his pipboy up now. It clicks, clicks and he nods. "So. We are looking for the more specialized circuitry. I /think/ we can hack something together with what was said was in there. But it hasn't been opened in 57 years. And its back wall is opened up into those tunnels we're not supposed to go in." So. Right. He saved possibly the most dangerous assignment for his own team. What a nice guy. "So. Radroaches probably. Maybe..other...things."
Xenia "Hopefully there aren't any... but I've been hearing some troubling rumors about giant mole rats getting into the Vault somehow, so I'm not going to turn down help when it's offered. Especially when the help can shoot better than me one-handed. How are you at inventories?" Xenia asks Black, only half impishly, offering him a clipboard. "Betting those rats are at /least/ as gross as radroaches. Let's go, before any more sneak into our choice of warehouse."

She turns toward the door, beckoning to the others, which doesn't stop her from giving Jasper a look over her shoulder. "Good move, giving us the riskiest spot. A good leader shouldn't tell others to do what she wouldn't do herself."

Motivational speeches aside, the walk to the elevators and the subsequent elevator ride down to the warehouses are quiet and peaceful. The cynical might think cruel fate was holding back the nastiness for their arrival...
Hjara     Hjara just rolls on as Black makes his let's go speech, taking her clipboard and tucking it under her right arm and making quick stride.
Black Black takes his clipboard, nodding casually, eyes drawn to Jasper and Xenia as they both speak. He doesn't offer much back in way of words, falling in with the trio as they head for the elevator, taking it down to floor 8, undisturbed for now.
Jasper It takes a bit to even /find/ an elevator that will take them to the 8th level. There isn't too much down here. Mostly just stock rooms and pipes and what not. They eventually get there and even Jasper falls silent. No jokes or quips before possible danger.

The creak and whine of the warehouse hatch rattles the wall and literal dust and paint chips as they door cracks open. Its probably been painted over at least four or five times and it needs more than one person to get the wheel spinning to unlatch it.

Click. Click. Click. Click. Then finally a few lights sputter to life overhead. Its a long room, with multiple shelf units in rows that fade away in the distance.

Is that a scuttling sound? Or hissing off in the darkness? Dust hangs in the air.
Xenia Xenia shivers faintly. "It's so /damp/ in here... are the dehumidifiers working?" she asks softly, switching on her Lil'Pip's light and beginning to look into the darker spots that the lights can't quite reach. "Keep your eyes peeled. No telling what's down here." Her delicate nose twitches slightly, and she sniffs the air. "Like... processed water? That's what it smells like. Not like groundwater seepage at all. We should check that out." She moves cautiously toward the smell of water, and the dampness.
Hjara     Hjara winces, the place is definately poor-maintained. Once all's down there and Xenia makes her statements and movement, she looks at the rest of the group as she toggles her pip light on. "Sounds like an adventure, where we heading?" she asks, while looking towards the other lass a moment.
Black Black reaches over to switch his Pip's flash on too, then lowers his hand and clipboard back to his sides. Is that the hiss and chitter of the chitinous? Only the most observant would pick up on that, Black isn't one of those. He glances down at his clipboard, bringing the required list of items up for inspection briefly before looking out over the warehouse. "Water?" He queries curiously, moving to Xenia's side.
Jasper "Yeah. Something is definitely leaking and has been leaking for a long time." Jasper's pipboy light flickers on as well, and sweeps forward over the shelves. Several of which have collapsed and dumped metal shards and shattered glass across the floor. "We'll just keep start checking the shelves. It'll be in a shockproof case. So. Metal with clasps and numbers across the front." Because it was important.

Xenia waits back with Jasper. The ones without weapons. She talks too. "We'll want to find out whats leaking as well. Look for that too."