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Owner Pose
Doc     "Hold still!" Doc says, smacking Joel's forehead as he assesses the damages. The green of his eyes are very clear from this distance. His hat and coat are folded up on the bar, and the bag next to them is full of all the medical supplies one might need for just about any contingency.
Joel Joel groans at the smack. "Aah! Damnit!" But remains still for not wanting another one... The young man looks damn tense as he does not know what happens.. Or will happen next.. This is not the sort of treatment he'd expected!
Doc     "What the hell did you do?" Doc says, furrowing his brow as he examines the young man. He pinches a deep cut closed, putting some medical adhesive on it to hold it closed. Then he takes one of the stimpacks in his bag, modified slightly from the consumer version, and begins making small injections along the length of it, each small injection stimulating the wound to heal a little more. He found some bruising, and a cracked bone or two. After a while of micro-injections, he pulled the IV of RadAway out of Joel's arm. "You need to be more careful out here," he growls out in his normal, ghoulish voice. "What else hurts? Anything?"
Joel Joel winces and does all he can to remain still. "I just got aout of the Vault.. Goddamn Radroaches and later Molerats. They were waiting along the route here.." He gasps. "That stings!" And then breathes heavily as he goes through the rest of the procedure.. "No.." Tears in his eyes. "No. I am good now.."
Doc     "Good," Doc says, putting his stuff back in his bag. "I'm actually kind of impressed. You survived radroach and molerat attacks fresh from the vault. I'm pretty sure not every vault dweller could handle that. You ever need healing...or, you know...replacement limbs or come find me."
Joel Joel slowly and stifly gets up and stretches even more slowly. "I just got lucky I guess. They had me by surprise. But Molerats cannot climb. And Radroaches do not open doors." He smiles tiredly. "That was my rescue. A fallen log acting as a bridge. And a decrepit house with a door still in it." He slowly nods. "And I will keep that in mind Doc. Thanks."
Doc     Doc looks the other man over. "You're still really green, and I really don't want you shooting people you don't gotta, if you ever find a gun. Tell you what, find me the next time you want to go out into the wastes, and we'll go on one of the adventures you desire so much, k?" He puts on his hat and drapes his coat over his arm. "Be safe, kid," Doc concludes before tipping his hat and moving toward the door.
Joel Joel nods. "Yeah.. I cannot deny that I am.. And neither would I want to do that.. Not some bandit or something." He smiles and seems a little less stiff at that offer. "I'd like that! Awesome!" He nods a greeting as Doc prepares to leave. "I will be Doc! You too!" And watches him go.