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Doc     The native american with the glowing, green eyes walked into the bar. People eyed each other and a hush fell over everyone, especially at the device the man was gazing at. He smacked the side of it a few times, and it pinged. "Well, poop nuggets," he says. Looking around, he makes eye contact with a few people who bury their noses back into their drinks and look away. "Well, what's the matter? Haven't you ever seen a man with an inverse neutrino wave detector before? Go back to your drinks." And, with that little bit of craziness out of the way, people seemed to calm down and do just that. The man sidles up to the bar, sitting on a stool and orders some convoluted drink, explaining every step to making it. At the dumb look from the bartender, he sighs and says, "Just gimme a dirty water, like usual."
Joel The tall dark haired man looks up from his seat at the counter, and watches the weird looking newcomer. His eyes alight with intruige and interest.. Even as others look away. He does not. The man's clothing are rather clean for someone in this world they live in. And his unscarred complexion might either betray having a good physician.. Or him being damn fucking new to this world. He raises a brow at the man's words and grins. His blue eyes stay on the man as he takes place at the bar and orders a dirty water through a complex way. "Howdy there." The greeting coming out awkwardly. Might this lad be trying to stay in theme with the town on his greeting? Who knows!
Doc     "Hey," the gravelly voice says back with a forced polite smile, turning back to wait on the water. As it's handed to him, he turns back and looks again. "Hang on, is it someone new?" He stands and slides his water along the counter to pick a new stool next to the taller, beefier gentleman. "It is. Where are you from, stranger?"
Joel The man looks dissapointed at the first reaction. But lights up again as the green eyed man readresses him. A grin is back on his youtfull face's smile. "Yeah. I guess I am new here, yes." He watches the weird man come and sit closer to him. "Vault dweller. This is the first place I came upon after leaving the Vault." He offers his hand to the man. "Joel is the name."
Doc     "Doc," the rough-voiced man says. "I was a vault-dweller, once upon a time. So was my ladyfan, but that's a way more complicated story." He takes off his hat and runs his hands down his jacket before shaking hands. "You from that local vault, or someplace far afield?"
Joel Joel nods. "Well met Doc." It might be a title.. But it is good to know what to call someone! "You were?" His eyes widen at the surprise and he smiles broadly. "A Local one. For like I said. This is the first place I came upon." He shrugs. "And now I can do what I always wanted! Explore! And find adventures."
Doc     "Time to change your priorities, kid," the man says, taking a swig of his irradiated water. Something clicks a bit on his person, but is quickly silenced by a thump to his chest. "You smooth-skins are all the same. You let your youth get in the way of good judgement. Let me tell you something, the world before the vaults was chew you up and spit you out, but all your history classes don't mean anything in the face of this place." He leans against the bar and looks the other man over. "Still, you don't look like some coward nerd. Maybe you'll do alright."
Joel Joel blinks at the words. "Owh?" He cants his head upon the clinking sound and the manner in which it is.. ?Repaired?" The word smooth-skin making look a bit confused... But he remains silent and listening. His gaze not straying as the man leans and observes him. "Glad you think so. I have tried to get as much training back in the Vault as I could get. I was in the Engineerings division. And trained a little with the Security."
Doc     "I started off in engineering and science, but I eventually became the overseer." He waved his hand in front of himself, palm facing the ground as he wobbled it back and forth. "Maybe not as glamorous a position when I took over, but hey, I've never been dethroned! That's, what, a hundred eighty years of being overseer at this point?"
Joel Joel's eyes widen again. "Became the Overseer? Impressive!" He then leans back on the seat. "A hundred Eighty years?.." He looks a bit unsure. "You're telling me that you have been Overseer for hundred and eighty years? And now you are here? Still alive?" Joel shakes his head a bit. "How? The cybernetica you have?"
Doc     "Cybernetics? What? That's just nonsense. I know I don't look like it anymore, but I'm a ghoul, kid. Pre-war." He looks the vault-dweller over for a moment before sighing and remembering that, "Oh yeah. Just pooped outa that vault of yours, huh." He takes a deep breath, then chugs the rest of his dirty water, then stretches his arms out, arching his fingers to pop his knuckles, though they don't pop. "Okay, so, you ready to learn all about the wilderness, kid?"
Joel Joel looks at the man and his response. "But.. The sound? The clicking? And the slam to stop it?" he sighs and nods. "Yeah.. I did." He watches the man chug the drink and not pop his fingers. And nods. "Sure. Let's hear it." A determined look on his face as he says this.
Doc     Pulling a rectangular device from a breast pocket of his jacket, the man says, "You don't have one of these?" he asks. The Pip-Boy 2000 WOULD be an antiquated piece of junk, but this one is...different. Altered with things that no human constructed.
    "Alright, alright, keep your pants on," Doc continues, stuffing the device back away. "Okay, so bombs fell, everyone died. Short story. Nice punch to it. Except not everyone died. Everyone was supposed to, but the radiation did...a lot more mutagenic damage than anyone anticipated."
Joel Joel shakes his head. "No. Not anymore. I left mine at the Vault..." He then narrows his eyes at the device and looks back to Doc. "The hell.. That is not a standard version. You did some hard tinkering at it! Impressive" He nods and listens at the man's explanation. "And made some immortal then.. Intruiging.."
Doc     "The radiation did that part," Doc says. "Don't go wading out into the wastelands without Rad-Away, though. Doesn't always work that way, and even if it does, the madness will take you after a while, then you're basically begging for a bullet in your head and nothing else. Oh, and you'll look like an immaciated corpse the rest of your life."
Joel Joel nods. And then goes a little white.. "Radiation does that to you?.. Make you look like a damn corpse? And make you lose your mind?" He shakes his head. "But you.. You look rather good for someone being exposed to this?"
Doc     "Aliens kidnapped me," he explains. "Well, not at first. They took Megan One first. I got ghoulified trying to save her. Okay, gotta back up farther...Megan One and I and a few others went to save this girl in another vault who was in a bad way...I got ghoulified on my way back, which is when she was abducted by aliens...and then the rest of my vault was crazy ghoulified. It's all very tragic. Long story short, make sure you ask for clean water, 'cause otherwise, you're getting unnecessary rads."
Joel Joel listens and looks at Doc with eyes full of intruige mixed with surpise and uncertainty. "Aliens? Megan.. One?" He blinks a few times. "Your whole vault got Ghouled? Sorry.. That is terrible." He looks away and back. "But aliens?"
Doc     "I know, right?" he said. "Don't tell anybody, but I've got quite a bit of alien tech. I've been working on hybridizing a suit of power armor. Not really sure why, since I can't use the stuff, but it's a fun challenge after the lab and all."
Joel Joel looks rather... Stunned? "Aliens.." He repeats one last time, albeit far more softly. Then as Doc tells him about the tech. His eyes are back upon the man. "Truly now? That is awesome. And a power armor? T-45? And you are coupling it with the.. Alien tech?" He nods slowly. "Intruiging.. I would like to take a look at it. For it must be damn impressive."
Doc     "I'm not letting new people into the compound just now," Doc says. "Not since the last time. Megan One is still getting over it. And yes, she is as old as me...little younger...twenty years younger or so, actually...but she's not been ghouled. I actually would call her the only true survivor of my vault."
Joel Joel nods. "Alright. I respect that... I do hope she will feel better after some time though." He cants his head at the age thing. "Cryosleep, right? And I can see why you would want to prevent her from becoming a Ghoul as well."
Doc     "Yeah," Doc says, "something like that. Alien version. It's why I've got this beautiful face...though, my blood started to glow in protest. Regenerate like I'm swimming in radiation, too. It's really got no downside."
Joel Joel looks at him and smiles broadly. "That is truly intruiging. You seem to be lucky on that part." He nods. "This world is truly different nowadays... Almost nothing remains of what was."
Doc     "It's still there," Doc says, "if you know where to look. Little remnants here and there among the wreckage and ruins. But look on the bright side, at least you didn't live in that world before it was torn away from you, right?"
Joel Joel smiles. "I hope so.." And then looks at him, and nods. "I only know the world from what I saw on books, pictures and stories." He looks back to the exit. "So.. Different.."
Doc     Doc nods. "The pictures don't tell the stories well enough," he laments. "There's so much more than the fancy working cars and glorious stories of ranks of power armor coming back from the latest war." He runs his hands over his hair. "Honestly, I kind of miss how I was before the aliens. I'd mixed up so much of reality, that I couldn't really remember what was my, it's all in this stark contrast that's really quite sobering."
Joel Joel sighs. "The buildings look all different as well.." He smiles wryly and listens. "Seems that there's just one downside after all.. No?"
Doc     "You mean downside to billions dying in the worst conflict in human history?" Doc asks. "Yeah, kid. Just that one downside. It's a doozie, though." He gestures at the bartender with his empty, asking for another.
Joel Joel looks at him and shakes his head. "I am sorry... Did not meant it that way.. I was talking about your memory.. Sorry." He sighs deeply and watches Doc order another nasty looking water.
Doc     Doc sighs and chugs down the next dirty water. "Yeah," he says with some aplomb. He raises the water carton and says to the bartender, "Don't you have anything glowier than this? Come on, I can take it." He pulled a bag from his pocket and slapped it down on the counter, caps spilling out of it. "Give me the real radioactive stuff."
    After a moment in the back room, the bartender came out carefully cradling a Nuka Cola Quantum, the blue glow brighter than ever after all this time.
Joel Joel watches this and shakes his head... His jaw almost drops at the sight of the quantum appearing. "That looks.. Unhealthy.."