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Owner Pose
Mania     The Cafe's as bustling as ever, sparsely populated that is. Service staff checking occasionally and the man at the desk, a familiar face as one of the Moment of Silence Hosts, is checking something on his pip.
Xenia "This is /not/ the sort of thing I want to do alone," Xenia whispers to Jasper in a shivery voice as they walk into the cafe. "If this Sanguinee and Margaret Sanguinee are one and the same, and if she really is stockpiling explosives, she's dangerous. And given what I've gotten out of Security so far, I can't see them helping me."
Jasper "So you drag me with you? And Sir-Burns-A-Lot?" A battered Mister Handy chugging along behind the pair of them as they head into the cafe, then gets pointed to hang out elsewhere. Jasper and Xenia whisper at each other. Jasper was dragged very forcefully into this and is now finding himself ready to question people.
Mania     The Host at the counter notes Xenia and Jasper as they walk in, giving a polite wave and straightening up from his pip. "Good morning." he bids, "Topping off the midnight oil?" giving a warm smirk and sensible chuckle to his joke.
Xenia "In a word? /Yes/," Xenia whispers to Jasper as they approach the counter. "Not really," she replies honestly to the Host, not getting the joke. "Is Lady Sanguinee around? I wanted to ask her about her wonderful drink recipes."
Jasper "Wonderful drink recipes. Xenia is going to get me drunk later. She promised." Jasper is saying Jasper things. But no silly Jasper winks and the words don't even carry the honeyed sarcasm upon them as they normally do. The man is perturbed.
Mania     After a small look and a nod, the Host motions behind him, "She's in the next room over. Her shift starts soon and she's working on the next batch of pastries. Fresh daily is not just a sales pitch." he guides. "Is that the extent of your requests today?"
Xenia "For the moment," Xenia replies to the host, glaring at Jasper briefly. "We might stop for breakfast once we've spoken to Lady Sanguinee. Thank you for all your help," she adds, bowing from the shoulders respectfully and starting behind the counter to approach the fabled next room over.
Jasper Oh the glares. He is immune today. Ask someone to go poking your nose into EXPLOSIVES, its liable to get someone antsy and irritable. So he'll follow along with Xenia, a significant glance over his shoulders towards Burns-A-Lot. Who waves his shredder blade in the air mournfully. Well. As mournfully as a robot can.
Mania     The next room over contains three employees sitting at a table next to an oven, currently full to the brim. The room smells like a muggy fruit medley, sweet and sugary. There's a single woman present among the group. Midnight coloured hair, red eyes, skin akin to paper in colour.. she fits the whole Saguinee name, if that is her. Two other males, hispanic, dark hair, moustachioed, sit across from her. The trio are talking about sugar and flour substitutions.
Xenia "Excuse me for interrupting, please, but I'm looking for Lady Sanguinee?" Xenia says warmly, in her best hostess/interviewer voice, as she takes in the room and its crowd.
Jasper "Probably that one..." Jasper gets everywhere and /knows/ who Sanguinee is. He delivers her mail. "Hello Ma'am." Something about the woman unsettles poor Jasper, but he does take a step to stand more in front of Xenia, a protective stance.
Mania     Sanguinee smiles warmly and looks to Jasper and Xenia. "Is there something you need? I'm not even on shift yet, the servers in the front room could take care of you." she offers with mild dismission. "Unless it's somethig personal?" she asks
Xenia "I'm thinking the same," Xenia murmurs to Jasper. "Just stay cool, 'kay?"

Then she turns back to Lady Sanguinee and her two friends. "It is, a little... I'm Xenia McCarty, and I was wondering about your wonderful drink recipe from the mourning meeting with the three elders not so long ago," she continues, giving Lady Sanguinee her best interviewer smile. "If you would prefer to talk in private, we're both quite agreeable to that," she offers gently.
Jasper Right. The smalltalk. Jasper loves the small talk. Can't wait for it. "We're here about bombs. Explosives. Making their way places." Oh. Um. Jasper. Smalltalk, in private the big questions. But Sanguinee seems like a mafia mafiasa in here, and its not like she was about to go quietly to answer questions.
Mania     Margaret blinks, "My drink recipe? It's raspberry juice, really." she beams, "I'll be glad to write it down when my shift's over and give you each a copy." maintaining a truly winning smile to both Xenia and Jasper. Then, about bombs, "I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about. Explosives in the vault? Wouldn't Security be who you talk to about that?"
Xenia Xenia glares at Jasper. "Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned /tact/?" she asks irritably. Looking back to Sanguinee, she shrugs. "Just chasing down a rumor. Though I meant it about the drink recipe, for what it may be worth," she adds warmly, attempting to smooth over any ruffled feathers.
Jasper "Tact is dumb. I don't wanna wait around for like 10 minutes while you guys talk about drink recipes and smalltalk." The table has another chair, right? Jasper's foot hooks and draws it out. ALMOST to sit, he turns towards Xenia and sweeps his hand down towards it to offer it to her. "But shes the boss today. My apologies"
Mania     Margaret seems not at all perturbed, she sighs and moves to her pip. "Well at this rate I might as well just send the recipe to you here." she chimes, going on to draft and prepare it to send. "Rumours are best left at that you know, often nothing but someone trying to cause trouble."
Xenia Xenia gestures Jasper to the chair he'd invited her to use. "Thank you. And I'm truly sorry... no offence was meant," she says gently, glaring briefly at Jasper. Something about this situation just doesn't feel right, but she can't begin to put her finger on it... "You're probably right about the rumors. too."
Jasper "Oh. I'm fine with standing. Thank you. Please." Jasper's hand gestures to the chair again. Because he is a gentleman, damn it. And it bothers her a touch. How this man expects not to be murdered by his 30s is beyond most people. "Rumors are rumors for a reason. Is anyone pissed off?"
Mania     Margaret smiles, "Please, sit down you two." she invites. Shortly ater the invitation, both Xenia and Jasper will get a note on their pips. A raspberry juice recipe!
Xenia Purely for the sake of politesse, Xenia seats herself in the chair Jasper had offered to her. After all, Margaret had requested it. "Thank you, Ma'am," she says, by way of thanks. "And he's right.. rumors aren't born in a vacuum," she adds.

Then she gets a good look at the recipe. "Are you sure this is correct, My Lady?" she asks, trying a different form of polite language. "Because it looks like there's something key missing... that, or the results will taste terrible. I distinctly remember the drinks from a few days ago, and they were delicious."
Jasper Jasper distracts her keen observations by leaning over top of her and pressing a kiss into the crown of her head. "Look at you. I didn't know you were lil Hannah Housewife. I'll remember that." Then he is looking back towards the Ma'am. "So. Margaret..."
Mania     Margaret blinks at Xenia, "Oh, are you certain? I might have missed something when I sent the file over." she remarks, looking down at her pip to fiddle with it a bit more. "Hardly a vacuum in the vault, I think it's proven things can move through somewhat freely somewhere."
Xenia "It's not impossible. Perhaps you should check to make sure your copy is correct? Because I would deeply appreciate a corrected copy," Xenia suggests politely. "Especially if the mistake was deliberate."
Jasper Jasper /was/ willing to let the cooking thing go, but Xenia graspes onto it tightly. Enough to ignore him. So he straightens up behind her and wraps his hands around the back of her chair. Waiting for whatever response this will be.
Mania     Margaret seems -deeply- offended at the notion of a deliberate mistake. "You can't really be accusing me of giving you the wrong information on purpose, right?" there's another message sent.. it checks out, for the most part.
Xenia "Please pardon my bluntness, Lady Sanguinee, as I truly had hoped we would get along well... but at this point, nothing is certain," is Xenia's level reply.
Jasper Jasper steps aside, to stand near where Xenia would be standing and ready to offer his hand like some sort of knight awaiting his lady who just left a battle at a dinnertable. "I do enjoy your key-lime pie, Ma'am."
Mania     Margaret's pip blinks angrily at her and she tilts her head.. Jasper's attempt seems to have triggered her firewall and it's gone to 'local only'. "I guess something -was- wrong with my pip, wasn't there? I'll see the shop about it after my shift." she murmurs. Smiling to Xenia as if that disproved she had any ill-intent or mistruths given. About the pie she smirks, "Thank you Jasper, I've been learning the bakery thanks to these dashing lads here. Normally I just brew coffee and wait tables."
Xenia "Oh, dear... best of luck with it. Hope it will be a quick fix," Xenia says, sincerely bothered by Margaret's sudden troubles with her Pip-Boy. Looking at the two gentlemen with Margaret, she suddenly remembers another detail. "Um, Lady Sanguinee? Doesn't Samuel Gourmet usually bake the pastries? I'd think he would be here right now."
Jasper See. The thing about being as cool as Jasper. Is that he has a very well turned robotic friend outside. All he had to do was check the time. And tap tap something to send the connection data off to the handy. And Sir-Burns-A-Lot used the rest of his programs to get what he needed. Only the minorest of lip twitchs happens when Margaret's pip boy goes off. And then a biggest of smile, his hand reaching for Xenia's hand and pulling it through his arm to escort her away shortly. How Continental.
Mania     Margaret hms. "Sam doesn't drop by too often in person. Sometimes off his shift he helps in the cafe baking, the GOAT gave him a position in the Diner, but he has a passion for desserts and pastries." she shrugs, "Since he's working now I doubt he'd be seen down here." smiling warmly.
Xenia Xenia blinks as Jasper suddenly pulls her arm through his to escort her away. "What are you doing?" she asks, surprised and a little exasperated. "Please pardon me, My Lady, but we must be going... Thank you so much for your time, and your recipe," she adds, warmly, moving to follow Jasper out.
Jasper "Yes. We really must must be going. Other items on our agenda. It was quite a good meeting." Why Jasper is sliding sideways into a british accent is weird. Might be the mister handy. His free hand reaches and pushes open the door, to escort Xenia out and away. And then pay more attention to his pip boy. "Mole Rat Blood juice?" Its very quiet, but Xenia /could/ see his pipboy if she peered.
Mania     Margaret gives a polite wave and then takes another sip from her drink, shrugging, and then asking the other two people at the table if they knew how to fix her pip.
Xenia Xenia lets Jasper lead the way, though she does not cooperate quietly. "What is this all about?" she asks, equal parts curiosity and irritation. "We were getting someplace and you want to leave? And what does Mole Rat Blood juice have to do with anything?" she asks, looking at his Pip-Boy.
Jasper Lets /not/ eat at this cafe. Jasper decides. Xenia is tugged along past the tables, very quickly until they're outside once more. "Wow. This lady is /crazy/." He pulls the cord from his pipboy, plugs into her pipboy and bloopbloopbloop(thats how babies are made). Thats how data is sent. "Look at these things." He would be fine if she pulled her arm away. Fine if she didn't. "A frikking vampire?"
Xenia Xenia almost pulls her arm away, but manages to stop herself. "You /better/ not get my L'il Pip pregnant..." she murmurs, her tone pouty, as he plugs his device into hers, and glares at him.

And then she sees the information scrolling slowly across her screen. Her eyes get bigger and bigger and rounder and rounder. "Ohmigosh-ohmigosh-ohmiGOSH... she /is/ a creep! And maybe a vampire, if I believed in such things. But that's impossible!" She gives Jasper a questioning look, hoping he'll say 'no'. "Isn't it?"
Jasper "I don't think pipboys can do that. Probably. Maybe split the...No. Not." The cords get unplugged and they stop to turn towards each other. Staring at their pip-boys in disbelief. "Yeah...she is..WHAT? No. Theres no such thing as vampires...Before. Radiation. Maybe we should get Holiday to do 'random' health screening?" Its not a bad idea, is it? Jasper smiles at her though. "Thanks for finding me /actual/ crazy, and not run of the mill crazy."
Xenia "I /hope/ not. My L'il Pip is sweet and innocent," Xenia insists poutily. "But maybe you've got something... and maybe we should have extra security available when she does get that exam. Just in case." Then she blinks. "Wait... how is actual crazy better than the run of the mill version? I don't think I'd want to be either one!"
Jasper "Run of the mill is just random people being dumb for no reason. Shes crazy." His finger tap-tap-tap-taps onto his pip boy screen. "Crazy. And I hope your pip is more innocent than you." Because why would Jasper miss a chance to tease this lady.
Xenia Xenia glares at him, hands on her hips. "Now /why/ would you say anything like /that/? You know it's not, just 'cause it's been hanging around with yours!" Is she teasing him now, too?
Jasper "My pipboy treated yours nice. Gently. Said all the right things. Shared some stuff. No infections." Yeah. Thats the stuff, Jasper. "You know I am actually still hungry, right? Can we go to the diner?"
Xenia "Ewww... don't you ever even /look/ at my L'il Pip again!" Xenia cries, shoving his Pip-Boy arm away. "And my appetite is just /dead/ right now. Maybe another time," she adds softly, partly turning her back to him so he is less likely to see her so frightened.
Jasper "How will I send you more good information and maps if I can't look at your pipboy." Jasper's hand comes up to rest between Xenia's shoulders. "I've honestly got nothing else to do. Did you wanna maybe watch Sir Burns run an obstacle course or two?"
Mania     The door opens from the fabled next room over and Margaret steps out with tiny, quick steps, "Excuse me." she chimes, doing last touches to her uniform and floating into the rotation of the other servers starting at the counter.
Xenia Xenia doesn't pull away from the hand on her back , even if she does tense up a little. "If you're hungry, you should probably eat something. I might go with you just to get something for later," she suggests softly. As Margaret hurries to her place behind the cafe counter, the redhead watches her for a moment. "Wait... maybe you should eat here," she suggests, starting toward the counter. "We still didn't find out about the bombs." Pushing her luck? Probably. But can she or Vault 99 really afford to wait?
Jasper "I have her entire pip...." Oh god. Molerat meat. Jasper follows slowly along with Xenia towards the counter, eyeballing his pipboy as they walk. "Maggie. I heard you did a really good vegetable medley."
Mania     Margaret smiles at Jasper's request, "There's still fresh baked goods but I can talk to the diner about sending a veggie platter for you." she considers out loud.
Xenia "Could you? That would be so sweet of you. Thank you," Xenia chimes in, smiling. "I think I'll just have a couple of those pastries to go, if that's all right. And might we borrow you for a few minutes? If you aren't too busy?" she asks warmly.
Jasper "No...not too busy. We would understand if you were." Good. They aren't sitting down. "I can grab something from the dining hall or need for vegetables."
Mania     Margaret nods and smiles, "Not too busy. What did you need me for." she waves another server and mentions that Xenia wants some pastries, then she looks to the pair. "What is it?"
Xenia "Well..." Xenia says, in a low voice, to keep the conversation private, "... we were concerned about that rumor about explosives, and the potential damage to your reputation. Do you know of anyone who might start such a malicious rumor?"
Jasper "Anyone that comes to mind?" Jasper seems...mildly anxious about the prospect of standing near a god damn vampire type. "Uhh, a scientists specializing in providing fake sunlight?"
Mania     Margaret ponders this all. "Well, admittedly I think Sam's been jealous that I won't share my drink recipes with him, honestly he's already accomplished enough. Maybe my sister but I doubt it. I'm not too sure." she answers
Xenia "Maybe I should talk to them... if I can find out why one of them might start such a rumor, I might get them to stop," Xenia suggests, nodding almost to herself. "Sam I know, but who is your sister?" she asks softly.
Mania     Margaret says, "My sister? Lenore Sanguinee." she answers to Xenia.
Jasper "I was going to talk to Sam anyway. I keep reading about cinnamon. Maybe we can get close to it?" Or they already do and he isn't paying attention. Either way, Jasper is stalling a bif for Xenia's sake.
Xenia "Thank you, My Lady. As soon as I've gotten the rumors stopped, I'll be in touch," Xenia says warmly. "Though I can't guarantee immediate results, I'll do my very best to get them as quickly as I can." She manages not to blink at Jasper's comments on cinnamon, but it's a close call. In the meantime, she waits for her pastries. It would be suspicious to leave without her order, after all.
Mania     Margaret waits for the pastries to be delivered to Xenia. "Just bring the dish back to the cafe, okay?" she asks with a smile. "If you're looking for my sister, either try her room, the prison, or medical. She's a surgeon there."
Xenia "That'll help a lot. Thank you again," Xenia says, accepting the pastry plate. "I'll make sure you get it back. Take care, and I hope you have a good shift." Turning toward the door, she beckons to Jasper. "Time we got on our way... I still have to get to work," she says, largely for Margaret's benefit.
Mania     Margaret smiles and waves, "Thanks for stopping by. Have a good one" she muses to Xen and Jasper.
Mania     Medical's buzzing as usual in the wake of the explosion and raid, people moving back and forth, patients being seen... what would you expect for the infirmary?
Xenia Alone now, Xenia walks into the infirmary, looking around for anyone who looks anything like Margaret Sanguinee (they're sisters, right?). After a fruitless minute, she waves down an orderly. "Excuse me, please, but I'm looking for Lenore Sanguinee," she says. "Do you know where I might find her?"
Mania     Xenia's answer from one of the nurses is, "Check one of the guys near the surgical ward alright?" she asks exasperatedly, "In the back. I'm not the docs' keeper, I'm just a nurse."
Xenia Wincing at the exasperated nurse's reply, Xenia nods and heads toward the back. Only when she reaches the door to the surgical ward does she wave to the nearest nurse or orderly. "Where can I find Lenore Sanguinee, please?"
Mania     The orderly looks up, checking their pip. "She has her next surgery here in.. an hour, so I can't account for her location right now. You can always wait and chat to her during prep, she should be here in around fifty minutes."
Xenia "I'll try to catch up to her then," Xenia replies. She turns and leaves the infirmary, with care not to get in anyone's way, especially the patients. "She did say the prison was the other potential place... should have enough time to go there and back with room to spare," she muses, heading for the elevator.
Mania     The prison is like it was last time. Mostly empty and a guard stops Xenia infront of it before she can enter, asking what she's doing there.
Xenia "I'm looking for Lenore Sanguinee... I was told I might find her here," Xenia replies softly. "Is she here now? If she isn't, I won't bother you any further."
Mania     The guard sighs. "Not supposed to talk about if there's visitors, you don't look like Sanguinee's family so I can't tell you unless you have a warrant for it." he says
Xenia "It was her sister Margaret who told me where to find her," Xenia continues softly. "Over a damaging rumor against Margaret that Lenore may have started. That's why I'm here... it's family business, you see."
Mania     The guard hums. "Unless you can bring Margaret here to confirm that story I'm afraid I cannot tell you anything about Ms Sanguinee." he answers again.
Xenia "Thank you for your time, then. I'll wait for her," Xenia replies, moving to lean against the wall further up the hallway. "They weren't kidding about getting in there, that's for sure..." she murmurs irritably, glancing at her L'il Pip to check the time.
Mania     A little over half an hour passes and the awaited Lenore leaves the back room. Unlike her sister, her hair is blonde.. or, maybe it's dyed? Either way, the Sanguinee sister smiles to the guard and chimes, "Thanks sweetie~" before she starts on leaving
Xenia "Miss Lenore? Miss Lenore Sanguinee? May I speak to you for a moment?" Xenia asks, walking over toward the blonde woman. "I'm truly sorry to look you up like this, but it is rather important."
Mania     Lenore pauses with a squeak, then looks to Xenia. "U-um, sure, what is it?" she asks, mildly startled, "I have to cut someone open shortly to, you know, save their leg. But I should have five minutes to spare before then." she says with an affirming nod.
Xenia "Um, I was speaking with your sister about a rumor that she was hoarding explosives... she said you may have started it," Xenia says softly. "I only want to know if that's true... and if she really is hoarding explosives. She seems to believe I want to stop the rumors, but I only want to know if they're true."
Mania     Lenore blinks, "I didn't start any rumours about my sister and explosives. Who would have anything to gain from that, huh?" she asks. "Would you under any circumstances start rumours about your sister and bombs? That's a death sentence for corroboration."
Xenia "She told me you did... does it matter if you didn't? It's your word against hers now," Xenia whispers. "And I'm very much going to security with everything that's been said to me. So I'll ask you again if you know anything about this."
Mania     Lenore rolls her eyes, "Threatening me's a bad move. I very obviously have people at my back in Security, two can play this game." she says with a little sigh.
Xenia "You're not the only one with friends in Security, Sister," Xenia whispers, blushing at Lenore's threats, but for the moment holding her ground. "And thanks to some dear friends of mine, I've got the Overseer's ear... one word against you and you'll be another casualty of our latest invasion... for collusion. So you can spill or you can twist, but I'm gonna do what I have to to save my Vault. So are you on the side of the angels... or just another cooling corpse waiting to cash out?"
Mania     Lenore groans. "Look I didn't tell anyone anything about my sister, maybe one of my patients saw something while I was treating them at home and said something." she admits, "So what?" she asks
Xenia "So it's /all over the Vault/... and sooner or later someone is going to take it to Security, and your sister will be in for a big world of awfulness, whether she's guilty or not," Xenia says, just slightly forcefully. "And what if she /is/ guilty? Nobody hoards explosives for collector's value. This society of ours is straining to burst, and it wouldn't take much of a nudge to make it pop but good. The Overseer will want to preserve order, by any means necessary... and if that means taking those explosives over your sister's dead body, then she's a goner for sure. Do you really want that?"
Mania     Lenore looks at Xenia, "Well then. If you really want to know, info ain't free. Either way this all turns out it sounds it's trouble for me, so what can you offer me to help me out more immediately, huh?" she asks
Xenia "What if we could get the explosives away from Margaret and return them? Then the rumor's just a rumor, and you're both safe," Xenia replies. "Nobody even knows who started it, so it'll just fade away once it's proven false."
Mania     She uh huhs, "Gimme something I can use to know I can trust you, eh?" she asks sternly. "I really don't believe you're being honest at all, and there's still no proof my sister's hiding explosives yaknow."
Xenia "But I have no idea what I could give you... I'm just a supervisor-in-training, not an Overseer," Xenia protests softly. "All I own is some Vault-issued junk and a couple borderline-worthless trinkets."
Mania     Lenore sighs, "Fine, come on, let's talk about this more on the way to medical. I do have a job to do." she states and leads Xenia into the elevator.