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Joel The young man has found the entrance of V99.. A place he heard talk about some time ago whilst sitting in the Golddiggers Saloon back in El Dorado. And ofcourse. This all piqued his curiosity tremendously, making his inner explorer excited and urge him onwards. And thus. With a little prepparation done. He had set out to find the entrance to this Vault. It took him a long time of traveling to get here. More so because he tried to avoid all the topside hazards that he was able to avoid. The door to the vault looks indeed, very damaged. And it takes him a long time to find himself a decent way inside, and On the treshold. He looks, trying to see if there's anyone there.
Xenia It doesn't take Joel long to find anyone, in the form of two Vault-suited and armored security guards. Both aim rifles at him. "Halt," one states, with calm but deep-seated authority. "State your name and your reasons for being here. And keep your hands where we can see them."

"Any funny business will put you on the wrong end of lethal force, Jack... no questions asked," adds the second, slightly less calmly.
Joel The man slowly shows his hands, palms up to show them that he's not holding a gun or any other sort of weapon in his hand. "Hey. Take it easy. The name's Joel Van Dyk. And I hail from Vault 35. Used to be part of their engineering department there. Also had a little bit of security training too. Left the Vault as I wanted to see more of the world we now live in. And I gotta admit. The world of Mad Max, came rather close... Although. There's a big vibe of Resident Evil in it as well.. Though less so to do with a Virus or anything. But more with some irradiated evolution." He gives them a friendly smile whilst keeping as calm as possible. "I've heard talk about this place, back in the Saloon. And decided to go and see what is what. So yeah.. Here I am."
Xenia "Mad /who/? Resident /what/? This guy speakin' English, Sarge?" the second security guard asks the first, without taking his sights off of Joel.

"Yeah, he's speaking English, but damn if I know what he's talking about. Never heard of Vault 35, either, but we know there were other Vaults," replies the sergeant, cautiously lowering his weapon a little. "You mentioned hearing talk back in a saloon... what was the name of that saloon, and where was it?" he asks, his tone still even.
Joel Joel looks at them both as they talk about what he just said and sighs. "They're movies. Our Vault's educational system was done through watching movies. Same as most of our leisure. So yeah.." He eases a little as he sees one of the guns lower a little. Though he keeps his hands up in the air.

He's wearing hat that pairs with the long and heavy trenchcoat that he wears over his leather armour. Even though. The blue of a Vault uniform can still be seen here and there. On his back is slung what seems to be an M4a1 Carbine. And in a holster on his hip, the butt of a 9mm can be seen. On the opposite side, in another holster. Hangs a big combat knife.

"The name of the Saloon? It's called the Golddiggers Saloon. And it's located in a town called El Dorado. The biggest town in this state. Or at least. For as far as I know. There's Jack's town as well. But that one is not as big."
Xenia "El Dorado, huh? Just passing through there?" the sergeant asks, almost casually. The other trooper, on the other hand, subtly shifts his aim... from center mass to the heart.
Joel Joel shrugs. "I've not been long in El Dorado myself. As I said, I come from Vault 35. El Dorado happened to be the first, real town that I came upon." He either did not notice the subtle shift of the other's aim. Or he's a real cool cat.. Probably the former though. "Though passing through? No.. That was not really what I had planned. I was actually curious as to how this Vault differentiated from the one I myself, came from."
Xenia "I was more wondering if you were just passing through /El Dorado/... not here," clarifies the sergeant. "Not many people come out here... and El Dorado residents tend to get a frostier reception than anyone else who's not a bandit, raider, super mutant, or other unfriendly. Especially if they're militia or rangers."

"That's a natural by-product of unprovoked attacks that include elements of mass murder, grand theft, and sabotage!" adds the second guard, a bit hotly.

"Easy, Brick... /he's/ not from there," cautions the sergeant, resting a hand on the other man's shoulder, which seems to finally convince him to lower his weapon. "Just keep an eye on him while I call for an escort." He touches an intercom switch beside the main door. "Gate Team to Security... got a visitor for you. Need an escort... yeah, a volunteer should be fine. Long as they've got security training."
Joel Joel nods... But remains silent as confusion marks his face.. Frosty reception? Unprovoked attacks? Murder, theft.. Sabotage?.. What the hell happened here.. And at the sarge's words. He nods slowly. "No.. I'm not." His voice lacks some of the previous luster and he looks around now.. The damaged Vault door, now makes sense.. As do the other small marks of battle that the occupants were seemingly unable to fully repair.. He sighs deeply and looks back at the two guards. "I'm sorry for what happened here.. The Vault, I came from.. It endured some attacks as well. Raider attacks, that is. We've lost some good people to those as well."
Xenia "Sorry for yer troubles, Mack. Guess Vault residents the world over are made to suffer," Brick opines, shaking his head sadly. "We've had enough of that this last year or so."

A few moments later, a red-haired young woman in a security breastplate over a standard Vault suit and utility belt walks through the open door, squinting slightly at the noticeably brighter light. Her twin pigtails, tied with blue and yellow marble-tipped clasps, and her under-average height suggest youth, but the Vault suit does little to hide a young woman's figure. Her eyes are blue, with a weary look that shifts to suspicion as soon as she sees him. "Thank you for paging me, Sergeant," she says, then adds, "Follow me," in a slightly chilly tone. "And please keep your hands away from your weapons at all times. Our security forces won't tolerate any apparently hostile actions." With that, she turns to lead him inside.
Joel Joel smiles sadly at the man. "Sorry to hear that.. Truly am. Though I see." He gestures around. "That the repairs are coming along, rather well." His attention then gets pulled to the new arrival. A young woman. He gives her a nod and smile as well. And then raises his brow as all that she says at first is, /follow me/ like that. He does follow her though. And at her next words, he nods. "No worries though. I'm not here to start trouble." A few seconds later he continues. "Did they also teach you how to use heavy weapons? Or... Did you not have had the chance yet? Back at our Vault, we had a minigun. Found it after defeating a raider attack. And well. Used it for defence later. I was one of the few trained in how to use it. Both because I was able to get it back in running order. And me doing a course in Vault security training."
Xenia "That's good. Trouble's the last thing we need around here," she replies, leading Joel toward the processing center. Although it's clear that repairs have been made, signs of battle damage linger, more than were visible outside the Vault. After a few moments, she pauses and turns to face him. "No offense, but I'd rather not talk about weapons. I know they're a necessity, but after what we've been through? I'd prefer not to think about them any more than I absolutely have to. Okay?"
Joel Joel observes the hallways they walk through. Seeing the damage and repairs as they pass them. He then almost walks into her as she pauses and turns to him. Stopping just in time, and taking a step back. "Sorry." He then listens to her and nods. "Fair enough.. Security is not your department I take it?" He then gestures to the utility belt. "Engineering? Or is that also out of necessity?"
Xenia She shakes her head, resting her hands on her hips. "Maintenance... out of /very urgent/ necessity. Among other things. I only carry /this/," she says, patting a holstered plasma pistol, "because it was issued to me. Also out of necessity." Taking a slow, calming breath, she finally looks at him again. "What brings you to Vault 99? And where do you need to go while you're here? We don't really do tours."
Joel Joel nods. "Maintenance is also important. Very much so, actually." He then looks at her /necessary/ weapon and back up again. "You never liked them, did you?" His voice is intruiged, but not judging. "But what brings me here?" He scratches his head. "Curiosity." He grins at her. "I was wondering in how much difference there was between Vault 35. And this one." He looks around again. "But seeing as how much damage there has been.. I could offer assistance on any repairs still needing to be done?"
Xenia "I was... indifferent to them," she replies, looking slightly off to the side and down at the floor plating. "They were something I knew about and learned to use because there was a need. And then, when we were viciously attacked, I saw what they did to my friends and my neighbors..." She clenches her fists, trailing off and blinking hard several times, very quickly. "If this horrible world ever learns to live in peace, I will never touch another weapon. But I doubt I'll live to see that day. I doubt anyone ever will. We seem to be too good at hurting one another to learn how to stop."

Sighing quietly, she stares at the floor, eyes squeezed tightly shut. "There are too many necessary repairs to count without a list. The big one is the water purification plant... someone or something caused it to explode shortly before El Dorado's rangers attacked us. I won't rule out sabotage, because they clearly already knew how to get inside the Vault through the old, abandoned tunnels. I was put in charge of trying to fix it... I say trying because I wasn't trained in repairing things. I did well to know which end of the hammer to hold. But the G.O.A.T. singled me out for a leadership position, and Maintenance was what was open. Bitterly ironic, isn't it? So... what do you know about water treatment equipment?"