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Owner Pose
Darlene     The Chryslus plant is a half-day's walk from EllDee, taking some winding paths off one of the old two lane highways that plow straight lines through the Four Corners countryside. The plant is clustered inside a large, sprawling industrial park that seems to have taken most of the damage of the sporadic nuclear blasts that hit the region, leaving it partly intact inside a ring of ruined warehouses and factories.
    Perhaps that is all that has saved this place from total looting and allowed a band of roving ghouls to take up residence, some time in the past.

    A faded, sun-blasted sign still stands outside the factory complex. "Nuke-leus Powerdrive Systems: Part of the Chryslus Family" It's here that Darlene huffs and takes a break in the shade, out of the reach sight of any possible wandering Ghoulies. "Told you it was here." She smiles, and takes a big pull from her canteen, looking up at the noonday sun. "Just in time to get inside, I suppose."