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Vault Girl It takes several hours of travel for the group of you to reach the outskirts of Jack's Town just as the sun is setting in the sky. Even from a distance you could hear the yelling, screaming and even gunshots coming from within the heart of the community that was once a trailer park in the pre-war period.

A radio tower in the center of the town boomed out loud pre-war swing music that seemed to have been cut in and out with obscenities, as if someone here was trying to be truly creative with their music; a rarity in the wasteland even if a pedestrian attempt at creativity.

It doesn't take long for the group of you to find the big red trailer on the outskirts of the former park, but what seems to complicate matters are the fact that at least six armed men are standing outside.

Two of them are smoking cigarettes and chatting.

Another one is peeing behind the trailer.

The other three are clearly on guard duty.

It became apparent that Slim Tony was definitely not your average crook. He was basically a wasteland mobster.
Ironface Jones The trip was only a few hours and Ironface doesn't seem bothered by it in the least, the big guy's stride eating up the miles between El Dorado and Jack's town with ease. Once they arrive at the former trailer community he takes some time looking and listening to get a feel for the place while they work to spot the red trailer. Seeing it, and it's defenses, he looks to his new comrades, "Should we attempt to talk to these people? I feel as though an attempt to intimidate Slim Tony will fail as it would cost him face, as would reasoning with him."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell simply waits for the order to go in guns blazing, since that's all mobsters would probably listen to anyway. "We could just shoot they deserve. It wouldn't be hard. And i'm sure nobody would give much of a fuck." he checks over his energy cell in his laser pistol, only two shots in it seemed. He would need to recharge eventually but apparently Miss Kitty didn't think ammunition would be an issue for the knight so he wasn't about to bitch and moan about it. "'s up to you two. I'll do whatever you're up for. But i'm not much of a talker."
Bane      Ah, so that is the type of town that Jack's town is. He had it more or less figured from how people had talked about it, but seeing is believing. Bane squints his eyes slightly as even under the shade of his hat the dying sun is hard on his eyes. He takes a deep breath in when he looks over the situation, quickly doing his best to memorise the layout of the area and the postions of the potential threats. "Godamnit, what kind of jewellry did this guy steal? Needing security like that standing around." he shakes his head for with a low growl coming out from his throat. He looks towards Ironface with a shrug as he chambers a round in his rifle and checks his magazine seating "I don't think these are the type of people we can talk out way past easily, we aren't exactly in a civilised area. And like you said, I don't think intimidation would work for these boys." He looks over Caldwell "Except maybe for him in that armour, but I am actually thinking he might have the idea here. Don't see many other options, unless one off you think you can get in quiet like." He looks over Caldwell in his huge set of armour before looking over the massive size of Ironface. "Yeah I don't see that happening."
Ironface Jones "I can attempt to use stealth to approach them from the other side," Ironface suggests as he looks over the objective. "You two can attempt to get close and attack as soon as they see you. Once any of us are spotted then we will begin the attack in earnest and slay the bandits," he goes on to say after a moment of thought. "Your large armor and loud guns may help to scare them, additionally. I do not want to strike down their cowards lest word of our prowess fail to spread."
Guardian Caldwell The BoS Knight Caldwell begins to move in as soon as Ironface begins to say so. "Welp. Here we go." he says, pulling out his Assault Carbine and marching towards the gangsters next to the trailer. He doesn't make any attempt to hide his presence, simply moving into range of the group of gangsters.
Vault Girl Caldwell does not go unnoticed, he's in T-45d Power Armor. It made him stick out like a sore thumb. It also tended to freak people out, especially when they realized it was a genuine member of the Brotherhood of Steel in a lawless refuge of scum and villainy like Jack's Town.

"Fuck." One of the mobsters said at the sight of Knight Caldwell, immediately bringing his weapon to bear and calling out, "We got trouble!"
Bane      "I'll find a place with good sightlines to setup." He pats his rifle and nods to Ironface. "Sounds good, head around and I'll make sure if you get seen that you have covering fire." He moves off quickly and settles into position. He lines his sights up on one of the mobsters, his breathing becoming steady as he gets himself in the zone taming the wild adrenaline running through his body. It doesn't take them long to react as the Knight in full power armour walks straight at them, clearly having business with them in particular.
Vault Girl One of the mobsters takes aim at the Brotherhood of Steel Knight and spits out his cigarette, "Die Scumbag!" The shots hit William's armor, bouncing off ineffectively.
Vault Girl Another one of the Mobsters steps up and opens fire with his tommygun, raking across some vital systems in William's power armor, "Take that you munja!"
Bane      Bane takes cover behind a large rock outcropping, both of his eyes open as he looks down the sight of his rifle. He takes a breath and lets it slowly ease out, holding just as his lungs empty. His finger slowly squuezes the trigger, then with a crack the 5.56 round is sent spitting out of his rifle. The round slams into one of the mobsters reacting to the huge armoured presence of Knight Caldwell, the round piercing tight through his thin armour and richocheting around his body. He drops almost immediately. Bane quickly shifts aim and fires again, but things have gotten more hectic now. The round slams into one fo the moving mobsters, but it is not enough to drop him as the rounds momentum is stopped by the mans chest armour.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell stands there, taking shot after shot on his power armor, raising his laser pistol and blasting the mobster twice, disintegrating him into ashes. "Anyone else want some of this? Theres plenty of ammunition to go around." he cracks his knuckles as he awaits some more mobsters to rear their ugly heads to take a shot from his laser pistol. He laughs heartily as he revels in the blood of the sinners. Today was a good day to be a Brotherhood member!
Vault Girl One mobster turns and fires on Bane, clipping him in the shoulder before taunting him, "Eh! How do you like it! Doesn't feel so good does it?"

The other mobster? He focusses back on William and opens fire on the poor Knight!
Ironface Jones While the two guys with guns draw fire for him Ironface charges. His bulky self crosses the battlefield in a rush reminiscent of an angry bighorner bull. Leaping through the air he attempts to stab one of the mobsters through the head but the squirrely bastard is too quick for that blow. A second thrust catches his right arm however and takes it clean off as Ironface yells a cry of rage.
Vault Girl Inside the trailer you hear someone yell loudly, "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! GET OUT THERE!"
Vault Girl One of the remaining mobsters ducks behind cover and fires off his gun towards William again scoring a hit but not doing much damage.

The door to the trailer opens and a bulky supermutant armored in metal and holding a pair of automatic rifles cries out, "TIME TO PARTY!" He just sprays automatic fire indiscriminately at everyone in the area without any care for friendly fire.
Bane      Bane growls loudly as the bullet carves a bloody furrow along the flesh of his shoulder, it may not be anywhere near a fatal wound. But damn does that hurt. "Sonofabitch." He swears as though it is all one word as he adjusts his sight onto the man who had clearly zeroed in on his location. He is almost tempted to shoot for revenge, but firefights are life or death. This is not the time. A single squeeze of the trigger fires a single bullet, the bullet slams right through the mans eyeball dropping him instantly. Bane swivels from the shoulder quickly again, lining up on the man he injured with his opening fire. He isn't getting away now. He fires again, his bullet punching clean through his armour this time. The man drops his lungs filling with blood as he struggles for breath.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell raises his Assault Carbine and begins to spray wildly and with wreckless abandon at the super mutant. "FUCK YOU." he yells out in pain as bullets go slamming into his power armor and he returns fire to the big ass party man himself. He yells out to his comrades "Give me some help here!" he calls out desperately. Hoping his teammates will save him from a painful death at the hands of a disgusting mutant.
Ironface Jones Still bellowing his anger at the mobsters who would dare to steal from defenseless whores, Ironface begins to froth at the mouth. The biggest enemy he has seen today is here and that is the one he needs to kill deadest. Charging right at the massive enforcer the mighty tribal is struck by bullets but has yet to notice them, so great is his fury. As he closes on his pray he lets loose with a flurry from his spear, spittle flying from his face as he impales the super mutant three time in rapid succession. His cry of rage has yet dissipate, if anything Ironface somehow looks angrier than before.
Bane      As the Super mutant comes lumbering out and one teamate gets absolutely riddled with bullets and the other seems to be filled with a blood rage Bane rises slightly out of cover. His weapon is held tight to his shoulder his fingers depress the trigger twice rapidly, the bullets winging through the air. The first slams into the mutants arm right at the elbow, rending the flesh and weakening the creature. The second slams stright into his metal armour and pings off like he was firing a potato gun. Bane pauses for a moment and aims higher, if that thing keeps going he will need to do better. "I really need Armour piercing rounds."
Vault Girl Party Animal goes down as he tries to smash Ironface, the spear impaling him and draining him of his last bit of strength. The last mobster drops his gun and tries to run, "NOT WORTH THE CAPS MAN GAME OVER! GAME OVER MAN!"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell slowly begins to walk up to the Mobster, raising a single arm foreward and firing two quick shots into the mobster, vaporizing him into ash. "That takes care of the mobsters. Now for the fat bastard himself." he says, cracking his knuckles
Ironface Jones Still obviously in a frenzy, Ironface rips his spear out of the dead super mutant and turns to check on the rest of the scene. As spittle drops from his mouth he takes a deep breath and wipes his face with a forearm. His new comrades are each given a nod and a, "Well fought." Then he seems to realize the injuries he's sustained and gently presses a hand to his torso, pulling it away to look at the blood with a frown, but he's not going to let it slow him down much. To Caldwell he says, "Yes, time for the fat one." And he too moves towards the trailer.
Bane      Bane comes slowly out of cover his weapon still raised as he waits for more bullets to fly from anywhere around them. He makes his way foward cautiously stopping by the Super Mutant he pulls the .44 from his waist and fires it into the head of the mutant, making sure tham damn thing stays dead. He nods to the others quickly, they are more badly wounded then he is but they don't exactly have a medic. "Lets get this done. Then I think you guys need to see a docter and spend some time in someones loving embrace." He shakes his head one of the corners of his lips perking up as he slings his rifle pistol still in hand.
Vault Girl When Ironface enters the trailers Slim Tony is already on his knees, "Please! Don't kill me, take whatever you want, I'm sorry I don't know what the fuck I did but I got no beef with you guys!" He was entirely at your mercy.

The trailer itself? Full of sweet loot including a bobble-head and some pre-war magazines that could like, teach stuff!
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell grabs hold of Slim Tony and lifts him up by his shirt collar "You know what you did? You fucked with the wrong town." he whispers in Slim Tonys ear before proceeding to beat the ever loving shit out of him with his power armored fists until his face was pulp.
Ironface Jones "Human life is sacred, fat Slim Tony," Ironface tells the man before Caldwell goes ahead and begins wasting his ass. "And you should never steal from whores," that is the important thing to learn here, as the big man is finding out. Watching a man doesn't bother the big tribal in the least, what does concern him is finding the jewelry stolen by him. Then there's the rest of the loot to be had.
Bane      Bane almost steps in because of how savage the beating is coming from the huge armoured figure. But then he reminds himself that this guy really had it coming after all that crap they had to deal with outside, afterall he was clearly the man in charge of that racket. He shrugs his shoulder and starts to look through the mans trailer, looking for valuables and anything else worth taking. If this man makes his living off of others misery, well it is time he is miserable for a change. He keeps his pistol in one hand though, he has seen what happens when people are caught unawares. It generally ends with the careless being nothing more than a corpse.
Vault Girl Slim Tony doesn't get a chance to respond as Knight Caldwell just beats him into a pulp. There is a ton of loot to be found and lots of weapons to be looted. Some people come by to check out what happened but when they see Knight Caldwell? They get the fuck out of there, they didn't even realize Bane and Ironface were there.

Soon word would get around New Mexico that the Brotherhood of Steel were here and they were taking action.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell throws the dead man to the floor, beginning to grab the big book of science, the rifle, and various assorted random shit he can find that seems valuable. "Beautifully done boys, take your shit and let's get out of here. Remember to grab everything of value. Leave nothing for these vultures." he continues his looting and begins to slowly walk out of there.
Ironface Jones "Now it is time scavenge this place," says the now shot up Tribal, doing his best to ignore wounds that might have incapacitated or killed a lesser warrior. He joins in the looting, happily grabbing himself a handful of items. A pistol gets stuffed into his belt along with a comic book that he finds. Then he looks for more things worth carrying so that he can give them back to Kitty.
Bane      Bane looks around the cabin, his hands picking up a few various knick knacks that he could sell as well as a bag full of caps that he splits roughly between the three of them. And then finally it is time to loot the bodies. He knows how this goes, and he has no issue with sharing. Not when everyone put what they had into the job, they all clearly deserve to get paid. He nods to the others as he moves between the bodies rustling through pockets and picking up a couple of the weapons. "Grab whatever else you guys want and lets get out of here, won't be long until the vultures start circling."