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Mania     January, afteroon.. as chill as the winter is in New Mexico, there's a problem. It seems the big mutie in a trenchcoat vanished at some point, the corpse is gone with nary a trace anywhere, and no sightings reported either.
Alpha     If it's not one thing it's another. There's a reason why there's a Sheriff. Mostly as someone has to keep up on the messes. So Alpha would get Lynn to go with him. Because if nothing else? She's good at distracting people. From there, the dead body with the coat would be looked for. Of course no one reports anything. But that's part of why someone has to ask.
Lynnette     Looking over at Alpha as they walk along, she smiles over at him. Sighing, she looks back ahead in thought as she purses her lips a bit. "....I know I told someone to bury it but it was gone before they could....." Sighing she totes that shot gun on her shoulder while having two pistols shoved in the back of her pants. Better safe than sorry.
Joel Joel comes back to JT. The annoyance of last time, when he left. Vanished from his face and demeanor now. He understands the reaction they gave. And the /warning/.. They were meant for the best. Right? He walks up into the place, and towards Lynn's bar, trying to spot anyone he knows.
Lucette     Luce arrives, dismounting Agro and letting Quint and Congress head off to somewhere else for business in town. She's got another fancy carbine slung on her shoulder as she approaches, giving a wave to everyone. "Our friend gone? Or'd ya bury or burn it?"
Alpha     Alpha frowns and shakes his head a litle. "Figures.." He glances over to Joel who's walking up the street for Lynn's bar. There's a moment's musing, impressed maybe? The other man returns and an upnod is given his way. Well. They did warn him. Looking over to Luce, he spits to the side. "Nah. Someone took em. Was just 'bout ta go lookin round for clues. Although no one reported nothin. But 'round here? That's hardly surprisin, eh?" He nods to Lynn then. "Who wouldja think would do some crap like this, eh? I know he was dead. Had enough holes innem."
Lynnette     "I don't know...." Lynn nibbles on her lower lip then stares ahead for a moment before she see Joel. Grinning she raises her free hand again, wiggling her fingers at him. "Welcome back...." She smirks then looks to Lucette, giving her wave before shrugging. "I don't know....but we need to find out..."
Joel And finding them, Joel does! Not that hard when Luce arrives upon her transport. And well.. The others are standing in the street at the spot where they killed that mutant bastard. He wave to them all, and grins. "Heya there! I thought that maybe.. You all could use another hand still?" He walks up to them and looks between them all. "Why the faces? Something else happened?"
Mania     Luce sighs, "Looks like our friend vanished without a trace." she mentions, "Anyway, I guess it means we all stay ready in case he has friends, which is likely."
Lynnette Lyn starts to make her way around the scene of the fight then stops. Her brows furrow as she starts to look around and pick up some fabric. Feeling it she looks to her bar then raises her brow. "Who ever made his good. It's probably a grip or....a very talented special who did it."
Alpha     Alpha would muse as he'd pace the brawl's area they had been fighting in before it went down. Eyeing the spot he had been standing up on, he purses his lips, then looks to the bar himself. "So.. I'm thinkin this wasn't just an ordinary mutie attack. It also had combat training to deal with us.. and I know what work we've put into those walls. So it was stronger than mosta em.. I think this one was a leader type.. or.. parta something bigger."
Joel Joel is observing the wall he got bullrushed through... Nodding in appreciation for how much milk he drank as a kid in order to strengthen his bones.. Mum was right after all it seems! A reaction is given at Luce's assertion. "There are.. Like I told last time. Through the intel I gathered these past few days. It seems as if an invasion is heading this way.. Remember? Maybe this is something else.. But maybe it is linked.." He then looks back at Lynn and cocks a brow. "A grip? And why was it such a good work? Because of how the metal was worked into it?" Then a look at Alpha. "If he was a leader.. Why did he come alone?"
Lucette Lucette nods. "This all sounds possible, the mexican mutants seemed to be controlled by something an they were weird." she notes. Joel brings the big boy questions. "Might be linked. If it is then we can assume there's more." then. "Think he was a scout, or vanguard?" as she asks this, Congress screeches from above and she starts, "Time I need to move on, President's always busy." she sighs, waving to all as she starts trekking where Quint rode off to, in Congress's wake.
Lynnette     Lyn sighs as she hikes her head a bit. "Great....." Shaking her head she looks over at Alpha, pursing her lips a bit. "...we might want to be ready in case. This could get ugly fast...."
Joel Joel nods. "Yeah... It might prove to be a tough situation... One for which we indeed need preparing.." He looks over at Alpha. "And maybe JT should at least for the time being.. Reconsider it's policy about the type of firearm one if allowed to carry here? Especially since this place misses the walls like El Dorado has. Otherwise.. If this place is assaulted. People might not last as long as you'd like.." He sighs and shakes his head.
Alpha     Alpha nods to Lynn, then to Joel. "Yah.. well.. I ain't stoppin em from havin guns! I'm just reducin the size of the bullet holes they put in one another.." Alpha motions around a little. "I got the license ta reduce em. Everyone 'round here has one. Hmm?" He smirks a little. "Well.. mebbe 'cept you.."
Lynnette     Lyn sighs a bit as she shakes her head. "We'd have to talk to Jack about that one......" Leaning against Alpha, she drapes an arm over one of the Sheriff's shoulder. "Be nice, Alpha....." Smirking over at him she hip bumps him playfully.
Joel Joel listens to Alpha's response and sighs. "Yeah.. I know." He looks at Lynn next, giving her half a smile. "Thanks. And yeah. It might be a good thing to do... I do not know how much a license to carry, costs around here. But I am fairly sure that I do not have the caps for one..."
Alpha     Alpha smirks at Lynn and winks. "I was nice! I didn't even go inta how ya even gotta bigger one than him or nothing, huh?" He snickers and gives her a playful bump back, then upnods to Joel. "Tell you what. While this mess is goin down? You're officially a temporary deputy. What means your helping me with this case of the muties and you get to carry what you gotta. Work?"
Lynnette     "Yes yes...." Lyn rolls her eyes playfully at Alpha then grins a bit as she looks to Joel. "There you go....a way out....or in. That or I was going to volunteer to pay for his permit...." Sighing softly she just shakes her head a bit then.
Joel Joel looks between the two of them and smiles. "Thanks both. I appreciate it. I truly do." He grins back at Lynn and nods. "Thanks for the offer. But.." He looks back at Alpha. "I think that his option would work fine enough as well." A grin at Lynn again. "Less costy at least!" He winks and nods at Alpha. "Sounds like a plan to me Alpha. Thanks." His smile broadens.
Alpha     Alpha snaps. "Missed it. Lynn can totally pay for your license. I'm sure she'll keep the payment up in full, no problem, eh?" He grins cheekily at her, then chuckles and nods to Joel. "Just.. rather being safe. There's a reason why muties don't invade her all the time. Just about everyone has a little somethin' to be ready for it."
Lynnette     Lyn glances over at the Sheriff, smirking slightly before she turns her attentions back to Joel. "Ahem....anyway. But....yes. Feel free to stop by the bar anytime. Chuck usually works when I'm not there and I'll let him know to give you the discount.""
Joel Joel raises a brow at Alpha and chuckles. "I bet she can pay for it. Hell. I am fairly sure about it!" He grins broadly and looks at Lyn. "Thanks for that! I appreciate it. And I will. Rest assured of that!" He nods to affirm that statement.
Alpha     Alpha laughs at Lynn's response, then nods with a smile to Joel. "I'll keep kicking people around here until they shape up enough to be ready for the next run. I know it seems nuts.. but.. JT is pretty tougher than you might think, Joel."
Lynnette     Lyn raises her brow at Joel, watching him for a moment. Licking her lips she eyes him then chuckles. "....want to find out?" With that she rolls her eyes and looks over at Alpahwit ha smile. "We got this, Alpha. This town may be rough but we can handle this."
Joel Joel grins at Lynn and winks. "Well then. Would you... bBe interested in a night cap?" He chuckles and looks back at Alpha. "I am sure JT's tougher than it looks. It has to be.. Without the walls and such."
Alpha     Alpha smiles at Lynn, then smirks at Joel, tilting his head to the side slightly. "Hmm.. I guess ya could come join us for a bit. But we'll have to kick you out eventually for us to go to bed together, eh?" He'd grin at Joel. "Since.. I know yer not tryin to hit on the sheriff's girl.. Right?" Ok. So that last word may sound more like an open bloody challenge than friendly. But hey! He's not drawn on Joel! ... Yet....
Lynnette     Lynnette snickers a bit as she puts a hand to her mouth. "....I meant just ask Alpha, Joel....." Looking to Alpha, her brow raises as she stares at him. Well that was new. But she just nudges him. "Calm that we're not hiding you're all protective. Its cute though...."
Joel Joel laughs. "Naww. Not gonna steal anyone from anyone. Not my style. And besides. It ain't the seventies anymore. The nineteen seventies, I mean." He holds up his hands placating. "Do not worry Alpha. It was just the perfect time to pitch one of the old movie lines. One from the old James Bond movies, That's all." He looks at Lynn next and shrugs appologeticaly. Then to both. "It is indeed a good thing, that both of you showed up.. For with what is seemingly gonna happen.. New Mexico, could use all the help it can get.. If all those mutants are as nasty as the last.. Then we'd have a bloody war on our hands.."
Alpha     Alpha just stares at Joel confused. "James.. Bond..?" He eyes Joel a moment with a raised brow. "You're into bondage or something man? I know a few girls down the street would probably let you have fun.. but.. uh.. yeah." Shrugging, he shakes his head, then smirks at Lynn. "Hmm.. who said that reaction was for him, Lynn?" He winks at her with a small grin.
Lynnette     Lyn rolls her eyes a bit then looks over to Joel, her head tilting. " that a film thing?" She chuckles a bit then looks back over to Alpha. "Anyway....I think I'm gong to head back to the bar. I need to get to the room, change, and try to have some normalcy in my place...."
Joel Joel quirks a brow at Alpha. "Yeah... James Bond? A Brittish spy in some movies from before the war." He grins at Lynn and nods. "Yep!" Then back at Alpha. "Bondage.. As in that other weird movie.. Not one of my favorites.. Something about Shades or something..." He shrugs and shakes his head. Then back at Lynn. "See you next time Lynn." Alpha again. "So.. Tell me. Any battleplans, would those mutants invade JT?"
Alpha     Alpha just shakes his head a little. "We don't exactly have projectors with movies out here, Joel. So.. I'll take your word for it." He chuckles a little and smiles to Lynn. "Gotcha.." Looking to Joel, he shakes his head a little. "You ever try to heard cats, Joel? Trying to plan for anything other than scramble defense and static emplacements is pretty useless." He chuckles with that.
Mania Suddenly, an old man walks down the road muttering about the weather, followed by no less than twenty cats diligently keeping pace.