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Mania     Xenia's lead in Security would invariably lead her to the Security Center, the best place to find all Security personnell outside of the prison! Today there's not much action going on, mostly the members waching the camera feeds and doing what they can to keep busy between their trips on patrol.
Xenia Xenia knocks lightly on the doorframe of the open door leading in. "Excuse me, please," she says softly, "but I'm looking for a security officer named Bob. Does anyone know where I can find him?"
Mania     After the knock the door opens. One of the team working there turns to look at Xenia, "Ms. McCarty. We have three men detained here for crimes against you, just so you know. If you would like to have a say in their sentencing, you're welcome to leave a notice at the desk. I'll go see if Bob's in." he says, motioning to the desk if Xenia wants to have a seat.
Xenia "Thank you, Sir. I'll remember that," the redhead replies, blushing and resisting the impulse to leave /right now/. That was the last thing she wanted to think about, especially when she needs a clear head. Still, she does take up a pad and pencil and write out her own suggestions on the matter, pondering what questions to ask Bob when he gets here.
Mania     There's a complaint form she can fill out, simply a body space and a mention as to what she wants their punishment to be and it will be considered in accordance with Vault penal code. Meanwhile, it's about five minutes before the Security member arrives, with another one. "Here's Bob, miss." he remarks, ushering Bob over. Xenia gets a casual 'Yo, what can I do for you' from Bob.
Xenia Xenia sets aside the forms for the moment, standing to shake Bob's hand if he accepts hers. "Thank you for seeing me on such short notice, Bob. I'm Xenia McCarty, with Maintenance. I was wondering if you knew anything about giant mole rats getting into the Vault from somewhere... I keep hearing rumors about them."
Mania     Bob simply says, "Don't know what you mean by mole rats getting into the vault. That sounds like a Utilities problem, not Security." he says, "Shouldn't you check there instead?" he remarks with a smirk while the other Security member goes back to what he was doing to the side.
Xenia "But doesn't that badge represent honesty and integrity, Bob?" Xenia asks softly, her gaze sad and a bit reproachful. Could anyone lie to those big blue eyes?
Mania     Bob sighs. "It's no secret pests have been getting into the vault. Before the pump it was just small time, rare appearances from the old tunnels. Sometimes Utility boys call us down to help'm out, more than before." he says, "Anything else?"
Xenia "I spoke to one Samuel Gourmet... he said that you've been getting him the dead mole rats for his culinary experiments," Xenia continues softly. "I admit that I don't trust him, but there's a chance he told me the truth. Is any of that true?"
Mania     Bob moves his hand through his hair, "I'm not sure that answering that question is very pertinent. That's going into a non-Security member's private affairs, Ms. McCarty." he states flatly.
Xenia "But it /is/ pertinent... especially to me. There are rumors that Utilities, the people I'm being trained to supervise, are the ones killing the rats and providing them to Sam Gourmet," Xenia continues earnestly, "and those are the kinds of rumors that start trouble. I'd really like to settle this matter before it becomes a bigger problem."
Mania     Bob nods to what Xenia says. "Then you could file a complaint like everyone else and let Security handle it, right? Demanding information about another person's personal life is a bit far just to prove a point, Ms. McCarty" he states
Xenia "But it's /not/ just about his personal life... what do you think someone with a name like Gourmet, who works in a kitchen, is doing with those rats?" Xenia points out, and though she keeps her voice low, she can't keep a forceful edge out of it. "/If/ he's using those rats in food he's providing for others, and /if/ those ingredients turn out to be harmful... then he's making his personal life /everyone's/ business."
Mania     Bob shrugs, "Like I said, write out a complaint and put all the details you have. If Security finds out it's true then we'll do action against Mister Gourmet. His life is still not your business to learn as you please. Now, is there anything else I can help you with?"
Xenia "Very well, then. If that's your final word on the matter," Xenia replies coldly, her mood soured by the man's casual obstinance, "then you'll have your complaint. Thank you for your time."
Mania     Bob nods to Xenia, "Thank you for understanding and cooperating, Miss McCarty. By the way, did you check and identify if the right men are in the jail? It's on a lower level, if you'd like an escort there. Won't need to ring the doorbell." he offers, being helpful.
Xenia "I... think I'd like that, thank you. I'm not sure I could go in there alone," Xenia replies, shivering at the memory.
Mania     Bob nods and walks to the door. "Whenever you're ready." he states.