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Manuelito It was a dry heat that settled across the area. A warm breeze that blew through the town every so often, kicking up dust as it changes to a heavier gust now and then.

Up in his office was Manny, reviewing paper work and idly glancing out the window. His office was empty; save for the two chairs, office chair and desk.
Joe Caine A man of his word, Joe Caine is at Militia headquarters first thing, bright eyed and bushy tailed despite the dry heat and dusty air. It was fairly easy to get in to see Manuelito, seeing as he was quite a familiar face around the base.

Approaching Manuelito's door, Joe knocks twice, waiting for an answer, before poking his head in, "Hey Captain!"
Manuelito "Ah Joe, please come in." Manny says as he stands up and gestures to a chair. "How are you doing?"
Joe Caine Joe enters into the office, saluting the man in front of him before moving to seat himself at his desk, "Barely slept last night, guess I was lookin' forward to re-enlisting more than I had anticipated." He comments, shuffling his feet lightly, apparently the slightest bit nervous.
Manuelito Giving a nod, Manny gestures to a chair "Well, this is mostly a formality. I've already pulled your papers and will sign them for reenlistment. What rank did you have prior to discharge?"
Joe Caine Joe Caine nods towards Manuelito, his eyes shifting towards all of the paperwork at the desk, a curious glint as to which ones were his, and what all was in there, "I was a Sergeant when discharged, sir. Infantry." He falls silent then, the old routine returning as if it never left.
Manuelito Nods ever so slightly "I'm placing you in as a Sergeant again; provided Colonel Sanders is okay with this. You'll the Sergeant of Scout and Recon Alpha Squad. as a S&R your main goal is to move ahead during missions and quests and provide information. It's brand new, so you'll need to recruit two more people." He leans forward. "Once you've recruited a few more people, I will have a mission for you. Very dangerous, so don't tell Clara or your mom."
Joe Caine Joe Caine nods once, "I will get on it immediately, sir! I've got a few old war buddies who might be perfect for the job. If they say no, I'll browse the files of active duty, and assemble my team." At the topic of telling either one of his mothers, that was something he had no intention of filling in on. Last thing he needed was Ma popping up on a recon mission, "I.. hear you loud and clear Captain! Family silence."
Manuelito A small nod is given as he sits back "Also, consider those NCR folk; maybe a few would be willing to be militia while here. Could put some of their skills to use; might as well if they're going to fucking stay awhile." He notes in agitated voice.
Joe Caine Joe Caine nods, "Will do sir, though I won't lie, I've kept my distance from all of the new influx of paramilitary forces. I was hoping to get a tight knit group that I can trust, and.. I don't know if I trust outsiders, sir." He was very patriotic, and loyal to the town, it was a no-brainer though, considering who he was a spitting image of. I shall see what I can muster, though."
Manuelito Manny nods his head "As am I." He says with a grin "Build your team and let me know; I'll work with Colonel to smooth things over with rank and duties."
Joe Caine Joe Caine nods, "Yes sir!" Apparently eager to get started, Joe waits for any kind of signal to leave, "I'll get started right away, it's good to be back sir!" He says with a faint rare smile..
Manuelito "Alright, dismissed Joe." Manny says, waving his hand toward the exit; a smile on his face. "And welcome back son."
Joe Caine Joe Caine without another word, Joe slips out the door, headed to the recruitment office.