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Winston A weary old man come into the Saloon, dusty from the wasteland trails. As he bellies up to the bar he unslings his rifle to rest it, leaning on the bar in front of him. Pack laid down next to it on the floor between him and the bar.
Joel Joel opens the Saloon's front door and looks about before stepping in, curious as to what he will see here. His eyes are those of someone seeing the place for the first time... And who knows! Maybe that is just the case... He steps fully in and smiles. His attire being rather clean in comparison to the world they now live in. He moves up to the bar counter in the hope to gain some information about the area, and sees this Veteran of the Wastelands.. Old looking, and dusty from tip to toe. Or so it seems to this far younger guy. His eyes show a clear interest in this man, but his mouth remains closed for the moment.. Except for an awkward sounding. "Howdy!" As he tries to use the place's theme..
Winston Winston takes a gander at the guy when he gets to the bar and greets. The leather duster being unbuttoned to make it more relaxing getting a shake to allow some of the dust to fall and make a bit of a cloud around him for just a breif moment as its shook. "Howdy." is returned just before placing his order in for a bottle of whiskey. The pile of gear this man has is big and hefty, though covered and tied up in a dusty hide.
Joel Joel smiles more broadly as the man returns his greeting. His eues narrow a bit as the dust swirls around for a few seconds, making him cough once or twice. "You seem to get around a lot..." He says in an rather unsure voice as he eyes the older man's gear. "At least.. So it looks." He looks up as the whiskey is being set down in front of the man and orders himself a.. Beer? Would they have such a thing here?
Winston The beer and whiskey are served, Winston lifting the bottle of whiskey, pulling the cork with his teeth and spitting it on the bar so he can take a swig after his journey. "Yip. You kin say that. Been gone a long while from El Dorado. Months, maybe a year. Hard to keep track out in the wasteland. Name's Winston." turning to offer the man a still gloved handshake, his NCR Duster sliding to reveal the well kept Sequoia hand gun holstered on his hip.
Joel Joel watches the man bite off the cork and then take a swig. He nods upon those words and smiles still. "Damn.. That is a long time to be out there." He nods again. "The name's Joel. Good to meet you Winston." The lad accepts the offered hand and gives a good grip upon shaking it. He cocks his head to the side upon the sight of the Sequoia and nods in appreciation. "That looks well maintained."
Winston Winston glances down with a smile, "Yip. Reitrement gift." pulling the weapoin from its holster, spinning the chamber before setting it on the bar in front of him to gaze at it, "20 years as a Ranger. Needless to say, not many are handed out." sighing, "Too many bite it early out there. Not an easy life fightin them Ceasar fucks."
Joel Joel nods at that. "Retirement?" His gaze falls upon the weapon and looks at the gun's curves and angles. And then his question already gets answered as well. "A ranger? Interesting. I guess I still have a lot to learn." He grins and listens. "A Caesar? As in the Roman sort? Or?.."
Winston Winston nods, "Yip. like the Roman types. Been a thorn in these parts fer a long damn time. NCR been at war with em fer years." The weapon is a large revolver type handgun, there is an engraving on it that is difficult to read the way its resting on the bar. "Slavers far as I'm concerned. No regard for human decency."
Joel Joel nods, clearly intruiged. "Truly? Wow.. Alright. But.. A war for years now? Why? For them being slavers?" He looks back at the gun and squints as he tries to read the engraving.. "What does it read?" He asks a little distractedly.
Winston Winston shrugs, "Mainly territory. New Vegas and the dam was the big battle. So many lost, yet we still pushed em off. Buggers just never quit though."
Winston This large, double-action revolver is a rare, scopeless variant of the hunting revolver. It is used exclusively by the New California Republic Rangers, and is carried only by a NCR Veteran Ranger after 20 years of service. This revolver features a dark finish with intricate engravings etched all around the weapon. Engraved along the barrel are the words "For Honorable Service," and "Against All Tyrants." The hand grip bears the symbol of the NCR Rangers, a bear, and a brass plate attached to the bottom that reads "20 Years."
Joel Joel nods. "Hearing them being slavers.. I am glad that the NCR won!" He shakes his head and looks back at the revolver. "Honorable Service.. Against All Tyrants.." He nods once. "A true token of appreciation."
Winston Winston lifts the revolver and reholsters the weapon, "So what's yer story, Joel. Scavanger? Soldier? Vault dweller?"
Joel Joel grins at the question, watching Winston reholster the revolver. "Explorer.. Well.. I want to be. I am indeed one of the Vault Dwellers. But the outside world has always intruiged me. I want to explore places. Find adventure and interesting remnants of old."
Winston The old guy chuckles as he takes another swig of the bottle of whiskey. "How much ya seen so far? Whatcha carrying?" giving him the once over to size the man up. "Welcome to join me out there. Gotta be on yer toes tho. I's just gotta sell off this here power armor I found. Can't use it, not that type of soldier. How bout you? Know how to use it?"
Joel Joel shrugs. "Not much actually.. This place is kinda the first I visited upon exitting the Vault." He follows Winston's gaze and sighs. "And what I carry... Is what you see." He looks back up at the man upon hearing those next words and smiles broadly. "I would like that. And I am sure that I will be able to handle myself." Then there's the mention of that power armour... He looks at the bundle and then back to the man. "Know how to use it? No.. But.. I read a lot about them. The US militairy used to use them before the great war. And.. Well.. I always imagined myself working on one. And maybe learn on how to use it as well." Amazement clearly shines in his eyes.
Winston Winston raises a brow of intrigue, "You some sort of mechanic?" he asks with a casual glance about the Saloon patrons as mid-day brings in a few folks from town for a bite to eat before getting back to the grind.
Joel Joel shrugs and nods a little. "You could say that, yes. I was in the engineering division back at the Vault. Still need a lot to learn ofcourse. But yeah. I can say that I am an mechanic, yes." He follows Winston's glance around the place. "Looking for someone?"
Winston Winston shakes his head, "Nah, well maybe. Just takin it all in. Been a long time since I been home. Well, if ya gonna be hanging wit me out in the wilds, you are gonna need a weapon. Something. Whats yer pref? Rifle, hand cannon, Melee, unarmed?"
Joel Joel nods. "Fair enough." And nods again. "I can use most firearms good enough. Even had the chance to use some heavier stuff as well. A scavenger once brought back a minigun to the Vault. And I.. Was one of the lucky few to try it out."
Winston Winston's brows raise, perhaps slightly impressed. "Thats a shit ton of ammo needed. Can get expensive. Lets head on down to the weaponsmith and armorer and see if we can get you properly geared up."