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Lilu The room was nothing special. In truth, it was just a room in the Militia base that the woman was allowed to use to 'see' patient in. It was quiet, a bit stuffy, and not at all roomy. There was a cot, a couple of chairs, a table and a tall counter like object that was slab like; it would have to do. Sitting at one of the tables is the dark skinned woman with wild, ruby hair. Dragging her fingers through her hair, she sighs as loose curls fall back into place defiantly. The book before her is shut and set aside.
Jacqueline Even seeing a doctor can be tricky, some days. This is the first time in a while that Jackie's been to the Militia base, even if her stepfather still trains a lot of recruits here, and strangely enough it's not to visit him or even bring lunch. It was just the best place to see her friend Lilu, who also happens to be the best doctor she knows.
She knows this place well, though, and the desk sergeant who pointed the way had a kind word for her and greetings for her mother. So it's not too hard to find her way to the right room.
She taps on the door politely before she opens it, just in time to see Lilu's hair stage a minor rebellion. She giggles, giving the healer a smile as she steps inside. "I guess I timed my entrance well. Hey, Lilu!"
Rose      Rose wasn't Militia, most everyone in town knew that from looking at her the moment eyes fell on her coat and her helmet. The arrival of other Rangers in town after her made the NCR all the more noticable beyond one wandering gunslinger. Even so she'd done enough, lent a hand here and there and saved enough lives to afford her a little more trust. Or at least, she wasn't going to be thrown out or shot. That was a good start. It probably also helped that she knew the Healer she was coming to visit.

Arriving only moments behind Jackie, sans her helmet and plus a few more dents in her armor, she blinks a little at the sight of the familier face and the other just beyond. " I interupting something?" she questions while nodding her greeting to Jacqueline.
Lilu Lilu looks up from her off gaze out the window. Blinking, jumping at the giggle, she settles those violet eyes on the one---two women. "Hmm? Oh, 'ey. Com'on in." She smiles at the pair, moving from her seat and rubbing her hands down the front of her pants. "Int'ruptin'? Nah, m'jus'...well, I don' know. Don' know really how t'jus'...sit n'wait, y'know? M'use t'keepin' on d'move. Com' c'n I help?" Pausing, she motions to Jackie and pats a chair. "Here, I got de supplies I was needin' f'y'burns n'stuff. Y'mind waitin' a bit, Rose?"
Jacqueline "I know how you feel! It seems like there's not enough time in the day to do everything, sometimes," Jackie says, glancing back and offering a smile to the incoming Ranger. "Hey, Miss Hallows! Needing healing, too? It seems like everyone does."
She nods to Lilu, setting her shotgun aside and moving to the chair. "I guess I need to get my injuries uncovered first," she murmurs, beginning to unbutton her jacket. "Can you shut the door?"
Rose "Don't think I'm in any danger of bleedin' out," Rose nods her head, moving into the space a little and then pausing. She'd been told to wait, but had Lilu ment outside? Waiting to be shooed out or otherwise left to lean against the wall, Rose crosses her arms over her chest and nods at Jacqueline with a little laugh. "Like I said to you last time, the Wasteland can catch anyone, experienced or not. Especially when it throws many people with guns at you, at the same time and with rather unfriendly dispositions."

Rose had left her helmet and rifle behind, but that usual gunslinger belt still rested on her hips with her weapons ready and loaded.
Lilu Lilu nods. "'f course." Moving to shut the door, she allows Rose to remain, but pulls an old wooden blind close by, waiting for it to be needed, especially for Jackie's leg wound. "'lright. M'gonna look at y'stomach n'neck first. Rose, y'wanna go 'head n'tell me what's wrong wit y'?" The woman requests, taking up a tie and pulling her hair into a bundle. Heading over to a basin, she washes her hands in water first, and then with a splash of alcohol. On the table, she sets bandages, tape, alcohol and a couple bottles of some odd colored liquids. Reaching for the woman's throat, she starts to carefully peal off its bandage.
Jacqueline "No wonder you Rangers like sniper rifles so much," is the fix-it girl's reply. "At least then there's less chance of the troublemakers shooting you back!" Knowing both of her roommates well enough, Jackie is less worried about modesty than Lilu, shedding her gecko-leather jacket, scarf, and tee quickly and laying them aside on a table. Her boots and pants come off next, and she settles into the chair in her white athletic bra and high-cut briefs. As expected, the bandages on her neck, midriff, and right thigh are still present, though they've been changed recently. She watches Lilu prepare, nodding her approval, and then holds still so the doctor can work.
Rose      "Some more than others. Wouldn't you rather fight a Yao Gai or a Deathclaw from VERY far away?" Rose comments once the blind is pulled and Jackie asks her question. "But a sniper rifle doesn't help you in a close up fight. It just becomes slow and cumbersome." Rose's attention remains on the Doctor's gear while she sets up, but once the curtain is pulled she turns her own attention to her gear, shrugging out of her jacket and laying it aside. Unlike Jackie, she has a few more layers of armor that need to be set aside, even if she doesn't quite need to strip down to the same degree.
Lilu Lilu studies each wound in turn. For the bites, she cleans them and slathers on some substance before closing it off with fresh bandages. To the burn, the same, but this time it's a clearer, more slimy rub. It, too, is closed up. Then, for the leg. A soft press of her fingers here and there, and it gets some of the numbing gunk and is closed off. Each does something different, often cooling in sensation, pricking even, before simply numbing. "Y'healin' real good, Jackie. Keep it up, n'keep m'clean, ok? Y'c'n take dese bottles, too. Dis f'y'cuts, dis f'y'burn." She smiles, giving the woman a pat on the shoulder so she could move if she wanted to. Back to the basin, she washes once more. "Rose, y'didn' ans'r me. Tell me what y'got me lookin' at."
Jacqueline The neck is the hardest to hold still for; gecko bites aren't clean injuries, and they often remain painful for days after. Jackie grits her teeth behind her lips, though, holding her breath for several seconds while Lilu works. After that, the rest is easier, though she still has a tense moment with the gash on her leg; it wasn't a clean injury, either.
She breathes a sigh of relief once the tending is over, managing a smile for Lilu in return. "Thanks."
Collecting the bottles, one in each hand, she gives the healer a quick, sisterly kiss on the cheek, then moves out of the way. "You're up, Miss Rose! Need help? That's a lot of plating."
Rose      "Right Shoulder, right leg and..." she pauses, patting one side of her torso and then the other till Rose is heard whincing. "Ribs towards the bottom on the left side. The bastards couldn't be polite enough to keep it all on one side." The Ranger's armor had saved her from most of it, but the bruises and shallow cuts were still annoyingly painful...and then she'd spent hours walking on it, running, and firing .50cal weapons with the injured shoulder. There was a fine line between determined and foolish, Rose had walked it a little thinly lately.

Jacqueline's offer is appreciated, but the Ranger had gotten used to removing and replacing the armor, or at least the bits she needed to, revealing the simple black undershirt beneath. "Maybe next time Jackie," she winks at the woman before moving towards Lilu. "Good to see you found a place to work out of. Militia was right to snatch you up."
Lilu Lilu blushes after the kiss, her eyes wide and blinking as she stares. Clearing her throat, she waits for Rose to join her, nodding as locations are provided to her. Once she's seated, the farmer/healer goes to work. Shrugging, her lips dip down. "S'nice, I s'pose. Means I gotta stick 'round now, dough." She murmurs, checking each and every point of pain that was pointed out to her. "Y' don' look dat bad, dough. Jus' de pain?" She questions, feeling at the woman's bones as a precaution. "'f y'c'n do it, see 'f s'mbody got like a treated brahman belly or bladder, dat'll hold hot wata. S'nice t'hold it on y'aches." She suggestions, taking a knee and proding carefully along the woman's ribs. "Y'ain' broken, s'dat's good." She explains, standing and gathering up some bandaging, wrapping it around the red-head's torso for support.
Jacqueline Jackie giggles at Rose's response. "Sure, Rose. Just like last time," she teases back, recalling the occasion. They'd been lucky that time that the ghouls around Roswell hadn't found them, which was the only stroke of luck they'd had that awful time.
"I know it sounds like a load on your back, Miss Lilu, but those militia soldiers'll really appreciate your work," Jackie says, setting the bottles on the table to gather up her clothes. "When they're not patrolling, they're training, and both are good ways to get hurt."
Rose "Glad to hear it," Rose chuckles a little as she's poked and prodded, but the prognosis is positive and the diagnosis less than severe. "Broken ribs suck pretty bad. My armor protects me pretty well, but that doesn't mean it doesn't feel like being punched by a sentybot when you get hit by a big enough bullet. A whince here and there, but mostly the blonde has a well-practiced ability to try and ignore pain. It's probably why her knee looks so bruised and swollen for having not been rested like it should."
Lilu "Den start restin'." Lilu points out bluntly, starting to clean up her supplies. "Eh, s'pose so, Jackie. M'guess I should get t'trainin' 't s'm point, too. Jus' t'it all, y'know?" She questions back at the pair, cleaning off her hands for a third time. "Y'both doin' ok, s'far as y'wounds 'r c'ncerned?"
Jacqueline "So far, so good. I can tell a little difference just since you worked on them now," Jackie replies, pulling her tee into place and stepping into her pants. "I'll make sure to drop by in a few days for a checkup and to say hi."
She looks to Rose, wincing in sympathy. "Sounds like it was a rough time, or even two. Maybe you should take a break, Miss Rose. It sounds like you could use it."
Rose      "Okay?" Rose says as she stands, testing her leg and then stretching her back, one arm raised above her head as her joints give a light 'pop'. "Hell, this might be the best I've felt since I left the Mojave." A chuckle from the blonde and she reaches to her hair now, pulling it back into a simple ponytail while she grins at Jackie. "Rough time? I suppose. Wouldn't trade what I do for the world though." A wink again, then she reaches out to pat Lilu on the back and give her shoulder a little squeeze before starting to recover her armor with intent to put it all back on again. "What do I owe you Lilu?"
Lilu Lilu hardens her gaze. "M'serious. D'both of y'. Rest now n'den. Y'wanna keep leavin', learn t'get off y'feet once n'while." The woman warns, putting what she can back on a shelf as the rest is set aside to be washed, or burned. Turning, she dries off her hands and crosses her arms loosely under her chest, eyeing the pair calmly. "M'not sure. Jackie's givin' me s'm farmin' goods. Y'got s'm supplies 'r maybe keep watch when I go out 'gain?"
Jacqueline "I'll take it easier, Miss Lilu, I promise!" Jackie says again, giggling at the healer's vehemence as she pulls on her boots. "Keep your pants on! And stop by my mom's place on the way out of town, and I'll have your stuff for you. I'll even help you carry it back to the farm."
Rose      "No rest for the wicked Lilu," Rose chuckles as she bends down and starts to wriggle back into her vest, looking almost like a catapillar trying to struggle free of its cocoon in reverse before it finally slides into place. It was a little harder to do with sore ribs. "And no rest for those of us who like to shoot at them either." Even so, it's said with humor. The offer of barter or trade rather than caps makes Rose blink for a moment before she shrugs. "Hell, I'll happily keep an eye out for you. Help you carry back supplies if it'll mean you can patch up others."
Lilu Lilu sighs in frustration toward Rose, her violet gaze falling on Jackie. "M'fine n'dey ain' no rush on dose tolls, Jackie. Y'heal up first." She smiles, looking Rose's way now. "Y' betta rest up, too. I ain' goin' out dere wit no limpy Rangha." She muses, smirking ruefully Rose's way. "I see y'both n' a few days, ok?"
Jacqueline "You really do need a rest, Miss Rose. Maybe take a few days away from the action? There are other Rangers in town now to take up some of the slack," Jackie reminds the dedicated woman. "This'd be a good time to stop and heal up."
She shrugs into her jacket, turning and giving Lilu a quick hug. "Of course! I'll be around for one more checkup, and to say hello. That's a promise. Thanks so much, Miss Lilu. I feel better already."
Rose      "I'll swing by later too, check in on you an' all," Rose nods as she heads towards the door. No hugs from the Ranger today, but she's busy slinging that duster around her shoulders with a grin. A look back to Jackie and she laughs softly. "Maybe, but I've gone this long without them, be a shame to get slack now." Though the door, she pauses and looks back at the healer. "Lilu? If you're lookin' for me I'll be in the Gold Digger Saloon. Got a room there. Just ask and someone will point you to me."

Despite her words to frustrate the doctor? Rose has every intention of heading back to the Saloon and relaxing, at least for a little while.