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Tina The church is vast and mostly quiet, though the powerful air-conditioning plant can't help but make some small noise of humming machinery and moving air. The great stained-glass windows provide colorful light from the bright sun overhead.

A quick look would suggest that the chapel is deserted, though a faint feminine voice can be heard humming a hymn from somewhere toward the back, out of sight. It is probably coming from one of two doorways flanking the pulpit and stage area, leading into the back area of the church.
Skittles dusty and with windblown tangled multicolored hair, Skittles makes her way into the church on the sunny afternoon.
     "Um, hello?", she calls as she heads towards the pulpit. Taking a seat at a pew, she waits, her eyes drawn towards the stained glass windows. A ponderous expression is warn, as thoughts of death and judgement play across her mind.
Tina After a moment, a blonde girl peeks through the doorway to the right of the pulpit. Spying the single visitor, she beckons to her. "Oh! I apologize, Miss... I did not hear you come in. Can you come over here, please?" she calls softly, before vanishing from the doorway.
Skittles Skittles arches an eyebrow as the unmistakably beautiful blond girl pokes her head out. "Sure?", she offers as she gets to her feet. She quickly walks over to catch up with her, rounding the corner a little uncertain of what she might be getting involved with.
Tina Skittles finds the blonde girl standing beside a small table, dressed in only a white tank top undershirt and red underpants. Her hands are filled with the edge of a red robe and a needle and thread, using the latter to try to mend a split seam in the former. "Forgive me for not coming to you, but my hands are a little full," she says softly. "Welcome to the church. How may I help you today?" she asks warmly, offering a warm smile.
Skittles Skittles casts about for somewhere to sit as she says, "Oh, well. Just was doing some thinking lately. Up until a few weeks ago I was mostly kept to myself, but ever since I stepped outside, I've been doing some, well a lot of killing. Mostly in the defense of others, or myself.". She's dressed in tan colored pants, a dark blue t-shirt, and a too-big jacket with a BoS insignia on the lapel. Locating a nearby stool, she perches atop it and watches the woman work, her revealing figure causing even her eyes to wander.
Tina "This killing... it is a burden upon you, then?" the blonde asks softly, half-turning in place to give Skittles her full attention without setting down her work. "Self-defense is a necessary evil, and so is the defense of others who are in danger. I do not judge you for doing what you feel is right, and no one else should, either."

She makes several more passes with the needle and thread, then sets down the robe carefully. "That should hold for now. Now I may give you my full attention. Tell me, do you follow any particular faith?" she asks gently, turning to face Skittles fully.
Skittles Skittles scrunches up her face in thought, her lips pursing.
     "No, I don't think so, I mean. Maybe tech. Though I understand that if there is a god, then he's doing a pretty piss poor job.", she converses. She folds her hands in her lap, to prevent them from fidgiting. With the nun's full attention, she squirms a little uncomfortably. "It's just logically, a raider is going to raid. They made their choices, but I also understand that things are never that black and white.", she pauses before continuing, "I don't find myself holding back, and I wonder if I'm too heartless, and if maybe that's not such a good thing.".
Tina The blonde shakes her head with a faint, sad smile. "No... he really isn't. It may seem terrible and heartless, but it is not only His will that governs what happens in the great world. The choices of men and women, good and evil, play a large part in that as well. The actions of evil people will bring misery, just as the actions of good people will try to heal misery. But destruction is swifter and easier than creation... and more likely to gain attention, since it is also flashier. People remember destruction, and so the world seems a twisted and evil place. I admit, it often /is/ a twisted and evil place, even to me... but it is not only what He does that makes the world what it is. He cannot control what the wicked decide to do with their time. And thus good people must too often make terrible choices, so that greater evils do not happen. Good people like you."

She lays her hands gently upon Skittles's shoulders, to look into her eyes, apparently unconscious of their proximity, and her state of undress. "Please, do not mistake my guidance for a wish for you to kill wantonly... I only urge you to use your own judgement on what you do to others, for the sake of others. I will not tell you to always hold back when doing so would present a greater danger to others who do not deserve to suffer for the choices of evil people." She bows her head slightly. "But I do understand that to kill, even for the right reasons, is a heavy burden, and a terrible responsibility. I cannot take that burden from you, although I truly wish I could."

She smiles a bit sheepishly. "Forgive me if I talk in circles sometimes. It is not an easy subject to talk about, and has many sides. I suppose what I am trying to say is that you should trust your judgement. If you feel there is another way, you might try it. But not at the risk of others who depend on you for protection. Does that make any sense at all?"
Skittles Skittles seems to grow lost in the young woman's gaze as she tries to follow her words. Her eyes grow wider and wider as she speaks, as she first touches her and then inches closer. Finally as she finishes, Skittles seems to release her attentiveness as she unfocuses and processes.
     A moment or two later, she nods, "Yeah, I understand what you're saying. Though, it would seem the raider could apply the same line of thinking to their circumstances. Evil and good only seem to be based on our prospectives, so if our prospectives govern our sensibilities, then maybe we all just need a change in prospective.". Refocusing, she smiles at the woman and hugs her, "For now though, it's enough to give me something to move forward with.".
Tina The blonde girl shakes her head. "It is not our perspectives that determine whether we are good or evil... it is our actions. Look at the 'why' of your actions as much as the 'what'. Raiders kill and loot so they can have more, leaving ruin and suffering in their wake. People like you kill for different reasons. Better reasons. Not to spread evil, but to prevent it. That is the difference. Perspective can skew those reasons... it can be a trap that even the good can fall into, if they are not careful."

She hugs Skittles back, her smile returning at full wattage. "I am glad that I could help you, even this much. Is there anything else I can do for you today?"
Skittles Skittles shakes her head, hair tumbling, "Well, hard to say really. There anything I can do for you though before I go?". She glances about and also asks, "Oh, is there a charity box?".
Tina "Perhaps you could do two things for me. Tell me your name? Mine is Sister Tina," replies the blonde, smiling. "Second... could you shake your head again? It makes your hair dance and tumble about so prettily. And maybe you could hug me again? Oh, wait... that's /three/ things. I miscounted... I apologize," she adds, bowing her head contritely.
Skittles Skittles giggles, "Well, I'm Meggan, though Skittles is my nickname.". She tips her head forward and stands up, causing her hair to shift and swirl; the three colors popping in and out of view like a wispy mosaic curtain in the wind.
     She wraps the woman up in a tight hug and squeezes, "It's a good thing hugs are free and abundant.
Tina "So pretty... I do not know how your hair gained three colors, but it is so unique and beautiful," Tina murmurs, then squeals and giggles as she is surprise hugged. "Oh, yes... they are less abundant for me, but I deeply appreciate the ones I do get. Thank you so very much..." she whispers, returning the hug in kind.
Skittles Skittles smiles at the precious woman and turns to go. "I'll be sure to keep you well supplied then.", she glances over her shoulder with a bit lipped smile. As she makes her way back up the isle, she slips some caps into a box marked for donations.