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Owner Pose
Hanzhou It is a late Saturday evening, the night sky is clear and there is no wind. Thankfully the Wasteland temperatures have begin to warm up a little with the arrival of Spring soon to come in a few weeks.

At Hanzhou's Noodle House, the last customer has just left and the owner, Hanzhou himself has already begun cleaning to get ready to close. He's just finished mopping the floor and is about to start washing the remaining dishes.
Saeko      It was a long walk between El Dorado and Acme, but one that Saeko had made a few times now. Perhaps eventually she'd listen to Bane's advice and find herself a horse, but for now it simply went against her nature to use the noisy beasts to get around. For now she'd travelled on foot once more, and once more found herself seeking food for the return journey with a rucksack slung over her shoulder containing what little she could scavenge. Into the noodle house the woman steps, sweeping her hood off her long dark hair when she spots the man with the mop.

"You are not open?"
Hanzhou Hanzhou turns his head when the door opens and Saeko walks in. He doesn't seem surprised and gives you a short bow, whlie still holding onto that mop. "Good evening, miss Saeko. I am just closing up, however if you are hungry I can still make you something as I have not put away everything yet in the kitchen." He says in a soft and polite voice, gesturing for you to take a seat if you wish. "I have not seen you in a while. How have you been?" He then puts the mop away after wiping the last few spots on the floor, then goes over to the sink to wash his hands.
Saeko      Saeko's cloak is pulled from her shoulders now, it and the bag placed neatly on one of the seats before she moves forwards. Still her sword remains, resting tied across the small of her back for an easy draw. Her quiver and bow? They're lashed to her pack for the time being. She returns the bow lightly with a shallow one of her own before moving to rest her hands on the counter. "I have been walking, looking for things. Work, trinkets. Everyone needs to be able to eat and sleep somewhere, and that costs money."
Hanzhou Hanzhou nods to the ninja as she speaks, when he settles in behind the counter to make her a bowl of ramen noodles. He has an apron on, his Katana strapped to his back but no armor and just his exotic looking cowboy/asian wastelander attire under on underneath. "I understand and that is one of the reasons why i opened up this noodle shop. Been wandering for many years and scavenging to surivive." It doesn't take long for him to make the ramen and he puts the fresh bowl in front of you. "Tell me how it tastes? I've added a new ingredient to it." You notice it does taste different than before, the soupbase has more of a seafood taste to it now. "How is work going and did you find a place to stay?"
Saeko      "I am used to camping," Saeko shrugs, raising an eyebrow at his words but nodding as she takes the offered meal and starts eating. The asian woman wearing her own sword and 'Kunoichi' attire was hardly going to judge the man for his weapon, or his Samurai equivlent. Instead she simply continues her meal for a few moments before answering the man. "There are some prospects I may look into. Bounties and such. I am no law officer, but there may be money in such things for me."
Hanzhou "I am as well but it is appealing to be able to sleep in a real bed than dirt and rocks." Hanzhou replies and starts cleaning up some dishes as you eat. He ponders a bit before speaking about your second comments. "There is good money in bounties, I've done them myself and there are many that deserve to be taken in for the crimes or transgressions they have committed." He second pause. "Just be careful and if you need help, please don't hesitate to ask me."
Saeko      A pause in her feeding, she tilts her head and sits up, pushing a loose bang of hair back from her face. "Your...friend. The one with the sword you are supposedly teaching, but used her weapon as a spoon? Has she improved? Where I come fro-...where I learned, my instructor would not have taken such actions so lightly. Punishment for such lack of discipline and utter carelessness would have been exhausting and painful." Her people had been harsh in their training, their punishments? Unlikely to be pleasent.
Hanzhou "Oh, Alice...yes, she needs more practice and uh a lot more before she becomes proficient." Hanzhou says matter of factly and smirks at the mention of her using her sword as a spoon. He blinks but slowly nods when you mention strict discipline with training from instructors. "Yes, I was also taught in a somewhat strict manner but I know my grandfather did it for a purpose because he cared for me. But, the punishments were never harsh and mostly involved just repeating drills over and over again until my arms felt like they would fall off." He continues cleaning up behind the counter, now wiping down things with a cloth after he has finished drying off the now clean dishes and plates.

Looking at you with a bit of concern, "Where were you trained if I may ask?"
Saeko      The question of where is artfully dodged as Saeko chuckles softly. "If we were particularly foolish? My father would make us stand for two hours with weights on our arms, on blocks under out feet we would have to balance on. After that, when our arms were without feeling and we could barely stand? He would spar us himself and show no quarter. Enemies do not tend to care what you have suffered, or how tired you are."
Hanzhou Hanzhou hmms when you tell him about how your father would discipline you to the point of exhaustion and then spar with you showing no mercy. "I think I understand the lesson he was trying to teach you but I do not agree with those types of training methods." He bows his head slightly, "I do not mean any disrespect by sharing my opinion however, so I hope you do not take offence to it." He continues cleaning as you eat, moving around behind the counter and being very meticulous in the way he works. He works quickly, efficiently and does not miss a spot on the counter as he wipes it down.

Looking over towards you on occassion, a glance here and there as he watches you eating.
Saeko      "We were both trained in the blade," Saeko says as she finishes her meal, eating most but not all of it before she pushes it back. Over-eating after going without was never a wise move. "But you were trained for very different purposes than I was." A pause once more, the quiet girl finally tilts her head to the side as her deep eyes watch the asian man before her. "You are allowed to ask it, you know. To wonder aloud which one of us could best the other."
Hanzhou Hanzhou takes the finished bowl from you, empties what you did not finish into the trash and then cleans it, using a clean towel to dry it and then puts it carefully away before answering you. "I was trained to be a samurai, to follow the code of Bushido and bring honor to my family." He says this in a respectful but soft tone when he turns to face you. "I do not know what purpose you were trained though, but if I was to guess from what you've told me then your chi would be different than mine, yes." He then glances towards where your sword would be and he meets your eye's with his. "I am curious to see your skill but do not know if it would be wise for us to spar."
Saeko      A pause. Saeko stands, her hand slipping to rest on the hilt of her sword as she takes a step back. "I have never faced another with a sword like mine who was not trained by my people." A small smile to her face, she bows her head. "I carry the same curiousity 'Samurai', but I do not carry a training sword. Unless you possess one of your own, then...My sword is used to kill. I make no falsehoods about such a thing."
Hanzhou "My blade is my heart and although it has killed by my hands, I draw it only if I have too under the accords of Bushido." Hanzhou replies, watching you take a step back to touch the hilt of your sword but he stands there, unmoving and he shows no fear by your actions.

He bows his head in response to your's, but his hands stay by his side and he seems calm. His Katana is strapped to his back in a black wooden scabbard, he still wears that apron of his over his wastelander attire and that cowboy hat on his head. "I do have some wooden training swords that I use to practice with Alice. However, I do not think this is the appropriate time for a spar. You have just finished eating and I have just finished cleaning. Even though I know you could and would be able to spar under much worse or extreme conditions." The Wasteland Samurai is very polite and seemingly full of surprises, from being a noodle chef as well as carrying a shamisen guitar around, busking or playing it in bars so you might have heard.
Saeko      "I do not kill without purpose," Saeko nods her head. "For the time being at least, there is no reason that you show fear me. But none the less, I would welcome the chance to spar you and test our skills against someone trained in ways strange to us." Her sword at her hand remains, but the other moves to retrieve her cloak and secure it over herself. There was never a threat, merely a necessary action so her weapon would not get snagged. Reaching for her pack now, she bows her head. "Thank you for the meal. Your hospitality is appreciated and your cooking is...familier. Some days familier can be more important than you think."
Hanzhou Hanzhou gives you a slight bow. "Perhaps one day and thank you for honoring me with your compliments on my cooking. I'm glad you enjoyed it." He walks around the counter and opens the door for you if you allow him too. "I wish you safe travels and I look forward to seeing you again." He pauses as if he is about to say something else but does not, instead he smiles and nods his head slightly.