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Owner Pose
Beau Beau Ardor is a permanent fixture in El Dorado as the town's go to fashion expert. His position equates to that of the 'upper crust' and his shop reflects that with heavy purple velvet drapes inside the large plate glass window. The whole interior is richly appointed with dark woods and delicious bolts of fancy fabric in every corner.

The man himself is in the back of the room working with a strip of leather and a small ball peen hammer. He is banging rivets into the material and every swing of the fine artisan tools echoes with a tiny tinny tink. The door to the shop has a small OPEN sign on the outside.
Ruane Roman Raune steps in from outside the area, looking rather chipper. The sounds of machinery and grinding gears outside betraying his entrance as he moves about the store. A small frown plays across his lips as he looks about then before he offers aloud. "Unusual store. Provides clothes, garmets emulating old styles. Memories ultimate illogical. Dangerous. Regardless, will be polite." Yes he says this quite loudly.

A turn then as he looks to Beau. "You work indicates employment. You are a shopkeep?"
Stockton Stockton pushes his way into the shop with a ring of the bell and a grunt. The tall man follows Roman in and just stares at the back of his head, the feral one isn't usually someone to judge someone else's speech patterns, but that still gets a bit of a boggled blink. He's got a bundle of skins and leathers wrapped tightly with a bit of spare rope slung over his shoulder, under his arms two make-shift bolts made of fabrics he's found. He's not far behind Roman, but he is ... pointedly looking at Beau. Waiting.
Beau Beau is a strange fellow with an unforgiving sneer settled below his ecccentric moustache, "I am. Infact, the owner of this particular establishment." He sets the hammer down and steps around his work bench to retrieve his tall cartoonish stove-pipe hat. "Unusual man." His pale amber eyes flick up and down Roman with a subtle curl to his coy expression. "Dangerous?" He pops his brows and steps past the fellow with a dismissive upward tip of his chin upon seeing Stockton.

"My word, what have you got for me love..." Beau waves his hand through the air and motions for Stockton to follow him to the cutting table. "Set it here, set it here."
Ruane Roman pauses for a consideration then as he crosses his arms in response. "Stated intention to be polite. Ignoring your question." Roman responds easily enough as he glances aside towards Stockton as he moves before moving to fiddle with a bag he might of had around before pulling out a few gecko hides and laying them out himself. "Got a small grouping for you. Simple. Workable." Roman offers before he glances to Stockton again, letting the man present his own findings.
Stockton Stockton just watches the exchange with a slight smirk to his lips, a glint in his eyes. The art of the deal isn't his strong suit, but he knows how to charm a vendor sometimes. When he's beckoned forward and Roman gives him room, he unslings the variety of leathers onto the counter and sets the two bolts down gingerly, not really sure how to treat such nice fabrics really. "Evenin', collection is from across the Wastelands, from here to Saltcreek. The fabric was cared for, best as I could," he offers. "Lookin' for a few things in exchange, but would like to see a two hundred caps each, but I'm up for negotiations."
Beau "You need to work on the difference between stated intention and overall execution, darling." Beau speaks to the man in a familiar tone despite being a virutal stranger to Roman. "I don't buy from toads....but, I'll be right with you." His amber colored eyes flick past Roman to the far more polite Stockton as he adds, "I far prefer Princes... Now.." He dips a hand into the inside pocket of his suitcoat to pull out pair thin frame silver glasses which he settles on the end of his long thin nose.

Beau is pointedly examining Stockton's materials first and he takes his time looking at each piece... lifting them and testing the tensile strength of the leather with a sharp snap. "Its mostly about patterns. The leather is fine quality but I don't know what I am going to do with this.." He picks up one of the Fancy Fabric with a sickly puce paisley on it. "Who wants an ascot in puce?!" He purses his lips in silent consideration as he continues to pick through Stockton's pile. "Two hundred a piece?"
Ruane Roman Raune lifts his chin slightly as he looks the man over then as he lifts to shrug his shoulders. "I do not know how many you want or to sell>" He'll state then before lifting his gaze to Beau. "Stated Intention is clear. Execution is acceptable. Well within parameters of polite society. Now, conducting transactions." He'll state before glancing aside to Stockton. "Will Honor whatever price is effective."
Stockton Stockton somehow manages to stifle the feral intentions and looms a little less while the Dandy paws through the collection of leathers and fabrics. When he's asked who would want an ascot in puce, the big man can only shrug and look pointedly at Roman - maybe him? He doesn't know. At the second question, he simply nods, "Any catchin' your eye?"
Beau Beau turns his gaze back to Roman slowly and he very calmly pulls his glasses back off his face to blink at the man. "You may be accustomed to talking with robots but I don't take directives from people in MY shop. I'll give you twenty caps a piece for whatever you've got or you can leave?" Beau is not turning Roman away empty handed but he is offering him some bullshit prices for those piece of leather.

Beau slips his glasses back into his jacket as he calmly adds in Stockton's direction. "I'll take four leather and the ugly puce scraps for... 500. It isn't worth much more."
Ruane "Then I will leave." Roman responds rather simply as he looks the man over. "Negotation simple. Concice and efficent." Roman offers before he lifts a hand to wave at Stockton the nas he moves to step outside. "Remain off injured limbs." He'll offer cheerfully before moving on.
Stockton Injured limb? Oh yeah. That. He was ignoring that, and the blood stain slowly pooling under his foot - thankfully hidden by the shop-keep's countertop. Stockton lifts a hand to his chin and scratches a few times before looking back to the merchant. "Alright, I can live with that. Now lemme ask yah, you do custom work right? Now I got me another three hides left, and that piece ah navy blue, yeah? What if we made a barterin type deal wherein you took the materials, and I got a couple holsters in return? Or maybe one holster like the Cowboys're runnin around with, seen 'em draw, and it's smooth as butter. Saves us both caps and gives you some more materials."
Beau "You want me to make you things? And all you're giving me is materials?" Beau tsks softly and he doesn't sound cruel but he does lean over behind the counter to open a drawer from which he extracts a little black book. "Not everything I make is paid for in caps, darling." He puts his glasses back on and cracks open the book in his hands. "Name?" He rests the pen on a blank line and looks back pointedly over his lenses at Stockton. "If you want me to make you something for the cost of the material I expect double material, I don't go out.." He sighs softly and gestures his pen in the general direction of the wasteland. "There. Acting as a supplier for me? That might be a position I need filled..." He looks back down to the material before pulling a key from around his neck. "Seems you know your way around out there." Heading to the back of the room he disappears behind a screen and then reappears with the caps.
Stockton Stockton thinks he should be feeling quite uncomfortable at this moment. But something in his head doesn't really let that alarm get sounded. Instead he simply tilts his head a bit and blinks at the question of his name, "The name's Stockton," he says gruffly. A smile comes and he nods, "I can do that, been looking for more steady work. If it gets me outfitted how I want, all the better." Stockton was a Prodigal Son, returned from learning how to be a Merc. Rumors are split on why he came back, both of them boil down to a woman. "Know my way around enough," he admits with a nod while unbuckling the roll of leathers and settling up the materials. "So. A good price for holsters bein the last of my supply for this week. Unless you can make them slick ones, in which case yer gettin slightly more'n double the materials." He's not the most socially adept person, in fact he's down right repelling sometimes. But he's sharp.
Beau "The material tells a story." Beau says faintly as he set the sack of caps beside the pile of leathers. "If it tells the right sort of story, you might get something slick." He narrows his eyes at the scuffs on the leather, looking down his nose and speaking in a distracted tone has he carried it over to one of the storage shelves in the back, "Might be a few pieces here worth it. I won't know til I've oiled and treated the skins." His voice drifts from the back before he reappears with a salesman's broad grin on his sharp features. "Stop back in two days time. I'll know what you're getting at that venture."
Stockton Stockton watches the merchant take the bundles and thick fingers pluck up the sack of caps to be added to his pockets and various holding places. "I'm..interested to see what kind of story you find," he says carefully, he's a bit Wild, and comes with a certain amount of superstition that others don't. He believes! "Alright, well, as you've been fair, I continue to look for more materials for you, and look forward to what you come up with," imagine that, the customer letting the professional do his job? It's like the Merc understands things. "Thanks, You got a name?" He sticks his huge calloused mitt out in socially acceptable fashion.
Beau Beau turns around and takes his silly hat by the brim, taking it off to expose hair slicked down on the top of his head in a severe part, "Beau Ardor." He has a slick grin on as he adds, "I forget sometimes that my name isn't right out front." Popping his hat back on his head, "Pleased to meet you Stockton." He wrinkles his nose with a flirty regard, "Fortuitous moniker you've got....for a stock boy." There is a superior sort of laugh that somehow doesn't seem insulting. "Come around anytime."
Stockton Stockton doesn't know what flirting is unless it's at the end of a combat knife. This is all new to him, and the giant of a man is just staring a bit blankly at Beau as he introduces himself and adds that little flirt at the end, if that could be considered flirting. A wolfish smile forms and he shakes his head, "It's not, maybe it should be?" he offers with a chuckle, ahh humor he can do at least, with a warm smile, still a bit toothsome. "I'll make sure the rest know yer name, sir. There's a few hunters out there, can't attest to their effectiveness, but I'm not alone in the Wastes," he shrugs a broad shoulder and nods, "Well good doin business, I look forward to meetin' again." And then he lumbers outwards, leaving that blood pool on the floor for his new friend to find later. Sorrynotsorry!
Beau When Stockton leaves the persnickety Beau comes around the counter with the Puce fabric he just purchased to clean the blood spill... muttering something about heathens.