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Owner Pose
Qwillis     It's been forever. At least.. it feels that way.

    Riding up on the shoulder of Brutus, the low thumps of it walking along echo within it's body under them. Qwillis keeps a hand on the robot's cheek, watching where they go, although he does look over to Serena now and then with a small smile. "We're back, Serena.. finally. After so long.. How are you feeling? Dealing with the trip ok?"
Serena     She still holds onto that robot tightly. You'd think she was used to it by now but nope! Serena looks over at him nervously and puts on a smile. "I'm...I'm okay. Still just trying to relax a bit." Looking down she purses her lips then looks back to him with smile. "I'm...glad to be back is."
Joel Joel's out on one of his exploration runs, trying to learn more about this new world they live in. And it is during one of these runs.. That he finds himself gawking at the massive robot... With people perked on top of it even! He watches the thing stride close by... Staying a little out of sight.. Or so he thinks! Stealth is not his strongest point. Never has been. And thus. Someone looking down from up there. Would have an easy day of spotting the young lad!
Qwillis     Qwillis can't help but chuckle a little at Serena's comment. "I'm glad to be back too. Although.. things look a little.. rougher. Than they use to be. Which I didn't know was possible." As the robot trods along, Qwillis catches something that seems.. out of place. Frowning a moment, that metal clang is given to the Robot's head from his hand patting it. Brutus would slow to a stop, shuddering as everything pauses. "Hey. I think someone's there, Serena.. Shall we go see?"
Serena     "Um....."She keeps holding on. "Me too but..." Her gaze looks around for a bit then chuckles. "It's a mess...." Serena chuckles a bit before she looks out. Squinting she lets go with one and and glances over. "....sure. Shall I stay....attentive? We've seen a lot on the road...."
Joel Joel watches the robot come to a halt.. His jaw dropping slightly more at the sight of its massive momentum halting like that. He looks back up at the people perked up on it.. And sees that he's spotted. He stiffens a little, but relaxes rather quickly. With such power at one's command.. He would be dead already, were they up to no good. And thus! He slowly steps out of his /cover/, and waves. "Heya!"
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Serena lightly, then relaxes some as Joel comes out. Well.. There is that at least. He winks at Serena, then steps forward, sliding down the arm of Brutus down to it's hand, that lowers him down to the ground far enough for him to hop down, landing with the light thud of boot and metal boot. "Hello. Just so we can all be up front. You're not going to try to ambush us and take my bunker, right? I haven't checked the security log to see how many bandits have tried to hack in.."
Serena     Serena keeps her eyes on Joel, lips pursed in thought. When Qwillis jumps down the young woman stares and hesitates before slipping from the robot herself. However....she's a klutz and lands on her backside. A groan leaves her as she slowly starts to stand before looking back to the man. For now she's quiet as she looks to Q, letting him talk.
Joel Joel watches the man come down, using the robot to do so. His eyes are still wide. But then... The man speaks! He shakes his head to shake of the amazement. "I uh.. No.. No. I was not planning on doing such a thing.. I.. I am new out here.. And was just exploring the lands around El Dorado actually... And well.. Then you came passing by." An awkward smile shows. "It is amazing... What an amazing piece of technology..." His eyes move back to the robot in time to see the woman jump off, less graciously. "Auch! You alright?" Some scrapes and bruises adorn the man's face as well.
Qwillis     Q walks over to Serena, wincing in sympathy and offering her a hand to her feet. Looking to Joel, he chuckles. "Welcome to the bunker of Scientist of El Dorado then.. Although it looks like it's been closed a while. Brutus is a good robot. I helped to repair him and get him running." That metal hand would pat the foot of Brutus, then he shrugs. "Glad you're not hostile." He looks to Serena. "You going to be ok?"
Serena     "Yes yes....thank you...." Serena nods to Joel before taking Q's hand. Dusting herself off she looks around a bit then back to the man. "Huh...." She then looks over to Q with a smile. "Yes I'll be fine. Just....getting my land legs again I suppose you could say..." Blushing slightly she then shakes her head. "Oh well."
Joel Joel nods and smiles broadly. "Thanks! So.. This place's yours then? And you repaired the robot yourself? Awesome!" His eyes shine with intruige and wonder. He then shrugs. "Why would I? I'm not one of those nasty raiders... Bastards that they are." He looks to the woman and smiles. "Glad you're okay. And did not break something... The fall looked nasty."
Qwillis     Q chuckles a little and smiles to Serena. "It'll work out. I'm sure." He winks, then looks to Joel and nods a little. "Mechanic, technician. Most anything sciencey. Because science is important to recover." He'd tap that one hand lightly. "I built my own stuff to make sure I can keep going. As for the SoED? There was a group of us.. I found it.. but we all contributed to getting it working.. It's sad seeing it quiet now adays."
Serena     Serena licks her lips then chuckles a bit then sighs a bit. Looking over to Joel she smiles a bit more than chuckles. "No I didn't. I'll be fine......" A beat. "....just some ice...." She then looks over Qwillis, nodding to him she smiles. "I think I'm gonna head inside...I need to get clean up a bit."
Joel Joel nods at the woman and smiles. "Glad you're okay." He then looks at them both. "The name's Joel. I come from Vault 35, engineering division. And just recently made it into this area." Then he focuses on the man now. "I agree. Without technology. We are nothing more than savages moving to our own demise." He watches the tapping of that hand and grins. "Well made indeed." Then back up to his face. "But what is the SoED?"
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles. "Qwillis. This is Serena, my girlfriend.." He winks at her and nods. "Sure. Go enjoy." He looks back to Joel and shrugs. "Scientist of El Dorado. We were a group that studied the lost tech to try to make life better for everyone. That's where Brutus came in. Helped to build the wall on the city."
Serena     Serena blushes a little at Q's words then leans in to quickly peck him on the cheek. "Thanks...." Turns to Joel she smiles the with a nod. "Nice to meet you. I'm sure I'll see you around if you keep exploring. However that ride always makes me icky feeling and it's been a long trip." Nodding then she smiles as she then waves to Qwillis then makes her way inside.
Joel Joel smiles at them both Well met then Qwil..Lis.." The pronounciation a bit off still. "And Serena!" He grins and nods. "Scientists of El Dorado, eh? And that sounds like a good goal to me." He nods again. "So..." He looks back at the robot. "He.. Build the wall. Impressive!" He looks at Serena again, and nods. "Alright Serena. See you next time!"