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Lynnette Well it had been a long.....long time. A very long time. However Lynn was back, dressed her traveling clothes of pants, shirt and vest. Her long hair pulled back into a ponytail she then steps through the door of her old bar and just stops. Pursing her lips she looks around as she seems....contemplative. A duffle bag was in her hand as she walks through with booted feet. As she gets to the bar, she drops her bag and just leans upon it. "God this place is a mess...."
Alpha     Alpha was of course, there with her, walking in behind her to glance around. He frowns at the mess, then sighs softly, shaking his head. "We got a lot of work ahead of us.. The whole place is worse than it ever was.. But.. I think we may be able to pull this off and make sure to start riding herd on the guys out there, eh?"
Lynnette Laying her head on the counter, she sighs a bit. "I should have just let this place go and we move elsewhere....." Lynn's voice is soft as she slowly looks over at him. "But we met here...." Chuckling a bit she just stands up then looks at him. "Hell I almost bled out right here on this bartop" Leaning her back against the counter she looks him over then smiles. "And together yeah I think we can do it."
Alpha     Alpha looks about a bit, poking into a few things then nods to himself. Looking over to Lynn, he chuckles and walks over to her, stepping close to wrap his arms about her loosely. "Nothing like almost bleeding out in a spot to make it a fond place to be.." He grins and winks at her. "We got each other.. And now we have war stories for this place. Means you can charge more."
Lynnette Rolling her eyes a bit Lynn just drapes her arms over his shoulders as she smirks. "I don't even know if you liked me then....." Grinning she then looks past him to the door then back to him. "...but then you ruined my single girl vibe to run this place...." Winking at him playfully she then nods. "Exactly. I just want to get it cleaned back up so we can get this town hopefully back to where it was."
Alpha     Alpha laughs, shaking his head a little. He hugs her closer and grins. "Hmm.. Well. I do aim to please, afterall. And that guy had it coming to him." He shrugs slightly, then grins and nods. "That.. we can do. A place to meet as a haven for setting up trouble for profit? Yeah.. not hard at all."
Lynnette Lynnette smiles as she wraps her arms around his neck, leaning into him. "Well aren't you just the best boyfriend ever...." Chuckling a bit she slowly pulls away than looks aorund. "Sounds like a plane to me. I'm game for it if you are. Maybe clean it up a little bit more."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles, leaning in to kiss her a moment, then steps back as she'd shift. He smirks at her back. "Ahh.. there's the truth.. I'm just the best free labor ever.." He laughs as he nods. "I'll get som thing sto start helping to clean up, Lynn. No prob.." He would start for the back, to go rummaging around out there.
Lynnette Lynnette snorts a bit then winks. "Well if I've kept you around this long, Alpha." Winking at him playfully she then sighs a bit as she starts to pick up some stuff. "You're more than free labor, lover." At that she lets him go look as she stars to pick up some garbage.
Alpha     Alpha laughs, grinning at Lynn as he goes to get a broom and starts sweeping. "Uh huh.. I'm cheap entertainment too. I'm on to you." He winks her way, then chuckles as he would keep working, happily teasing her it seems since they're alone.
Lynnette Lynnette rolls her eyes as she picks up the garbage, moving to the front to toss it out. Leaving the door open she exhales a bit, hands on hips as she looks about. "....home." Chuckling she shakes her head as she turns to start picking up more garbage around the place.
Alpha     Alpha grins at Lynn with her rolling of her eyes and just keeps working. He hums to himself as he does, pausing when she opens the door to air out the room a bit. Nodding a little, he watches her for a moment. "Yeah. Home. Family. It's good to be back."
Lynnette As she continues to pick up the trash, she stops then looks over at him. She too watches him a moment then nods a she lets out a sighs. "Family...." Lynn nods then goes to dump out more garbage. "I'm shocked you didn't dump me yet. I know I can be high maintenance."
Alpha     Alpha snorts, then chuckles. "One of us has to aim high Lynn. Or we'd always be in the gutter." He laughs with that, sweeping along to work on getting some of the dirt and crap out with that broom that's not easily picked up.
Lynnette Lynnette rolls her eyes then smiles. "Well I'm glad. I..." She pauses then smile a bit more warmly. "I don't know what I would have done without you..."
Alpha     Alpha pauses, glancing at Lynn, smiles and walks over to her, reaching out to hug her a moment. "Thick and thin. I know.. It may not be easy.. But we do have each other's back. So there is that.."
Lynnette Lynnette feels his arms around her, dropping whatever pieces of wood were in her hands to wrap her arms around him. "Nothing easy is worth the reward. It's those things that take time and need to be worked through....that's what's worth it." At that she pushes him off of her and laughs a bit. "Now then...let's finish cleaning up the place." Winking she looks around her bar, licking her lips a bit as she puts her hands on her lips. "Then....I guess we need to find Jack....."
Alpha     Alpha grins at Lyn, then chuckles as she'd push him off and slips away. He nods and takes back up that broom. "Yeah Yeah. Treat later. Work now. I get ya." Shaking his head, he smirks and glances at the door. "I'm pretty sure we start making noise in his town? He'll be coming to find us."
Joel Joel walks in through the front door and looks around him. A show of.. Affection? Is seen at the bar counter and he smiles at it. The hole is noted as well, something that makes Joel's brow quirk up in wonder. But he shakes it away with a shake of the head. And then, he proceeds further in and heads towards the bar. "Heya there!" Maybe it is him, they are looking for? Who knows!
Lynnette Lynnette winks over at him then smirks. "Maybe, cowboy." Sighing a bit she then rolls her shoulders and then the door is opened. Blinking a few time she looks around then over to Alpha. A brow raises but then she looks over to the man. "Hi there!!!" She wipes her brow than smiles. "If you're looking for a drink...well...we're cleaning up after some craziness it seems and trying to get the place back open."
Alpha     Alpha's first inclination is going for that gun, the shift of that sheriff duster has it ready.. but he doesn't draw it. Hard eyes watch Joel for a moment, studying him intently. After a few seconds, Lynn's greeting given to the man, Alpha would slowly ease up on that almost draw, leaning lightly on the broom. "First customer and the lights are barely on. I guess people are desperate for a drink?"
Joel Joel smiles at the woman and nods. "Sure! If you got something that does not glow in the dark!" He grins and comes closer. And is about to reply about the craziness bit... But then holds.. Eyeing the man... And the almost draw. He holds his hands halfway up. "Hold on there.. Not here to cause trouble." As the man relaxes his stance.. So does Joel lower his hands. "Wow.. But desperate? No.. Willing to see and learn more about this place? Yes.."
Lynnette Lynnette chuckles a bit as she nods. "I need to stock up the place. We haven't been here in forever and....well....." A firm nod is given to Alpha, watching him lower his gun hand then looking back to the man. "I don't know if I'd trust what's here is all....sorry." Pushing some stray hair out of her face she smiles. "And Lynn's it's....a mess from whatever happened to the town her."
Alpha     Alpha at least isn't pulling his gun on Joel, but there's definitely a certain sense of.. unease there. He's just waiting for the try it seems. Alpha smiles to Lyn, briefly, that doesn't reach his eyes, before looking back to Joel. "I know it wouldn't look it.. but I'm the sheriff of Jack's Town.. And ifn ya know Jack, ya know don't trust anything or one here.."
Joel Joel looks at the woman and smiles. "Fair enough. I can see why one would be careful around this place." He points to the hole in the wall. "The hell happened there? And here?" Gesturing around the place in general.. And then looks to the man. "Thanks for the welcome? I guess?" He smiles. "It is always good to get some advice.. This.. Is all rather new to me still." He shrugs and looks about.
Lynnette Lynnette chuckles a bit as she nods. "Well this town was hit with something nasty. We left before it happened and we're just getting back after a good bit." Licking her lips she then shrugs. "I'm sure they raided the place after the town was a mess....." She winks at him playfully. "Then welcome to Jack's your back and you'll be fine."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles a little, sweeping up some more of that crap to push it out. "Name's Alpha. And.. what she said. The law here is don't kill anyone in city limits and if you want a bigger gun than a 9mm, pay the license for it."
Joel Joel nods at the explanation the woman gives. "Damn.. They truly did a number on the place. Sorry to see it." He sighs and shakes his head. "And thanks for the welcome. I shall keep an eye out for trouble then!" He grins and looks at Alpha. "Well met Alpha. Joel's the name." The young man smiles warmly and nods. "Then I am glad that I only have a 9mm! For I do not wanna cause any trouble." He looks at the woman again. "So.. What do you serve here?"
Lynnette "Oh!! I'm Lynn by the way." She chuckles a bit as she nods. "And well I was serving if you're special." Lynn grins a bit as she winks a bit before she then looks around. "Some food too with our guy that was in the kitchen."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles a little and glances about. "Most alla it been looted. I'm sure. But I can try to find something if you want in the basement, Lynn?" He continues that sweeping, doing his best to get at least a general layer of dirt and such off the floor and out the door.
Joel Joel smiles at Lynn and nods. "Well met Lynn!" He thinks for a second. "Well a beer would be nice I guess!" Then a look at Alpha is given and back to Lynn. "If you guys want.. I could probably help with some repairs?"
Lynnette "Yeah just see if there's some stuff down there....." Lynn smiles over at Alpha then looks back over to Joel. Giving him a smile she then tilts her head. "Oh?" Licking her lips in thought she smiles. "I might take you up on that. How much would you charge though?"
Alpha     Alpha nods and would head down into that basement. There's some clattering, at least one time of him falling into something and a lot of cussing. Finally, grumbling and looking a little disshelved, he comes out with a bottle of.. well.. it looks boozy? There's no label. This he hands off to Lynn. "It smells fermeted. About the best ya got."
Joel Joel watches Lynn ask Alpha to check downstairs. Then looks back at her and nods. "Sure! Used to be in the Engineering division back at Vault 35. So yeah." And at the question of pricing.. He blinks a few times and looks unsure. "Umm.. Dunno? Depends on what I am able to fix, I guess? Not gonna charge for something I am not sure I get working again." He shrugs. "That seems unfair to me." He looks at the direction of the cussing and snickers at it. Then cocks his head as Alpha comes back with the bottle of... Something. "It.. Smells fermented? So it is leaking?"
Lynnette Lynnette turns as sheers the clattering then rolls her eyes a bit. "....that man....." Sighing softly she turns to face Joel and nods. "Oh okay. Then sure....if you don't mind coming all the way out her." Licking her lip she then see Alpha, smiling a bit then. She takes the bottle and opens it, sniffing. Blinking she then laughs. "This is some of my own...stuff that was a gift." She then hands it to him. "No no. It's sealed. Just something someone had made for me a while back."
Alpha     Alpha nods to Lynn, then flashes a grin at Joel. "I popped it downstairs to make sure it wasn't bad. It.. didn't smell bad." He shrugs, going to take up his broom. "By the way Lynn, there's a mess in the basement. looks like some idiot went falling all over everything down there.."
Joel Joel shrugs at Lynn. "Nah. It is a good way to learn things around the world as it is. And maybe even make some friends and such!" He smiles broadly and accepts the bottle as it is offered. "Thanks! More so as it was a gift." He nods politely and smells the drink before trying a sip. He looks at Alpha as he tells about the mess, and chuckles. "Yeah. We heard."
Lynnette "Oh?" She moves to the bar as he looks to Alpha. "Well hopefully my apartment down there isn't trashed....." Lynn squints him then blows him a kiss. Looking back over to Joel she nods a bit. "Well feel free. I'm going to be slowly cleaning up is what it is."
Alpha     Alpha gives an innocent look back at Lynn. "I don't know what you're talking about." He chuckles then, a grin flashed at Joel as he'd continue that sweeping. "If you think you can patch walls? That'd be awesome. Good way to make this place actually semi-decent."
Joel Joel nods at Lynn. "Sure! Just point somethign out. And I shall try!" He then looks at Alpha and grins back. And at the suggestion of fixing the wall. He shrugs. "Sure. I can try. But mechanics, are more my thing."
Lynnette Lynnette moves behind the bar, checking out how bad the bar was she just points to another broom. "Just pick up a broom and you can start there, buddy." Yawning she starts to pick up some broken bottles as she speaks. "And sounds legit to be honest."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles quietly and shrugs. He'd continue to work on cleaning up as he can. There's plenty to be done but the first thing is to get the random crap out. The next step he did was scare the birds out of nests that may of been in those rafters with that broom.
Joel Joel nods and picks up the extra broom. "Sure. I'll help." And with that. Starts dusting the place, clearing out the rubble towards a big pile he makes in order to easily pick up and discard the mess. "So. Who's this Jack? He must be quite the person. To have a town being named after him?" He grins as Alpha starts scaring away the birds from their unwanted nests.
Lynnette Lynnette continues cleaning up then looks over to Alpha. Smirking she motions to him then. "I'll let the Sheriff explain that. He's all about what's what with Jack." Grinning she looks back to her work.
Alpha     Alpha glances over, then ducks the bird that swoops him. Glaring at it, he shakes his head then looks over to Joel. "Jack.. he.. err.. well.. he's.. Jack. He was a major raider, turned merc, turned king of this here clump of crap that's called a town. it's a gathering spot for bandits and anyone who's hating the law. Get drunk, buy any fetish you want. That sorta thing. Everyone pays tribute to Jack. Jack doesn't cut your balls off and make you eat em. Win win all the way around, right?" He chuckles with a shrug. "The town is quiet. I'm sure Jack lives. Just.. gotta find out where."
Joel Joel nods at Lynn and looks at Alpha next. Though the explanation he gets.. Not what he expected. Not at all. He actualy pales a little at this information. "Ah.. Alright." And he continues to broom for now. His mind wandering off.