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Kaelyn Kae's got her little small oasis/garden of eden at this point, more of her kind are wandering around, there's more trees, more shade, the small creek is bigger too, there's a bit of a big pond now too.. Well it's bigger... More buildings are built into the sides of the small valley, each one sod covered and having a garden or olive or desert apples or some other type of fruit bearing and life giving tree or plant...

Kae can be seen at the larger pond, sitting on the bank. She's wearing a string bikini, with a sarong, and a shoulder cover too, but she's also we, she's fishing and just generally relaxing. On top of her head is a very wide brimmed hat made from palm frond leaves from one of the several short palms growing about the place... Lets not forget there are palm trees, some are fruit bearing too... Where she got coconut and bananna trees is anyone's guess, but they're very happy.
Doc     Doc finds his way back to Kaelyn's little GECK-worthy home, wandering in. He notices her and can't help but smile. "Hello, Kaelyn," he says, wandering over to her. He takes off his hat as he sits next to her. "Been a while. Feels like over a year." Honestly, it was hard to tell what years were, as many of them as he'd weathered without a calender, but the pip boys he'd picked up made it nice and easy.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and looks up, waving "Yup, been a while. Finally got this little place self sufficient..." She respons and grins a bit, bobbing the end of her cane pole and looking at the feather floating flat in the water before giving the line just a little bit of slack...

"Soo how often do you find water so completely uniradiated it doesn't even click a geiger?" She asks and grins slightly... Yeah, between the palnts she's put out, the lillies, you name it, she's got the water completely cleaned out....

GECK Worthy indeed, though she's done it the slow way....Kae then motions to a nearby table "Fishing pole for ya if you want one..." She says cheerfully, then waves to another, lighter skin E.L.F. woman as they wander by, they are wearing a simple t-shirt and shorts. The black-hared woman waves back, the pointy ears, and the bright purple eyes are probably a give away she's another of Kae's folk...
Doc "Been a while since I went fishing," he said. "Been a while since I've seen a fish. I thought they were all extinct," he concluded. He picked up the pole. It came flooding back to him as he instantly remembered a swarm of things about fishing. Good ol' aliens, fixing his memory a bit.
Kaelyn Kae nods and smiles "Have at.." She says and wiggles her pole, then blinks as the feather stands up and the line goes down,t he pole dipping... Kae sets the hook and lifts the pan fish out of the water, smiling a bit. And no it's got no deformities, just a normal pan-fish...

Kae unhooks it and tosses it back in the water, before baiting agaiin with a cricket and setting the hook back in....

"Evidently a number of my folk have found out about the place and the word's getting out.. Got about 40 of us here... Maybe more, lost count really.." She says and shrugs slowly... "Makes me happy though."
Doc Doc nods. He looks at her for a moment before looking back out over the water and casting his line. "Can I ask you a personal question, Kae?"
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head to the left and looks at the water "Ask away." She says, smiling slightly. Then CORA speaks up "Alll questions directed at a person is kinda personal!" Kae blinks at CORA and oooy's.. "Literal-minded goofy machine..." CORA responds "Big chested, silly Knife ear..." Kae smirks a bit, yup they of trade insults...
Doc "Are you asexual?" the scientist asks in his rough, growly voice from beneath his native american smoothskined exterior. "From any direction you want to answer it. I know so little about what you are and who you like. You're like a big kid, sometimes, but you're definitely not built like one. I'm curious. Will you someday just pop out a clone, or split into two copies of you with all your memories, half your memories, whatever; or are you built the same as the rest of us inside, but you just don't like anyone, romantically?"
Kaelyn Kae ummms "Nah, we're technically 'human' I guess, though different enough to have different looks and well the life span is kinda crazy." She says and shrugs... "There's some of us that rival many ghouls in age, we just don't show the same kind of 'deformation' I guess? Also the means by which we live as long is probably different... Our genetic structure has a massive amount of telomere alteration, ours after a certain point stop really splitting and fraying." She says and shrugs...

"And nah, I was stuck in a tube for over 200 years... I've only been out of that tube for a few years. So I just honestly havn't decided to settle down... Not to mention, I figure I got plenty of time..." Kae then grins "Honestly, what most of the other 'sisters' do is take a husband or someone they like, live with them, and well he grows old with them I guess? SOme of us have had several husbands and lived several life times with them..."

Kae then smirks.. "I don't know that I'm ready to let my self completely fall in love with someone and live with them, and watch as they grow old and die ya know?"

Kae giggles a bit "Our wild looks, skin tones etc is a result of cosmetic gene splicing to create these figures... I mean seriously, if I wanted, I could eat cake and icing with milk shakes for a solid month.. I wouldn't really gain a pound, I'd just get well very very hyper as my body would force me to burn off the excess sugar..." She says and shrugs slowly... "We're litterally built to attain a certain figure, and then well maintain that..."
Doc Doc nods and listens intently to every word Kaelyn says. He looks over at her, looking into her eyes. "Human," he says. "I'm technically human, too. I'm older than you, and I didn't live through that in a tube." He smirked at her: a playful gesture that was half 'neener neener' and half jokingly boastful.

He turned back to his fishing. "I've noticed you, Kaelyn. I know, I know, but I have. You seem like you're starting to settle, and while I'm not suggesting I move in, you seem to have plenty of living area." He turned to make eye contact with her again. "My research with curing feralism has reached its limits, and I wouldn't mind spending some more time with you, if you don't mind me having a time share here."
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head curiously to the left... "There's some new building in the settlement... I imagine if you like, you could take one of them." She says and tilts her head curiously... "MIght look into genetics mebbe... Find out why some folkes went ghoul and some didn't, and what about that genetic structure makes it so that one ghoul goes feral while one doesn't? Not that I know much about y'all, or ferals... I generally try to avoid em..." She says and then grins a bit

"But yes, if you want to move into this settlement, we can build you a house, or you can take one of the empty ones... There's a computer building here too, ya can access to that.. But, and this is a biggy, there's not really a lot of radiation here... Just so ya know... The valley shields things and well we've got the plants set up the way we do to help with that too..."

Kae smirks "That is if you don't like living with a communion of.. witches... about 50% of the folk here are psi's... That's one of the chief reasons we were designed, extreme likelyhood of psionic abilities."
Doc He wasn't really sure if she was acknowledging what he'd said or if she was just politely offering him a house if he wanted it. "I've got a lot of information on what makes ferals," he said. "How to stop it, I've got licked, too, though it's more invasive than most people want to go through with. Can't cure it, though. It's permanent, sadly. At least here. Maybe somewhere with better equipment, you could cure it." He took a deep breath and let it out. "Yeah, you've built quite the settlement, though I am going to remind you I'm basically bottled up rads inside this synth-flesh."
Kaelyn Kae noddles slowly "I am familiar a bit with ghouls..." She says with a slight smile.. "IF you like, bulid on the outskirts then. If you think that would be better... But you can build here.. We'll set you up a yard and stuff. SOme of the plants we have here are genetically modified to help with radiation and whatnot... Ie filter it out of the air and stuff, break it down, destroy it and well yeah they're useful.." Yup, it's a slow-motion GECK that or GECK related plants or the like...

"Don't ask me too much about the plants, the Sisters bring them here, and it's kind of a guarded secret... Once they get to know you, they might tell ya more about it... I don't completely understand the science behind what they do." She says with a grin... "Again, even with the rads, yer welcome to be here... The buildings are designed to wick away extra rads, inside and out, and the plants growing on them and near them help break them down... If yer fine with that, yer welcome to be here..."
Doc Doc smiled and huffed a little laugh. "It did seem darker here than usual," he said, referencing 'the glow' that ghouls referred to radiation. He looked at Kaelyn. "If I was just here for the scientific curiosity, I'd visit. I'd like to get to know you better. It's not about what your settlement can offer me. I've lived a quarter millenium on this puke of a planet with much worse accomodations; trust me, I'm used to it. If I wanted glow, I could go live in any number of high-rads places. The glowing sea, for example. No, it's you. I find you fascinating, and not just because you look a certain way, different or not."
Kaelyn Kae nods slowly, then grins a bit.. "Bit of a secret though, most of us are completely immune to radiation or poisons and the like, like maybe 95% or more... Those who aren't are extremely resistant and eventually become immune on their own... Heck, from what I understand, the FEV virus cure they made was helped with samples of my blood. Evidently it will destroy the FEV antigen on contact..." She adds and shrugs a bit... "Course that makes it bad for transfusions into normal folk...."
Doc Doc blinked, then closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Alright," he said, "alright. I get the picture. You're amazing and amazingly not interested." He looked at her and smiled. "You could have just said no, you know. I'm not so insecure I can't take rejection. I've had lots of experience with it, believe me." He turned his attention back to the lake. "At least it's a lovely day out," he continued with a smile.
Kaelyn CORA now snickers "Doc, she has zeeeero clue... Kae's emotions aren't the same as a normal person. She was built by a crazy scientist who wanted her for some very specific purposes, namely to be his attendant, secretary, and some crazy body guard... And eye candy... He dimmed emotions not necessary for that... I did what I could to fix everything, but it's gonna take time before Kae has the normal range of human emotion..."

Kae blinks at CORA, who 's avatar appears all life sized and shrugs "Toldja that several times... " Kae nods slowly "Well yeaaaaah, I know that, didja gotta tell him?" Kae says, blinking at Doc and shrugging slowly "Sorry, yeaaah, I'm sometimes umm, dense and have a hard time picking up on well emotional queues..." CORA then pipes in "YEah, denser than lead..."
Doc Doc has lived too long to be impulsive and just up and kiss a girl like Kaelyn, even to try to get a point across. He didn't know how she was wired, and he'd seen her mow down feral ghouls before. "Kaelyn, what do you understand about romance?" he asked her, turning sideways to face her as he pulled his legs in to sit Indian style, rod draped across them.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head... "Almost allways a courtship, or a preclude to someone selecting a mate." She says simply. Wow she can be well down right clinical at times... Kae then umms "That wrong then?" Kae asks.. CORA then pops in and points out "Kae's pretty much incapable of feeling whatcha might want her to feel at this point Doc... Maybe in the future as her brain tries to heal its self, and I tried to put things together so she can, but right now she doesn't make those same endorphines and whatnot... She can emulate it, about like a 'machine' might but never actually feel it deep down..." Kae peers at CORA and shrugs slowly... "Yeah, soooo I'm like litterally brain-damaged?" She says and smirks... "Deep emotional love, or attachment is, right now almost impossible. Feeling regret for any length of tme not so much either... That Loonatic who made me, was looking for an assassin/body guard in the guise of a sexy secretary... He built me specifically for that purpose..." Kae then waves her arms rapidly, nearly flailing... "Umm yeah, so not supposed to tell anyone, I'm a purpose built killing machine right? I try to create, not kill if I can, but obviously well...."
Doc Doc swallowed hard, that look of slight madness coming on him like when he got it into his head to do science to something. "I don't want to brag," he said, "but I'm kind of an amazing doctor. If you want to feel, I am absolutely willing to work with you on that." He resisted the urge to tent his fingers and grin with a down-turned face. The glowing eyes hadn't helped that look less evil, definitely.
Kaelyn Kae smiles "Welcome to try, but you may want to be careful... Evidently I have a 'combat' mode... You've seen me fight, I become nigh emotionless.. I get completely emotionless and just work and think tacticly if I'm ever in full survival mode or whatever. Just things kinda turn off.. I can still act in my companion's best interest and I know friend from foe... But well yeah... Sometimes that kinda scares the hell out of me... " Kae says and shrugs "Last two times it happened, I ripped the turret off a walker tank and crushed it with just my mind, the other time I accelerated a round from my rifle to almost litterally light speed and blew a car-sized hole in an FEV creature that was taller than a 5 story building..."
Doc Doc nods. He runs his fingers over his hair and clears his throat. "For science," he said as he looked down. He paused before looking up into her eyes. "May I kiss you to study your reaction?"
Kaelyn Kae umms, and smiles. "Soo not ready for that right now.. Please don't." She says and gives a half smile. "Would like to be able to actually feel the emotion that comes with something like that rather than just go through the motions..."
Doc "That," Doc said, raising his finger excitedly, "is a reaction in and of itself!" He pulled a little notebook out of his lab coat's breast pocket and a pencil from elsewhere and began jotting down notes. "Thank you. you girls have much bio-data on your physical forms? I'm not going to lie, cracking this is far more interesting a reason to move here." He closed the notebook, "Also: Kissing is still invaluable, though I'll let you initiate. I want to know what you feel now, so I can look in the right areas of your brain, if this gets that far...and also so you don't telekinetically throw me a few miles reflexively..."
Kaelyn Kae peers at Doc curiously and shrugs "Umm, well I do like you, like a friend, about as strong a friend as I can make right now... WHen it comes to intimacy or biological need to procreate, I have zero emotion behind that... NO feeling top or bottom about settling down or anything, it's just really not there..." She says and shrugs... "And really not so much hitting a block? more like reaching for water in a well that's not there..."
Doc Doc nods. "I see, I see," he said. "Kaelyn, would you show me your science labs here, if you have any? If not, would you like to be my guest at dinner so I can do some non-intrusive scans of your brain when I ask you about certain stimuli?"
Kaelyn Kae nods at Doc... "Sure... Ummm, yeah c'mon." She says lifting the hook from the water, bait's gone.. She blinks and laughs "Little nibblers." She mutters and heads to the computer section and labs....
Doc Doc wanders with her. The labs are good, but not as good as his that has alien equipment and holographic imaging and all manner of amazing things. Still, it has the basics he needs. He pulls a blank datacard from his pocket, slots it into his pip-boy, plugs his pip-boy into the computer systems, and starts the portable computer recording input. "Alright, let's get started," he says, rubbing his hands together.
Kaelyn Kae shrugs and settles down on a chair... "Ja know if you want my technical Schematics it's in CORA's storage adjunct just over there..." She says and points it out... Looking at Kae's DNA strand, it's less of a double helix and more of a hex-helix
Doc Doc shakes his head, but is distracted by her biochemistry. "Okay, I'm out," he says, unplugging his pip-boy at seeing the hex-helix. "You're not human. You're not even using Earth biochemistry. You're something bizarre and more alien than the aliens we met who looked like aliens, even if you were made by humans." He shook his head again, this time with a different purpose. "Humans share 99% of their DNA with every other living things on the planet. It's basic stuff like how to build proteins. I may /have/ a system that can decode human genes, but that?" He gestures at the hex-helix. "No. That would require me to relearn everything I know about biology from the ground up. Possibly biochemistry. No, definitely biochemistry. I want to help you, Kaelyn. I want to kiss you and for you to swoon or at least feel genuinely flattered, but I don't think I'm capable of this."
Kaelyn Kae blinks curiously and tilts her head... "Ummmm.... Well.."S he says and points at the dna strand.. "It's basically 3 kind of joined into 1 to pack in the extra information?" She says and tilts her head... "Buut if it makes you feel better, I started out as a normal every day little girl?" She says and sighs, giving a kind of experated shrug... "Anyhow, technically I can procreate with a human... thing is I make more of well us? They'll have features of the person I mate with, but well be kinda umm yeah, I don't get it all. don't clame to..."
Doc Doc shakes his head. "No, I don't get it at all," he said. "I mean, you grew up, yeah, but how does that protein even fold up? It's like a twizler. It would kink and break with what I know. I know it must work because you're you, but...DNA is already a four dimensional array of complicated. It's the most compact, beautiful, dynamic system for information storage on the planet. This is...your cells must have some mechanism to convert incoming DNA from sexual partners, but again, I don't understand at all what's happening, here. I mean, maybe your body is laid out similarly to humans, but I'm not going to be able to tweak anything without centuries, if not millenia of complicated research. Not unless you girls can do the heavy lifting."
Kaelyn Kae shrugs slowly "Soo there's 3 of us originals.. We carry the genes that later generations were cloned from... Pick a section, combine it with another of the 3 originals so on and so forth, insert it into an embryo, and a few months later, bam, another Sister..." She says... CORA then pipes in "Over simplafied, but you might want to talk with some of the Sisters who are biological scientists, and biochemists, they can help ya..." CORA then adds "Hang around here, and you can pick their brains when they visit, earn their trust and they will talk..."

Kae then umms "Yeah, so evidently the later generations, not the original three, are made from our DNA, and cloned out to initially fit a specific job... They can and do oft grow out of that job, but that gives them an initial purpose..." She says and shrugs... "Now, there are those of us who have had children... They grow up at the same rate normal children do, look like normal children, till Puberty... Oh and so far, over 90% of our kids have been female... It's usually like 3rd generation before they start birthing males..." She says and smiles "Does that help?"
Doc Doc considers the DNA carefully, then Kaelyn. "Okay, so cellular data storage aside," he said, talking very quickly, "if you're somehow able to reproduce with humans, you must have a human body layout or your kids would be inconcievable. I'm hoping I don't need to make any genetic changes, but if I do, I'll get help. Right now, I think we can work with cybernetics, assuming the same parts of your brain exist, but are just shut off. Honestly, I don't know why I didn't think of it before. Humans were using pacemaker-like devices to stimulate certain areas of the human brain to cure depression since before the war! I made a cyborg chimp that destroyed half a city!" NOW he got that massive, slightly-mad smile. "How hard could this be, right?"
Kaelyn Kae ummms "Ya forget, I'm also a purpose-built telekinetic... might wanna do the whole brain scan thingie first before ya do... I bet I got a pretty complicated brain since I'm kind of a powerful Psyker..." She says and smiles slightly... Not to mention, if one were to look close, her dna is actually built to help supply information and chemicals to said brain that allow her to use powerful telekinetic abilities... "Ooh check this out!" She says, digs through one of her drawers and pulls a lightbulb.. She puts it in her mouth, well just the base of it, and points at a chair. As it lifts, the light bulb begins to glow dimly. She moves it faster and well the lightbulb glows brighter... Then she jerks it back to its previous place and the lightbulb gets really bright for a moment before she sets the chair down...

"Sooo does that mean anything?" She asks curiously.
Doc Doc shrugs. "That your telekinesis is somehow electromagnetic?" he says. "That your teeth and tongue are opposite poles of an electric flow is all that really says, though." He gestures at a chair. "Alright, I need to do a brain scan. Sit down where that's possible and let's start this train wreck a rollin'!"
Kaelyn Kae does just that.. She sits in the chair and shrugs "Well it's not so much teeth really.. CORA said it's cause my body's built to generate energy to produce an AIM field that can interract with solid objects or something?" She says and shrugs.. "Soo evidently, while my brain tells it what to do and how to do it and all, my whole body helps with the processing power?" She says and rubs at the back of her neck then sets still for the brainscan...
Doc "Oh!" Doc says, eyes widening. "That's potentially good! For doing a brain scan, I mean, not for figuring out your telekinesis. If your body is doing processing for telekinesis, then maybe, just maybe, your brain chemistry is fairly human normal, and parts of you are just turned off. That is the absolute best-case scenario."
Kaelyn TO say that Kae's got an overdeveloped brain is probably an understatement. Yes it has two lobes, a cerebelum, everything you'd expect in a normal human brain... Buut it's got valleys and wrinkles every where, lots and lots more of em, like it was altered to maximize surface area processing, not to mention, it's processing things incredibly fast and conducting and sending more signals than the normal human brain, almost several orders of magnitude more...

"Soo basically how it was explained to me, my brain's the central processor, the rest of me is the motherboard and power supply..." She says and shrugs...

The frontal lobes of Kae's brain are massively over developed, like instead of using 13% or so, she's probably in the upper 50's or 60's...
Doc "You know," Doc says, "before the war, there was a myth that circulated that humans only used ten percent of their brain. Absolute garbage, of course. Still, the more I see of you, the more insurmountable this problem becomes. Your DNA is alien, your body does information processing, your brain is using a different cell structure. I don't really know how, maybe smaller cells? With everything I've seen, I can't put this two and two together to make five. Honestly, it would be easier if you let other sisters look at the scan data while you did things like kissed me, held my hand, and let them work through the neurochemistry problems while we simply provided test stimuli."
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head and motions to CORA who's standing there and watching.. "Wells he diiid say I'd eventually get use of those emotions as my Brain adjusted and wrote things and connected areas and rebuilt stuff. She said it's just an experience thingie?" She says slowly... Kae then shrugs again... "Basically, I don't have all the pre-writ, pre-made suvival emotions most folk require or have evolved maybe... Kind of like some wierd high-functioning Sociopath or something I guess..."
Doc Doc raises an eyebrow as she says this. "Wait, so you can unlock the parts of your brain you need by using them, but you won't kiss me, which is the thing you'd need that part of your brain for, because you don't want to until you can feel it, which you won't be able to, because you haven't unlocked that part of your brain, which seems like you'd need to kiss me in order to unlock?"
Kaelyn Kae ummms... CORA "Noo, she just needs time... could be days, months or years... I was able to put her body into fixing what the crazed loonatic who made her messed up. But I didn't have enough time to complete it before the lab ran out of power..." She says and Kae motions to CORA "That's it!! Also I imagine you might get more information if we were to find my old incubation tube..." She says and tilts her head... "Maybe."
Doc Doc nods, thinking over it. "Possibly. As long as CORA comes with us, we'd have a chance. Are there any sisters who might want access to this facility?"
Kaelyn Kae umms "Probably most of em, we just gotta find it... " She says and grins a bit... "Oh and it's in badguy territory I think... Enclave territory maybe?"
Doc Doc purses his lips and taps his chin. Then he smacked his forehead. "Well, d'uh. I'll just dress up in my power armor, and you go all Professor Mind on whatever tries to attack us." He shook his head. "Sometimes, I can be quite the giddy goat."
Kaelyn Kae shrugs "I dun mind beating on uppity Enclaves... I really don't like em, after I found out what they did to a few sisters... I got em out, all have recovered, but they experimented on them and non too humanely either... We were evidently viewed as little more than FEV mutants and the like and looked at with less reverence and such... They had planned to do a live disection on em..."
Doc "That's not cool," Doc says. He offers Kaelyn a hug, wondering what level of learned affection she was actually capable of at this point.
Kaelyn Kae has no problem with hugs, she even returns it... Maybe part of the other problem with her and kissing is she may just also not be comfortable with it yet too.... She smiles a bit and shrugs "Anyhow if you wanna study the sisters, this is a good place to do it, there's quite a few 'first' gens or clones here as well as a few second generations and a few thirds...." She says cheerfully...