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Owner Pose
Joel Joel sits at the bar peering over what seems to be a map of some sorts. There's a beer standing next to him. though it is almost untouched. Also to be seen is a noteblock with some writing on it.
Winston Winston strolls in to the saloon, the dust from his duster makes a cloud as he unbuttons it and removes his helm. Shaking out his bushy hair and beard, ruffling his fingers though it all. He looks up to see whats happening today as he belly's up to the bar to order a bottle.
Joel Joel looks up from his map and noteblock and gives Winston a nod. "Hey there! Been a while since I last saw you around. How's it going?" He smiles broadly and leans on the bar, taking a sip from his half dead beer.
Winston Winston smiles over to Joel when he hears his voice, "Yeah. Not since the Geko hunt. How ya been?" pausing to pay the tender for the bottle of whiskey. Taking it over to a table, inviting the mechanic over with nod of his head as he pulls the cork from the bottle with his teeth to spit it into his helmet so he can take a hearty swig before sitting homself down, lying his rifle across the table, and throwing his pack under the table.
Joel Joel nods. "Yeah. Though a good hunt it was!" He grins at that. He waits for Winston to settle himself before continuing. "Heard about that vault 99? Sounds interesting to me.. Curious to see the differences to the one I came from."
Winston Winston nods to that downing another swig. "Heard a bit, not much though. I been out to Jack's town for a bit. heard they were looking fer some guns to deal with raiders poppin up. Damn gangs never stop poppin up. Stupid folks thinkin its quicker to take from other than just join in an help build somethin good. If'n ya want, I'm free to make the trip with ya, if ya want to check the place out. Only vault I seen is the one under this place. Bit claustrophobic if ya ask me."
Joel Joel nods. "Ah? Damn it. I've missed that call then.. Would have liked to help as well. Fucking raiders...." There's a definitive disslike towards them. "Let me know if there's need for it again." Then another nod. "Yeah. I would not mind having you along! Never know whom you encounter on the way. Or at the place itself..." He gestures to Winston's drink. "First finish that one though. You look like you've more than earned it." Then a grin shows. "And after hearing that you've helped wipe out those raiders. The more so!"
Winston Winston sets his bottle down, offering Joel a swig if he likes. Rummaging through his pack to pull out a medkit that he sets on the table too. Then, with a wince of pain, he removes his duster to let drape over the back of his chair. "Eh, I haven't made a raider run yet, just checkin things out to see what was up. Town seems to get badgered regularly with em." Once the kit it open and he has the stuff he needs from it, he starts to remove his chest armor and shirt to reveal a nasty bite along his side, looks worse than it is. "Frigin ferals. Ran into em twice out there outside Roswell. Once on the way in, and on the way back."
Joel Joel accepts the offered drink and takes a swig as well, making him cough in response. "Wow.. Strong stuff." He carefully places the bottle back on the counter and watches Winston set up the medkit and undoing his armor.. And upon seeing that bitemark, Joel winces. "Owh shit! That's a nasty one man.." Then his eyes go wide and he looks up at the man. "Winston.. Does this mean.. Does this means that you will become one of them now?" Joel inches back from the man a little. "Like in the old movies I mean?... Once bitten, you'd turn into one of them?"
Winston Winston chuckles, wincing a bit with the laugh, "Nah. Just hurts like a son of a. It'll be a'right. Little ointment, change the bandaging regularly. Will heal good as new. This ain't nothin like the nail board damn mutant put through my arm. Had to go to the medic for that. First aid wasn't fixin that wound. Broke the damn thin in 2 places and got infected from the damn rusty nails. Thought I was gonna bite it there for a sec, till I blasted the bugger in the throat with my Side arm." patting the Sequoia in its holster and returning to tending to the wound.
Joel Joel sighs in clear relief at that. "Wow.. Glad to hear. I'd hate for such a thing to happen. Glad to know that those Ferals are not able to do that!" He then listens to what the mutant did to him and he cannot help but wince again at hearing it. "Damn man. You tend to get into tight places, don't you?"
Winston Winston grins, "Just part of being a Ranger. We take care of alot on our own in the field. Gotta be self sufficient most times. Spent many months not seeing another soul out there scouting. Not many are cut out for the solitude. The quiet can play tricks on ya if yer not carful. We are social creatures. Interaction keeps our minds right, if'n ya know what I mean."
Joel Joel nods. "Fair enough. Makes sense if you'd ask me. But yeah. I get watcha mean. I've seen enough movies in which the matter came up. So yeah..." He shivers at the thought and shakes it off with another gulp of his almost stale beer. He then nods towards Winston's side. "This kit will be sufficient?"
Winston Winston shrugs a bit as he packs things up, "For a bit. I have to restock as stuff is used up, but for the most part, I'm just a field medic for minor things. I can get ya up and shootin again, though if the wound is too bad, might not be shootin all that great, but you will be shootin." grabbing the bottle for another good gulp, using his arm to slop up what dribbled in his beard.
Joel Joel listens and nods at that. "Alright. Well. Better than just laying there, bleeding out I guess." He shrugs and chuckles. "Let us restock before heading out then. And owh. I can pay you back for the gear you sponsored me if you want?"
Winston Winston waves the offer off, "Lets just call it a good deed to help a fellow man. Its rough out there, we gotta stick together if we are going to survive what the waste's throw at us. Besides, I ain't hurtin for cash. Been doin pretty good out there scrounging."
Joel Joel smiles broadly at that and nods. "Thanks Winston. I appreciate it. I truly do. Let me know though. If I can ever help you with something." He pats an M4 resting against the counter next to him. "I've been doing rather fine myself as well. So I can handle myself a bit better now."
Winston Winston nods sharply, "Ya learn quick, er yer dead." downing a good swaller from the bottle. "Your a mechanic, somethin I ain't any where near a bit a knowhow. If'n you know something out there you need for a project, you call on me for a gun to watch yer back to recover it. Could use a vehicle to get to Albequerque. Make the trip much quicker. We could hunt for parts to get somethin goin."
Joel Joel smiles at him. "True enough." And then listens to his idea and offer. "I would love to get my hands on a vehicle. I am sure that I will be able to get it back up and running, if it needs fixing. But it will be good to have someone watching my back if it would. And also for the scavenging part, yes." He grins broadly at that. "Still not as good a shot as you are."
Winston Winston shrugs, "It'll come in time." starting to buckle himself back up from fixing his wounds, "I'll keep an eye out in my travels for a good vehicle to possibly salvage. Though we are prolly gunna need some bahmin to drag it back. I ain't no cattle farmer. I can ride a bit, but handling pack animals is another thing. Met anyone local that can handle that part of the salvage?"
Joel Joel thinks about that for a moment. "Maybe that woman from Jacks town? The owner of that bar? Or maybe the Sheriff?" He shrugs. "Not sure whom else might be able to. I sure as hell can't ride or herd. That much I know."
Winston Winston chuckles, "Gonna have to get you used to a horse. If nothin else, better than walkin. Easier to come by in these parts. I'm lookin to buy one here soon. Just need to find a place to care for it when in town." He leaves the duster draped over the back of the chair and helmet on the table, but for the most part, all armored up again. "Well, ask around town, see if anyone would be interested. I'll be out in the wastes searchin for a vehicle. I'm thinkin somethin all terrain."
Joel Joel nods. "Sounds cool." And laughs. "Just like in those old Western movies!" He shakes his head in awed thought. "Yeah. That'd be awesome!" He looks back to Winston. "I am sure that if they're that easy to come by around here. Finding a place to keep it whilst in town, would not pose such a big deal?" He finishes his by now fully stale beer and sighs. "That was nasty." A shake of the head. "But yeah. I am sure that we can find someone for that. And all terrain sounds like the only /real/ option actually."
Winston Winston chuckles at the movie talk, "You sure seem to like the picture shows. Suppose livin in a hole, ya kinda need movies to keep ya entertained. There ain't no, go play outside, happening."
Joel Joel shrugs at that. "It was how we were educated in Vault 35. It was even numbered 35 in honour to the old 35mm film they used to have." He chuckles then. "But yeah.. It did help kill the dullness."
Winston Winston smiles with the relation. Sippin on the bottle again. "So what's yer dreams, kid? Shop in the big city? Hunt for unique scrap? Family?"
Joel Joel shrugs. "Not sure what my endgoal is yet. Though I'd love to find old world tech, and get it back up and running. Help trying to preserve some stuff for the generations to come... And who knows! Maybe even chip in, in helping our species climb back to glory."
Winston Winston grins a bit as he sipps his whiskey, "Not bad ideas. Some even doable. Should be fun ride while it lasts. Welp, Imma head out. Gonna find me a place to rest my head for a bit. I'll see ya round." standing with a little wobble in his step and a sting of pain shown on his face as he gathers his things.
Joel Joel smiles at the man as he starts to depart. "Alright Winston! Good to have seen you again. And indeed. See you soon!"