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Ruane Radio El Dorado or whatever the fuck this radio station think's is a clever name has been coming in a little fuzzy as of late depending on how far away you get from the town. Areas that could pick up the clean and clear blues no longer able to fully enjoy the series of narrations and beautiful silky smooth voices of the old world ixed with the current and modern events of the new one.

For some concerned citizens hoping to make a difference, the radio station enjoyed visiting hours and an open office on certain days at very odd hours.. and this was one such opportunity.

Not that the glitzy and famous hosts would make a showing! Only a meagre technician. A man sitting at a small little desk covered in parts, tranciviers mainly and a ton of papers, looking absolutley put upon.
Skittles Skittles spins a small rod between her fingers, the light playing off of the shiney surface.
"So, do you think it's just old equipment? Where is the area that's been affected the most?", she asks, back leaning against the wall. The idea that the equipment could be going bad was not a comforting one, how would they communicate without one?
Molly Brown Molly Brown is still not looking so hot, Molly's leg's had it's basic treamnt but she's still hobbling along even ot this job. Sadly she does need the caps and hopefully she can help as she hobbles on in. "Humm could be that, what if something's itnerfearing with the signal?"
Nathan Nathan makes his way up there to help out but when he sees the parts and all that all over he just shakes his head, "This is outta my league so far but I think maybe interference? Or not enough phoewr output?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine finishes fidling with her horse and pokes her head in. "My question is.. What changed? what's different?", pulling the hood of her cloak back and ungoggling her eyes.. She looks like reverse racoon with the clean spots.
Ruane "W-wha? What are you people doing here?" The little man offers with a small squeak as he looks up to, tapping lightly at his desk then before glancing up, with big blue eyes that look nearly as big as saucers at this point as he glances between the trio just walking in and talking to him. "Wha-where did you come from? Listen, th-the radio station is down due to a tranceiver being blown. Not fixable. No idea when we'll get another! Alright? J-just wait, m-maybe we'll switch things over. We'll keep broadcasting though.. just.. you know.. move."

The little man will soon go back to fiddling with his paper work then as he mumbles under his breath then.
Skittles Skittles stops the spinning and scratches her head with the end of it as the man speaks. Arching an eyebrow, "You've got a bunch on your desk right there.".
     Stepping forward she turns one over to examine it closer. "What's the deal then?".
Nathan Nathan nods towards the man then looks at the others who'd gathered up to help get the radio back up, "Heyyyy so I think it's a blown tranceiver. Can't be fixed so it'll have to be replaced..."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "We came to help see hwat we could do to try and help with the station? Tranciencer's blown? It might help with it?"She looks at the ones ont eh desck though maybe it's something else that might not be working right? Or the wrong type."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine cocks her head to the side. "A tranceiver is made up of parts, aint it? Surely not the whole thing is busted. Maybe its just one bit. You got any schematics? any diagrams with wiggly bits on 'em?"
Ruane "Wh-well yes, just.. some circuits.. some fiddly bits.. listen, alright? When the gentlemen earlier came in they said all these things.. said they could fix it." The little man squeaks out before shaking his head and moving to try and drape himself protectivly over the desk. "I-I'm just trying to fix it on my own.. and prepare things they said.. Get the damn fixed before.. well, you know.. people in charge notice and I lose my job!"
Skittles Skittles begins to giggle as the man speaks. She quiets herself after a moment though, and ahems. "Oh, dear, sounds like a bit of a pickle then. I think we can help a tad though.", a eye casting over the group that has gathered. She waves to Molly, and a beaming smile flashes towards Lilly. "I believe you still have my multi-tool.", she says to her. With a grin and a nod to Nathan she turns back to look over the papers on the desk.
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "Who do you work for buddy? And the radio station is great for the area so we're here to help just tell us what you might need?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown says " The whole thing's gone but humm we should take a look at it before. All right we'll see what we can do to help get it fixed." She seems keen to help. She pauses for a moment. "Need mt to get out my tool kit then? Skittles? As for it being broke I got ... no issue saying nothing about helping out.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine moves over to the front of the desk, looking at the haggard tech. "What Gentlemen? Who was it that came here and said they could fix things for you? And, what are you getting prepared for them? what did they ask for?"
Ruane "I.. I work for the Radio Station? That.. seems like kind of a silly question!" The beleaugred technie responds then as he lifts his shoulders and glances down at the assortment of parts. "I mean.. you can't do any more damage than already has been done by time it feels like. They just don't make em like the used to.. or.. er.. at all!" He'll grimace before glancing aside to Lilly Caine then.

"This group of folks, Called themselves Snork's Irregulars, started talkin up this old radio site.. I.. I thought they would go get me the tranceiver so I paid them some caps.. and well, they havn't returned!"
Skittles Skittles glances to Nathan and arches an eyebrow, "Recognize the name at all?". Shrugging a shoulder she states, "Did they say where the parts could be found, or just that they would help you?".
     "Either way though", turning back to the man, "We can help you get the parts I guess. These things are in like old trucker radios right?".
Nathan Nathan looks at the parts he's got out and then over at the man before glancing at the others, "Don't recognize the name but don't trust 'em. Do they really come in old trucker radios? I mean able to take care of the power output of a radio station?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nods to Nathan. "Yea. Sounds sketchy.. I mean.. I dont even know what a Regular Snork is.. much less an irregular one. I bet they found a stash, and got all chewed up by sumthin.. Prolly bloatfly larva nests now.. Maybe we should go have a look."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "We'd need to know what w're looking for but the Snorks sound like either they got into trouble or ran with the caps." She muses for a moment and looks to Lilly. "I know though I'm in no shape for a full on fight..."
Ruane "Well.. do whatever you want, if I can't get this thing back online I won't be able to fix the radio.. and then, well you know.." The technician offers out with a simpering tone as he looks down at the ground then and back at the desk.

The question now is? What will our adventurers and heros decide to do next?
Skittles Skittles rolls her eyes as she turns from the man, "Well, we can probably go check out Roswell's radio station, or if we wanna find these guys, maybe ask other people who have been looking for parts. If they did it to this guy, they might've done it to others.".
Nathan Nathan hmms as he looks over the parts then back at the others here, "Well... So our options right now are track down another part from Roswell, track down these fine upstanding sounding individuals and ask them where the part might be at, or track down one in the local area right? I'm thinking these fine gentlemen were scam artists came in collected caps and dipped town. I'd say Roswell is most likely our best option but I dunno."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "Sounds like it's time to hit the street and to look for parts right? If someone needs to check for parts only one of us need to dfo it while the rest can hunt for the merc's right?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine says, "I've not been to roswell. How bad is it? And, well Surely someone around here has herd of Snork," nodding to Skittles. "Name like that sort stick up in your sinuses. You remember a name like Snork."
Skittles Skittles shrugs a shoulder at Molly's suggestion, "Well, those who want to come with me, that's great. Going to stop on a few places on the way out of town though, see if we can strike up some info first, if no leads, then we'll head out." she says as she makes for the door.
Stopping at a few tech head workshops, she tries to find any leads, and request orders as well.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine heads out. "I'll catch up with you. I'm gonna ask a few folks around here. i got Sprocket, so I shouldn't be too far behind you" Lilly heads out, and begins knocking doors and looking for folks who might have been out recently.. folks working outside especially.
Nathan Nathan goes along with Skittles for now, "I still think they're a con and long gone by now but guess we could ask around on the way out of town."
Molly Brown Molly Brown has some luck on digging for information she seems to do a fairly good job finding out about the Snorks and hte more she knows the less she likes it. She'll find her way back to the rest of the group after a while to report what she's found. "I got good news. Good news I found information on Snorks, the bad news is they are grade A crazy about technology like they will drop everything they are doing even contacts to go chase old world tech."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine doesn't find out squat. She learned a few rumors about her mom that she already knew, but nothing on Snorks. One person suggested if anyone knew now to Snork, it was Kitty. With a sigh, Lilly decides to join the others, hopping atop Sprocket to make up for wasted time
Skittles Skittles shrugs at Molly after meeting up at the west gates and hearing her report. "I just found out they were opperating out of Jack's town. Hard to tell if these guys are scamming, or maybe just hit a bit of bad luck. Don't really fancy getting involved with them though, so perhaps we should just head to Roswell for now.". Turning to the rest of the group, she asks, "What do you all think?".
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "I'm in no condityion for a full on brawl I'm with the idea of gong to Roswell too." She notes it's clear she doesn't fancy the idea of a fight today. She's still recovering from what the Legion, did to her.
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "I'm shocked they aren't a scam but it sounds safer to go to the ghoul infested Roswell..." He pauses a sec, "It was cleared outta ghouls right?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nods to the others. "If they love tech, they probably use it too. I dont fancy getting zapped. Roswell gets my vote too
Ruane The Journey to Roswell, should the group pplan on taking it is not an easy one. A few hours walk, maybe an hours ride, the trip out in the desert heat. All to fix a damn blasted radio.

Actually finding the radio station in this irradiated hell-hole however is another matter entirley? How will our buddies go about finding it?
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine finds an ad, calling out to the others. "Hey! over here!", pointing them to her nifty find. "See if you can find where KXB 104.4 is.. but dont get any sourge on you.. sounds nasty. According to this.. Thats the address, there. Anyone got an idea where that is? Anyone find a map?"
Nathan Nathan nods a bit as he looks over the ad that Lilly had found, "Hmmm wonder if it's still broadcasting? Can't the Pip-Boy 3000 pick up a radio station? And I'll look around for a map."
Molly Brown Molly Brown sees it and follows up for a moment. She pauses for a moment as she heards the comment about scourge. "I'd have to agree there. I'll see if i can pick this signal up, good thinking Nathan." Molly now goes to mess with her pipboy's radio.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine blinks.. "...if they dont have a big antenna we could see from a distance, wouldn't a lack of antenna mean the wave protogation backs up and fries the equipkment? I mean.. you gotta spit a signal at something. NO antenna, so prolly no radio being on... ", looking around.. "...unless the antenna is hidden.. like.. in the power lines.. or something.."
Nathan Nathan ponts at the map that's right there on the bus terminal, "Or we could look there."
Skittles Skittles eyes the map for a moment and memorizes the route they need to take, "Alright, hopefully there's none of those makeshift baricades like the last group had to deal with.".
Ruane The actual trip to the radio tower might involve scaling some dirt and junk from collapsed buildings but the actual process of getting there is not too difficult. At least that isn't a problem.

What might be more of a problem are what appear to be numerous individuals going in and out of the radio station building that the group stumbles upon. each individual wearing a gas mask and dressed in a mixture of blues and greys as they walk about, sometimes gossipping with one another, other times trying to fumble with boxes and reading documents, one might even hear the telltale sound of oldworld music playing over a pipboy as well..
Molly Brown Molly Brown pauses for a moment it seems they have a radio set up already if it's a functional station they can't really run off with the materials and Molly seems to have a sense of dread. She doesnot want to fight to the point. She pauses back for a moment "Err these guys ... look like Snork's they 2were waid to all wear gas masks." Molly keeps it low and quiet, adn she's clearly hanging back.
Skittles Skittles catches sight of the gasmasks ahead. She waves over to the rest of the group, signalling for them to stop. Whispering she says, "Take some cover, gonna go see what I can find out about these guys. Maybe the snorks we heard about.". With that, she heads down a side alley, and works her way around behind the station, before eventually hooking back towards the station on the other side. As she's rounding the corner, she spots a stack of old crates and quickly ducks behind it and begins to attempt to listen on the conversations being had.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine hangs back, moving further back down the street to hide Sprocket in an alleyway.. "Shh.. stay here. stay quiet and I'l be back in a bit..".. Sprocket only farts an affirmation and looks bored. Lilly then moves back to the others, trying to stay low
Nathan Nathan stops short when he spots folks around the radio station and shakes his head, "I'm not one for sneakin and fightin but I'll help haul stuff out if we can get around them?" He'll stay with the horses... Yup
Ruane Again there are nearly Fivet to Eight individuals out and around the radio station, making their way inside then outside, gathering up boxes and the like. "Find anything good Barnes?" One of them will call out, their voice sounding like they've been smoking for nearly two hundred years.

"Fuck if I know, Davies, fuckin christ.." One of the individuals at the boxes calls out, again.. a raggedy voice that clearly is the work of a pack a day.

"Oh man, I remember this song!" Another one will grumble out then cheerfully as some romantic tale about love and happiness pipes up over one of their pipbboys.
Skittles Skittles glances up and over the crates and spots the closest box. She looks over and attempts to judge the best time to act.
     She slips out from behind her crates and tries to hide behind an over turn newspaper stand, then tiptoes to the box she wants. Picking it up, her breath catches as some of the contents shift about within the box. Not looking at their responses, she makes a mad dash back down the alley to behind the station.
Molly Brown Molly Brown is keeping back for the moment. She does know the song, she keeps back. She knows she'd be a hindirance in this task right now so she's keeping clear of the Gas Mask guys, waiting and hoping nothing goes back for her companions.
Nathan Nathan has stayed back with the horses for now because he's doesn't have a single sneaky bone in his body. He watches as best he can and hopes that whatever box Skittles just grabbed has the parts we need in it.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine watches quietly. If she want to be not seen, she generally goes somewhere else. She's not particularly stealthy
Ruane There is utter silence as Skittles gets in close enough to steal a box. There is even more silence as she makes noise and moves about to escape.

"The fuck does that woman want with some old business tax forms?" One of the Snork's will intone out rather loudly.

"Fuck if I know? Toilet paper? Woman is all sneaking around and shit, probably shit herself or something?"

"Gross Mike. Fuckin Gross. Uncalled for too."

"Sorry, whatever, hey Jonsey whats in the new stuff?" They'll call out, the group clearly content and confident in their power and ability to just apparently pop Skittles in the face with a couple dozen bullets it seems and so they just go about their work.

Skittles got wounded- it was unclear if her pride would ever recover.
Skittles Skittles returns to the group, surprised at the lack of pursuit. Opening the box she swears, rolling her eyes at the contents. She sighs and says, "Well, don't think that's going to work again in our favor any time soon. You guys got any ideas? I'd say barter, but I mean, they could probably just kill us and take whatever we had.".
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine watches the door, then taps nathan and molly, moving around to the back and motioning to the back door. "If its not locked, we may be able to see what they're here for.. or.. sneak in and get stuff without them noticing. whatcha think?"
Nathan Nathan hmmms and nods, "I think that could work. Go in quick and get out faster. And I don't really feel like dealing with those guys out there they seem to be a bit over zealous."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "I could try talking to them if it comes down to. Maybe i'll be able to make somehead way. If they are so big on tech, they'd want to keep the music going for where ever they roam, right?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine says, "you want to flirt with them while we sneak in the back? keep them occupied?", watching the back door carefully."
Nathan Nathan shakes his head a bit not realizing at first that Lilly is talking to Molly, "Not really..." Then the lightbulb goes off, "Oh yeah not talking to me. I was gonna say I think I could pull it off but doubt that I'm their type."
Ruane If and when Lilly and Nathan try and sneak up to the doorway.. there was the sound of a gun going off then as a man in a gasmask stands nearby the back door as they try and clunkly make their way inside. "Alright. This is going on for long enough." Another raspy voice sounds out, "From what I've heard through the grape vine, this is the third person poking around through here. Get lost. This loot, this scav is ours? Yah? Poking around like criminals like that is just asking to get shot." The man offers as he points the gun then up at Nathan and Lilly and motions them to move. "Get. Lost."
Nathan Nathan shakes his head as he holds his hands up, "Sorry bud was just lookin for a tranceiver but since this side's claimed too we'll be on our way." And on that note he backs away from the radio station slowly and gets the heck outta dodge hopefully the others come along as well.
Molly Brown Molly Brown keeps her heads up and she sighs. "Right got it your scav." Given they were being politer than most byt not just shooting at them. "We're going, we're going." She notes as she moves back off slowly and not going for her weapon or showing any hostile sighs. This is Molly brown dealing with this by trying to get out of here. "Ya we'll go looken elsewhere..."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine turns to follow Nathan, trying to look very complicit with the instructions to vamoosh. Once out of direct line of fire, Lilly goes to check on Sprocket.. looking to the others.
Ruane Unfortuantley there is not a very obvious elswhere to look. It might take a day or two just to find the site of another radio station.. and by that time, even if the group manages to get the tranceiver to repair the radio station, they'll find the technician, still not sacked, singing faint praise for the Irregulars. They came back with the ranceiver. It took them nearly a week to do it, and 3 days sense the group left, but they got the job done.
    he group's suspiciouns about the tranceiver being in the radio station of the SCOURGE was correct! Problem was two failed attempts at stealing the tranceiver basically spelled certain doom for any attempts at any other means to actually get the tranceiver back in the first place.

Luckily the Radio was still repaired... and Snork's irregulars got a new addition to their travelling muesuem that the loved to put on in small towns around the wasteland.

Quest Failed!