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Achilles It's another day at the Gold Digger, the citizens of El Dorado are gathered around for drinks, conversation, and sex. Achilles is a rare sight in this part of town, but after the recent fight he's in need of a drink. So the giant is perched on a barstool, nursing a pre-war whiskey kept on tap here.

"This is the one thing I miss when I'm traveling. Even if I can't really afford it too often." he says, giving the dark liquid a small swirl. His free hand comes up to hold at the side of his head a moment, until the ringing caused by his concussion passes.
Iris Lark "You know, there is a brothel here." Iris mentions, pointing at the upstairs rooms. "They'd take care of you for a bit, if you needed the assistance." She is drinking plain water, as usual. "I wonder if any of that boar meat will make its way here."
Achilles "Sometimes I get the feeling you don't like me as much as I like you." Achilles says aside to Iris, taking a swig of the liquor. "If you just keep me around to keep you safe, you could let me know. Nothing like caring for somebody only to find out they don't feel the same."
Iris Lark Iris levels a gaze on Achilles and she frowns. "I want you to be safe. I want you to be healthy, and you're really wounded right now. I was only giving you an option to ease that a bit. I'm obviously not skilled enough to keep up with the things that are hurting you." She folds her arms over her chest and glances away muttering in grumbly low tones. "Don't like me as much as I like you. Are you serious.."
Achilles A grin creeps across Achilles face and he leans over to kiss the side of Iris' neck when she glances away. "Gotcha." A large arm wraps around the woman's waist. "I don't care how hurt I get, you're the only person I'll lay with. And you're a skilled doctor, you just have to stop doubting yourself. It's the same as fear." And everyone knows what he says about fear.
Iris Lark "I'm not a doctor." Iris repeats, tilting her head so that Achilles has easy access to her neck. "Real doctors had lots of teaching, I just have ...time. No book knowledge, just time." She gazes up at Achilles and tries for a smile. "People keep calling me that."
Achilles "A doctor is somebody who heals. You heal. And you're damn good at it. The difference between a master and a novice is that the master has failed more times than the novices has tried." Achilles says, kissing Iris on her forehead when she turns to look at him. "You're not a master yet, but you're on your way. I'm not even a master of my trade yet. We still have time."
Iris Lark "I'm not interested in mastering anything, just staying free." Iris murmurs, leaning against Achilles. "I am happy that the clinic is doing well, and I hope I get to meet some other doctors that can teach me something."
Achilles "As long as I live I'll cut down any slaver or fiend I come across. You have my word." Achilles holds Iris, happy to have her at his side. "One day you'll be able to teach others. Just wait until we can get the discs for your Pip-Boy."
Iris Lark "I'd rather just use my Pip-Boy to make music for now." Iris says, holding up her arm to look at the machine. "I can tune into radio stations sometimes too." She holds it out so Achilles can see. "I got real lucky when I got this."
Achilles "That's a good use for it too." Achilles allows with a grin. "I've never listened to the radio much. But my favorite station was in the Capital Wasteland when I was out that way several years ago. Much better than the one we have here."
Iris Lark "Well I'll try to find something different." Iris says, gazing at her Pip-boy. "I still need to get this disc installed. I imagine that I can get that taken care of eventually." She glances over at Achilles and frowns. "What are you drinking?"
Achilles "Olde Royale. Come across bottles sometimes out in the wastes, but it doesn't have anything on this." Achilles answers, looking at Iris' Pip-boy as well. "What kind of disc is it?"
Iris Lark "Something to give me first aid courses." Iris says, her eyes narrowing slightly. "I'm excited to do it, maybe I can learn something new."
Achilles "I'm thinking about getting one, while it's available." Achilles finishes off his liquor and puts the glass up for the robots to take. "Though I'm not sure how useful it'd be for me. Probably better off saving my caps for better armor."
Ironface Jones The doors to the outside swing inward to admit Ironface, the big guy looking around for a moment before spotting the people he'd previous fought alongside. He doesn't smile, but he does seem to perk up somewhat when he gives them a wave of his arm and calls out, "Greetings, friends." His steps take him to a stool near the pair and Jones places a quick order with the robot serving the drinks, "Beer please, Tincan."
Iris Lark Iris is not a fan of beer or liquor so she's drinking a glass of water. Gone is all the recently purchased armor and she's in her regular gown and apron combo. She quietly inquires about the food that's available and after some thought she ends up ordering some stew and bread.
Achilles Achilles nods towards Ironface as he approaches. "I see you're still moving around fine. That makes one of us." The giant lifts his right arm a bit, since the battle it's been bandaged and braced, allowing the power-fist inflicted break to heal without any major complications. "Next time I'll have to hit first." He orders another glass of the liquor he was drinking and sets his caps down.
Ironface Jones "Yes, despite my injuries I am well enough to do my work," Ironface replies to Achilles as he tilts his head back and looks down at the other man's injured arm. "It's important to do that if you can. Usually I end up having to out last my opponents, but against a sledge like he was wielding that is not a good tactic." His beer arrives and Ironface picks it up to take a long gulp from it, clearly enjoying himself as he licks his lips and then wipes his mouth afterwards. "Did I hear you talking about armor and Pip-Boys when I arrived? I have a Pip-Boy that I found and I am trying to learn power armor."
Iris Lark "Power armor sounds dangerous, why would someone want it?" Iris asks, glancing between the others with a frown. Her stew is delivered and she starts to eat, leaning against the bar as she sips from her spoon. "I like my new armor, but I think I need to find a helmet or something."
Achilles "Because it gives the weak the illusion of power." Achilles informs Iris with a slight nod. "The brotherhood and enclave could not stand up to the wasteland without it. It keeps their egos in place." With that said he looks back over to Ironface. "Overwhelming force. I can outlast them when I'm in peak condition, but I'd prefer if I didn't have to. Though I suppose you saw that." He pauses, considering a moment. "What do you want for the Pip-Boy?"
Manuelito Stepping inside the Saloon was the resident Navajo, his eyes quietly scanning the area like a hawk; slow and methodical. His eyes fell on Iris, Iron and Achilles and a slight nod is given before he proceeds further inside, making his way to the bar and sitting on an open stool.
Ironface Jones "It is very dangerous, which is why I want to use it. It makes the wearer more powerful while protecting them from much harm," Ironface explains, looking at Achilles with a curious expression on his face. They've clearly got different ideas about things. "Yes. It is always best to overwhelm your foes before they can strike. I usually do it from stealth due to being slower than many people." He pulls his Pip-Boy out from his belt and holds it out to Achilles, "Take a look at it. It is one that doesn't go on your wrist or have a flashlight. I'm not sure of the value of it but I think six hundred caps, maybe?" Manny gets an up-nod from Jones and a lift of the beer before a swig is taken.
Iris Lark Iris wrinkles her nose and pays attention to her stew, giving a slight shake of her head. "I didn't think armor was very practical in general, but power armor just sounds dangerous to me. Then again, I've only really seen the Knight using it." She takes a sip of water and adds. "I guess you two would know better than I about the armor, so if you want it, I hope you find some."
Achilles Achilles takes the Pip-Boy and looks it over. "This could be useful. Would you do four and a short sword? Or a rifle. Whichever you'd prefer." The blade in question is at his side, about two feet long. It looks more appropriate on Hanzhou's side than the giant's. "And I suppose my dislike of power armor could just come from my dislike of the Brotherhood."
Manuelito A nod is given in return as Manny sees IronFace. Ordering a beer and some food (and hoping Kitty wasn't cooking), he turns to look at the trio quietly. "It was Good hunt yesterday." The man says quietly. "How much meat did they receive?"
Ironface Jones "There is a suit of power armor waiting for me to wear it," Ironface says to Iris with a nod of his head. "I just lack the training. And possibly the ability to fit in it." Because that's an important thing, too.

Then he's looking over to Achilles and his sword. There's a few moments of consideration before Jones says, "That is a fair trade. I would like that sword. I think if I have children again they will wield it." Then he's got that curious look on his face again, "Many people seem to not like the Brotherhood. I am curious about that. My only experience with them has been since coming to El Dorado and Dusty, Tinman and Skittles are good people who help people and do not steal."

Turning to Manny Ironface nods deeply, "Yes, very good hunt. I made a thing for First Horse Jones to pull and we brought back the meat, hide and tusks for the Vault diner. It was probably the weight of a horse worth of meat, but I am bad at guessing things like that."
Iris Lark "Maybe you should see about getting someone to make sure it's going to fit." Iris tells Ironface, an amused look on her face. She leans over and looks at the Pip-Boy on Achilles' arm and then holds hers up next to it. "I wonder if yours can make music, you should try the buttons to make sure before you finalize the sale." She shifts on her stool and continues to eat her stew.
Achilles Achilles takes the sword from his side and passes it over to Ironface, along with a small sack of caps. "The brotherhood slaughtered my kin several generations ago. It's a trespass I cannot forgive." That's good enough reason as any. "Perhaps one day I'll learn to wear the armor and take the fight to the chapter responsible. It doesn't matter how strong I am, several of those armored troops could kill me." He goes to hang the Pip-Boy on his belt but stops, letting Iris compare her newer model to his older hand held one. "There is some for sell, but there wasn't any point in me getting it without the training. We don't have much room in our bedroom anyway."

At the small doctor's suggestion he hits a few buttons, scrolling through the different screens available to him. "I think it works."
Manuelito Manny gives a chuckle, his head nodding. "Well it did take a few shots to take it down." He pauses a quietly. He listens quietly as Achilles tells of reason for his hatred on the Brotherhood. "I am sorry to hear that." He says sympathetically before glancing to Ironface "The Brotherhood in the West is well known for the lust of technology to a point that it is there form of religion. Many times they will go to war over it or as Achilles said, wipe out tribes to get ahold of it."
Ironface Jones "I think that is the most important thing, probably," Ironface replies to Iris with an almost smile forming on his lips. Taking the sword from Achilles, Ironface draws the blade and examines it for a moment before resheathing the weapon and sliding it through his belt, patting it once it's in place to make sure that it rides well. "I do not forgive Caesar's legions for killing my clan so I can not blame you. I think the Brotherhood here will be different, though." And then he'll nod a few times, "The armor makes people very mighty. It would be wise to have your own before attacking those who have it." Manny's words get his attention and keep it, "I have heard some of these things. Tinman has said that the New Mexico Brothers do not do that and so I think I can support his ways. If I felt like the Brothers and Sisters here were hurting the undeserving I would need to stop them."
Iris Lark Iris shrugs a shoulder and nods. "That's why I treat everyone here, I try to assume - at first - that they're not here meaning anyone any harm." She pushes her stew bowl away and smiles. "So far I haven't really been let down, except by that weird cloak person. He was rude."
Achilles "Next time he's rude I'll handle setting his bones for you." Achilles wraps an arm around Iris to give her a brief squeeze. The liquor that was placed in front of him is brought up to his lips and he takes another swig. "It is in the past. Our line was banished from the tribe anyway, our family name stripped. So I wouldn't have grown up with them anyway. I just wish I was raised in the area so I could of developed our bond with the animals. I still hold out hope one day that it'll come to me."
Manuelito Glancing to Iris, Manny hmm quietly before speaking to her. "I had seen you using a laser weapon yesterday during the fight. I was curious if perchance you'd be interested in a laser rifle in exchange for caps or perhaps a weapon or gear or something you may have?" He inquires.
Ironface Jones "I am sorry that weird cloak man was rude to you. You are a good person and do not deserve to be treated that way," Ironface tells Iris quite seriously between gulps from his beer mug. Then he's looking at Achilles again, nodding at him, "I know very little of bonding with animals, other than with First Horse, but I hope that you one day will learn what you need to."
Iris Lark "Not everyone is polite." Iris says, gazing down at her hands for a moment. "When I thought he wasn't going to pay me, I was quite upset. Though lately I haven't been charging anyone. I'm afraid to ask." She says, taking a drink of her water. "I should do something about that, I can't afford things if I don't charge."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine slips into the saloon, dragging a big duffel bag full of stuff. She drags it over to the bar and sets it next to a stool marked 'out of order'. She takes the sign off it and climbs atop it. She waves to everyone as she does.
Achilles "It is.. difficult to explain." Achilles says with a vague gesture of his hand before taking another swig. "It is said we had a special bond with the wildlife, we understood them and they obeyed us. But that could just be fantasy." His large shoulders come up in a shrug. On Lilly's approach the woman gets a nod of greeting.
Ironface Jones "Greetings Lilly Caine," Ironface calls out to the young lady when she waves at him, studying her for a moment to make sure that she looks okay. Achilles' words get a couple of nods, "That is interesting, especially if it is true. Do you often try to speak to them?" Looking at Iris he frowns and asks, "Do you need caps for your things? I will pay you for services if you want."
Iris Lark "If I treat you again, you're welcome to pay me." Iris says to Ironface, nodding as she speaks. She focuses on Manuelito for a moment and then she speaks up. "I have a service rifle that I'm not using, I can exchange that and some caps for a laser rifle. Though, if we're being honest, I can't see myself shooting a rifle." Her nose wrinkles as she tries to picture it. She raises a hand and waves at Lilly as she settles down. "How are you doing today?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine 's eyebrows perk at the mention of Laser Rifle.. Her spinning on her barstool stops abruptly. "Laser Rifle? Um.. If no one else has dibs on it, I'll make you an offer." she kicsk her big duffel bag fulla stuff. "Or trade, maybe"
Manuelito A small nod "Well, come over to the Militia HQ with it. We'll use the shooting range and I'll show you how to handle a rifle." The militiaman replies with a small smile. "If you are not happy with it after that, then I'll look for anther buyer."
Achilles "Well, it is your job to heal people. Part of that is getting paid." Achilles leans over to kiss Iris' forehead before straightening up again and looking back at Ironface. "Sometimes. But they never speak back. Perhaps one day." What's left of his liquor is finished off and he lets out a tired sounding sigh.
Ironface Jones "We shall do that in the future, my friend. I do not want you to run out of caps," says Ironface to Iris, perking up a little bit. "Now I am saving to see if I can afford to buy more armor. For people that are very large it is much more expensive." Lifting his mug Ironface pours the rest of the beer down his throat and lets out a pleased sounding, "Ahh." Once that's completed he glances Achilles' way and nods.
Iris Lark Iris glances at Manuelito and she nods slowly. "We do go hunting occasionally." She sighs and after a few minutes she holds out a hand. "Can I see it for a moment? Do you have it with you?" She asks, smiling. "I'm curious to see how heavy it is."
Manuelito "I do not. Though, give me ten minutes and I will bring it by." Manny says as he stands up.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine resumes spinning on her stool, smiling. She orders a Nuka cola, doesn't pay for it, and pockets the cap She then begins rummaging aroun in her duffel bag
Achilles "I should go looking for armor soon. Or organize a trade of some sort." Achilles decides, propping his chin up with his non-broken arm. "Perhaps I'll just wait until the blacksmith starts making heavier gear."
Ironface Jones "I was considering waiting on the blacksmith, too," Ironface nods, resting his forearms against the bar and leaning forward. "Or perhaps buying the rioting armor at the armor store. I do not intend to riot but it looks like it will protect very well if they can make it fit me." Looking at the bartending robot Jones says, "Beer please, Tincan." This time he makes sure to close out his tab. This'll be his last drink for the time being.
Iris Lark "After I get a look at this rifle, I think I'll go back to Shantytown and see if there is any work to be done." Iris says, finishing off her water. "Then I'm going to go look for Alice, it's been a few days and I want to make sure she hasn't fallen down a well, or worse."
Manuelito Manny continues on out of the Saloon, making his way home to get the rifle
Achilles "Oh, that's a good idea. I hope she's alright. Not getting herself into trouble with that power fist." Achilles says, sitting upright. "Maybe she's on another flying ship." Probably, woman's wild.
Ironface Jones This beer goes down a lot faster than Ironface's previous one, the big guy more or less just pouring the whole drink down his throat. "If you find Alice please tell her that I hope that she is well." Once finished with his mug he slides it back towards the robot and makes his way to his feet. "I will be going now. It is good to talk to all of you but I need to rest. I am still recovering from the fight and the hunt."
Manuelito Stepping back in, Manny heads over to Iris with the rifle. "It's a good rifle. However, I am not savvy with laser technologies and fear it will not benefit me as much as it would someone good in energy weapons." He tells her, handing the rifle to her.
Iris Lark Iris look over the rifle and after a few moments she nods. "Okay, how much do you want with it if I offer a trade as well?" She asks, pulling out a service rifle to show Manny. "I'm not good with the worth of things, so I'm depending on you not to short change yourself."
Manuelito Looking over the service rifle, Manny hmms "Similiar design to the Marksman rifle I have.. but, I could easily trade it in for caps if needed." A pause "How about this for the laser plus a few free visits to the clinic?"
Iris Lark "Deal." Iris says, holding out the service rifle for Manny to take. "You don't get hurt very often, or badly." She notes, slipping ot her feet. "Don't be reckless now that you've got guarenteed medical care though."
Manuelito Manny grins as he gives a small nod. "Thank-you." He replies kindly as he heads back toward the door, pausing though to look at her. "How about I walk you back to Shantytown?" He inquires lightly.
Achilles "I trust people know better to mess with Iris with me around." Achilles pipes up, looking over at Manuelito. The giant pays off his tab and pushes up to his feet, "You ready to head back already?"
Iris Lark "I'll be fine, Manny." Iris says, pulling her hood up to cover her head. "Thank you for the offer though, it's much appreciated." She nods at Achilles and smiles. "We can stop and look around for armor for you as well, if you would like?"
Manuelito Manny nods "Good day then." He replies kindly before heading back out the door.
Achilles "It's fine, my head's bothering me right now." Achilles offers Iris a smile, showing off where he lost a few more teeth in the battle. The man leans down to kiss her cheek before the hood comes up then offers her his hand.
Iris Lark Iris takes Achilles hand and pulls him towards the exit. "Lets go home so you can rest then." She says quietly. "I can check at you at the clinic."