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Beau Beau Ardor is a permanent fixture in El Dorado as the town's go to fashion expert. His position equates with that of the 'upper crust' and his shop reflects this with heavy purple velvet drapes inside the large plate glass window. The whole interior is richly appointed with dark woods and delicious bolts of fancy fabric in every corner.

The man himself is in the back of the room working with a strip of leather and a small ball peen hammer. He is banging rivets into the material and every swing of the fine artisan tools echoes with a tiny tinny tink. The door to the shop has a small OPEN sign on the outside.
Flint Athens     Flint Athens is here! He just got back from a scavenging trip out around Roswell and looks to have something to sell! Carefully wrapped in some plastic, he has what looks like a bundle of fancy-looking fabrics tucked under one of his arms.

    "HellO!" He calls out as he enters, "I heard this was the best place to offload some fabric I found."
Dusty Rose The clothing shop wasn't really a place Dusty wandered into, but today was a bit different. She caught word the shopkeep was in the market for materials and she may have happened across a thing or two while out scrounging the wastelands. So now she's walking in here to see if it's really as good of a deal as she's heard. "Hello!.. Oh, excuse me." She stops before she walks into Flint's backside.
Beau "Good afternoon." A slick baritone voice speaks up in return to Flint's greeting. Beau, a the tall slender fellow, slips around the far side of the workbench to approach them with a genial grin on his slick features. "Bring them around this way, darling." The foppish fellow dips one of his slender hands into his red coat to extract a pair of thin silver frame glasses. He pats the cutting table where he expects Flint to place the fabrics and then slides his glasses smartly up his long nose. There is a familiar cadence to his speech patterns that rings almost flirtatious but anyone who knows the fellow knows... that's just Beau.

He cranes his neck when Dusty Rose answers, "Help you with something, love?" His attention though soon drifts back to the fabric pile provided by Flint; the tailor starts to pick through the scraps. He tsks softly at a piece with green checkers. "Mm, no. Checkers.." He puts that piece aside with a wane sneer at the material.
Flint Athens     "Right, right." Flint doesn't seem too terribly noticing of the voice tone. Or at least, he doesn't seem to mind it. He sets the clothes down and watches as Beau sorts over them, "I was out and about near Roswell. Came across the fabric pieces and whatnot in an abandoned house. Didn't know if they were worth much."

    He looks back towards Dusty Rose and says, "I'm sorry, Miss! I'll be out of your way soon."
Dusty Rose "I came to see if it was true what I heard about you looking for materials," Dusty Rose replies to the question. Then smiles a little at Flint. "Oh, no bother. You were here first after all." Though after saying as much she takes a step back and folds her arms, patient enough to wait while Beau is dealing with someone else. "Looks like your shop is doing good business though."
Beau "I am always looking for materials... the right.. and best materials." Beau inhales slowly through flared nostrils as he continues to pick through Flint's scraps. His hand dips under the counter and he draws out a long wooden block to seperate their piles. He gestures in the empty space. "Place them up here please, love."

Beau pats the counter where he expects Dusty to leave her scraps. "I prefer to see everything the fair market has to offer before I give this young man a figure." He glances over the top of his lense at Flint as he explains, "The condition on all of these is wonderful but I am as much in the market for patterns as I am for colors..." He picks up the green checkered square again, "This I don't want." He reaches out to hand that piece to Flint with a flourish.
Flint Athens     Flint seems to nod his head at all this. The man doesn't know much about buying and selling fabrics, so he just patiently waits. The things Beau is saying seem to mostly make sense and seem logical, meaning that Flint isn't questioning too much, "Right, I see."

    He steps aside to make room for Dusty. He takes the green checkered piece and looks at it, tilting his head a bit before stuffing it into his pocket.
Dusty Rose "Then it's lucky for you that we're not dealing in the same things." Dusty walks up to the indicated space. "Well, I guess we kinda are, but it's not the... uh... y'know." She gestures vagely at the pile Beau is already picking through. "The -same-... Oh, easier just to show you."

She reachs inside her jacket for a moment to pull free a portion of leather, and lays it on the surface. "That's all I have, at least for right now. But scouring the wasteland is a risky business. I'd rather know the potential value before I go sticking my neck out to make some extra caps."
Beau Beau inhales sharply with a certain endearment scolds softly, "Don't-" He sighs, put upon but well meaning, "Don't put it away yet. If all she has is Leather... I'll take your ugle checkers for twenty five caps. Not a mint more." He nods and then with business man's zeal wheels his attention back to the leather.

Beau picks up the piece and holds it to the light, "I haven't even oiled this piece yet and I can tell its quality... not a scuff in sight." There is a succint appreciative little nod, "I can give you 100 caps or 50 and next time you bring me two pieces I'll make you a holster." He grins at her, "You tell me what sounds more... fair." He says that final with a dark sort of amusement.
Flint Athens     Flint inspects the fabric and then looks to the man, "Hm. Twenty-five." He considers it and then hands it back over towards Beau, "Twenty five sounds fair. It wasn't too much of a hassle for me to get and I was in the area anyway."

    He hands it back towards Beau, "Good deal. I'll take 25 caps." He decides firmly.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose taps her fingers along her chin for a moment. "You certainly know your stuff fella, that's a pretty slick deal either way." It's worth thinking about. Or at least giving the appearance of considerations. "Ordinarely I'd be tempted, but right now, I need the funds for my own projects than the sidearm protector." She lowers her hand back to her side. "But I'll definately be back if I do find any more."
Beau Beau bobs his head at her, "I certainly do love, been at the needle for twenty seven-odd years." He turns a well meant grin on them both when Bartering is complete. "Back in a pip." He tells them and turns a smooth pivot to disappear behind a tall screen in the back of the shop. A short time later he returns with two different sackcloth pouches. He gives the larger one to Dusty Rose. "Was a pleasure, both of you, come around any ol' time."
Flint Athens     Flint raises up his hand after picking up the pouch with the money in it, "I'm sure I'll stop by again some time soon with whatever I may find!" Flint, despite getting perhaps a little less than his fabric was worth, is quite happy with the transaction! Mostly due to Beau making it seem like he was doing Flint a favor, "I gotta get goin, but if you ever have any trouble, give me a holler, sir!" Flint notes as he turns to head out.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose takes the pouch with one hand, and flicks a quick salute with the other. "Do business like that and you'll definately have repeat customers," she replies with a wink. "Maybe next time to buy too."
Beau Beau takes his tall cartoonish stovepipe hat off by the brim to expose a severe part below. He tips it at them with his farwell, "See you soon, adventurers..." He pops his hat back atop his head and drifts to his workbench in the back of the room once more.