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Iris Lark Iris is sitting in the small private examination room that she works in. She is curled up in the chair in the corner, a book spread out over her knees. She hears noise outside of the office, but doesn't get up just yet.
Molly Brown Molly had taken a few slugs from a minigun vs the legion, she'd had the sense to get the bullets out and keep the wound clean. But given the nature of hte injury she needs someoen who isn't her to go and look it over. It's rather hard to work on yourself further once your sedated, right? So here she is at Irir'splace and is knocking on the door and bracing herself on the wall.
Iris Lark Iris opens the door and spots Molly, waving her into the office. "You look a bit worse for the wear, what's happened?" She asks, tilting her head slightly with a frown. "Have a seat on the bed and tell me your story." She starts to gather materials, her attention on the injured woman.
Molly Brown Molly Brown Says "The legion, and a Centurion with a minigun." She notes. "Ia lso had to be on my leg far too long." She frowns. "A girl still has to eat. You reclal how the Legion attacked recently? I was there got caught in the minigun fire before the town's defenders could bring the guy down. Never thought I'd work with some raiders, but the Legion's even worse than they are."
Iris Lark "Have you fished all the bullets out?" Iris asks, cleaning the wounds with a warm wet rag. "If so, it's just a matter of giving you some salve and wrapping them against infection." She says, offering Molly a smile.
Molly Brown Molly Brown Says "I did get em out. It's harder doing it on yourself than on someone else, that's why I'm here Miss Lark. Where do you need me to go?" She asks helpfully she doe sknow what she's doing after all, right?
Iris Lark Iris points to the bed and smiles. "Hop up there and we'll get them salve'd up and wrapped." She says, nodding slowly. "That is the worst part, taking the bullets out. Good job that you were able to accomplish it on your own."
Molly Brown Molly Brown pauses and nods "I never /want/ to do that again, if I can help it. I'll need to peel out of my vault suit though so you can get at it, is that all right?" She'll move to do so id IRis doesn't object.
Iris Lark "That's fine, lets get you taken care of." Iris says, gesturing for Molly to do what she needs to do. "This won't take very long."
Molly Brown Molly Brown strips down to her understoos lays out there and braces herself for Iris to get to work on the wound she mutters. "The things I hear about the legion, it's a dman nightmare. Who the hell went so insane to ... start /something/ like that?"
Iris Lark "Caesar had a vision, and it was flawed." Iris says quietly, her hands working to treat, salve and wrap the wounds present on Molly. "People don't usually think about right or wrong, they think about power and the ability to make people do certain things."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "Raping, pilliaging, plunding. That's the line of thinking that lead to the damn bombs in the first plac.e" She flinces a bit as Iris works the wounds. "I don't intend to be popping ut cannon fodder for legion."
Iris Lark "You're preaching to the choir. I was born in a Legion encampment, and raised there. I was a slave." Iris says, her eyes on Molly as she speaks. "I dispise the Legion and trust nobody who counts them as an ally."