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Owner Pose
Nathan Nathan is currently hawking his wares from his wagon. Like usual. It's a nice spring day the sun is out and the ground is drying can't get much better than this.
Stockton Stockton walks tall as he moves into the market again. He's becoming a frequent regular. Clearly he keeps himself working. Today he's got a rifle sticking out of his haphazardly assembled pack. It's not like he has an actual backpack..yet. That usual handrolled cigar is stuck in his mouth, gritted by teeth as he rolls up to the merchant. Gone is the hat, in its place is a helm, Legion marks scratched out and covered with something far more menacing and tribal. "Hey," he grunts, "Gotta new find. Was lookin at the NVR's." he points while setting out the rifle on the cart.
Nathan Nathan takes a look at the rifle and shrugs, "Looks good. Plenty of that 5.56mm ammo layin around in the wastes I'm sure. So want a straight trade?"
Stockton Stockton shrugs a bit, "I ain't got use for figurin' numbers, if you'll take it straight, I'm happy."
Nathan Nathan nods, "Fair deal I think. If not it's likely better on your end than mine." He pulls up the NVD's and hands 'em over, "Here ya go buddy, keep me in mind if you find anything else worthwhile." He points at a new assault rifle, "Got one of them and it's a pretty sweet rifle."
Stockton Stockton chuckles a bit and makes the trade with a nod, "I'll keep my eye out for it, but I was trained on the pistol. Would be a whole new game." he shrugs and grins, "Maybe next time, got some work to do tonight still." He nods and takes his new gear and heads out for the Wastelands.
Nathan Nathan nods a bit and waves off, "Take care and be safe bud you're a regular customer so wanna see you stay in one piece."