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Mania     A few figures in the vault left some rather convincing fliers about a Moment of Silence around the vault, inviting all dwellers to come to the Cafe on Level 4 to mourn their losses and redouble their efforts to repair and maintain the Vault.

    The cafe's been dominated by dark colours and pastries, free drinks and places set for everyone that attends, including the usual staff. The lights are dimmed to about half brightness and all is calm and quiet.
Zasha Zasha makes her way into the cafe...."ooo, free foood...." As she makes her way over and fills a plate with pastries...then grabs a few drinks. She look around, as she makes her way over to a table and sits down. "I remember this place being more...cheerful before..." She peers over the tops of her glasses..."and dark...maybe I'd better see whats wrong with the lighting."
Xenia Xenia follows Zasha in a moment later. Though she claims a Nuka-Cola and a pastry, her expression suggests it's more because it's expected of her than any actual appetite. "It's dimmed down 'cause we're all in mourning, Sis," she says patiently, taking a seat across from her sister. "The lighting is working fine, don't worry. I'll admit, I prefer it more cheerful, too."
Claude It's been a while since Claude has made it out of the infirmary. He's in a wheelchair, slowly wheeling himself into the cafe where everyone is assembled, nodding and smiling to the people that pay him attention. The singer still doesn't look like himself, being intoxicated on pain killers and probably as down as most of the others assembled. He rolls towards the table for something to eat and to snack on, ending up near Zasha and Xenia. The two women are given nods, "Ladies. Nice to see you again, even if it is for a pretty rough reason."
Zasha Zasha looks over at CLaude, "Oh, look...Mister buddy up to one of the people thats caused us to have this thingimagig, like he's there best friend." She nods, as she pushes her classes back up her nose. "I'll wait till it gets started, then check the lights."
Xenia Xenia smiles wryly at Zasha's comment on the lights. It fades quickly. "Hello, Claude," she replies gently to the still-wounded singer. "It's good to see you out of that bed. Please forgive me if I'm not more enthusiastic. It seems to be going around lately." She gives him a thoughtful look, then looks to Zasha. "What do you mean by that?" she asks curiously.
Mania     There's a trio of people at a podium set up for the event, at the center. Each of them seems well aged, caucasian, white hair slicked back, balding slightly. All with black bowties, too.

    "Now then, friends. Welcome and find seats if you desire. We'll start our mourning shortly, in the meantime enjoy these hors d'oeuvre made courtesy of Samuel Gourmet, and drinks from Margaret Sanguinee." the center-man speaks in a weathered breath, just loud and low enough to spread his presence through the space, folloed by shakily-gestured hand motions to show each table is set with glasses, and a pitcher rests on a serving table near the podium, along with more pastries.
Claude "It's about that guy from El Dorado who got captured. Guy saved my life and I was cordial to him and said I hoped he doesn't get tortured," Claude explains to Xenia with a frown. He rolls the wheelchair to one of the nearby tables and looks over the food in front of him. He starts eating the snack he'd picked up, making a faint 'mmm' noise as he eats.
Zasha Zasha shakes her head, as she starts to chew her pastry. "Says right in the book..outside people are bad, keep them outside. Outside people got in, messed things up...and now we have this. I wouldn't really feel sorry, if security did toss him in the black hole of calander..lost forever in time." She shrugs, and takes a sip of her drink.
Xenia "I'm... not sure what to think about that. Maybe he /is/ one of them, but he did try to save your life... and by extention, ours too," Xenia says uncertainly, looking between Zasha and Claude. "He could've run away with the rest of his people and not been hurt, but he didn't. I just can't quite understand it."

She looks to the podium and the trio there. "Nice that the leadership is here. I'm going to get a drink. Anybody want anything while I'm up?" she asks softly, standing to approach the serving table. "Wonder who Sam Gourmet and Margaret Sanguinee are..."
Claude The singer eats his food slowly, savoring every bite. Not to mention he looks exhausted. "I'm good, thanks," he says to Xenia. Claude continues to eat his food, working quietly to get through it a little piece at a time.
Zasha Zasha shakes her head, "Its a commie trick...he was meant to stay behind the whole time...see...thats how they do it. They make you think there a good guy, even when you know there not..that way...they can report back all our secrets that the others didn't know about...he's prolly talking to his friends right now, who are planning another attack."
Mania     The three old men turn to eachother and murmur quietly. Then face the podium while people get settled in and serve themselves. The one on the left, notable by his missing right-pinky, checks his nails. The one on the right is a little shorter than the other two and makes up for it with truly impeccable posture. The front man takes a drink from a waterglass at the podium.
Xenia Xenia studies the selection thoughtfully before taking a pastry and a filled glass from the serving table and returning to the table. "How would he do that from inside the Vault, Sis?" she asks softly. "It's not like they'll let him near radio equipment, no matter how much anyone likes him." She glances back at the trio at the podium for a moment. "Not to ruin everyone's appetites, but I've been hearing a really weird rumor lately..." she says, in a very low voice. "This Sam Gourmet... there's rumors of giant mole rats getting into the Vault and being killed by Utilities. And that the carcasses are being given to someone named Sam Gourmet to be made into foodstuffs. I haven't found this Sam Gourmet yet, but I've been looking to talk to him about it. It's the kind of rumor that could cause trouble."
Claude "If this is made from mole rat I don't think I mind," Claude says to Xenia as he finishes the last bit of his pastry. Then he says more seriously, "But if that's really true we need to watch out. They might be contaminated or something, coming from the outside." He shakes his head, "Maybe he'll show up here tonight and you can speak to him. If not, I'll keep my ear to the ground and see if I can find him for you."
Zasha Zasha continues to eat her pastries, " you really wanna see whats at the end of chicken little..." She shakes her head and shrugs.
Mania     The old men nod to one another then to the group as the subject of defaming Sam comes around, "It is up to Mister Gourmet if he will attend, or not. Same as for Lady Sanguinee. Now, I feel that this is enough for the event. We will start by paying respects to those that lost their lives, not only in defense of the vault, but by the purifier's tragic incident." the center man states, with agreeing nods from the two at his sides, "A moment of respect and quiet." as all three lean their faces down, eyes closed.
Xenia "Thank you. I'd be very grateful for any help," Xenia replies to Claude, still keeping her voice low, though she has to cover her mouth to keep from laughing at Zasha's comment. Which makes her blush a little at the comment from the podium. When the moment of silence is called for, she bows her head and closes her eyes, resting one hand over her heart. She has to work hard not to sniffle as the significance of the event hits her like a thrown brick.
Claude When it comes time to be silent Claude lowers his head, closes his eyes and folds his hands on his lap. He's a little stoned and it leads to him being a little emotional so during the moment of silence he has to lift a hand to his eye to brush away a tear as it forms.
Zasha Zasha hmmms, as she taps a few buttons on her pip. Garfunkle and Simon begin to sing, "
Zasha Zasha hmmms, as she taps a few buttons on her pip. Garfunkle and Simon begin to sing, "Hello darkness, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again. Because a vision softly creeping. Left its seeds while I was sleeping. And the vision that was planted in my brain. Still remains. Within the sound of silence"
Mania     After the silence ends, thanks Zasha! The elders raise their focus back to the room. "Now then, as we all know, our water purifier and the first level are damaged from the raid." the man on the left says, "Our utilities staff are doing excellent work in the wake of our two calamaties. Any help that can be afforded them should, whether it's being the friend that makes them smile, or remembering that, while all of our jobs are important, theirs got much more pressing with the situation. Having the same losses, and needing to work more urgently than ever."
Xenia Xenia has to bite her lip against a giggle at Zasha's electronic interjection. "My sister the heckler," she murmurs, patting Zasha's hand, swiftly sobering at the following announcement. "No kidding. I can't rememeber the last time I didn't dream about that purifier plant... gods..." she murmurs, shivering.
Claude "Well, I'll be around for anybody who needs to talk or needs someone to play music for them," Claude says as he looks at the elders. The young singer adjusts his wheelchair to face them head on. "Can't do much more than that right now, unfortunately."
Jasper Jasper had been here, but pushing and puling himself through the small crowd takes awhile. Talk of the water purifier has his eyebrows knotting together in thought. But apparently the young man will be amongst somber young'ns, unlike Zasha.
Caitlyn     Caitlyn enters the cafe quietly and moves to find a seat. Like some others who have come to pay respect to those who died, Caitlyn shows little expression other than sadness in her eyes. The young woman scoots up to a table and sits back, giving a quick look about to see if she knows anyone around before she's looking down at the table.
Mania     The three old men adjust their bowties from their statements. After another drink of water for all three, they speak. "We should all continue to work the best we can and also organize our efforts, decide how we will progress from these disasters and forge on into the future." the man on the right announces, followed by the one on the left.

    "Together we can decide and shape the future of the Vault to one we desire and want to protect and improve." rounded up by the man in the center.

    "Please fellow Vault-Dwellers. Friends, family, talk amongst ourselves. Let us make a plan and decide how we want to go, and we will strongly urge the Overseer to consider what their people want, need, to continue and strive."

    The man on the left then states to the newcomers, "Please, find seats and enjoy the hors d'oeuvres courtesy of Samuel Gourmet, and drinks from Margaret Sanguinee." motioning to empty places at all the tables already set with snacks and drinks, and the serving table infront of the podium with more than enough spares for everyone with his invitation.
Claude Due to being stuck in a wheelchair, at least for now, Claude has already found himself a seat. He wheels himself back and forth slightly at his table as he looks around for people to discuss important things with. Finding some of them among the other Vault dwellers he rolls closer to speak, "If we can't find all the parts to fix the water purifier in here we might need to send out a crew to get what we need to fix it from outside of the Vault." A frown appears on his face, "I'll even volunteer to go on the mission if it happens after I'm better."
Xenia "I've been thinking the same way," Xenia adds. "Given how much damage was done, we may not have the parts to fix everything that's broken. That, and we've lost an awful lot of our people. How many does it take to keep a Vault operational?"

She manages a smile for Caitlyn and Jasper as they enter, but it dies quickly when her mind turns back to the serious business at hand. "I've been hearing some talk of leaving the Vault. I know I'm just a supervisor-in-training, and I won't disagree with the sentiment given our losses, but I'll add a reminder that we've learned that it's /really/ dangerous out there and we've got a /lot/ of people to protect on uncertain ground if we leave. This is the most defensible location we have, whatever we do."
Caitlyn     Nodding slowly to this and that, Caitlyn sits back listening. When her chin lifts and brings her gaze higher than the table she says, "Dangerous out there, yes, but without fixing the systems.. how long do we have in here? How long until we can't stay and then we take everyone out? I hear some have offered to go and explore.. see what we can get.." She looks about, arms crossing lightly over her chest. "If we've got a group going, I'll help."
Jasper Jasper turns back around and gets himself involved with Xenia almost immediately. "Its /really/ dangerous out there. I'm sure. We shouldn't venture out...without /fixing/ this place first. Some." His hands settle upon the table as he settles in with the small group. "I've got most of everything laid out. We can get the purifier functioning. Mostly. Enough for the populace we have now to survive on water rations."
Mania     The Hosts listen to the conversation going on between those present, taking down notes at ther podium. It seems the majority's in favour of leaving the Vault for supplies.. seemingly, as a temporary solution to the problems present at home. For the moment they don't say anything further, Jasper's position differs, bringing the trio to look at themselves, then resume notes.
Claude Looking concerned, Claude nods his head at Xenia, "It'll be very dangerous out there. I'm not going to suggest people go out there without being willing to go with them, though." His attention swings Jasper's way, "That's a good idea. We need to make sure we can defend our home before we risk sending people out to risk their lives, especially if it might bring attention back on the Vault."
Xenia Xenia nods hesitantly at Caitlyn, then Jasper. "That's... where I was going with that, actually. Sending out exploring parties, to look for defensible locations and necessary parts for the repairs to the Vault." She stands, to make herself better heard. "With Level 1 still sealed off, we clearly can't go out that way, but our enemies didn't enter through the main door... they came in some other way. We can use that way to get our parties in and out, once we find it and secure it. In the meantime, the rest of us focus on getting the water purifier and Level 1 repaired. Once we know where we stand on what's out there and the state of the Vault, we can make further plans on leaving or not," she concludes, beaming.

"Um... that's a proper general plan, right?" Blushing as she realizes she's the only one in the room standing, besides the elders, Xenia slowly sinks back into her seat.
Caitlyn     Caitlyn glances to Xenia and listens to the plan, as it were. She gives a nod of approval, agreeing with what the other says. Seems good enough. She settles back into her seat then and looks about, listening in to conversations she can catch bits of.
Jasper "The tunnels down below...I don't think we've mapped it out too well at all." Jasper murmurs to the group, a quick smirk towards Xenia's blush and he'll wink her way. "You and I and any of the ambulatory can go through these warehouses some. See whats what." His hand reaches out to squeeze Xenia's elbow. "The rest of it? I'll sign up for whatever. But I don't know enough to make those sorts of plans. Shouldn't we talk to security abuot outtings?"
Mania     The Hosts continue taking notes and nod to Xenia. "A solid general plan, miss. You seem the type to be working in Leadership." the man on the right bids to Xenia. The other two agree with Jasper, "This will need sanctions from the Overseer and Security to organize permission and protection to explore the Old Tunnels. However, in our current circumstance, I expect some leniency may be afforded." the center man states to Jasper.
Claude "That sounds pretty smart to me," Claude says to Xenia, giving her a smile when he notices her blush. Then he glances at the Hosts as they speak, nodding his head and frowning a little bit. He looks towards the others he'd been speaking to and says, "Is there anything I can do to help out? I hate being stuck in this chair, feeling useless."
Xenia "I'm... getting there. Supervisor-in-training," Xenia admits, blushing a little more at the comment from the elders. She smiles faintly at Caitlyn's nod, Jasper's wink and smirk, and Claude's compliment. "Whatever we do, we /have/ to find out where the attackers got in and secure it against any further incur... um, invasions. All the repairs in the world will be for nothing if they just run in and trash the place again. That and the purifier seem to be our top priorities."

She smiles faintly at Claude. "Maybe you could help coordinate the search parties via radio, or something similar. You wouldn't need to be able to get around for that, but it's definitely an important job. How are you with a radio set?"
Caitlyn     In looking around Caitlyn spies the food and beverages and slides from her seat. The young woman wanders over to the table, and as she listens to the plan unfold she gathers a small bite to eat. She holds it and looks it over, then takes a little nibble before wandering around the room.
Jasper The mailman up here making vault-wide sweeping plans. "The vault door is probably blown right open. But they can't get down here and we can't get up there. Really." Jasper leans back into his chair and grin towards Xenia. In training. They're teaching her how to use a wrench. "Might have to issue out a bit more firearms, if we've got them. For tunnel exploration."
Mania     The Hosts give a smile to Xenia, an ambiguous and positive glimmer to their eyes. Then they give appreciative looks to the others present, "Security and sustainability are our two most important needs. Without either, there ceases to be a reason to call this place home. Are there any other considerations that any want to bring up?" the center Host asks to all present.
Claude "I've never used a radio before, but I'm sure that I can learn," Claude tells Xenia, nodding at her. "I think I can pick it up pretty quickly." The Hosts question has the singer thinking hard. "I think we should think about cross training for anyone who leaves the Vault. More than Vault defense classes provided, train them as much like security as possible. I know the training I got wasn't nearly enough when it came time to actually shoot at someone."
Xenia "Well... I'd really like to speak with Samuel Gourmet and Margaret Sanguinee sometime very soon, if that's possible. Unrelated to our present troubles, but it might prove important," Xenia says, blushing slightly, in reply to the elders' question. "That, and I must agree with Claude. And not just for anyone leaving on scouting parties, but everyone living in the vault. I was there, too, and we weren't anything like ready for that attack. Given our losses to date, we can't afford to be taken by surprise again."
Caitlyn     Caitlyn eventually makes her way over towards Claude, and as she stops beside him she chimes in saying, "Training would be great." She nibbles at her bite of food afterwards, eye looking between those gathered as she listens to the talk.
Jasper "Yeah. I was lucky enough to have a Handy robot with me. Flamethrowers and what not can keep a group of people pretty safe." And thrusters pushed past their normal limits. So much work to fix that thing again. Jasper tap-tap-taps fingers atop the table a bit. "Think the security folks will be able to arrange some classes?"
Mania     The Host on the left nods, "Mister Gourmet works in the kitchen, if you're inclined, I can see if he's available for a talk with you." he offers to Xenia, while the center and right Host glance over to Caitlyn, "Perhaps more military drills could be held, given the curret situation. We will see that the overseer is made aware of our need to more capable combatants. Not that Security did a job less than exceeding expectations. I'm certain they would appreciate more help, however." the left Host provides.
Claude Turning his head, Claude looks at Caitlyn and smiles, "I'm sure people will get you squared away with combat training if you need it. I'd offer to help but I barely know how to operate the pistol I was given." The singer looks at Jasper and says, "Mr. Handy came in handy, eh? That's good to hear." Reaching across the nearest table Claude grabs something else to snack on as he thinks about anything else that might come up.
Caitlyn     Caitlyn nods to this and agrees, "Everyone who is willing to help.. if they receive proper training?" She grins slightly and leaves it at that. Her gaze cuts to Claude and she says, "Thanks for not offering to teach me then." She gives him a little smirky grin.
Xenia "Thank you, Sirs. I'm very grateful for the opportunity," Xenia replies, with a sweet smile to the Hosts. Looking away from the three, she grimaces faintly at their comments on Security and their performance, remembering the casualty reports. Lapsing into a thoughtful look, she takes an experimental sip of her drink, followed by a bite of her pastry, wondering about the wares of Mr. Gourmet and Lady Sanguinee...
Jasper "Ehhhh." Jasper literally shoots finger-bullets towards Claude. For his pun. But his expression is strained like his heart is just not in the fingerbullets. To shoot them. "I think everyone should be able to fight. If we're going to venture out there. But we'll need smart people for the other stuff. Figuring out what happened. What stuff does. People who know their tech. Hopefully."
Mania     The Hosts listen to everyone while the one on the left leaves the podium to head into the kitchen and inquire about Gourmet, the remaining to nod to eachother then announce, "If this is everything for the docket, we will stop taking notes and let everyone enjoy the time they spend here and the provided snacks."
Xenia Xenia grimaces faintly and sets her pastry aside. "No more questions from me. Well, maybe one. Does Mr. Gourmet usually use smoke flavoring on his pastries, or was this just a bad batch?" she asks softly.
Claude "I can teach you how to sing or play piano, though," Claude says to Caitlyn with a big grin of his own. He eats some more of his snack, taking his sweet time with this pastry just like the one before it. He says to Jasper, "I'm willing to learn more about fighting. Maybe I can be a sort of diplomat if we meet other people out there."

When the Hosts announce that official things are wrapping up Claude nods at them, then looks over at the Vault dwellers, "This has been one heck of a meeting. I'm a little sadder than I was before it, but I'm hopeful that things will start looking up soon. Especially if we can fix the water purifier and get back to how things used to be, only with us having more combat training."
Caitlyn     Caitlyn chuckles and shakes her head. "No.. No singing for me, thanks," She grins at him, then takes another little bite of her food. With the meeting wrapping up then, Caitlyn takes another look around, then says, "I'll see you guys soon, I'm sure. Take care," and she's heading out, back to work.
Mania     As the assembled group go their seperate ways, the Hosts gather up their notes and leave the podium, the third host's arrival is short as he too gets his notes and leaves the Cafe shortly after giving a note to Xenia.