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Joel Joel sits at the saloon. Contemplating what to do next. He looks a bit healthier as well, for those that saw him before. A beer is in the man's hands and a faraway look fills his eyes.
Winston Winston strolls into the Saloon making for the bar. I mean where else is a guy gonna go at a Saloon. Rifle casually slung over his left shoulder, helmet hanging off the rifle barrel to hang off his shoulder as well. Bushy beard a bit scraggly today, along with his long hair. Guy can definately use a comb or brushthrough. Spotting Joel, he heads on over to sit next to him, "Heya. Joel, right?" his memory not what it used to be in his younger days.
Joel Joel looks up at the familiar voice, pulled from his reverie. "H.. Heya Winston!" He smiles awkwardly after having being caught staring into nothingness. "Yeah, Joel's the name. How are ya?"
Winston Winston smiles scooting a barstool to the side to stand, leaning his rifle against the bar, and his helmet on top in front of him. Resting a comfortable elbow atop the helmet, "Doing good,doing good. How bout yerself?" though not leaving much time to answer, "You give any thought about scavengin with me? I can certainly get you geared up with some starter gear. A mechanic is good to have on the team. Though gotta admit, team is a bit sparce these days. Kinda left with just me. And you if you're up to it."
Joel Joel grins and is about to answer, opening his mouth to d so.. But does not truly get a chance. And thus closes it again. He instead nods at the latter question. "Yep! I have and would like to take up the offer! I think it might help me with getting a feel for this world... At least better than on my own! The Doc also had a look at me today. Fixed some bruises and broken bones it seemed even! For on my way here. From the Vault I mean.. I found out how nasty Molerats and Radroaches can actually be.. And also that Molerats do not fly ot climb. And that Radroaches are unable to open doors." He nods at that. "But all is good now!"
Winston Winston smiles giving the man a pat on the shoulder, "Good to hear, bud. Yeah, I figure we can hit up the farms for some varmint clearin. If nothin goin on there, we can scavenge around the city for a bit. Maybe find some good shit, and build a rep for ourselves. Once we do that, hook up with some caravaners and play guard duty. We should be able to get you geared up good with the Varmint hunts, and then the guard duty should pay good to put aside for a rainy day or two. Maybe build a sturdy home here. I's camping out in the farmlands. found me a nice burnt out farm that provides a wee bit of shelter for the night."
Joel Joel smiles brightly at that and the pat on his shoulder. "Sounds good to me Winston!" He nods. "I guess we should get ourselves ready then! I am looking forward to play something else than the /Green/ bait." He chuckles and finishes his beer and looks at the counter. "Or did you want a drink first?"
Winston Winston nods affirmative, "Yip. I'll give ya the funds." and with that he pulls enough resources out of his pockets, setting it on the bar in front of Joel, "This should get yerself some armor and a hand cannon. I seen a nice 9mm in the weapon shop the other day. Leather is gonna be your best bet right now. Can't afford much more until I can find a buyer for that set of power armor I found. Hell, I might even figure out how to use the damn thing by then. even better." he grins, turning to the bar tender to order a whiskey to sip on.
Joel Joel grins and accepts the offered funds. "Thank you Winston." He listens to the man's words of advice, taking them all in before laughing. "Heh! You reckon it will get you a lot of caps?" He stands to go leave and fetch the items albeit slowly as to not cut off Winston and his possible reply.
Winston Winston nods taking a sip of his whiskey,"I sure do. Come on, its frigin power armor. Just gonna take some time to sell. Not many folks round here can use it. I'm gonna see if I can find a buyer through the NCR embassy. Its gonna take a soldier with know how to be interested. So how was that Doc? He gotta place round here if needed again?"
Joel Joel stops from heading out and leans on the stool he just sat on. "Fair point. And the NCR embassy you say? I guess that with the NCR soldiers.. Someone would be able to work with it? Right?" He shrugs. "The Doc was alright. used to be a Vaulter as well. Though he ended up Ghoulified later.. And something with aliens as well. But still.. He's alright. Fixed me up good. And yeah.. I guess he's from around. He offered the same as you did. Head out and go explore a little."
Winston Winston nods approving, "Nice to have a Doc available while out. Should get with him before our first varmint shoot. Could use one more gunner too. That'd make a nice team to start."
Joel Joel grins. "Yeah.. I can see the merit in that alright! He's a bit excentric. But you'll easily get used to that." He chuckles. "I wonder though. What is to be seen as Varmint, these days? What is.." He gestures towards the door. "Out there?"
Baby Baby wanders through the door then, smoothing out his crisp suit as he surveys the bars patrons for a moment, something loud and big is behind him to the side of the doorway, a large shadow cast on Baby and the entrance. Baby swaggers over to the bar, followed by a fully functional Sentry Bot. People stare in awe, and Baby locls eyes with Joel who seemed to have been pointing at him, before turning his gaze to old, rugged looking Ranger, Winston. Baby lifts a hand to wave, watching them with his Sentry Bot at his side, which occupies a lot of space.
Winston Winston chuckles, takes a good half swig of hiw whiskey, "Pretty much anything the farmers have trouble with. I figure gekos are gonna be the biggest problem. They are damn near everywhere in these parts. Can be a bitch too if there are alot of em. Good meat though if you can cookem up."
Joel Joel's about to look back at Winston and reply.. But the sight of the newcommer and the sentry bot make him go silent for a moment... A smile creeps up his face and he drops his gesturing hand.. "Most intruiging.." He looks at Winston then. "Gekkos? Did not encounter them so far. But yeah.. I can see how hunting them could provide some good meat! Sure, why not!" He grins and looks back to the sentry bot
Baby Baby glances between the two tavern goers, speaking up as Joel does a double take on his bodyguard. "Hello. I'm Baby, and that's Bot, the Sentry Bot." Bot pipes up in his authorative voice, "Greetings." it crackles through it's embedded mics. "I haven't seen you two here before. What's your names?" Baby asks the two, glancing between them as his companion gains the looks of half the patrons.
Winston Not the most attentive while drinkin it would seem, as the big bot takes him a bit by surprise. "Whoa. Not expectin that fancy bugger." he smiles raising the last of his whiskey in Baby's direction. "Nice. You build 'er?" finishing off his last swallow turning to rest his back against the bar, both elbows resting on it as well, "Name's Winston. Settled here a couple years ago, but ended up on a long tour with a caravan. Just got back a couple o days ago. Nice to meetcha. This is Joel, met him when I first rolled into town."
Joel Joel shakes his head to break his stare at the bot and looks down to Baby and then glances at Winston as the man introduces them both. He grins and waves. "Heya! Yup. Joel's the name." And then a shrug is given. "I just made it into this town as well.. Kinda.. New to this stuff.." He scratches the back of his head at that admission.
Baby Baby grins at Winston, shaking his head sligthly as he reaches up to readjust the platinum chip dangling around his neck as a necklace. "I've built a house, but that's about it. This, I won." he tells the two, looking aside at Joel. "Well met you two. I heard there was a man selling power armor, thought I'd see what the noise is about. You two talking about hunting though?"
Winston Winston smiles with the mention of the Power Armor, "You heard right. Got me a set of pristine T-45 I brought back with me. Wish I could use it, to damn complicated for an ole Ranger like me."
Joel Joel looks at Winston and then Baby as he hears this and nods. "And I sadly do not know yet how to use it either. One day though!" He grins at that. And then steps aside to let both men do their bussiness.
Baby Baby smiles faintly and glances betwenpen the two. "I'll buy it." Baby says, as he shoves a hand in his suit pants. "Maybe I'll give you two some work. Pay you for your troubles. Stick around long enough and I might pass the armor off to you, Joel. How's that sound?" Baby asks, glancing between the two.
Winston Winston smiles pleased, "That would be great. How ya wanna do this? I ain't really thought of a price yet. Not the bartering type. Been issued everything I needed. Got an offer in mind?" raising an arm to let the bartender know to stop down his way when he gets a sec.
Joel Joel's eyes widen even more at this... "That was quick..' He just manages to say.. And looks between the two. Then he blinks at the offers.. And looks at Winston to see and gauge the man's reply. And when it is positive. He grins and nods. "Sounds good to me!"
Baby Baby sinks his hand deeper into his pocket, his fingers shifting undee the fabric, before he comes up with a pouch of caps. "I have ten Quantum Bottlecaps. I can throw in caps too, if you like." Baby tells the retired Ranger, winking at Joel.
Winston Winston considers it for about a second before he nods, "Yip, I's think 10 is fair. I mean its just a buncha junk otherwise. Where ya want it delivered? Won't take me long to go grab it."
Joel Joel grins at Baby and watches the deal being concluded. "So.. Those caps.. They're quite valuable? Those quantum caps I mean." He looks at them curiously and with a sheepish smile on his face.
Baby Baby passes the little pouch of caps Winston, smiling at him with the deal done. "I'll be in the Casino in a bit. You can drop it off with me there." Baby tells Winston and Joel. "I want to give you two work, come see me at the Casino, we'll figure it out, discuss the potentials."
Winston Winston smiles, happily tucking the caps away in his pocket. "Will run it by here shortly. Figured I'd be hangin on to it for a bit, considering folks round here ain't trained for it too much. Thank you, Sir. One less thing for me to worry bout."
Joel Joel nods at Baby. "Cool. Looking forward to it!" Then turns to Winston as Baby heads out, and pulls out two Quantum caps out of a pocket. "So.. These are actually the good stuff?" He looks at the shiny caps. "Did not expect that.."
Winston Winston is happy as a camel on wednesday. "Wow. Never woulda thought. See how easy it is kid? Just like that, down to the last few caps, then up with a pocket full o change. We are going to make a good livin here, fulla adventure."
Joel Joel chuckles and stows away his two Quantum Caps. "No.. That went faster than I'd expected! Seemingly a T-45 is good business!" He shakes his head and sighs. "And I am counting on it! When things go like this.. Who knows what is still out there, waiting for us." He grins and looks at Winston. "How did you even aquire that thing?"
Winston Winston gets his new whiskey and takes a sip, "Well, signed up with a random crew of folks. Some way better equipped than I was. Seems there was a Legion outfit makin trouble for some caravans and a small settlement. Did a lil recon of the camp, guy who got us together set up a decent plan so we set to it. I found myself a nice bit of cover and set up for sniper hits on the buggers the others drew out in the main assault. Took a good while to clear em out, but we eventually did what was needed. Cleared out them Slavers. There was a few that ran off, an we let em go. No need to kill if they ain't shootin back. Was part of my cut on the remnants."
Joel Joel gets himself a new beer as well. He listens in full wonderment and smiles broadly. "Wow.. That sounds like it was a good fight alright! Were you able to rescue the slaves as well? And.. I had not expect the Legion to have a T-45 in their camp.. How did they even aquire it?"
Winston Winston gives a shrug, "Prolly just something they got in a raid. Who knows. BOS, Enclave. Hell even an NCR soldier coulda got killed for it. Better not to leave it with the Legion though. The folks bein taken as slaves were set free of course. Wish we were able to get there sooner. A good haul was sent off before we got there. Slaves, gear, an such. In a way it worked out better that way. We may not have been able to clear the camp with the full battalion there. Still though, shame to let any slaves be taken. Just ain't right."
Joel Joel nods at that. "BOS... The Brotherhood of Steel. But Enclave?" He looks askingly. "Do not know that one.." He sighs and shakes his head. "At least you were able to save a great many already... And who knows. Maybe the others found another way out. I hope so at least..." He looks at Winston and smiles. "I am glad that there are people like you around... The world would be a much darker place otherwise."
Winston Winston nods in agreement, "Sometimes ya gotta tell yerself, It's the right thing to do. We still all human. There is a certain level of human decency we all should be able to expect. Thats what the NCR is fightin for. BOS is more about the tech. Who knows what the Enclave is fightin for, but they got some crazy tech, just like the BOS."
Joel Joel smiles. "Agreed. Without the human decensy.. We are nothing more than beasts." He nods. "And I am glad to see that some form of militairy still is thriving at least. Even though the BOS might go for tech. Something that is important as well.. There would be nothing left if groups like the NCR do not help the normal people." He nods again.
Winston Winston takes a sip of his whiskey, "Thats fer sure. BOS would be a good outfit, cept they could care less about the people without the tech, an they kill good folk for the tech. They just hoard it for themselves. Good thing is they fight the really nasty beasties that the rest of have a hard time handling. Like super mutants and ferals. The NCR an BOS don't tangle with each other too much. Been a couple a times from what I can remember hearin. I was never in those battles."
Joel      Joel drinks from his beer. "That is a true shame.. Imagine what could be done when groups like the NCR and the BOS start working together.. With the combined forces it would make for a power to be reckoned with." A shake of his head. "They do not? Ah well.. Leave it up for humanity to get two groups strong and powerful and then fight one another for some supid reason or another."
Winston Winston shrugs, "Eh, the BOS and NCR don't share interests too often. When they do, conflict arises. When I was stationed at Hoover dam, now this was quite a few years ago. There was a power station facility just south of New Vegas we fought tooth and nail for against the BOS. Assault after assault was made by the BOS to take it from us. We did end up keepin hold of it from what I heard, but it was Hell from the stories told."
Joel Joel listens again.. And again, his eyes are wide by the story told. "Wow... Why did they want the dam? And why did the NCR want it?" He finishes his beer and orders a new one together with a whiskey for Winston.
Winston Winston gives a look of Really? "Power. Straight up energy. Hoover dam, pre-war, was a power source for all this area. The side that controlled it, controlled the fate of the big settlements and towns. Basically controlled the region. We believed the people needed and deserved it. Ceasar believed his lust for conquest deserved it. It was a major strategic asset for either side. We held it in one of the bloddiest battles my eyes ever witnessed. That was it for me though. After that, large scale war was done for me. I couldn't take the atrocity of it all." he seems more depressed now as it comes back to him. The whiskey is downed in one gulp when it arrives.
Joel Joel listens and sighs. "Sorry.. I did not want to bring that back up for you.. I had not expected it to be working after so long a time.. As far as I knew, the dam was just that. A dam. And not an source for energy anymore." He watches Winston chucg the Whiskey.
Winston Winston turns to lean on the bar, head hanging down a bit, "At the time it was just a dam, but the techs knew the promise of it all." shaking his head, "Alot of good people died for it. I keep telling myself it was worth the fight. That I was a part of something good that could stabalize the region, bring prosperity to its citizens. At times, I just don't know though. Bad shit still happens. The wasteland is still a wasteland. Not enough of us to patrol. Not enough folks givin a shit." he sighs.
Joel Joel listens and sees the pain in Winston's eyes. "Did they get it back up then?.." His voice low. "A lot of good people may have died Winston.. But a lot other good people may live because of it.. It helped those unable to fend for themselves as well.. Making the Wasteland a little less of a... Wasteland. Ofcourse bad things still happen. But at least for some.. Less so." He smiles at the man. "And when eventually. People will join the NCR as they see how much they have done for them. I am sure of it. Even though it may not yet look like it.."
Winston Winston shrugs,"I'm sure the techs got it up and running for the immediate region around New Vegas, but places like El Dorado, it could take years, maybe even decades, to provide power this far south. It'll take patrols to clear the land of varmints that would destroy or reroute that power. I mean, it brings me down a bit at times, but I'll be good. Nothin a couple o whiskeys and good company can't fix." he turns to smile to Joel. "So what was it like in one of them there vaults? I don't know if I could be livin in an underground tube for decades on end. SOunds claustraphobic."
Joel Joel nods. "Fair enough.. I can see why that would take a while. But why let it bring you down if the start has already been made!" He smiles, and broader so at the next words.. And at the question, Joel shrugs. "Meh. Did not know better than that. So not that claustraphobic actually. But it was safe.. And clean.. The only more dangerous moments were the one's at which the traders came by. For you never knew if they were just that.. Traders. And not some raiders trying to get lucky. We have lost a few to those kind of traps.."
Winston Winston sighs, "Despite the good involved. It took alot of evil to get there. On both sides." waving over for another whiskey, "Yeah, raiders can be a bitch. Resourcful. I take it you were born there. Why did you venture out? Sounds like a pretty good spot to live out your life."
Joel Joel sighs and nods. "Sorry to hear that." He finishes his beer and places the empty bottle on the table before looking back to Winston. "Yep. They can be.. They once used a caravan Brahmin with smoke grenades in its saddlebags to try and smoke us out.. That was a nasty experience." And at the question, Joel smiles, "Because I wanted to see the real world.. And see what else is out there. Help people where I can. And find treasures of the old world."
Winston Winston nods to that, "Good a reason as any. Got family?" paying the bartender for his shots as the last one is delivered. Leaning attentively on the bar, sipping on his whiskey.
Joel Joel nods. "I do. A Mother and a Sister. My dad.. He well.. He was one of the casualties made by one of the raider attacks." He sighs deeply and places a few Caps on the bar as well. Enough to pay for his beer and some of the whiskey as well. "And how about you Winston? Got some family out there as well?"
Winston Winston shakes his head, "My folks passed years ago. No siblings. NCR became my family. Still got some brothers out there servin the cause. But otherwise, its just me. Well, I got some scouting to do. Need to talk to the farmers to see what we can do for em. Get yerself geared up, by then, I should have at least one job to do." finishing up his last whiskey, he gathers his things, slinging them over his shoulder and heads out.