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Doc     Sauntering into the bar, the Native American with glowing, green eyes garners that same 'get ready to dive for cover' reaction from the people inside. He does, that is, until the blonde woman enters next to him. She is young and very beautiful, attractive beyond the measure of the wasteland. She wears an piece of futuristic tech on her wrist that looks like a pip-boy, but is significantly more advanced than anything made purely on Earth. She also wears a vault suit, though a brown, leather jacket obscures the number. Once she enters, the room immediately disregards the inherrent danger that Doc seems to carry with him.
Joel Joel sits at the bar. And he looks rather more dressed up for the Wasteland, than a few days past! A shiney 9mm sits in a holster on one side, and a mean looking combat knife in a holster on the other side. Also it seems that the young man now wears a bit of armor as well! A beer stands in front of him.
Doc     Doc moves to the bar with the vault-suited woman. She sits next to him, away from the other man. Doc takes a moment to glance side-long at Joel before the bartender just plonks down a glass of presumably slightly radioactive water, refocussing his attention as he plops a couple caps onto the bar.
Lucette     Preceeding Luce's arrival is her companion Quint. The lad wearing a baseball cap and american flag bandana to cover their head and face, a patriotic t-shirt and jeans covering the rest of them as they stride into the bar. A gruff murmur is given, and Lucette herself walks in. Her suit's helmet pulled down with a little sigh, "I swear. Some day you're going to take security a bit too seriously." begetting an apologetic look from Quint as Luce takes a seat at empty table. Quint moves ahead to the Handy and requests a couple drinks, and some steaks before joining Lucette at her table.
Joel Joel turns to look at Doc and smiles. "Heya Doc!" And then looks at the woman... Giving her a nod as well. "Heya there." He looks back at Doc and smiles. And then glances over as the local security? Comes inside. A nod is given to them before he looks back to Doc and the woman. "The name's Joel. A pleasure to meet you." This is said to the woman as he knows Doc already it seems.
Doc     Doc turns as Lucette and the boy walk in. He furrows his brow and removes his hat as he watches them both. The vault-suited woman puts down several more caps than Doc did, ordering some cooked food before turning to look at the new arrivals, too.
    Doc looks at her, then back at Joel, "Megan One," he says, thrusting a thumb at his companion. Turning to the 'lad', he says, "You're a patriotic one."
Lucette     Luce notes the new face, and their seeming familiarity with Doc. She hears the name Joel tossed and peers at her friend in Doc after the patriotic comment and smiles. "Quint's taken nicely to his role as my escort. President needs her security afterall." she chimes, with Quint giving a little shrug at the comment about him. "I suppose it helps show that I believe in America having a chance again with the Neo Enclave." Quint rumbles.

    "So, Doc, who's the new kid? You two seem familiar."
Joel Joel looks at the woman introduced as Megan One and nosd. "Figured. Heya there." His smile warm. "A pleasure to meet you indeed." He then looks at the tall woman with her security. A nod given to the man. 'Heya Quint." And then a look at the woman. "Neo Enclave?" This guy.. He clearly is new to this all. His clothes are clean. His face unscarred. And well.. The way he looks. It is as if all that he sees is sort of new to him.
Doc     Doc thumbs over at Joel, "This guy? Some smooth-skin vault-dweller, just crawled out of his cave." He tosses up his hands, "Obviously not from our vault. We accept no responsibility for his actions."
    Megan leans and looks over Doc at Joel for a second with a sourish look on her face, taking in his shape. She leans close to Doc, who leans toward her, giving her his ear for a moment. He laughs out a single vocalization before crossing his arms over his chest. "How is New 'murica goin'? Anything exciting happening?"
Lucette     Lucette raises her brow, "Which Vault you from, stranger?" she poses to Joel after Doc's explanation, "Wonder if it was one of those funny ones?" then the questions about the Neo Enclave... "For the most part, need to keep the riffraff down in western New Mexico. Then I can see about getting Zax to see the error of his ways or shut down, then coordinating the rest of the original Enclave still loyal to America to fold in." she answers.
Joel Joel chuckles at Doc's remarks and shrugs. "Not wanting you to do so either." Then as he sees Megan look at him like that.. He quirks up a brow.. And at the things that follow, he just sighs and shakes his head... Then he looks at Lucette and shrugs. "Vault 35. And.. Funny ones? Whatcha mean with that?" He shakes his head and listens to Lucette's words. "Who's Zax?"
Doc     Doc looks over at Joel, waiting for his answer. When it comes, he says, "Vaults weren't hidey holes. Not entirely." He turns his head to Megan, who blushes slightly.
    "I discovered it," Megan one says. "I mean, it was pretty obvious in our vault, but we went to go rescue a singular woman from Vault 68, otherwise entirely populated by men. I've found quite a bit more information since we've been out in the open, and it really seems like the Vaults were mostly big lab experiments. I just haven't figured out what the angle was. Pre-war, nobody did anything without a profit expectation, so how did Vault-Tec profit from making something other than the vaults people expected?"
Lucette     Luce nods, 35 isn't a number she's heard of and just shrugs. "Most of the vaults had some agenda from rumours I've heard." she answers plainly. "Enclave, by the way, is a remnant of the military pre-war. After my grandfather's assassination, the last two leaders have been artificial intelligence, currently one of the Zax AI is running the Enclave. They've become highly xenophobic, intolerant of all people not born and bred in and by Enclave, for the Enclave nowadays. I'm hoping to change that, a little bit. Soften the hate and maybe the segregation will follow. But first thing's first, Zax is planning to burn the country to the ground and start it up enclave-only, which I object to."
Joel Joel looks at Doc and listens to his explanation. A look of confusion showing on his face.. "Experiments?" He slowly, yet unsurely shakes his head. "Nah.. Maybe some of them then.. But not at ours as far as I know." He shakes his head a little harsher now and looks back at Lucette. "Ah.. That, Enclave. I have heard the name drop before. They do not get along with the BoS either." He listens to her explanation and sighs. "Yeah.. We best try and stop that. I too, would like to remain alive and kicking. Not looking forward to get purged by some AI."
Doc     "Second great war, huh?" Doc says. Turning to Megan, he asks, "Did I know that?" She nods slightly, a little shyly. "I knew that," Doc comes back with. Turning his head back to face the blonde next to him, he says, "I miss my motorcycle."
    "You never had a motorcycle," she says.
    "From the simulation," Doc reminds her.
    "Oh," she acknowledges with a playful smirk, leaning against him.
Lucette     Luce watches as the plates and nuka colas requested by Quint are delivered by the resident mister Handy, and both begin to dig in, after Quint hands over the caps of course. "I got a Van what needs fixed.. just got to put the time in." she murmurs in response to Motorcycle. Simulation? She wonders if it was a lightcycle while carving into steak..
Joel Joel listens to Doc and Megan talk and looks back at Luce and Quint as they dig in on the meat. And when the Van is mentioned. "A real one? Not a simulated version like Doc?" He cocks his head. "I used to be Engineering division back at the Vault.. I could try and see if I can help?"
Doc     "I wish I could have been a part of that one," Megan One says as she puts her arm around Doc's. He doesn't pay the gesture much mind, however, as he turns back to the conversation at hand.
    "I wouldn't mind a van," he says. "It would probably be better for hauling science and ferals around. would be ideal for that, especially if I could work up a divider between the front and the back." He is clearly making up plans as he completely ignores Joel's statement, his mind going a hundred miles an hour.
    "Hang on," Megan One says, interrupting Joel. She turns to Lucette. "What, exactly, are you offering?"
Lucette     Lucette blinks. "The opportunity to serve America in bringing a transport vehicle back to life. Mostly so I can investigate other parts of the wasteland and unify." she answers Megan with a mischeivous smirk. Quint sighs at the direct response.
Joel Joel waits for Lucette's reply but then is cut off by Megan One.. And Doc has other things on his mind.. He remains silent, even as Luce replies.. And instead sighs and looks at Quint.
Doc     Doc spins around and pulls out his Pip-Boy 2000, the non-wrist-mounted, alien-modified device, and keeps going with his design he's got in his head. Meanwhile, Megan says, "Joel, you should help her get it running. We should be unified against Zax. I'm with you, I don't want to be another nuked out corpse on a wasteland struggling even harder to bounce back than this one is."
Lucette Lucette nods to Joel, "If you have experience, it'll surely beat my own." she muses, "Especially being vault-grown, you've likely worked on pre-war tech and should be able to service a van. Or build one." uncertain the difficulty having not yet gotten hers appraised.
Joel Joel looks at Megan One, looking surprised at her change of demeanour towards him. But nods non the less. "Glad to hear you want to help... The prospect of staying alive seems like a good one, yes." He looks back to Lucette. "Alright then. Let us take a look at the Van then. I have worked some Vault-Tec Tech. So yeah. Pre-war Tech is something I indeed have worked with. A van though.. No, not yet. But I will be wanting to try it out though!"
Doc     "Doc needs to help, too, but--" Megan hesitates. "Doc is...let's call it enthusiastic. You might start with a nice, RTG-powered nuclear van--you know, something nice and simple--and end up with a fusion behemoth that can fly and launches GECKs or something. Still, he's been around a long time and has worked on more disparate tech than the rest of us in this area of the wasteland put together." She might be bias, but if his design was anything to go on, he at least had a passable idea of what to do with pre-war tech.
Lucette     Luce nods to Joel, nombling on steak. "Once Quint, Congress, and I have finished business in town I'll ride ya out to the camp and have it looked at. It's a ways out west though." she muses, cracking open and sipping at her nuka cola.
Joel Joel nods at Megan. And looks at Doc then. "He does seem to know what he's talking about. So sounds good to me." He looks to Lucette next. "Sounds good. Though, when Winston arrives back in town. Maybe have send for him as well. He's a friend of mine. And he could use some action as well. He is former NCR."
Doc     "Of course!" Doc says, spinning around and holding up his Pip-Boy 2k. "Thermo-nuclear jets could be feasible in a project this small! We could have a quad configuration and fly literally everywhere and use the excess power to pull hydrogen off of water in the atmosphere for fuel!"
Lucette     Lucette nods, "I'll check out about Winston, can't fit three people on Agro at once though, someone's walking." she muses. "Doc I'm no expert but how do you figure the mechanism to take in air like that and convert it into usable hydrogen for fuel without using more energy than generated?" she asks, "Less you're adding wind turbines or some kinda sun power rig."
Joel Joel nods at Lucette. "Fair enough. I will then. I am probably the youngest anyway." He shrugs. Then looks at both Doc and Luce. "Well.. This is intruiging.."
Doc     "Because science, Madam President!" Doc says. "Megan One!" he calls out, thrusting a finger toward the door. "We must go assemble prototypes!"
Lucette Lucette notes as Doc's going on because science, "Don't mind if I find one of your toys and dissect it for a better understandin', Doc." she teases, then looks at Joel. "Reckon you might be a bit more aged than me there, newbie."