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Winston Its early morning, sun barely rising over the horizon. Farmers have sent word looking for folks to help get rid of some varmints. Geckos to be specific. This morning's meeting was set to see who all would show up to help out.
Three men stand on the farm house porch waiting on everyone to arrive. As the group gathers, the Eldest speaks up, "Looks like ya'll are it. I wanna thankee fer comin out today. 'Preciate your time. Name's Earl. The other farmers asked me to arrange this little hunt so wees all kin git back to farmin. You'll find the water pump up round that ridge at the far ends of the fields." He points off to the northeast where the ridge can be seen. "Already got a report the pump is down again. Chewed up but good. Please put an end to the rascals destruction."
The other two men look more like farmhands than anyone important. They just lean against the railing letting Earl do the talking.
Joel Joel looks at the farmers, and listens to the explanation of their problem. "Damn beasts.." He shakes his head. "Varmints can be a true problem for mechanics and electronics." He looks over the rest of his companions. Letting them, do the talking.
Lynnette Lynnette had made her way out from her bar and HERE SHE IS!! Dressed in some leather arm, she's got a revolver in hand, a shotgun on her back and a pistol tucked...somewhere. Licking her lips she looks around then nods to the man. "Of course!" Smiling brightly she gives him a nod. "I'm a terrible shot but.....I'm hoping to help as much as I can."
Winston Winston shows up, rifle slung over one shoulder, maybe a little over dressed for a simple gecko hunt. Dressed in full NCR Ranger armor, looking more prepared for battle on the front lines than a critter hunt. Friendly nods are offered to the other hunters as they show up. Helmet is held casually under one arm as the situation is explained. "Buggers can be pretty nasty wit people too." he replies to Joel. A welcoming smile shown to Lynnette, "More the merrier."
Lee     Lee is within that power armor that comes trodding up to the farm. Militia duster whipping in the wind as he'd pull up to a stop near the others. That super sledge is on a holster on his back as he sweeps the others with a scan, then the field itself. Finally, there's the click of that comms coming online as the speakers in the suit would give a slightly tinny sound of his voice. "Lee Knight, ED militia. Sorry I'm late. I'll be happy to help clean up the field. Shall we deploy and commense with it?"
Winston Earl states with a wave, "Well good, looks like ya'll kin handle yerselves. I'll leave ya to it then. Good huntin." He looks to the other two on the porch with him, "Now you two kin git back to work. That plow ain't gonna fix itself." In unison the pair replies, "But paw, we wanted to go on the hunt too." Earl shakes his head and scolds, "You ain't finished yer chores. Now git 'fore I git yer momma on ya."
Joel Joel looks at Lynn in her.. Armor? And grins. "Nice armor." Then to the Militia man joining them. "Never seen these types before. They look rather fancy." A nod given, and he looks back to Winston as he readies his M4. "Thanks for the warning Winston. Appreciated my friend." Joel also sport two holsters on his thighs. One containing his 9mm. The other a Combat knife. And next to all the others.. Damn.. How underdressed he feels! "Alright. I'd say we do what our Militiaman suggests, and get on with it!" He grins broadly, clearly stoked with the prospect of doing this hunt.
Winston Winston smiles as the big suit strolls up, "Looks like we got one o the big boys out for some fun. An I thought I was overdressed." he chuckles as he puts on his helmet, "Wit militia here, you should prolly be leading this lil shindig. I'm ready to head out."
Lynnette Raising her brow a bit over at Joel she just snorts than nods. "Better than nothing....." Lyn then looks over at Winston, giving a nod...a nod to Lee as well. With that she waits to follow them out to get this show on the road.
Lee     Lee nods to the others, although the suit itself doesn't really show a reaction. That hammer is pulled from his back and he'd start out, heading for where the farmer said the critters were at. "Make sure to stay behind me. I'll try to focus them on me while you guys pick them off. This should be fairly straight forward for dealing with this."
Winston So as the group heads out on the hike, the sun rises fully to stretch its light across the terrain by the time they reach the water supply. The windmill squeeks and turns with the gentle breeze, yet no water is being pumped as it should be.....
Winston It's easy to spot the colorful critters in the desert terrain. Three can be seen up the path that curves around to the top of the ridge. All three are grazing on some vegitation and haven't noticed, or just aren't concerned with the hunters at this point.
Joel Joel follows behind Mr power armor, M4 at the ready, and scans his surroundings. It does not take long before he spots the first Gecko.. He looks at it, observing it for a moment as he gestures towards the creature with his gun. "There's one..." And with that. He aims down his sights, ready to shoot if the others are feeling up for it as well! "Can try and take him out?"
Winston Winston raises his rifle, "Easy pickins." he comments as he takes aim. Squaring his stance to brace for the shot. A single bullet is fired, striking one of the Geckos in the side sending it rolling in the dirt from the force of the impact. Still it lives, but severely wounded.
Lynnette Lynn lets out a yawn as she sees one and nods a bit. "Seems like a good a time as any...." With that she holds that revolver up, squinting one eye as she takes aim slowly. A smirk tugs at her lips as she pulls that trigger and BOOM! Grinning a bit she nods as she blows the end of her barrel. "Whoops....."
Lee     Lee is well use to a firing line. He'd wait for the three of them to take their shots, then would step in, planting his feet with that sledge gripped in both hands. "Alright! Come on beasts! Let's get this overwith!" He'd yell at them, drawing their attention to the louder noise as he starts in towards them to get into that fight!
Joel Blam! Joel's first shot hits one of the Gecko's together with a shot from Lynn. This in turn obliberates the Gecko, turning it into a pink mist. Sweet! He takes aim on one of the other Gecko's. But this time he misses, barely.. But still. A miss. Dangit! He lets out a deep breath as he sights in on the third one. A wounded one? And shoots... The critter is hit, and drops dead on the floor.
Lee     Lee grunts within his armor as Joel takes down the one gecko. He'd move into a charge, surprisingly fast even in that power armor as that hammer comes up and with a roar, smashes into it's head, crushing it to the ground.
Winston Winston barely gets his rifle up to take his own shot before Militia Man squishes the last of the juveniles. "Well Damn. Need a rag for that?" commenting on the heavy smash that about disintegrates the gecko form in the dirt.
Lee     Lee withdraws his hammer, eyeing it a moment, then nods a little. Looking over, he shoulders the hammer. "Might be good. Blood gunks up the parts sometimes." WIth that, he'd start walking back over to where the others are at.
Lynnette Lynnette blinks a few times then just shoves her gun somewhere. "Well hell....." Pursing her lips she just sighs a bit as she shakes her head. "Welp....guess it's time to find me someone to amuse me instead then."
Winston Winston strolls over the one of the dead geckos, giving it a kick, "Looks like youngins. Small." casually reloading the single round spent from his rifle. "Momma's gotta be round here somewhere. Dontcha think?"
Lee     Lee would look at the smaller one and nods slightly. "Definitely. These were too small to be the serious problem. We should try to hunt it down. See if we can find deeper tracks to track back to the den."
Joel Joel checks his magazine and looks over at the rest. "Nice work everyone." Then he quirks a brow at Winston and looks back at the corpses. "These... These were younglings?"
Winston Winston nods in agreement with Lee, casually resting his rifle on his shoulder, holding the butt of the weapon balanced with his arm. "Well, I'm thinking fanning out with big boy on point trolling up the hill. Sound good to ya'll? Be ashame to call it a day and the buggers come back an cause more of a ruckus."
Lynnette Lynn nods as she motions to the men. "By all means....after you guys. I didn't leave my bar just to get one shot off. I gotta let off some steam somewhere....and somehow." Chuckling a bit she grins then. "After you guys...."
Lee     Lee looks to the others, then nods a little himself. "Good. Fall in, I'll protect you." He'd wait for the others to be ready before doing just that, heading up the hill to start tracking those beasts and the mother that may be.
Winston Winston falls into ranks, readying his rifle, a few feet behind the tank as he starts to roll up the path. He scans the surrounding terrain as they hike searching for signs of more geckos. He's no tracker though, so what to look for is only a guess.
Lynnette Lynnette starts to walk but pauses. Her gaze squints as she slowly starts to follow a slightly different path. "Found some tracks....they're small...." Looking up she nods a bit as she points. "....they're coming from up the ridge...."
Joel A few meters further, Joel leans down to look at something as well. "Yep.. Tracks. Rather big ones as well.. Leading in that direction, according to the toes at least.." He gestures to where they lead from, and go to.
Lee     Lee slows a little, the HUD for the helm pointing out what the others do with those tracks. He nods a little and would continue on, Joel's pointing out giving a good lead to follow for finding this bigger one. "Should be at least bigger than me. That'll be the father. If I remember right, females are bigger."
Winston As the group follows the tracks up the hill to the top of the ridge, they all see it. Three, much larger geckos are seen. These aren't just grazing. They see the group as they spot them. Already racing towards the tank on point.
Winston Winston quickly raises his rifle and fires off two shots, one at each of the smaller of the 3 geckos. He misses the first, the little bugger just too fast. The second isn't so lucky, taking a round that sends it rolling, severely wounded.
Joel Joel moves up towards where the bigger tracks lead, using Lee as a frontman. And soon they come up on a group with bigger Gecko's. As the Gecko's charge them, Joel fires off two shots.. Both go wide.
Winston The largest of the three Geckos leaps at the tank, its claws useless, scrambling to even keep footing on the metal alloy. It is able to sink its teeth in though to keep it from sliding off of its prey too quickly.
Winston One of the smaller Geckos races up the the metallic enemy and rakes against the right leg of the Militia soldier. The other gecko already shot by Winston is so badly wounded it is looking to escape, leaving a blood trail behind.
Lee     Lee grunts as he's assaulted by the beasts, a scrape off with the handle of that hammer kept the hunter back, while Lee smacks the other gecko with a backhand, ending it's life with a squish of it's torso.
Winston Winston fires two more rounds. His target the biggest of the bunch, the Hunter. The first round misses, but the second takes the life right out of it, going right up the keaster to gut it in the process, spraying funk all over the tank.
Joel Joel might have missed his last two shots. But that Gecko trying to flee... Well. Nope! That aint happening on his watch! He aims down the sight, watches the Gecko's tail swing about as it runs. And pulls the trigger.. Killshot! The critter is hit hard, and stops moving!
Lynnette Well she got two shots off this time, tucking her gun away for now. Licking her lips she glances over at Lee then grins. "....good thing I didn't miss, huh?" Lynn gives him a playful wink before she looks back around. "Hmm." Folding her arms she seems to be in thought. "....that should take care of their problem for now I would think."
Winston Winston checks his weapon, reloading after scoping things out to make sure no others are about to pop in. "Good work folks. Yip, I think yer right."
Joel Joel nods. "When it comes to the critters maybe. But there's still the broken waterpump. How about we take a look to fix that thing as well?"
Winston Winston nods to Joel, slinging his rifle over his shoulder, "Thats a good idea. THink ya kin fix it?" going over to gather the carcasses that are salvageable for anything edible.
Lynnette Lynnette lets out a yawn as she raises a hand. "And....on that note.....I leave from manual labor. That I'm no good at. That's why I ask for help..." Grinning a bit she then curtseys. "Thanks for the fun...."
Joel Joel looks at Winston and smiles. "Good. And I never know before trying!" He looks at Lynn then and chuckles. "Yeah.. I will still help you fix some of the electrical and mechanical stuff at your bar. See you soon." He grins at her and then gestures towards the pump whilst looking at Winston. "Shall we?"
Winston Winston grins under his helmet, "Good to have ya aboard. Hope to see ya 'round." then turns to Joel, "Yeah. Let's go see what you can do with that pump. Be a nice touch."
Joel Joel waves Lynn goodbye before heading over to the pump and checking it out for defects. "Alright. Let's see what I can do!"