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Rose The wasteland was a harsh and forgiving place for most in this world. Even those with the daring and courage to brave the dangers and set out to forge a life for themselves in this world still faced a potential threat from something out in those sands. There were monsters out there in the dark, and it was a chilling fact known by most that some of the most dangerous monsters were the human kind. A radscorpian, a feral ghoul, even a dreaded Deathclaw had simple rules. It wanted to kill you because it wanted to eat you. Humans weren't always so straight forwards.

It had been early hours when the young man had come stumbling in from the desert, practically falling in a heap outside the Gold Digger Saloon. Barefoot and gutshot, whatever force that might hand down one's fate or perhaps sheer dumb luck had spared the bleeding farmhand from the creatures in the dark and let him reach the safety of El Dorado to make his plea.

The boy was a farmhand, a small farm ran by an elderly couple trying to make a living growing what they could in a property about 2 miles to the west of the Clovis Highway headed towards Acme. He'd been living there for an entire season and the family had practically became his own. Clutching at his injury, his pleas were desperate: A group of men had come to the settlemen with guns and knives to take the farmer's two daughters by force, killing the man and his wife. Men encouraged by talk of Legion sightings to venture back into the slave trade. The fate that awaited those girls if they were delivered was horrific enough to give the farmhand the determination to drag himself back to town for miles, but he could go no further. He needed someone to rescue those girls.

The Gold Digger just so happened to house a certain NCR Ranger who'd always been one for putting the protection of innocents over orders. So while others tended to the Farmhand's wounds she went to make ready and put the words out. Others present might decide of their own, but at the very least? The Ranger intended to go after the slavers.

Time for folks to bring a little Justice in the Wasteland...
Bane      Justice in the wastes, something Bane has great interest in. Especially when it involves the killing of innocents by raiders with nothing to gain except a few caps. Normally he works for money, but now he will work for whatever he can take from their bodies and any caps handed out for the killing of bandits.

     Now he sits astride his horse ready to head out, his rifle is cradled in his arms his pistol is at his hip and his 'in case of emergencies' weapon is hung from his horses side still in its case. He tilts his hat down low over his eyes making sure that nothing can obscure his vision "Lets get going. We do not want to let them get away from us."
Abe     Abe wasn't good with meat. Meat was pliant and squishy, meat bled and oozed. Abe, Abe was good with metal. Matal was hard, tough. Metal dented rather than broke, if it cracked, you welded it back together, if the crack was too large, you welded something over it! So no, when the boy came stumbling near-dead to Scribe Abreham's favorite saloon/brothel and current home, he wasn't worth much. He listened though, while someone fished the bullet out of the boys guts and went about making sure the various things that come with being shot in your digestive tract bring were not happening, Abe listened.

He'd been part of the party that helped put the Legion army down. When Rose started forming her posse, he pledged himself to it. Making the awkward effort of tucking his pistol under his belt, the bulky laser making for a poor fit. "Couldn't be too far from that homestead, could they? If they had a mind of bringing someone back with them." he reasoned... He was, notably, horseless.
Lockreed There happens to be another loner out there in the vast arid emptiness, closer to where the proposed rescue operation is about to take place rather than having had any ties to the Gold Digger and the crew gathering there. She's a raider, if her appearance has anything to say about it (and it does happen to have quite a lot to say about it with the tattoos, leathers, and wacky green hair.) She's alone, which is quite unusual for the raider sort. She's also twelve shades of loopy, which is entirely normal for the raider sort.

Whether she's with the currently guilty party or not isn't easy to tell, finer details and tribalistic mannerisms tend to get overlooked when they're all marked with a 'shoot on sight' tag. Easy pickings, perhaps. Or maybe a good source of information on the current operation. Or, maybe just in the wrong place at the wrong time. They're all the same though, right? Let God sort 'em out. Someone like Lockreed? Probably never see it coming.
Sammy     Sammy is of course, pretty good at keeping his ear to the street, for signs of trouble. It's one of those things that they're here to do. He pings the Embassy for a note and lets them know he's headed out following a lead on a raider attack. That's about all that's said, since he knows the crew of the Saloon, can pretty much keep you from dying out if you can make it there, almost like the Triage and Outpatient Clinic of the Shantytown Med Center right on the main drag.
    He has a bad habit of sneaking up on people, or a good habit, depending on who you're talking to and the conditions. He likes the stealthy approach, and his silenced footfalls of a careful person as he moves to the group that mustered. He unlimbers the rifle from his shoulder, checking the action, "Ranger Sammy Jenkins, NCR. I hear there's a raider attack on a farm towards this-away?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine follows behind Sammy on her horse, Sprocket. She's got her cloak's hood up, mostly covering her form. The glint of her goggles peeks out from under the hood, mostly silent she sorta shadows behind Sammy. A figure of solemnity, she is. She says nothing, however, to punctuate Sammy's question, Sprocket, Lilly's beloved horse, farts in a most noisy and honest fashion.
Rose Perhaps it was in Lockreed's favor that she was not the first tribal sort to come walking into town. That said, she looked different enough from the last that she'd certainly not avoid an odd look or two. The young man not lapsing into pointing and screaming at her when she went by probably helped a little too. The kid was made of tough stuff and while he might end up a little poorer for it down the line, Ms. Kitty's girls had seen enough gunshot wounds they could help patch him up until a real healer made it over. There was however, still no time to waste.

A nod to Bane and Rose had swept her duster over her shoulders and slung up her new rifles over her shoulder. Sammy? He and Lilly were welcomed even if the latter got a look that might as well have stamped 'be careful' on her forehead. Abe was an unknown, but if he would help he wouldn't be refused.

These bandits probably weren't worth the cost of the bullets spent, but rescuing the girls themselves? That might do it. Rose'd planned to purchase a horse this afternoon after she'd handed something over to Katherine Caine, but now? No such luck. It seems more than a few of them were horseless. Those that would join were welcomed, none are going to refuse an extra hand in this rescue from the willing.

They needed a plan if they hoped to catch or intercept the Raiding Slavers!
Bane      Bane looks towards the others, why every time they out together a posse to chase people down is he one of the only ones that has a horse? He sighs as he looks over towards Rose "Jump up on my horse, but if you end up breaking its back you'll be buying me a new one." He shakes his head "We need to move fast, if they have horses hopefully they will have to double up with the girls. If they are on foot we should be able to catch them quickly. If they have enough horses for everyone well...then things will get complicated."
Abe     "Right." uttered, Abe. He was of the Brotherhood. This meant that along with never having had to eat his pet for lunch nor consider his mother as a possible girlfriend, he could count.

So he did.

    One, Two, Three, Four...


Five folks, two horses. He always liked math, it's a shame that math didn't like him too often.

"Guess I'll... hold down the fort." What fort, there isn't any fort here! Not that the Rangers arnt trying, but still.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine gives Sammy a hand up, letting him use her stirrup as she makes room in the saddle for him behind her. She lowers her hood, heeling Sprocket up closer to Bane. A wide grin beams beneath her goggles.
Sammy Sammy reaches back and adjusts himself just a little, making sure his duster's covering, and he's got a good angle on things, he slings the rifle over his shoulder for now and draws back his duster over his revolver. He taps Lilly on the shoulder and nods, "Good to go." before curling one arm around her waist to help balance.
Abe     Abe had all but given up, with a farewell of, "Good luck out there, be careful." he turned from the crew and was making his way back into the saloon...

The boy, now likely given something to make the agony in his belly a easier burden to suffer, was talking. He'd over looked it before, just hadn't thought about it... But if the slavers hadn't heard about the route of the Legion at Jack's town, they'd be taking them to their old encampment...

West, they needed to go west! If They could hit them at the crossroads, even Abe could get there on foot in time if he was lucky.

No sooner than they had been rid of him than did Abe reappear, barreling through the batwing doors.


He explained his thoughts. The slavers seeking out a Legion camp, their path, where they could lay a ambush and wait for them to pass rather than chase them into the dark of night and risk being ambushed themselves!

"The crossroads to the west, even if I'm on foot, we can make it in time!"
Bane      "Rose, dismount. I'll ride ahead and make sure the zone is clear. Follow up on foot with...the other ranger." He shakes his head as he waits for Rose to dismount he racks the lever of his rifle inspecting his weapon to make sure it is good to go. Then he sticks spurs to the horse and gallops out of town. He will make it to the ambush spot quickly and make sure there are no suprises waiting for them there."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine looks to Sammy, over her shoulder, questioning if they should all walk in, letting her Horse stay where it's safe. "Whatcha wanna do?" she asks, looking after Bane, and not really wanting to ride off and leave Rose.
Sammy Sammy gestures, "Lets get close, and let Sproket go when we get most of the way and we get a bead on what's out there. There's somethin to be said for a good horse that can find his way back to the barn. . . aThoguh we have got to figure out what he's nibblin on to fart so much, because seriously. Has someone been feedin him geko stew chili?" he gestures to the west and holds on.
Rose Rose will walk, even if it is an odd concept to see an NCR Ranger and a BOS scribe traversing the wasteland together. As she climbs off the horse the blonde woman gives Bane a look. "Just don't go starting the fight and getting all shot up without me Old Man, there might be more bullets than even you can soak up." With a nod to Lilly and Sammy, Rose checks her gunbelt one last time before slinging her new rather large sniper rifle into her arms and jerks her head towards Abe. "C'mon, best we start moving now."

Abe's calculation had payed off, for those walking would only be just about 45 mins behind the riders if they could keep a decent marching pace. Of course, how tired they would be when they got there was anyone's guess. For the riders however? They had a little more time to prepare and investigate. All three of them could find between the dunes a path that had been carved by travel between some of the larger hills of sand. From the distance one might never see people willing to keep a low profile sneak past. It was quite the decent smuggling channel. The perfect place to ambush the would-be Slavers too

As they drew closer however, the practiced eyes of Bane and Sammy spot something in the scattered scrub of the hill. Those perfect ambush positions? Someone had thought of that. Someone with a talent for engineering clearly. A rather nasty trap lay in wait for those who would try and ambush, a small glass jar filled with scrap metal tucked into the bushes and attached to something half-dug into the dirt awaits.
Bane      "Any of you have any knowledge of exlosives? Or how to dismantle them at the very least. I would like that disarmed at least, or if possible moved on to the path to wait for our would be slavers." He shakes his head slightly as he leads his horse of slightly moving it behind some sand dunes looking for something to tie the reins off to. Returning he checks over his weapons one last time as he looks down the path. "If we can get that done we can dig in a little and make sure we are ready, if not we will have to make do."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine lets Sammy off the horse first, then slides down herself. She Pats Sprocket's neck lovingly. Sprocket turns her head to nuzzle and lip a bit of Lilly's hair before walking off to inspect something vaguely greenish.
Abe     El Durado is made of odd concepts, Scribe McDonald was coming to realize. As long as they didn't have their heads too far up their backsides, it seemed almost anyone could get along pretty well in that town built of old world ruins.

"Don't hold up on my account!" he advised her, that smile still playing across his lips as they set out, following the dust of their compatriots.

Surprisingly, the short, tubby Scribe managed to keep pace. There were moments when it seemed he might falter but with grit, he managed to match the Rangers pace step for step as they quick-marched into the waste.

Mind you, he'd start to sweat up a storm in the chill night soon but he'd be there in fit enough shape to fight soon enough. With each step he considered his budget, with each step the need for a horse or some other method of transportation grew more pressing.
Sammy Sammy swings down from horseback, and holds his hand up, "Most of what I've done with explosives is shoot them, throw smoke and flashbangs to cause confusion and panic, and molotovs to clear out entrenched nests and hardened targets." he crouches low, flicking his goggles to on with the faint little *fwweeee* of the Ranger helmet doing it's thing. "So you have to ask yourself, what is the purpose of a trap. Is it to kill? Killing's easy. You don't need explosives, a tugged up root becomes a snare and a sharp spike in the right direction out here will fuck someone's day over." he looks down at his rifle, then bringing it up, he looks through the scope to investigate and see if there's a cway to sneak in and disarm the trap, "So is this to kill? To buy time for someone in a hurry, or a nasty alarm?"
Rose Rose and Abe would take a little while longer to arrive, giving the trio time to consider what they might do with the counter-ambush-trap they had discovered. If Abe's calculation was right though? They'd only have about 5 minutes more after the pair arrived before the slaver's would be upon them if they were travelling by horse. They'd have to share whatever plan they came up with fast.

If the Ranger was impressed with the speed that the slightly portly Scribe put up? She wasn't going to say it aloud. Clearly looks could be decieving, especially in El Dorado! The walk would take a toll on anyone, but it seemed that both were well enough trained or adjusted to recover in time before the shooting starts.

But first...the bombs. What to do?
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine moves to retrieve Sammy, walking the horse back up the road a bit. She pulls ther hood back over her head, adjusting goggles on her face, and really hopes that Sammy doesn't get all blowed up. Or the others for that matter.
Bane      Bane is no demolitions expert, he wasn't trained by any military. Hell he doesn't even use snares and the like when he hunts, he prefers to go by the bullet. But he has seen enough to have his susspicions raised by what is over there. He shakes his head as Sammy speaks, when he replies his voice is in a low gravelly drawl. "It doesn't matter exactly what it is going to do to us, or what the exact purpose of it is. It is clearly there to stop people lying in wait exactly where we want to lie in wait. If nobody can do anything about it i'll just setup somewhere else."
Sammy     Sammy looks up to Lilly, "You think you're quick enough to dismantle a boobytrap?" he asks, and pats her hand, "If not we basically lose time, and have to make sure the others when they catch up, don't set off this alarm." he notes, looking around for a way to make a mark like 'BOMB HERE ->' if he has to grab a stick and draw a skull and letters in comic sans in the dirt.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine looks to sammy. "There's not a lot I cant take apart. And it only blows up once in a while.. I can give it a shot." She moves close to the area, looking back to Sammy for instructions. Getting close enough to see, she does what she can.
Abe     Five minutes, five minutes sounds good.

Abe drops down to his ass just as soon as they make their randevous with the rest of the party. He takes a moment to refresh himself, catch his breath, take a drink from a canteen, a nip from a flask.
Rose Rose and Abe's arrival isn't too long after. Time flies when you're not trying to consider how to avoid getting filled with shrapnel after all. When the Ranger arrives? She'll take off her helmet for a few moments to breathe the fresh air properly, but then it was time to get to work. Newly safe, Rose moves to take her own position in the ambush with a nod to the others, expecting them to do the same.

Even those who weren't equipped with some form of vision magnification wouldn't have to wait long to see the dust rising in the distance. It seems the slavers were coming, and coming at great speed. The sooner the men could offload their prizes? The sooner they could be payed and find favour from the rising horde of the Legion.

As they draw closer, dust clouds become proper shapes in the form of the raiding party. Four men on four horses, each dressed in the mish-mash of looted and worn equipment that they had taken from victims on the road. The fifth shape however was a little more odd. A 'wagon', pulled by two more horses and rebuilt out of an old burned pre-war caravan took up the rear. Its driver sat atop with another armed man, rounding out the visible total of slavers to six.

The girls themselves? They weren't immediately visible.
Sammy     There's a rock, it's name is ... Sammy. The Ranger's set up more ambushes than he cares to recount to the public, that's kinda his thing, He gets into a good 'hide' with a bit of cover, setting up to pick off, trying to determine who seems leader, follower, basically picking who gets their day ruined first through that scope. The duster laiing flat, never quite clean, does a good enough job blending in with the actual rock.
Sammy     Sammy considers the oncoming mini caravan. He looks, and decides, the one who's on lookout most, and would spot them first, needs to be the first one to die. At this distance, the bullet will hit before the shockwave catches up.
    "KA-CRACK!" and his rifle bucks, he looks to survey the scene, because after you shoot, you want to confirm the kill. That's the next most important part. Sammy is rewarded with the satisfying mis of red, arterial spray, from where the Lookout's face and head -used- to be.
Rose      The slavers didn't have the girls on their horses. That ment that if they were here? They were in the Wagon. Time to stop that Wagon. It wouldn't be as simple as all that, but getting rid of the men in control of it was a good start. Exhaling a breath behind her helmet, Rose's eyes peer through the scope of her rifle and put the lead on the driver, taking aim. When the shot rings out not far from her and the Lookout's life comes to a sudden end, the Driver doesn't even get a moment to truely comprehend the horror of the red spray hitting the side of his head before his own brains make a similar gory exit from his skull at the insistance of a .50cal bullet.
Bane      Bane is lying in wait, his position is good enough for now not exactly what he wanted but good enough. He has some people packing serious heat with him, better backup than he has had for awhile now. The slavers come into sight, stirring up a hell of a lot of dust and mayhem with their passage. It is not enough to hide from their sight. He breathes in deeply and lets it slowly seep from his lungs in a long drawn out breath, finally just as his lungs are about to empty he holds. His finger squeezes the trigger. And then with a clap like thunder his first round is let loose. The lead rider tumbles from his horse as the bullet slams into his skull. That makes it three down. Three to go.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine peeks up from where she was hiding.. rock.. with.. a nice little laser nuzzle poking from it. A ZRRRROOMPH and a shot to the belly. Lilly tries to become a rock once more..
Abe     "Not leaving much, are you." grouses Abe as he flips the safety off of his trusty pistol and feels it faintly shiver in his hand as the capacitors reach capacity. He comes up from whatever ramshackle hiding spot he had managed and takes aim, skylining himself as he lowers his pistol and takes aim. His laser pistol cracks twice, red streaks of light sizzling through the air. His target switching from one rider to another with the pair of shots. He hears cries of pain and sees the embers left behind but not the satisfying piles of gleaming ash that they are supposed to leave behind.
Sammy     Without even a register of the first kill, he's cycled the bolt, the smoking shell flies into the grass, he's got another target locked; The next one in line in the little caravan.
    "KA-KRACK!" goes Sammy's rifle, with the graceful arc of the bullet, impacting with another Slaver's face. Like the song says, Some Heads Are Gonna Roll. And this one does as well.
Bane      Bane curses when a bullet cuts through the cover he has taken, cutting a channel through his chest perfectly bisecting his nipple. Well that is going to be an interesting story, glad he wasn't standing up for a shot like that. Might have hit him somewhere worse.

     He feels the blood oozing down his chest. That shot is not enough to drop him by a long shot, and it is definitly not enough to dissuade the man. His will is iron. He comes up to a crouch with a short battle cry infusing his body with fresh strength as he lines up his sights. He fires twice quickly the bullets winging out towards the rider. That is going to hurt.
Rose      It was sudden, violent and brutal. The ambush on the slavers had cut down their numbers and bloodied their survivors, but the wicked men were not so keen to give up their prize without a fight and they had returned fire on the rescuers, leaving them with bruises and bloody in a few short moments. The 'wagon' pulled by the two horses doesn't immediately stop, even after the deaths of the driver and the lookout in spectactular brain-popping fashion. The following gunfire however had been just enough to startle the creatures into slowing.

With the last of the gunmen cut down by a brutal burst from Bane, their own beasts either slow to a stop or take off into the sands perhaps seeking whatever safety a horse might know out in the wasteland. Now? Only the caravan-turned-wagon was left, sitting still and silent. No figures had emerged, no screams had slipped out. Its windows were blacked out and only a small door on one side allowed entry and exit. They hadn't seen the girls they had come to rescue, so if they were going to be anywhere with this group...

Rose stands from her position, rifle still raised and trained on the last remaining unknown as she jerks her head to the others. "Moment of truth, but watch yourselves."
Sammy     "Too close for missles, going to guns." Sammy heard it in a movie somewhere. He raises himself and staying low, draws his magnum, swinging his rifle back over his shoulder, crouched low, moving cover-to-cover style rock, sagbrush, tumbleweed, approaching with way great amounts of paranoia, but really, not much stealth.
Bane      Bane stands from cover now that the last of the horseman have dropped his eyes moving over the caravan carefully as he slowly and methodically reloads his lever action rifle. Finally he cranks it and chambers a round before advancing on the caravan gun held ready. He moves to the caravan and stands beside the door just incase anyone inside happens to be armed, sure their guns will go through the thin walls of the caravan but hopefully they will think he is standing infront of the door. He reaches out and knocks a couple of times roughly "Whoever is in their come out now. No one else needs to be hurt."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine unrocks herself.. standing up from her little hiding spot. She keeps her pistol handy, lookinga bout as Bane approaches. she keeps an eye out for any new arrivals
Abe     A hand latched over the bleeding hole punched through his thigh, Abe drops to his ass and looses a series of curses, sharp and quiet passed clenched teeth. That. that one was going to smart. Good thing there were horses he could borrow on the way back.

"Hold on, lets... ah damnit that stings..." his words are strained as he hobbles down his embankment and towards the battered, retrofitted wagon. His breath hisses along in seethes of pain here and there but he makes do for now.

With enough guns trained on the wagon, ghe feels safe enough to give it a once over, checking for trap triggers or other such bad times that slavers might have laying in wait for anyone trying to pilfer their cargo.
Rose      Everyone was cautious, Bane had given a warning and all of the party had expected a trap of some kind. Sometimes it sucks to be right. The sound of a shotgun blast ripping through the caravan wall and sending shrapnel and buckshot into Bane's position is follow by screams of frightened young women and gutteral cursing of a rather frightened raider.

Through the new window the team would see a man's arm outstretched with a sawn-off shotgun, but rapidly being pulled to be shoved against the gut of the human shield he'd made of one of his captives. Both young women were tied up, both gagged and both had terrified looks on their tear-stained faces. One however had been pulled into the arms of the last remaining raider in a desperate attempt to save himself.

"Back off!" He yells, "Or I'll repaint the insides of this place with her guts."

From her position coming down from overwatch, Rose isn't able to see the gap or see the target. Cursing and drawing her handgun, she starts to creep closer. It seems she intends to try and take the shot if she can get close, but she's got no line of sight till she gets closer.
Sammy     Sammy's sooo not keen on the whole hostage situation, and channels that into his anger over the entirety of the Slavers situation. This lets him get that Magnum up, but only just, to squeeze off a keyhole of a shot. It's not the nice hypervelocity round of his sniper rifle. It's a big hunk of lead from a wheelgun.
    It connects, and the target is sent reeling a bit away, giving others a clear shot, for the space of the heartbeats that follow...
Bane      Bane takes a step back as the buckshot tears through layers of caravan and armoured leather before being stopped by the thick corded muscle of his back. he turns and raises his lever action as Sammy's shot flies through and connects heavily with the man. It isn't enough to kill him, but the sudden agony gives Bane an opening. He sight shifts from the mans head, that much movement the shot is not clear enough. The hostage could take the bullet. It ends on the mans right leg, his rifle fires the heavy .45/70 hollowpoint round straight through the mans knee causing a bloody mix of flesh and bone to fly over the cabin as the joint collapses on itself. He won't be getting up from that.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine jumps at the exchange of fire, ducking down. When things settle, Lilly moves up closer to the wagon, keeping an eye out for any new arrivals, or just anyone who heard gunfire.
Abe     Before he could do much else, it went into a vicious, left turn. Gunfire cracked off and there was another dead slaver bleeding in the sand...

After a moment's hesitation, he worked the safety catch of his pistol and tucked it away here or there.

Alright, hold on, sit still and I'll get you free." He fished around in this pocket or tht and brought out a pair of wire cutters. He made short work of the girls bindings.
Rose      And so the rescue of the two settlers daughters comes to a bloody end, but in the best possible way. The girls are unmoving, but not for the sake of injury. It had been a trying night and morning, and now? Being splattered with the blood and gristle of their Slaver 'caretaker' who'd held them hostage with a shotgun was more than past the mark of too much. Both had almost comicly passed out in synch, leaving the scene within rather still as Abe climbs in to free the two young women.

Arriving at the site after the gunfire, Rose tucks her pistols back into the holsters at her hips, giving a low noise of approval. Sympathy for slavers, especially those headed for the Legion was in very very short supply. "Sooner we get these girls back to town the better," the Ranger says as she moves towards one of the fallen bandits horses. "We'll give them a once-over for valueables, then we should leave these vermin for the critters."

With that, the Desert Rose turns and grips the sling of her rifle, setting off to task. Their job was done, it was time to go home.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine moves to fetch Sprocket, bringing the horse up near Sammy. She climbs up and offers Sammy the stirrup and a hand up, making rom for him on the Saddle. With extra horses, there should be enough to provide the girls with a ride if needed
Sammy Sammy looks to the bodies, and helps peel them, "They'll be Vulture food soon enough." he grumbles, "You two." he gestures to Abe and Bain, "In the wagon, you get to ride in the back while we head back to town and get you proper sewn up." he notes, "I'll share some of my bandages and some antiseptic once we get under way. He looks to Lilly, as she rounds up Sprocket, "Think you can lead one of these other horses back? Do you know anyone who can check their brands, make sure they didn't get hurt? I'm sure we can find better homes for them back in town." he then considers, I"ll ride shotgun." not trusting his luck with horses asm uch as his ability to shoot from a moving vehicle, "And someone can drive the wagon."
Abe     On a bum leg, Abe wasn't about to go digging through the pockets of corpses. He was happy enough to sit tight with the unconcious women however. It gave him a moment to further try and staunch the bleeding on their way back.