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Aidan Ferguson Rory has finished escorting Aidan to Vault 99's jail, under the suspicion that Aidan has been adding Mole Rat to the cafeteria food.
Rory Killeen with a sly look "alright mate, heres how it goes. If you don't wana to spend 'yur time in the 'ole, you gota help me."
Aidan Ferguson "Help you?" Aidan asks, clearly confused. "What kind of 'help' are we talking here?"
Rory Killeen happy to hear Aidans question "your in engineering right? I need an 'insoide man to help me hide som' stuf.
Veronica "Hello Boys, I hope you aren't fighting over me still" I say, giggling
Aidan Ferguson Aidan says, "Huh, look who decided to show up." motioning over to Veronica. "What are you here for this time? Not like you can seduce this guy again..."
Rory Killeen Rory Killeen With a stern tone "Now now, lets not start this agian."
Veronica Giggling, I say "Are you going to throw him out of the vault Rory? I think that would be a great punishment for him" As I proceed to set on Rory's Desk, and crossing my legs
Aidan Ferguson Aidan says, "You know, I would love to be thrown out of the Vault..."
Rory Killeen Acting as though the conversation before Veronica came did not happen, "Not that severe of a punishment Veronica. Anyway lets get this over quick Aidan. how bout' ye tell me about this mole rat in the food situation?"
Aidan Ferguson Aidan says, "Rory, for future reference next time, how about we do this part before you drag my ass to the jail?" "Anyway, it wasn't me putting rats in the food, it was the guys in Utilities; I think they just found an abundant resource and are exploiting it. The bigger question, is why they're doing it. Could it be that the Vault is running low on rations? Either way, none of this involves me, so you're going to be in some deep shit if you don't let me go soon."
Rory Killeen coping his story with a notepad "mmhm... Okay... Well thats all we needed, ill head over to utilities later to confirm your story. In the meantime you are going to hang out in one of the cells until I know for sure you are telling the truth." gazes at veronica with passion "And veronica, lets get out of this dank metal box.
Veronica "Alright Rory, you want to go get some dinner?" I say, giggling
Aidan Ferguson Aidan stops Rory: "Hold on, before you leave Rory...let's think about why Veronica cares so much about this. She's a scientist, right? And scientists conduct experiments, and people finding out that there's Mole Rat in the food sounds like it could be an interesting experiment on how people would react...don't leave just yet Rory."
Veronica "Oh god here we go again, can't you just let it rest? You sound insane! Why would vault tec do this to us?" I say, rolling my eyes.
Aidan Ferguson "Aren't you Vault-Tec yourself? Why would you be mad at Vault-Tec for giving you a job?" Aidan asks Veronica.
Rory Killeen Rory looks a little confused "Well... sure that.. nah thats utter Craic. just get in ye cell!" As Rory locks Aidan in the cell he turns around and hands Aidan the key to the cell. "Whatever ye Chiseler, do what ya want. Lets go Veronica"
Veronica "God, no wounder your engineering, you can't even understand what I'm saying" I scoff, "Yeah, lets Go Rory" As I walk toward the door
Rory Killeen As Rory is walking twards the door, he says in a mocking tone "Don't go anywhere!" Winks
Aidan Ferguson Aidan stays in his cell for a while, thinking of what to do about Veronica and whether she's just a crazy lunatic, or if she's part of something much more sinister going on...