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Veronica As Veronica walks into the vault 99 diner, she looks at Aidan and Roy and scoffs "What are you two degenerates doing here?"
Aidan Ferguson Aidan Ferguson stops drinking from his soda, looks up, and asks, "I'm just enjoying a glass of cola, what's it to you?"
Veronica Looking down at Rory, Veronica says "and what about you, huh? Why aren't you doing your job to help out the vault?"
Rory Killeen Rory Killeen says, "just enjoin a quick pint of the ol' black stuff, i wont be long."
Aidan Ferguson Aidan Ferguson says, "What's the rush, lady? Is there something going on I need to know about, other than the rats?"
Veronica Hearing what Aidan says, Veronica asks "What do you mean Rats, are you saying that my work helping to devise new ways to keep Vermin out of OUR vault isn't adiquiet enough? Is that what your trying to say Aidan? I'll have you my work is way harder to do than your's is."
Aidan Ferguson Aidan Ferguson says, "Ah, so you're in Utilities, eh? I myself have nothing wrong with eating mutated rat for lunch everyday, but everyone here deserves to at least /know/ about it."
Veronica Veronica, rather angerly, yells "Utilities UTILITIES! I'M A DAMN VAULT SCIENTIST! Something that takes way more knowledge than being a utilities person, and I can not believe this lie of rats being in our food, to thing that you would stoup to such a low just to try and say my work i've done to try and prevent rats from getting into our vault and spreading their radioactive filth is just unbeliveable!"
Rory Killeen hearing what Aidan and Veronica said, Rory shouts "What in the bloody FACK, is with all this rats in the food!
Aidan Ferguson "Calm down, maybe it isn't you doing it, but I have proof here that there is definitely Mole Rat being processed into the cafeteria food." Aidan holds up a bag with some meat and a tooth sticking out of it. "I watched a Utilities worker themself deliver a box of this bastardized meat over down to the kitchens."
Aidan Ferguson "Woman, I just said it probably wasn't you, why do you think I'm doing this solely to spite you? There's evidence there's rat in the food, and you should either calm down and help me, or I don't know, just stop freaking out anyway..."
Veronica "I can not believe you, your doing this just because I'm a scientist, you just don't want me succeed because of my looks, don't you?" I say, smirking
Aidan Ferguson Aidan turns to Rory. "Do you know this person? She seems to think I'm accusing her of doing this when I just want to do what's right."
Rory Killeen horrified by the words he has heard, Rory yells JESUS BLOODY CHRIST, ALL I KNOW IS THAT YOU ARE MADMEN! Facking making me eat rat, and experimenting on me! The fack is wrong with you people!
Veronica Shocked at this "I can not believe this, I can not believe you degenerates don't even know who I am. Im Veronica, I am more important than both of you two"
Aidan Ferguson Aidan Ferguson says, "Jee, if you're so important, why don't you give us some reasons to believe you?"
Veronica angerly I say "Are you sure about that? Who was the one to figure out a way to help purify water in case the water chip broke because one of you too?"
Aidan Ferguson Aidan believing Veronica says, "Okay, finding a way to purify water is no easy task, but my job is plenty important too, my team in Engineering found most of the places where the replacement water purifier parts are."
Rory Killeen @emit with adrenaline backed courage, "Well you two fackers know what my job is? Keeping the bloody peace! And right now, I think you two are making a complete Haymes of it!"
Veronica "But Rory, can't you see Aidan is just bullying me?" I say, as I put emphasis of my chest "Besides, you wouldn't want a cuite like me getting in trouble, would you Rory?" I say sweetly, with not a hint of anger left in my voice"
Rory Killeen completely agreeing with Veronicas gentle words, "Oh yes of course! This ginger chap is getting in some mighty trouble. He'll be spending som' time in the slammah for all his rat nonsence!"
Veronica "Thank you Rory, maybe later we can eat together" I say, giggling, trying to act as cute as possible
Aidan Ferguson "Hey Rory, you don't want to put me in jail, I'm telling the truth for crying out loud!" Aidan says desperately, trying to convince Rory to not put him in the slammer.
Rory Killeen With a rock hard tone, "Mate, stop acting th' maggot! It sounds like every fackin egghead is on to this." winks to veronica "You've kept a secret from the vault, And you got some explaining to do." Grips his arms tightly with his big bulbous meaty hands "I'm going to take you down for some questioning, don't even t'ink about throwing some shapes mate."
Aidan Ferguson Aidan, on his way out says, "You can bet your ass I'm going to take this incident to your superiors in Security for you Rory. As for you Veronica, I'm not even mad, this guy's a bonehead."