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Mania     Jack's Town. Noon, winter. A few days past christmas and amidst all the remnants of wasteland cheer, a rumble cracks in the distance from the west. All is quiet, all is well, people are helping rebuild. Bandits and friend alike.
Alpha     Alpha, for his part? Is making sure that the bandits behave and help build. Rather than people build and bandits loot. He'd be up on the edge of the jail house actually, that rifle was out and obvious to help.. dissuade people from acting out. He paces slowly and when looking off to the west, frowns at the sound that occurs. "What the..?"
Lynnette     Lynnette was standing outside of her bar, still in her travel attire it would seem. She looks around as she lets those inside just relax, the few there are. Chuck was busy handling things as the woman rests her hand on her pistol lazily. Looking around she spots Alpha, waving at him before she winks. However that as over as she hears the rumbling she raises her brow and looks over for a moment. "....the hell was that?"
Lucette     Luce was just standing outside idly. The sound, then a squawk from Congress above alerts her that she should keep quiet. She pulls the helmet of her suit on and sighs, "Back to work I guess."
Joel Joel actually returned to this place.. Something he had not expected to do. But here he is! Trying to follow up on his offer to help Lynn rebuild her bar. He is about to step back inside with some electrical components as the sound is heard. He looks at Lynn with a raised brow. "Thunderstorm?"
Mania Suddenly the ground begins to rumble, loud footsteps angrily approach the bar. Then, silence. Until A TEN FOOT TALL SUPERMUTANT WEARING A TRENCHCOAT PUNCHES THROUGH THE WALL and decides to charge VERY ANGRILY up to the first person they see, Joel, and clocks him in the chest with a thundrous connection!
Lynnette     Lynnette lets out a scream to say the least as she sees that beast coming through her bar an punching Joel. Her hand automatically goes to her gun, landing a shot in its leg but she was aiming for....well....something more critical. She grabs the guy by the shirt after he's punched and drags him away for cover. "Holy crap!!!" Flopping down she looks herself over then into her now beat up bar. "...crap....I have another gun in there...."
Joel Joel hears something coming through the bar.. Something that was not there before.. His eyes widen as the thing comes closer! He tries to jump aside but gets hit by the fucking humangous yellow bastard breaks through the wall! And he gits hit hard. But luckily Lynn is there to drag his shocked and beaten arse into cover. A nod in thanks is given in return whilst pulling out his own peashooter. He aims and fires. Hitting the trenchcoat wearing bastard in the arm!
Alpha     Alpha's attention snaps over towards the bar and the wrecking that happens. "HEY! GO THROUGH THE ALLEY NEXT TIME!!" Growling, he'd plant his foot on the edge of the jail's roof and with a quick lining up, tags the mutant RIGHT in the head with that shot! "NOW YOU OWE ME FOR THAT BULLET!"
Lucette Lucette murmurs something under her breath. As soon as Joel's hit, she draws out her Colt and lines it up. One crisp round hits the Mutant after everyone's started and she shouts, "IT IS MY PRESIDENTIAL DUTY TO TELL YOU TO GET THE FUCK OUT!" and then she decides to aim her Colt off to the side and fires off a single round at what would seem to be the dirt. Only, after a serious of unfortunate events and bouncing off a radscorpion carcass, it decides to VICIOUSLY TEAR INTO THE MUTANT'S BODY.
Mania Mutant X, after receiving multiple bullets to its person, slumps onto one knee on the ground in a heap. Its torn trenchcoat reveals it was lined with scrap and is quite torn up especially where the President shot it. But then he takes a deep breath and ROARS, getting back onto his feet rith renewed vigour.
Mania     Mutie decides he's going to pick up a big brick and, angry at the dude that shot his freaking face, HURLS THE BASTARD at Alpha, looking like it hit or something. Then starts STOMPING ANGRILY to Lucette, trying to backhand her, but she manages to get out of the way.
Alpha     Alpha yelps as the brick clips his arm. Ducking down, he grunts in pain then edges to eye over that roof's side. "Don't just stand there ya jackasses! Get em!!" He'd call out to the other people that's there to help with the fighting while pointing at the super mutant. "First one ta drop him gets the bounty!"
Joel Joel sees the storm of bullets hit that bastard.. He sags down! A short lived moment of rejoice! A longer moment of shock! The bigass yellow freak gets back up! He aims again and shoots twice. One bullet goes wide. The second hits home! Headshot! He grins as he watches the hit connect. And winces as Alpha gets hit with that brick.
Lucette     Lucette goes to fire her colt again, but some freak accident renders it jammed. JAMMED! So instead she reaches for something nearby on the ground, lifting up someone's discarded rebar and javelin-tosses it, sticking it into the Mutant's arm!
Mania     Mutant X decides to hurl another brick to Alpha, since the attacks from the others weren't as much an insult to- JOEL YOU SHOT HIS FACE HOW COULD YOU! Probably the reason the brick missed Alpha. Lucette seems distracted enough that when he spins around to cold clock her it's all she can do to block the hit!
Alpha     Alpha ducks again when that brick comes hurling at him. "Crap!" Partly peaking up, he'd shoot back at that mutant with a snapped off shot, frowing as he'd miss him, to lean forward a little and with that slight pause, pops the Mutant right in that shoulder hard! "Git outta my town!"
Lucette     Lucette's jammed Colt is of no use right now, so she puts it back into her duster and spins a solid roundhouse to the Mutant's face! A real American hero! Following that she swiftly draws Southern Cross and fires a single round of the gun into its torso, letting out a cross of yellow plasma that burns into its chest.
Mania     Finally, the mutant's batterred beyond what it can take, dropping to both knees then collapsing facefirst into the dirt. Jack's town is victorious in repelling the mysterious mutant threat, but no questions are answered today..
Alpha     Alpha spits to the side, grunting as Lucette finally burns out the Mutant. He would climb to his feet, glancing around to make sure there's nothing else coming at them for the moment. "Hey! None ya'll dead, right? I hate paperwork.." He'd sort through his ammo to reload that rifle as he looks about. Just in case.
Joel Joel looks wide eyed as the fight evolves.. Bricks are thrown. Shots fired.. And punches or kicks landed! He wants to shoot again. But that bright blast from the President... zit ends the threat.. He slowly lowers the 9mm.. Keeping his eyes on the mutant, in case it stands up again. And then leaves cover, slowly making his way over to the massive thing. "What the fuck..." His breathing still a bit laboured from the hit he took. And from the shock accompanying it.
Lynnette     Breathing heavily, Lynn slowly lowers her gun then. So much for that was loose now. Looking over to Joel, she takes a deep breath as she nods to him."You alright? That was a hell of a hit?" Blowing some hair out of her face she calls out. "No...not dead yet!"
Lucette     Luce sighs shakily, replacing the energy cell in Cross with a full one. "Ain't seen no muties out here since Texas." she murmurs, "Gonna have to pop that dent.. work to do." her helmet remains on as she checks over her kit and holsters Cross and draws her colt to try and clear that jam.
Alpha     Alpha shakes his head a little, checking his arm. "Hellaova bruise.. but.. I should be fine.." He'd sigh and moves along that roof to the ladder. "Let's see how bad the damage is. Just get the place friggin fixed.. Someone check and see ifn that thing has pockets or something?"
Joel Joel looks at Lynn and smiles. "I am alright. It will heal... But thanks for dragging me into cover back there.." He kicks the mutant gently. Prodding it more likely. He then looks up at Lucette whilst reloading his gun (How again?). He then bends down to do as Alpha asked whilst replying to Lucette. "Well... I have been out a bit lately.. Seemingly mutants are soon gonne be overflowing both New Mexico and Arizona.."
Lucette Lucette turns to see the Mutant-sized hole that was punched into the wall. And the matching one in the back, clearing the jam at last. "Well, looks like I'm going to have to top up on my rounds." she murmurs, walking to the mutant and giving the body a firm kick before examining it.
Lynnette     Lynn frowns as she looks at her bar. "....I should just tear the damned place down and start over up top...." Sighing she wanders over to the mutant. Squatting down she squints before she starts to look it over. "...big bastard...." Licking her lips she looks back over to Alpha, concern but she sees he's getting around.
Joel Joel rummages through the coat... "Interesting build.. Strong.." He looks up. "So.. Do they all look like this? He looks like that bastard out of that movie Resident Evil Extinction.. Just... Less heavily armed?" He looks around those present. "If so... We are in deep trouble. As word and other, more reliable intel suggests.. More of them coming."
Alpha     Alpha shoulders his rifle for the moment, looking over the dead mutant, then the others. "Yeah. Looks like trouble's coming. Well.. Prolly better you just head back to El Dorado then Joel. They got walls there. Otherwise? you're gonna keep having trouble out here it seems." He smirks and shrugs, eyeing the bar. "What is up with busting your walls Lynn? I just don't get it."
Lynnette     Lynn purses her lips as she looks the mutant over then looks to some of the towns folk. "Get this out of here....bury it somewhere it won't draw attention...." With that she looks over to Alpha, a brow raising. "Maybe I should just shut it down and leave....." Frowning she then looks to to Joel. "Yeah I'd go if I were you. Might be safe....."
Lucette Lucette shrugs, "Still don't know where it came from or how it got out here. Those are the worst details." Luce points out, mostly for herself as her colt's put away into her duster again.
Joel Joel sighs... "Yeah. I might do that... But thank you Joel! For helping.. Yeah. My pleasure." He sighs deeply, looking a little annoyed. And shakes his head. He reloads his gun and stowing it again. He looks at Lucette. "Well.. If they are gonna invade NM and Arizona.. Maybe look up what direction it seems to point at then... It might give an indication as the direction from which they might come." And with this he rises and turns towards the direction he entered the town from.
Lynnette     Looking to Joel, she purses her lips. "Look!" She calls out then. "We need someone to give El Dorado a head's up, eh?" Lynn then nods. "I'm just glad you're okay!" Exhaling she watches him leave then moves over to Alpha. Murmuring she looks him over then as she nods. " okay?"
Alpha     Alpha shifts on his feet, eyeing Joel as he leaves, then grunts and looks to Lynn. A small upnod given to her. "I'll live. Clipped me, but mostly bruising. Reason I wear the armor, eh?" He shrugs a little. "Come on. Let's go see what we can salvage."