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Iris Lark The fight club is open and the call has gone out. Plenty of people have come to spectate and brawl and maybe bet some caps. A svelte lady walks among the seated spectators, offering drinks and snacks and maybe even a brief snuggle if they provide the proper compensation.

Iris followed Achilles here, and now she watches him prepared to brawl, a frown on her face. "You're already injured." She mutters, squinting up at the tall man. "Are you sure this is a good idea?
Jude Jude might be from Vault City, but he shows up in the oddest of places. He heard of real fisticuff competition going on, so made his way over since he was scavenging by Roswell anyway. He's a bit dusty, but the bright blue and yellow of his Vault 30 jumpsuit is plain under his light leather armor. He doesn't know a soul, but he's glad to smile and joke with whomever is close. He eyes the fighters, chewing his lower lip indecisively, but finally pulls out some caps to place a wager or three.
Clara Caine Clara is always up for a good time, it seems. Well that depends on what a good time is, right now, it's here. The acting sheriff hasn't put out any offer to fight, but she wanted to see the show. Sweaty men brawling? Yes please! Idly she picks some, what looks to be chips, out of a bad, her cowboy hat askew, that ever charming smile present. Hair is braided and over her shoulder, the cowgirl having found a spot up close while waiting for the show.
John Walking inside Jacks Fight club wearing a signature Leather Jacket was none other than Paladin Winchester. Cold eyes took in the place, noting each person carefully before making his way toward a seat to watch the mayhem that would ensue inside the ring.
Achilles Achilles is without his armor in public for once. The giant's flesh is a tanned canvas covered in scars and ink, some of which clearly mark him as being a tribal of some sort. The muscles along his arms, chest, and back flex with each practice punch he throws. "I'll be fine, it's power fists I have to watch out for. I won't die here."
Iris Lark After some discussion it is decided that the first fight is John versus Jude. The fighters involved are stripped of their weapons and the rules are laid down. "No low blows, that means below the belt." The referee says, snickering as he wipes the sweat from his brow. "That's the only rule, the fight is over when your opponent is knocked out. Spectators, feel free to be as noisy as ya fuckin' want!"

Iris winces and hunches down in her seat, her eyes on the ring as the combatants move inside the circle. "Oh..why did I come here?"
John A roll of his shoulders is done as John stood up and his jacket came off. Cricking his neck from side to side with a subtle crackle of bone, the Paladin heads down to the arena. Peaking just below the cuff line of right sleeve shirt was what appears to be a hilt of a sword. Stepping inside the arena, John turns his six-foot two-inch frame to face his opponent with cold, menacing eyes.

A slow nod is given to the referee as he takes a few steps forward, fist swinging outward, toward Jude's chest; it would seem he didn't care if the man was ready.
Jude After enough heckles from the crowd, Jude reluctantly strips off his armor. Everyone thinks a Vaultie is too radchicken to fight? Well then. His armor somewhere safe-ish, he strips the Vaultsuit down, tying the arms around his waist. He's in fairly good shape, despite the somewhat pasty of dwelling underground predominately. He steps into the ring and eyes up his opponent.

Jude stalks towards John, hoping his footwork is adequate to not humiliate himself too badly. The cold eyed warrior flashes out a punch and finds a home though. Jude, rocked on his feet, shoots out a wobbly roundhouse that goes wide. A loud grunt escapes the blond young man's throat as the pain of the strike threatens to overcome the sudden rush of adreneline of the brawl. Jude staggers a little, trying to get his guard up and hopefully grab a little momentum back.
Achilles "Because it's fun. Everyone is enjoying themselves." Achilles says down to Iris, continuing to warm up as he watches the brawl start up. Clearly he's more than ready to fight himself, even if he isn't really in any shape to be doing such. But once his mind was set on it, it was set on it.
Iris Lark Iris covers her eyes as the first swing results in a blow to Jude. She keeps her eyes squinted closed as she pats on her belt, absently looking for her medical kit in case it's necessary. She opens her eyes to peek and not seeing any blood gives the fight some attention.

The crowd starts to jeer and cheer and make noise as the fight begins, several men calling out bets and handing caps over to a woman making rounds through the stands.
Wiz The Man Known As The Wiz makes his way into the fight club. He has bag of what he is told are fried molerat skin chunks. He was dubious.

He is no longer dubious, crunching them loudly as he leans against the wall.
John The Paladin wasn't finished with the kid just yet. A sneer crosses his face as the blow hits him. Watching the kid stagger a little, he turns his fist into jab meant for Jude's jaw line. There is little emotion on John's face, just cold eyes staring down his opponent.
Clara Caine With a big smile on her face, Clara eats her chips and watches the fighters, feet kicked up on a chair in front of her. After all nobody wants to sit in it, might as well make it her foot rest.
"Well I'll be." The Caine says, feet coming down, boots knocking against the floor. Cowboy hat is pulled back some, blue eyes move from Jude, to fix on John. "Unbelievable." The acting sherifd states, turning a bit to the guy taking bets beside her. "I bet the old man woll the get his old balls knocked off!" And some money is slapped into the guys hand before she looks back to the fight.
Jude Jude sees the look in the Paladin's eyes and tries to scurry out of the way. John is simply too fast and has the advantage though. He is struck in the head, blood and spit knocked from his limp jaw as he takes the hit. He flashes out a defensive jab, trying to buy a little distance. His eyes lose their friendly light, even as he misses a second time. He might not be doing so well, but the boy has some heart. He's waiting for John's next move, trying to focus and comport himself just a little better.
John Taking advantage of the kid's lack of coordination after the blow, John takes two steps forward, dodging a left, then right before his fist is sent again toward Jude's face. The Paladin's tactics were infamously known to his Brotherhood brethren brutal and deleterious.
Jude Since his dodging isn't doing him an ounce of good, Jude changes it up. He stands firm like a wall, taking the hit he knows is coming. His focus and courage pays off this time though, stepping into it and leveraging in to deliver an uppercut to John's ribs. He withdraws them, shaking his head to clear it, stumbling a little. Another shot to the head and he just might go down. He spits some blood and gives his head another shake before he streaks in to have at the Paladin.
Iris Lark Punches are thrown and the crowd is loud and crazy and calling for blood. Iris sits silent in the stands, watching the fight and wincing at each blow. She clutches her hands on her apron, trying to keep herself in her seat. When Jude connects, she finds herself cheering loudly and then, clearly embarassed, she claps both hands over her mouth and just continues to watch.
Clara Caine Along with others, Clara hoots and hollars and all that! Enjoying the show.
Jude The take-it-like-a-chump strategy seems to work. After hitting the seasoned warrior with his uppercut, his left hand streaks in a cross towards John's jaw. His hips twist like he was taught in his self-defense class growing up, adding his weight and power to the strike. He's deadly silent now, focusing intently on his opponent. He has a job to do.
Wiz "I think he's trying to tire the big guy out before he tries to actually start punching," Wiz points out before a crunch.
John John was enjoying the moment as he pummel and beat Jude toward submission, a wild maniac sneer on his face as the last hit connected with his face; blood on his hands. The hit to the ribs paused him for a moment, a look of contempt and anger on his face.

Pausing for a split second to actually allow the kid time to breath, or quit is met with a hit to his jaw. Fiery eyes stare down on Jude "That is how you want to fucking play it huh?" He says with anger behind the words as he moves towards him.
Iris Lark Iris takes a breath and shifts in her seat, clearly distressed by how serious the fight seems. More swinging and more blows and she shakes her head, glancing towards the door. She spots someone she hasn't seen before and watches The Wiz eating for a few moments.
Achilles Achilles pats Iris' shoulder as he watches the fight. His right hand comes up to cup at the side of his mouth, "Death to the Brotherhood!" He already knows Jude isn't going to win, but he doesn't have to let him know that.
Jude It occurs to Jude that he isn't really sure where to go after the two blows of his combo. Inexperience gives John an opening as the kid flouders for what to do now. Uppercut, cross... umm... the hesitation is clear before he goes for a delayed roundhouse. Much like his initial one, it does little but throw him a littler further off balance as it doesn't connect. "Fuck!" he shouts in frustration with himself.

His own cool, slate gray eyes meet John's when the older man asks him that question. He doesn't deign respond, looking at the man as he might a radroach at this point. He flounders to recover and get his guard back up before he takes another one to the face.
John Stepping back as the attack comes, he lurches forward only to miss with a small, non-powered swing. Glaring at Judge, he throws his right fist into his left hand, and grins before taking a few quick paces toward him again.
Clara Caine Clara is a bit more quiet now, seemingly more interested. As they throw fists, she's of leaned forward, resting her arm on the back of the chair in front of her, still eating those chips.
John His movement was lightning quick, giving the Vaulter very little chance to escape as his meaty hands clutch hold of the scruff of his front shirt, dragging him toward him. Eyes burning with anger and contempt stare down at him as he scoffs the kid "I had thought you'd put up a fight." He says belittling him.

Lifting the kid up off the ground, he gives him a look of disdain, hand tightening his grip on his shirt. After holding him for a few long seconds, he shifts his weight to his right, swinging the kid to his right; then with absolutely no concern to Jude's wellbeing, pivots his body to the left and sends Jude flying into the crowd of spectators.
Jude Jude lands in a rough heap in the stands. There's a small groan to indicate that he's alive, but he doesn't move just yet. Some of the surrounding spectators spit on the vaultie, some kick, some try to encourage him to get up. All any of it gets is a little groan. A few of the other vault city residents start to muscle over towards their fallen compatriot, seemingly intent on getting the unconscious blond boy home.
Iris Lark Iris ducks as Jude is flung into the stands and he lands close by her. She winces when he seems to be completely knocked out and she glances back towards the ring, a frown on her face. "You could have hurt someone!" She yells, booing at John. "That guy is a menace." She mutters quietly.
Achilles Achilles sidesteps out of the way, not looking into the stands behind him. He raises a singly meaty fist into the air and cheers. "Alright! Who's next!" He clearly isn't as concerned as Iris. Long as the kid gets up everything is fine.
Jude With a little help from his friends, the dazed and battered Jude is carried out.