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Iris Lark When Decius arrived, clearly injured, Iris escorted him wordlessly into the second exam room. She gestures to the bed and moves to wash her hands. "I was surprised that I didn't see you after that the other night. How are you holding up?" She asks, glancing over her shoulder at the taller man. "Not horribly I hope."
Decius Decius quickly peels himself out of his armor, revealing several old and quite damn bandages around his body and a few new cuts as he settles down on the bed. "Well, I was doing relatively well afterwards compared to the others. Especially since I wasn't actually suffering from any specific severe injury aside from cuts, bruises and leaking a bit much blood. Although now I got myself bruised in Roswell again trying to salvage in the outskirts... and I think the radiation is taking a toll."
Iris Lark Iris kneels and pulls up some RadAway and setting it up to use on the man on the bed. "So a cumulative effect type of thing." She murmurs, nodding slowly as she starts to wash the myriad cuts with a warm cloth. "I was going to go to Roswell myself soon, but if things are a bit.." She frowns and shakes her head. "I may stay home, I think."
Decius "Indeed. I should be resting and perhaps spend some caps to 'relax' properly as some suggest, but... I'm quite stubborn. One of the few things Legion did well in instilling into me." Decius smirks slightly at his own subborness as he helps out by removing his own bandages and revealing at least a few oozing cuts. Not exactly bleeding, but definitely not looking particularly good. "Well, the place has two problems. The feral ghouls and the all encompasing radiation in the area, with the later being a more persistent threat than the former."
Iris Lark "Relax huh?" Iris says, snickering softly. as she continues to wash the wounds. "I don't like going out there alone, but I do sometimes, if nothing else adventure a little bit."
Decius Decius shrugs with a wry smirk on his face, clearly trying to suppress a flinch or two as his wounds are being washed. "I head out quite often on my own. Usually also am relatively lucky except for a few exceptions. I mean, several parts of my armor I got from a Legion scout I murdered halfway between Roswell and here, the armor I sold you is from there and I got a few other things from there. Its just that at some point it wears you down."
Iris Lark "I've gotten lucky a few times, and then today I got a laser rifle for a really good deal." Iris murmurs, putting aside the wash cloth. "None of these should need stitches, or so I think." She tilts her head and pulls the salve closer to her. "I thought you were a merchant at first."
Decius Decius inspects his own injuries and prepares to have to suppress another flinch or two any moment now. "What made you think that? I mean, I am trudging along in full Legion armor at all times."
Iris Lark "You also have a lot of stuff that you're willing to trade and sell." Iris replies and then she shrugs a shoulder. "Makes me feel more comfortable to think that too, if we're being honest."
Decius Decius briefly laughs a quite half hearted laugh and nods. "Whatever lets you sleep better. Think of the Legionnaire who used to travel around with an army, pillaging and murdering as a trader. A very generous one too at that."
Iris Lark "I just kind of...not think of you as a Legionnaire, if you don't mind that." Iris says, her cheeks going pink a bit. "You seem a bit less scary as a merchant, and I don't want to dislike you."
Decius "Fair point. Although I do believe that facing off headfirst against the Legion should've gotten myself at least some symphatie even without having to resort to self-deception, hmm?" With that said Decius stops talking and holds still again to let Iris continue her work.
Iris Lark "Sympathy, yes." Iris says, and she finally makes eye contact with Decius. "But you still make me a bit nervous, and I can't help that. Let's say that it was because of some things that I've recently remembered." She pats the man on his shoulder and smirks. "As a person though, you're very nice."
Decius "You don't want to see me when I actually genuinely try to make someone nervous. I am quite capable of that actually." With that said he slowly gets up and stretches slightly to not mess with any of his wounds. "That said, I'm trying my best. The legion tried to discredit and get me killed for decades so I have absolutely no loyalty to them, their way of thinking or their actions. Well, there are a few things I still approve off but they are quite in the minority."
Iris Lark "You don't have any reason to do that to me, or so I hope." Iris comments, as she puts away the things that she had been using. "No charge today, I wasn't much help to you and I don't want to charge for something like that, I would feel bad."
Decius "Thank you." Thats about all Decius says before he starts to put on his armor, carefully making sure to not have anything gets close to his wounds. "I think I'll get myself some bandages and cloth and get some rest somewhere. I'm quite sure that at least a few of those wounds will continue to ooze for at least another day."
Iris Lark "Well..if it gets any worse, come back and I'll use a stimpak. I'll have to charge for that." Iris says, as she turns to clean up the exam room. "I'm sorry that I wasn't more help, I'm trying to get better."
Decius "Ah, its fine. Take care." With that said Decius makes his way out again to... wherever it is he tends to lurk around most of the time.