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Mania     Another day passes, Mutant X is nowhere to be found, evidence is drying up. Afternoon, winter, light clouds. Not a bad day, that it is.
Joel Joel walks around at JT. Doing some rounds as a profisional deputy of JT. Keeping an eye out for the nasty stuff of the wasteland. He is about to return to where he hopes to find Alpha. Having gained a small piece of intel about the mutant hordes. And not having had the chance to fill the man in on it.
Lucette Lucette arrives back at Jack's town on Agro, with Quint riding in the back holding up a radio playing some weird song. Something about 'america' and 'fuck yeah' really loud.
Alpha     Alpha's up on his post again. Easiest way to snipe people is up high and so he camps on that sheriff's roof. Spotting Lucey coming in on Agro, he frowns a moment. "Right.. trouble's comin.." Glancing about, he waves to Joel, watching him come over as well.
Lynnette     Making her way out of her bar, she pushes her hair out of her face before tying it into a ponytail. Seems she was dressed....well...just in case....guns abound. No....she's not getting caught off guard again since the last time. Seeing the others she waves her hand, grinning a bit as she waves!!
Joel Joel looks to teh side at the sound of a falling signpost closeby.. And there's a... Rumble?.. Owh shit... He looks up at Alpha as he waves at him. "Incoming!" And he makes a dash for the rest. And hopefully some cover.
Lucette     Luce peeks around. Joel's running, which isn't good. She gives a wave to Lynn as she dismounts Agro and has Quint set off into town for business, with Congress squawking ahead to lead the way. The President walks towards the bar, helmet up today.
Alpha     Alpha looks over at Joel's calling out, frowning and looking around again. That rifle is pulled up to be ready. The deputy has proven useful enough to draw problems. So if he's saying incoming? There's probably something going on. Even if he can't see it coming.
Lynnette     Lynn seems to just relaxing against her building before blinks at she hears Joel. Looking over she pulls her gun up and out, ready and waiting. That shotgun on her shoulder and....well....a purse? Oh well. Seeing Lucette making her way she grins a bit. ".....trouble already it seems."
Mania     As everyone's working up to defensive positions... Mutant X has decided he's quite angry, for some reason. Why he's angry will have to wait, his stomping makes the ground rattle as he approaches and once he's rounded a corner and locks eyes onto Lynnette. His first target today it seems, stomping MORE ANGRILY WITH GREAT HASTE to her and delivering a low backhand sweep that catches her leg!
Joel Joel comes up at the rest as the mutant comes around the corner. He ducks behind cover and aligns his rifle in order to shoot. BLAM! A hit. In the torso. A slow breath exhaled... Blam! Another hit! Also in the torso.
Alpha     Alpha frowns as the thing comes charging out. AGAIN. "WE JUST FIXED THAT!!" He'd snap off that first shot at the mutant, following it up with that second shot. "Bastard, gonna bury ya this time!"
Lucette     Aw hell the mutant angry ex girlfriend has come back and is trying t- IS laying the smackdown on people. People are already shooting Mutant X. Lucette holds up her M4 and sighs. She pops a pair of rounds off at mutant X, hitting his FACE. Then she adjusts the firing selector and lets off a spray of rounds, then a shift in stance, firing a longer spray in attempt to harry him and get him away from Lynnette. "Hey nerd! Bet you can't hit someone who can fight back!"
Lynnette     Well that's not what she was expecting! Lyn is hit and hit hard to the ground. A gasp leaves her but good thing that gun was already out. Quickly she rolls away but stays on her belly as she aims two shots! Okay didn't exactly go where she thought but hey...her disdain was expressed.
Mania     Things.. things ain't lookin so hot for Mutant X. Everyone's shooting him, but one person in particular's really pissing him off, and shooting the stuffing out of his coat, and his face. With all the pain coming in, his coat starts unbuckling, snapping off and revealing HULKULEAN MUSCULATURE and STONE-GRAY skin and now he gets bulkier. Much bulkier. With SPIKES coming from his shoulders!
Mania     Mutant X is kind of upset at Lynnette, that shot hurt and it was probably funny to everyone but him. His attempt to give her a proper open-palm slap goes awry, probably because he's trying to anticipate Lucette shooting him again. Even after missing he turns his attention to Luce, stomping towards her and throwing a full-force haymaker that so barely misses.
Lucette     Lucette skillfully avoids being punched... barely. With the big guy so close she decides to do a thing(tm). Diving to the side and pouring her rounds into the discarded trenchcoat, which ricochet into the Big Man's arm. Before she picks up a wooden plank and swings it at'm, though it looks like he can weave today.
Joel Joel aligns again and shoot twice more. He thought that the first shot went wide. But by some freak accident, it did not! His second shot went wide instead. He grunts as he tries hard to pull its attention from Lucette. He just needs to hit hard enough! Or so he hopes...
Lynnette     Lynn sees that hand and quickly rolls out of the way again. Gasping she stands up, looking back at her bar then frowns. "I'M TIRED OF YOU RUINING MY BAR!" With that she raises that gun and aims. BOOM. HEAD SHOT!
Alpha     Alpha is up on the roof still trying to shoot the guy! But.. is having no luck. Too many people near it, that's for sure.
Lynnette Lyn feels that brick hit her and gasp, wincing as she holds her side. It knocks the wind out of her as she raises her gun, missing. She then shakes her head, nodding a bit as she takes aim again at him. And boom she hits him again!
Mania     The group of Jack's Town's finest(tm) continue to shoot and land good shots(mostly) into Mutant X. Unarmoured there's visible feedback with rounds sinking into him and having his body jerk from forces applied. With Lucette having the brunt of his attention he makes a broad swing for her and whiffs, but the jab coming in immediately following lands squarely on her helmet's faceplate, looking like it -hurt-.
Joel Joel keeps the shots coming for the bigass mutant. He shoots and scores. Pulls the trigger again, and misses.. "Oi! Ye fat bastard! Leave her alone!"
Lucette     Lucette is punched in the face after so barely avoiding the first hit. She recoils from the blow and stashes her Colt, no juice left! She brings up her m4 quickly, hits the iring selector, and snaps off a pair of rounds that luckily SMACK HIM IN THE FACE!
Lynnette     Lynnette is quickly reloading and moving back to get a shot at Mr. X. Exhaling she fires wildly, missing the first but quickly lowering to get that second shot in his torso. Trying to keep moving around the target she purses her lips. "Why won't you just die already!?!"
Mania As the group LAYS THE SMACKDOWN on Mutant X, he decides that this is a losing battle. He about-faces and starts booking it as quickly as he can to escape!
Joel Joel sees that mutant /git/ starting to flee and aligns his rifle. 2 shots go wide.. But the third. BLAM! Headhsot! He hits the big bastards squarlily in the back of his head and watches the effect of it play out.. A grin slowly showing. He would walk over to his kill and for good measure. Pull his knife and start cutting off the head of that motherfucker.
Mania     After multiple shots to the head and face already, the fleeing Mutant X is hit by Joel and the round connects just so and he drops over. No kneeling or dropping to his knees, he's down hard. The group is victorious, Lynn's bar is avenged! Isn't it?
Lynnette     Lynn huffs as her finally makes her way over towards the body. "I swear....I should just rebuild the whole damned place!" Licking her lips she keeps her gun aimed on the mutant. " annoyed."
Alpha     Alpha would go down the ladder to the roof of the sheriff's office when he watches Mutant X drop after his insightful directions! Walking over, he proceeds to kick the body a few times for good measure, then nods when Joel goes to behead it. "Make a good deputy outta ya yet. That's thinkin smart."
Joel Joel steadily works the mutant's neck with his knife. Parting its head from the rest of the body. He looks up at Alpha and grins. Blood is splattered across his features and clothing from his grissly work. "Yep. He seemingly got up before.. Or he looks just the same. So better make sure, this time." He pulls the head free, snapping the spine to do so, and looks at the face. "Ugly bastard.." He looks to the others here. "Let's burn the rest and get this head examined."
Lynnette     Pursing her lips a bit she seems to be in thought than nods before lowering her pistol. "Hell no....and stay out of my bar with that...." Lynn scrunches her nose as she tucks her gun away for now. "....sounds like a plan I suppose...." A beat. "Just....take him out of town and make sure it's done."
Joel Joel looks at Lynn and shakes his head. "Your bar is not a medical facility. So I was not gonna bring the head in. I would appreciate a box or bottle to put it in though." He then looks at the corpse, and then the general direction of the town's exit. "I will not be able to get it out by myself, I'm afraid."
Alpha     Alpha's gotten his fill with kicking the body, then frowns at it. Shaking his head, he'd motion for a couple of guys to come haul off the looted corpse before looking over to Lynn, Joel and Luce. "So.. I thought I was hearin things. But it sounded like there was a vertibird what landed ta the northeast. This punk.." He'd kick the body again for good measure. "Came from that route. So'd the other one. I'm suspectin a pattern."
Joel Joel awaits Lynn's response to his question and then looks at Alpha as he states this. "A vertibird you say? We need to look. Now then. If this fucker wanted to flee. That might mean that the bird's still there. We might see where it comes from." He looks between them all.
Lynnette     "Are you kidding me?" Lyn founds a bit as she looks at the brute then back to the group. "This might be worse than I initially thought....than we all thought....." Sighing she just shakes her head. "LEt's do this then...."
Lucette     Lucette makes a whistle, after quietly tending to herself. Agro and Quint ride up shortly after and she sighs. "Gonna be a long night." she calls, "Let's hope if he does have friends there aren't many and that they'll listen to reason."
Alpha     Alpha makes sure to reload, muttering. He'd shoulder that rifle then, pulling out his own beast of a gun. "Fine. Let's go seek trouble. Ain't like we're tryin to live long anyways. Living in Jack's Town." He'd eye Luc a moment, then upnods her way. "Ya leadin then miss prez?"
Joel Joel keeps his own M4 at the ready, not holstering it. And nods at Alpha. Then looks askingly at Lucette. "To you, the honours."