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Tina It's a mild winter morning. The sun is barely up, but someone is already at work in the church. Her hands filled with a brass staff topped with a retractable wick on one side and a bell for snuffing candles on the other, a red-robed nun walks serenely through the auditorium, carefully lighting the many candelabra positioned at the corners of the room, and two more at the back of the main stage, behind the pulpit. As she works, she hums a hymn, mostly to herself.
Joel Joel comes into the church from the main entrance (where else!). And looks around.. A nod is given, accompanied by a broad smile. "Nice AC." He watches the nun for a moment as she is about her business. "Good morning." The young man's face is rather unblemished for someone living out in the Wasteland. His voice carrying more hope and vigour than a lot of the denizens around.
Tina The nun pauses in her work, turning to dip a graceful curtsey and offer a warm and lovely smile. "Welcome to the Church, good sir. How may we help you this morning?" she says warmly, glancing at the candelabra, then retracting the wick on her chandler's staff. Just in case her services are needed.
Joel Joel gives her a nod and a smile in return. "Thank you for the welcome. I was curious as to what is all to be found here in El Dorado. And well.." He looks around and grins. "I had not expected to find a working AC in a church at least." He steps a little closer. "The name's Joel. And well.. I am rather new to El Dorado."
Tina "In that case, I hope I may wish you a pleasant stay in our city. I am Sister Tina, assistant to the senior church staff," the girl says, still warmly, still smiling that warm, guileless smile. "And I am very pleased to meet you, Joel. Shall I call you Brother Joel, since Christians are always brothers and sisters while in church? Or do you prefer something else? Does your own faith use different titles? Almost all nonviolent faiths are welcome here, but we may need a guest to officiate some of them... we don't always know the proper rituals, you see."
Joel Joel nods at her. "Pleased to meet you Tina." He cocks his head at her next question and the following explanation. "Nah. Joel's good. I am not truly the religious type, I am afraid." He shrugs. "I have seen a few movies about religion though. Documentaries and the more.. Entertainment sort of movies."
Tina "Thank you. And many just come to enjoy the air conditioning for a while. We don't mind," Tina adds, smiling and nodding her head once. Then she blushes faintly, bowing her head slightly. "I see. I hope the entertainment didn't give you a bad impression of us. Not all films show us in a good light... actually, most don't. It's regrettable, but it's something I can't change."
Joel Joel nods. "I can see why, yes. It is very.. Pleasant in here. Glad it is allowed though!" He grins and then shrugs whilst shake his head. "Some movies are portraying it in a good way. Others in a less good way." He smiles warmly. "It surprised me to see that you know seemingly enough about movies to know that though! But do not fear. I tend to judge people by getting to know them." He winks and grins again. "Just do not try to burn me on a pyre or something." He chuckles. "Joking ofcourse. As far as I know. There's no more inquisition anymore."
Tina Tina chuckles softly at his remark. "I wasn't /always/ a nun... most of us weren't," she replies good-naturedly. "Some of us take to the habit because we are called to. Others for reasons of their own. Some will leave it behind, and others will remain throughout their lives. We don't judge them... who are we to know His plan for each of us? And for what it's worth? I've never heard of an Inquisition, here or anywhere else. Nowhere besides in the old history books."
Joel Joel listens and nods. "What were you before.. If I may ask?" Curiosity clear on his face. "But I am glad to hear that there's no reliving of the Inquisition of old.. For those were dark times."
Tina "I do beg your pardon, but I would rather not discuss my former life," Tina says softly. "It's something I prefer not to think about, let alone speak of. As for the other matter, these times are dark enough without such evils as the Inquisition."
Joel Joel holds up his hands in placation. "I meant no offense Tina. Appologies if it did. I respect your wishes of keeping it for yourself.. I just am... Curious.. This whole world. It is new to me. I never saw much more than the immediate surroundings of the Vault's exit, before moving out to explore."
Tina "You gave none... you need not apologize," Tina replies, still softly. "I understand your curiosity, though some things are best learned in their own good time. Like Deathclaws. Not a subject to approach lightly. Or soon. Perhaps never at all."
Joel Joel nods. "Glad I have not offended you.." He looks relieved at that and then nods and listens... "Deathclaws? I have heard the name. And some stories about them. Stories best told around a campfire at night. Albeit with a ten foot wall around you as well.. Are these stories.. On point?"
Tina "They likely don't come close enough to the truth," Tina says, shaking her head slowly. "Though I have heard tales of Deathclaws talking to one another and to explorers, I would not count on such things in the wastelands. The only thing you can count on with a Deathclaw is a swift and likely very painful and messy death within seconds of it becoming aware of your presence... unless you can hide somewhere the creature cannot follow you, or maybe if you are protected by powered armor and can kill it quickly. As can be imagined, very few weapons can do such a thing."
Joel Joel nods at that. "Hmm.. Might be." He then looks utterly surprised. "Deathclaws.. Talking? To one another.. And humans?" He blinks a few times. "Wow.. Unexpected.." He shakes his head and sighs deeply. "But yeah.. I am not gonna look for the truth of this story.. I rather value my life."
Tina "All I've heard about it are stories and rumors... none of which I can verify. The rest we've already discussed," Tina says, nodding. "I'd rather leave investigation of such things to people far more skilled and far better prepared."