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Ironface Jones It takes some time for the hunting party to make it all the way out to the Salt Creek Wilderness but the view alone almost makes it worthwhile. The beautiful stretch of desert has a variety of scrub plants, low hills and the occasional lone tree signifying underground water. Well, maybe its just the same as everywhere else but with less signs of human civilization and the ruins thereof.

Ironface leads the party on its way, his cape flapping in the wind as he strolls forward, walking First Horse Jones. Eventually he stops, scanning the horizon before he says, "This is where the big pigs live. We must be careful because they may try to charge us or they may try to run away." He looks over the group very seriously, "They are sometimes hard to predict. It is possible that there will be a pack of pigs. It is very important to be wary at all times." Taking a deep breath he goes on a little bit more, "Also, there are not just pigs out here to be wary of. The sinkholes here sometimes have water in them and that will draw all manner of beasts such as radscorpions and geckos."
Manuelito It had been a few years since the Navajo was out in Salt Creek Wilderness hunting. Then, it was in traditional warrior garb and not the Militia attire. In his hands rested his trusty sniper rifle, his eyes scanning the horizon quietly as he walks. He listens to Ironface passively, eyes glancing to him now and then as he spoke.
Iris Lark Iris follows along with the hunting party, clad in her new armor. Her laser pistol is out and ready and she looks around for the boars that have been described to her.
Ruane "Sink holes?" Roman responds to Jones then as he glances aside to the man, his hands clasped together before him, that vibrant blue jump suit making the man stand out like a sore thumb amongst the greys and browns of the wastes... at least until they get to more flora and fauna related areas. "LIkley scavenging off corpses. Prey provides nutrients no matter form of death. Except Radiation. Poisioning. Most forms of death." Roman mutters idly as he walks along, occasionally glancing at the rest of the party then, inspecting them each with a curious and long gaze.
Stockton Stockton gives Ironface the respect of listening to him. Right up until the end even. When the talking is done, the Merc unstraps his pistols and angles his eyes to the horizon to keep an eye on their surroundings. Anywhere in the Wasteland is dangerous. The Merc is sporting his new helmet with the T-visor and the Legion marks carved over with more tribal symbolism. Biiig middle finger. Heavy boots don't make enough sound as he moves lightly, keeping himself low despite the size. The science lesson from Roman draws a glance from the helmeted Merc, saying nothing.
Joe Caine Joe is walking not too far away from Manuelito, apparently fully patched up from their encounter that occured a few days prior in Jack's Town. A large FN FAL battle-rifle takes the place on his shoulder where the sniper rifle had been. "Sink-holes... great. I'll sink straight to the bottom.." He smirks, but it's one of self-doubt. He was not an amazing swimmer.
Ironface Jones "Yes, they are holes in the earth around here. Do not worry much about them, they are here from long ago and you can see them from far away," Ironface explains to Roman after listening closely to what he says about scavenging animals. He's a pretty attentive listener. Scanning the rest of the group again he says, "From here we must try to be more quiet. I leave First Horse here where it is usually safe. We will need him later to move the pig but he doesn't know how to be quiet." Saying that he lets go of his horse's lead and leaves it to nibble on some scrub grass. Pointing off into the distance Ironface states, "I know of a sink hole lake that is this way. We can try to pick up the trail of the big pigs there."
Katherine Caine Katherine was here with a hunting rifle in hand walking beside her son, because sometimes you just wanted some family time and also to find something to serve at your saloon. She was unusually quiet but seemed to have a cheerful smile as she walked with the others.
Iris Lark Iris watches her feet as she walks, careful not to fall into a sink hole. She keeps close to the group her pistol held close to her chest. "Wouldn't it be nice if we found a boar who fell into one?"
Manuelito "Would be difficult to haul back up from the hole. The screams it would be giving off would also attract unwanted guests to our hunting group." Manny says quietly, looking over to Iris slightly. Looking back to Joe, he nods "Good to see you are well, Joe." Then to Katherine, he gives a faint smile "Glad to see you have joined us."
Stockton Stockton chuffs softly at his companions, not willing to wade into the conversation, the surprisingly anti-social Merc just falls in line with the rest. There's a wary eye for Katherine and her kid, maybe a twitch that has the big wall of a man putting himself further away from the pair, closer to the front. He crouches along the way, looking for more clues or tracks.
Ruane Roman just glances up to look over at Maneulito then as he offers a slight frown then. "Rope might suffice. Possibly a hookshot of some sort? Spear gun? More things to prepare for next time." Roman responds as he walks along easily enough, fingers toying with the trigger of his firearm, thank god the saftey is on. Of course at Jones imploring though, Roman tries to at least keep it down a little bit.. maybe kneel down, slink about.
Joe Caine Joe Caine offers a wave towards Manuelito, "OH hey! Didn't see ya there, I'm doing good now! Been meanin' to talk to ya here anyways, glad we got some time ta talk without worryin' about machine gunnin' assholes." Unless these boars developed sentience and shot machine guns, and then they might be fucked. But that was not TOOO likely to happen. Right? Shaking his head at the thought, Joe looks towards Kitty, "Hey Ma, you'da been proud of Lilly. That girl can shoot, wheewy, I tell you h'what.." There's a moment of silence as he glances ahead, instinctively scanning the area for enenmies.
Ironface Jones Proceeding further into the wilderness things look much the same, aside from the occasional sinkhole. One of those sinkholes, however, happens to be a little lake with water in it. Its actually fairly large, about thirty yards across and ten deep with a pool of water filling the base of it. Currently theres a lone rad-rabbit taking a drink. The slope leading down to the water is fairly gentle and it looks as though animals have already made a sort of trail leading up and down that looks like it could be navigated safely by a human. Well, probably.
Manuelito Manny simple nods to Joe in recognition that he was being spoken to, a slight smile crossing his lips as he looks at the kid briefly.

Coming to a stop near the watering hole, he looks across it quietly before gazing to the rad-rabbit. The rabbit would make for a nice stew.. but the noise from his rifle may lure or scare certain animals. Debating on it for a few more seconds, Manny reluctantly passes on the opportunity.

Next time little Bunny fufu.

The Navajo gives a small nod as he sees the trail going up the slop. "Might be able to follow this up and see what is on the other side." He notes calmly, sideways glance to the group
Iris Lark Iris follows along silently gazing around the wilderness as she catches sight of some new things. She waits to see in which direction they're moving, stuffing her laser into her skirt pocket until it's needed.
Katherine Caine Katherine nodded to her son patting him on the shoulder, "Yeah, Sammy came in and told me that you got hurt. Heard you and Lilly put up a hell of a fight." Her son of course, being Joe, not that it was very damn obvious!
Stockton Stockton gives another glance over his shoulder as the party continues along the treacherous terrain. When they reach the sinkhole's edge, he pushes himself ahead to forge the trail. Why? Because he's a jerk, but also because he wasn't about to let someone else lead him to his death. "Stick to the right, the left is more dicey," he drawls through his helmet before turning back to the path. "How much further?" he asks Ironface, starting to grow impatient with the hunt perhaps? Or just itching trigger finger.
Ruane Roman follows Stockon's advice and tries to follow the man more than anythign else. He isn't about to drown to death in a bunch of fucking dirt. Quite the opposite, instead the man moves along calmly and slowly, still holding his firearm as he moves, trying to remain utterly silent as he casts a glance aside to the rest of the group, frowning slightly before looking back to Jones for more direction.
Joe Caine Joe Caine moves silently now, having responded to his mother's comment with a nod of his masked-helmet. Also following the advice of Stockton, Joe strays towards the right, carefully applying weight to each step before making it, in case anything decided that is no longer wanted to hold weight. He was a heavy guy, wouldn't be the first.. most definitely wouldn't be the last.
Ironface Jones "Here is where the hunt will truly begin, if I am guessing right," Ironface says as his people make it safely down to the water. "We must look carefully for animal prints so that we can attempt to track the pig from here to where it might be now if this is where it gets it's water. It is likely to be asleep at this time of day and we may be able to sneak up on it." There's a bunch of tracks around once Ironface starts pointing them out. Here is where the surivalists will get to show off their skills at tracking.
Manuelito Bending down to squat, Manny's hand traces over a few tracks. Bunnys. It was too bad they were after bigger game like the board; that stew was starting to sound a lot nicer now.

"I've got a litter of bunnies." Manny mutters just loud enough to be heard.
Iris Lark "There seems to be a lot of tracks in general, how are we supposed to figure out the one we want?" Iris asks, glancing around the desert with a slightly pouty look on her face. She folds her arms over her chest and waits, surely someone sees what they need.
Joe Caine Joe had spent a year in the Wasteland, surviving off of his sheer wits and endurance. Tracking had become something of an artform to him, developed while in the Militia, and honed while on his own.. Spotting a few hoofed prints in the dirt, close to the water's edge, Joe hrms, pointing it out without saying anything. It's right about that time he spots a second set of tracks leading in a similar direction, "Those hoof marks there.. those are what we are looking for.." He frowns, "There are also a set of fresh Gecko prints goin' in a similar direction.. we should most definitely be careful.."
Stockton Stockton doesn't regard Manny or what he's come up with, he's more interested in Joe and what he's getting a picture of. The Merc is veering his course towards the edge of the water and around. Eventually his gaze shoots up the hill and he cricks his neck side to side to pop it. A point of one blunt finger indicates, the other side of the big hole, "That way," he says with utter confidence. At the remark of a Gecko he just nods and is pulling his pistols.
Ruane Roman just dips his chin in response to Iris, yet this isn't what he trained for. Hunting is not his strong suit. Instead he'll just shake his head and move to follow along then as well. "Good to know.. follow the right tracks. Lead the way." He'll mutter.
Joe Caine Pausing a moment, Joe articulates a tactical plan, peering all around quickly for just a few seconds, "We should fan out and approach the direction in a wide line, so that it'll give the hog a target to charge, instead of giving it the opportunity to run right passed us." He then falls silent already fanning to the right, apparently taking the lead.
Ironface Jones The pig tracks lead up to a very steep incline. It's possible to go back and go around the sinkhole, but it would give the pig an avenue of escape in that direction if Joe's idea is correct. Going up this side of the sinkhole will require a more athletic approach than a thoughtful one, unfortunately. With the pig in close proximity it's likely the best bet to sneak up on it if one can avoid making too much noise. Ironface stands at the base of the incline, ready to help those who are less physically inclined than him to get up.
Ironface Jones The group is able to make their way up the incline, Manny with a little help from Ironface. When they reach the top of it they can see a group of a dozen geckos surrounding a rather large, approximately ten yard diameter copse of small trees and bushes. As the geckos get close a great grunting and thrashing can be heard from inside the foliage. Anyone who's heard a wild boar before knows there is one here and he is large and angry. If our intrepid heroes wish to remain unnoticed they will need to be as quiet as they can to avoid the geckos' notice.
Katherine Caine Katherine moves in silently with the rest of the group, or at least trying to keep as quiet as she can on the approach. The hunting rifle is held as she keeps her head low and towards the rear of the formation.
Manuelito The ground was soft where Manny steps, causing the Navajo to lose balance and falter. With a hand from Ironface, he manages to get up the hill. Spotting the Geckos, he watches quietly until the noise of the boar is heard and lowers into a stealth like positon as he readies his rifle and takes aim.
Ruane Roman Raune is not here. Whomever was atually here before that looked like Roman Raune was an illusion of a person's memory. An artifact.

No really though, Roman Raune when he tries to follow the group to sneak up on the boar is really sneaky. Very sneaky.
Iris Lark Iris makes it up the incline with sheer tenacity and grit, looks like the new armor fired up a spark. When she gets to the top, however, she trips over a large bough, goes down hard and grunts as she hits the ground.
Joe Caine Joe is practically a ghost as he moves up the incline, his rifle expertly held at his shoulder, muzzle pointing forward ready to blast anything that pops up. Moving towards a bush, Joe practically falls over into prone position, as silent as a mouse, the but of his rifle landing on the ground to break the limited impact. Like an Eagle, Joe glares down the iron sights of his battle-rifle, both eyes open as he counts and tracks the enemies. He doesn't shoot yet, instead looking towards Manuelito. The safety on his rifle is clicked from safety, to semi, to fully-automatic.. click, click, click.
Ironface Jones Everyone manages to maintain the element of surprise and so they gain an advantage over the geckos. The little suckers are so distracted by the boar they're trying to get to that they don't even notice Iris despite the noise she makes when she falls. Since the animals are unaware they're being watched out heroes can, if they choose to do so, unleash hell on them from range before they know what hits them.
Ruane Roman Raune, still just an utter ghsot for a few seconds, flips off his saftey at this point, and lifting his fire arm, will take aim at one of the geckos going for the boar nearby. A small frown plays across his lips even as he pulls the trigger twice. The bullets ripping into the gecko. The first one going right through the eye and into the brainpan, the second.. far less useless, popping the gecko in the leg, but soon the lizard flops onto the ground, useless and dead.
Manuelito Taking aim against one of the Geckos, Manny trains the sights on the head, takes a breath and pulls the trigger. The aim was true and the bullet explodes the Gecko's head. Not wasting time, he pulls the handle on the chamber, discharges the bullet and slides another round in.
Katherine Caine Katherine remains crouched, taking aim at the large geckos before firing off a shot at the wounded Gecko. The poor creature drops to the ground dead before she fires off another shot from her rifle and wounds another Gecko, "Looks like Big Iron is going to be eating well tonight."
Joe Caine As people start shooting, Joe remains absolutely still, seeing which ones were taken out first. Decidedly choosing the next two in line, Joe let's of a quick double-shot at two separate Geckos. The first Gecko drops dead in a gory mess as it's head explodes from the very lucky shot, while the second bullet his the ground inches away. "Blast!" Joe remains where he is though, raising into a kneeled position instead of prone.
Iris Lark Iris manages to get to her knees, untangles the tree branch from her legs and she raises her pistol, keeping her hands steady. The first shot streaks towards a gecko and it hits it square on its body, laying it flat. The second shot tags a gecko in the vitals and it goes down as well. She's able to clamber to her feet then and moves in closer to the group, pistol raised in case she needs to fire again.
Ironface Jones As everyone opens fire on the unsuspecting geckos and Ironface runs up to smash a couple of them to death with his slugger the bushes behind the remaining little guys seem to explode outwards as a monster tears out of it charging in the direction of the gunfire! If one would picture a Volkswagen Beetle with legs instead of wheels, fur instead of paint, squinty eyes for windshield and huge tusks and gnashing teeth for a grill then one would be in the right ballpark.
Manuelito Taking aim at another Gecko, Manny traces the sight on its head as his finger goes to the trigger. Taking a breath, he pulls the trigger.. and the Gecko hunches up on the hind legs. the bullet slams into the torso, knocking it over. "fucker." He mutters

He pulls the handle on the chamber, discharges the bullet and slides another round in.
Ruane Roman holds up his firearm then, aiming the gun at the largish boar as his eyes narrow for a second. Taking the time to give a quick aim then.. he'll unleash two bullets from his pitiful little gun, again the bullets land where one would think is a lethal spot. Two bullets in the skull.

Boar Skulls are apparently too thick for 10mm bullets though and all he gets is two new holes for a new nose.. and not an early grave. "Boar alive? Likley mutated anatomy. Rudundant Organs? Perhaps increased bone density? Unclear."
Iris Lark Iris ducks as shots starts to ring out. She brings her hand up to fire at one of the geckos and when she does someone else fires, startling her. She misses the first shot but manages to tag the second, killing one fo the geckos.
Ironface Jones As the geckos attack inneffectually their numbers are cut down by the hunters shooting and beating at them. The pig, on the other hand, looks angrier than before with his fresh wounds dripping blood down his sides. As he attacks the party he gets a piece of someone pretty good with his thrashing about.

Ironface smashes a gecko's head in quickly before moving on and whacking the big pig himself. It's a mighty blow but the animal doesn't seem phased by it. If anything it might have been angered further.
Ruane Roman Raune just continues to pump led into the pig as he glances aside and offers aloud. "First aid later. Survival depends on hunt. Kill the Pig, save your mother." Roman shouts out even as he continues to try and intmidate the beast with his piddly bullets.
Manuelito His concentration was on the geckos when the boar attacked him. Falling back onto his back, Manny kept the rifle the tusks and himself. Then, just as quick as the attack came the boar was off for Katherine and then Ironface.

Stepping back a few feet, Manny readjusts his aim on the Boar and takes in a breath. Crack ribs be damned as he successfully lands a hit on the boar.
Joe Caine Joe's shooting attracted the attention of two geckos, which instantly uprooted him from his kneeled position, "Oh shit.." The first gecko lunges helplessly to the side of him, while another leaps directly for Joe's face. Joe, being the ever spry man that he is managed to leap out of the way. Having noticed Ma's tussle with the hog, Joe growls, at opens up on the pig, his gun firing in rapid succession, it stops for a split second, and he fires one more shot (For good faith), all striking the pig in the ass. "MA! You OK?"
Katherine Caine Katherine rolls to the side to avoid the big pig that seems to have its sights set on her, she calls back to Joe with a grin, "Fine, it's just an animal. Not like it's a deathclaw, quite you're worrying. You're acting like, you're MY mother." Another pair of bullets struck the boar and she rolled to the side again before letting the rifle drop to her side on the strap, "Awww, you wanna dance piggie?" She was going to try her machete out.
Joe Caine Joe looks as if Kitty's comment had been hurtful, but nods in agreement, as her statement about was rather fitting. The massive pig had taken quite a licking, looking quite beaten, so Joe let's off one final calculated shot, the large 7.62 millimeter bullet striking the massive animal in the chest.

The beast howls one last time before staggering about. Eventually it slumps over. Joe peers at it, steeping backwards, "Got 'eem!"
Ironface Jones "Well done, friends!" Ironface calls out as he lifts his slugger in the air in victory, admiring the scope of the dead boar and actually putting on a smile for once.

Once the pig is slain and Ironface gets his words out things go quiet for a moment. The geckos and the mighty beast itself made for a formidable battle but our hunters managed to come out ahead thanks to their luck, stealth, skill, athleticism and teamwork. With the mighty boar dead the heroes would be able to return it to Vault City's restaurant and get their reward. Not only that, but there was plenty of gecko meat to go around so that no one would have to worry about going hungry if they wanted to harvest some for themselves.
Joe Caine After helping Ma pick up some meat, Joe moves over towards Manuelito, "Good fight hoss! Hey.. soo.. I was thinkin' about re-joinin' the Militia.. been a while since I wore them fatigues, with all this.. extracurricular military-esque activity that's been encroachin' on our city, I'm not too thrilled about the idea simply standin' by." He's of course talkin to the man quietly, his back turned towards the other people gathered.
Manuelito Standing up and dusting off the pants, Manny looks to Joe with a nod. Standing up right, he slings the rifle and hmm "We could always use an extra hand now and then. Come by the office tomorrow and we'll get you reenlisted and signed up."
Ruane Roman shakes his head then as he moves to approach the new carcass, looking it over for a few seconds. "COuld use this hide. Bones also useful. Possibly could construct something." He'll mutter under his breath as his hand reachs up to rub at his chin. "Suggest.. careful skinning. cooking. preperation. Possibly using magnets?"
Joe Caine Joe Caine nods towards Manny, "Sounds good, I'll be there first thing!" He offers a salute, and then another.. brotherly nod before turning to return to his mother to help carry the meat back to El Dorado, "Well, that was fun Ma! Let's get back, I need me a double whiskey..."
Katherine Caine The rifle was shouldered by Katherine and she nodded to the group, "Good work everyone. Feel free to stop by the Gold Digger for a drink if you like, Joe's buying." She didn't seem too interested in dirtying her hands with butchering and so she set back off with Joe towards town.
Iris Lark Seeing that the hunt was done Iris turns and slips off, down the incline as she heads back to town. She retrieves her rucksack from where she stashed it and continued to walk.
Stockton Stockton is still nursing his leg, the leather armor spared him getting it ripped off, but it's mauled none the less. He's got a rag wrapped around it now soaking through with blood as he holsters his weapons and pulls out his knife. He's gonna take some of this here Gecko. It's a bloody mess, and when he's done he gives a little feral growl. "Right. Drinks." And then he starts hobbling back. Because it's gonna be a while.
Ruane Roman will pause then to look up from his inspection of the boar carcuss, no doubt the others would get to moving it eventually. "You." He'll state glancing over at Stockton. "Will get leg bound. Have some bandages. Unclean, will work. Deal with the bloodloss."
Ironface Jones As everyone talks and mills about after slaying the mighty boar, Ironface Jones joins in butchering the monstrous hog, not getting himself too messy while doing the work. It's not his first rodeo, after all, though it is his first pig of that size. "I will enjoy the drinks very much. Thank you, Joe," Ironface calls out from partway inside the dead hog. "There will be many beers to celebrate this adventure."