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Mania     As per usual, the Infirmary still has a faint buzz of patients and nurses tending to them, a couple of doctors roam the doors to the rooms and the waiting area has a handfull of people waiting in quiet.
Xenia Xenia peeks into the infirmary from the corridor doorway, swallows, draws back, then walks into the infirmary as confidently as she can manage. Stepping up to the reception area, she looks down at the receptionist. "I need to speak with someone in charge, please," she says, mostly firmly.
Mania     After a moment, a man in vault scrubs walks up to Xenia, clipboard in hand and a tired expression on his face. "Can I help you with something, Ms McCarty?" he asks quietly, oh wait. That's Doctor Allen, he's taken care of people in the vault for atleast two decades now! He must've had a lot of work lately.
Xenia "Oh! Doctor Allen!" Xenia smiles brightly when she recognizes him. "And actually, yes! You definitely can. Can we talk in private for a moment?" she asks, letting him take the lead.
Mania     The Doc nods and turns, moving into an empty room and sitting in the chair, motioning to the patient bed. "What can I do for you?" he asks, looking up from his board and flashing Xenia a smile.
Xenia "Actually, I'm not sick or hurt or... well, anything, honestly," Xenia replies, leaning against the edge of the patient bed. "But I've been hearing a rumor around the Vault, and I wanted to ask about it. 'Cause frankly, it's kind of scary."
Mania     Allen nods, "Lots of rumours lately, which one's troubling you Xenia?" he asks her with a warm smile and setting the clipboard down.
Xenia "I'll be frank... one that says that infirmary staff are issuing placebos in place of out-of-stock medications. Some people even say that staff are bribing people to keep quiet about it," Xenia replies softly. "Please, tell me that's not true. Truthfully..."
Mania     Allen spends a moment to consider this. "We weren't stocked enough to handle what happened between the explosion and the invasion." he answers, "Some patients that we were sure didn't need medication for treatment, we offered placebos as a substitute. It's been a little rough around here lately I'm sure you know." he states openly. "As for the bribes, I can't speak for anyone issuing them to my knowledge."
Xenia "I was afraid of that," Xenia murmurs, pouting. "At least maybe the part about the bribes isn't true. I hope. I did have a feeling you wouldn't be involved in such a thing as that." She straightens slowly. "Is there anyone who might know more about this bribe angle? Maybe pharmaceutical techs or someone like that?" she asks softly.
Mania     He nods, "Lenore Sanguinee our Head Surgeon, the Head Nurse Samantha Maxwell, and maybe someone in Security could have reports. But I don't think they'd share that kind of information."
Xenia Xenia swallows at the name Lenore Sanguinee. "Um, thank you... I'll try asking anyway, but I don't have a good feeling about them telling me anything. Still, anything may be of help." She manages a weak smile for Doctor Allen. "Thank you for all your help, Doctor. I'd better get to it if I want to get any answers. Good luck with your work, too."
Mania     He nods slowly, "If there's anything I can do for you Xenia just ask. I wouldn't trust those Sanguinee sisters. Call it intuition." he cracks a smile at the little joke of intuition. "Stop by the vault psychologist as well if you need treatment there too." he adds in before standing up himself.
Xenia "I won't. And before this is all done, I just might need psychotherapy," Xenia murmurs, with a nervous smile, as she exits the exam room. "Thank you again, Doctor Allen."
Mania     He waves and heads out before Xenia, keeping the door open for her before wandering back into the waiting room, then the next room with patient in it..
Xenia "Head Nurse Maxwell shouldn't be too hard to find," the redheaded Supervisor-In-Training murmurs. She waves down the next nurse she sees. "Um, excuse me, please? I could use some help."
Mania     Xenia begets another dweller wearing scrubs, with a friendly 'Maxwell' tag on her uniform. "If you need a doc please go into the waiting room darlin', we're very busy." she murmurs in a droning monotone.
Xenia "Are you Head Nurse Maxwell?" Xenia asks, spying the nametag. "I'd like to speak to you a moment, please."
Mania     The nurse nods, "What can I do for ya then?" she asks, turning to face Xenia fully now.
Xenia "I need to ask you a question or two. It's a sensitive matter, though... we may want to speak in private," Xenia replies softly. "I won't keep you from your duties for long, promise."
Mania     She sighs, and after a small roll of her eyes brings Xenia over into another empty patient room and sits down. "Whaddaya need?" she asks.
Xenia Xenia leans against the patient bed. "Look, I've been hearing a really scary rumor that the Infirmary has been issuing placebos for out-of-stock medications. Is there anything to it?" she asks worriedly.
Mania     The nurse stares at Xenia, "So what do you want? A couple chems, a few favours from the diner or cafe?" she asks, not quite answering the question. "I'll mark you down for priority treatment too."
Xenia "Look, I don't want any special treatment or anything like that... no bribes, please. I just want to know if it's true," Xenia replies, earnestly.
Mania     The nurse spends a long stare at her. "'course it's true, we aren't prepared for this. Not after so long, who expects needing to tend to so many severe injuries assuming the world's burned to a crisp, huh?" she snips back
Xenia Xenia bows her head. "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. Thank you for answering my questions," she says, rather contritely, as she straightens and turns toward the door.
Mania     The nurse looks at Xenia, "Don't go tellin' people. If everyone knew you know how much trouble we'd be in, that meds and chems are short?" she states, then stands and goes to leave.
Xenia "I think we may already be in bigger trouble," Xenia replies softly, following her out of the exam room.
Mania     Samantha tsks, "Been in trouble since the purifier popped. Hope the Overseer has a good plan to get us past this all." she mutters as she gets back to her post.
Xenia "Me, too," Xenia murmurs. "But I doubt it." She shakes her head wearily. "Mole-rat in the food, sugar pills... where does it all stop?"
Mania     Sam interjects, "Saline injections too." perhaps as a ease to Xenia.
Xenia "Thanks for reassuring me..." Xenia murmurs dejectedly, rolling her eyes. "You wouldn't know if Doctor Sanguinee is around, would you?"
Mania     The nurse looks up, "You can check the prep room and ask from there." she states, "I ain't her keeper."
Xenia "Glad you're not /mine/, either," Xenia retorts softly, turning /away/ from the prep room and walking toward the exit.
Mania     The nurse gives a click of her tongue and returs to what she was doing prior, tapping away at her pip.