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Lynnette Lynnette decided to be nice for once, having gotten the bar up and running for the most part she left Chuck in charge. Packing up some snacks since Alpha said he'd be at the sheriff's office, she'd make her way down there through that beat up town. When she arrives, she knocks on the door before slowly opening the door. "Heeelllloooo?"
Alpha     The door almost comes off in Lynn's hand. While her place had just been looted, the sheriff's office looks like it was looted, trashed, there's at least 3 different burn spots they tried to burn it down at. For some reason the people of JT didn't like the jail. Go fig?
    Alpha comes out of the back area, dirty and brushing off dust. Spotting Lynn, he grins her way and gives an upnod, even as he'd go to the two halfs of the reminant of a desk to grab a bottle of water. "Hey Lynn. Welcome ta the second most damaged building in JT, eh?"
Lynnette     A brow would raise as she watches the door warily but then she licks her lips as she looks around. Spotting him, she smile as she makes her way over now with a grin. " can say that again but then...." Her gaze cuts to the burn spots then chuckles a bit. "....they didn't try to burn my place...." Grinning, she moves to that desk, wiping a spot clean as she moves over to set that basket down. "I brought you some snacks."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles a little and nods. "There is that. They liked your spot. I think there are some houses that are worse.. and the bank did get partly burned down. But they were rough here." He smiles at the offer of snacks and gives a nod, moving closer to peek in the basket. "What did you bring?"
Lynnette     "True. My boobs and my booze had a calling...." Lynn lets out a laugh now as she pulls the covering from the basket. "Well....some more water....some snacks like bread, meat....a little wine." Waggling her brows she leaves it on the desk, turning as she makes for the door. "Be sure to share and play nice with your girlfriends that night stop by." A wink is thrown over her shoulder at him.
Alpha     Alpha smirks, shaking his head a little. He'd look over what was brought, then glances at Lynn as she'd go to walk off. He'd step after her, reaching out to grab her hand to try to pull her to him. "Hmm.. There's only one girlfriend and I'm looking at her. So I need to share and play nice with you?"
Lynnette     Feeling her hand grabbed she blinks as she turns around to face him, pursing her lips to watch him for a moment. "Oh?" Lynn chuckles a bit as she smirks. "I know how you rowdy types are: keep a girl around until a new, prettier, and younger thing comes around." Stepping towards him she raises her brow. "Am I wrong, Sheriff?"
Alpha     Alpha shakes his head, chuckling quietly. "Just 'cause I'm rowdy, doesn't mean I'm lookin for anyone else. I got the best here, why would I go looking for something else?" He'd slip both arms about her to hug her to him and winks. "So what about a little snacking and wining.. feel up to being wooed?"
Lynnette     A squeak leaves her as he pulls her to him then chuckles a bit. "I don't tell me. I'm older after all...." Okay not by much but yeah. "I thought you were cleaning up anyway. Who has time to woo if you have get the Sheriff's office back together.
Alpha     Alpha smirks at her and shakes his head. "Mmmm.. I consider it a woo break. Good to have now and then. Make sure everything is handled properly in it's proper time, right?" He chuckles softly. "So definitely worth taking the time to do right.. and older doesn't matter."
Lynnette     "Fine fine...." Lynn nods as she wraps her arms around his neck and nods. "Just don't let me ruin your rep...." With that she pulls away and moves back to the basket, leaning against it as she starts to sort out the food. "So then, Sheriff. Want me to make you a sandwich of all this?"
Alpha     Alpha chuckles quietly. "The sheriff that survived the wrecking of JT? I doubt having a sexy woman on my arm will detract from my rep, Lynn.." He hugs her, then smirks as she'd pull away. He moves over with a nod. "Sure.. some for yourself too? We'll have a snack together?"
Lynnette     "You're ridiculous...." Chuckling she breaks some bread part after pulling out a couple of small plates. "And yes for me too." With that she starts to fix them both sandwiches. "So then...what's our next adventure in this town, lover boy?"
Alpha     Alpha muses, watching Lynn work, then would take his with a nod of thanks. "Well.. we'll have to get the bank going to go along with the bar. THen get the radio up to start drawing people in. It shouldn't take too long to get stuff moving again. Hopefully Jack will respond.. I don't think Alpha Town works.."
Lynnette     "Ugh....true....." Lynn just sighs a bit as she shakes her head. As she's pouring them some wine she nods. "Well I hope he does too. Unless he's reached the point of not giving a crap." At that she seems to think then looks over to him. "Unless....we....leave.....?"
Alpha     Alpha takes the plate and cup, raising a brow at Lynn curiously. "Leave..? Well.. I suppose so. There isn't a lot holding us here, afterall.. No real requirement to stay.. everything left behind is long gone.." He gives a small upnod her way. "Where would we go?"
Lynnette     "No no...I mean....just....if this town doesn't come back...." Taking up her cup, she looks down at it. "I gotta admit....when we left the first time it was nice...." Lynn chuckles a bit then laughs. "I was almost like we were a normal couple." Snickering she takes a long sip then. "....and how long has it been since we started to tolerate each other...?"
Alpha     Alpha muses, then nods a little. "I get it.. no point in staying in a ghost town.." He looks into his cup then chuckles a little, glancing at Lynn. "Almost.. Been.. a while. Time's all sort of blended together, I feel."
Lynnette     "Yeah. I mean this is....home now. I'd hate to go somewhere else but....I mean what will we do?" Lynn frowns a little bit to herself then looks over at him with a smile. "Besides....its where we met." Then she leans in a bit. "We should relieve that first time behind the bar....where we got caught kissing...." Winking at him she pulls back then laughs. "Anyway...."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles a little, drinking some of the wine and winks at Lynn. "Well.. yanno the uptick of it being dead.. if I take you in a jail cell and strip search you, I don't have to worry about someone walking in on my making sure that you're very.. throughly.. searched, hmm?" He snickers softly with that, eating some of that sandwich.
Lynnette     Lynn blinks at him then clears her throat as she looks back to her food. And shocker....she's actually blushing a bit. "...well then....." Taking a deep breath she seems to preoccupy herself with her lunch and drink. "So...what's up first?" Topic change.
Alpha     Grinning, Alpha watches Lynn blush and can't help but chuckle. He'd lean over to kiss her on her cheek and smile before resuming eating the snack. "Hmm.. well.. I'm working to get this space finished up. Making sure there's no big holes anywhere.. Then it's the cells. Have to get it all working and ok."
Lynnette     Lynn leans into that kiss a bit then chuckles a bit as she nods. "Well how can I help? You helped me with my place so it's only fair I help you with yours." Smiling at him warmly she nudges him. "Then maybe we can have dinner together in the apartment."
Alpha     Alpha smiles to Lynn and finishes up his meal. "Well.. right now I'm checking for holes. Gotta make sure everything is solid. So no one can get out or bust in. If you want to help me check the walls and cells? That'd be a lot of help. Half the work and all that." He shrugs, then smiles lightly. "I'd be happy to have dinner with you then, Lynn. Sounds good."
Lynnette     "Okay sounds good." Downing her wine a bit Lynn moves from her spot and starts to pick up their plates and such. "Just tell me where to go, boss man and we're good." Dusting off her pants she smiles a bit then nods. "I'll get to the cells then. Does that work?"
Alpha     Alpha chuckles a little and nods. He finishes off his wine, then stands as well. "Works just fine." He stands up, dusts himself off then would lead on the way for that back part where the cells are at.
Lynnette     Making her way behind him, she watches him for a moment. Quietly she moves closer and wraps her arms around him as she leans against him. "So....when are we reaching out to Jack? Sooner than later or....?"
Alpha     Pausing by one of the cells as Lynn hugs him, he smiles, glancing back at her. Shifting a little, so he can hug her too, he'd hold her for a moment. "Soon as I get someone figuring out how to get the radio up. We'll try. I'm giving it a week. No answer? And.. we'll see about a change of venue."
Lynnette     Lynn smiles a bit then as she chuckles. "But to where? We'd have to start over...." It seems that does bother her a little bit. "....we'll have to drop that facade of us just being flirts....we can us around people."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles softly, shaking his head a little and reaches up to gently tilt her chin up, so he can lean in and kiss her slowly, softly, then winks at her. "Honestly, Lynn? With the whole city wrecked.. I don't want to hide that anymore anyways.. hmm?"
Lynnette     Smiling she looks up at him then giggles a bit as she watches him before he places that kiss on her lips. Lynn lets out a small sigh before she opens up her eyes. Then she blinks in thought then nods. "....wait...are you sure?"