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Jacqueline The hour is comfortably in the middle of the morning; too late for breakfast but too early for the scorching heat of noontime. Chips'N'Bits is open to the public, though Roman is apparently busy in the back.
One of his regulars is hunting through the disorganized piles of scavenged stuff at the front. Jacqueline Wayne, clad in a pair of faded old jeans and a tee under a worn old work shirt, lifts an old toaster, frowns at the open bottom and the missing components obvious from a peek, and sets it aside. Opening the front door of what could be an old washing machine, she bends down to rummage inside, enveloped down to her waist in the massive old gadget.
Lilly Caine The sound of something falling, a crash, or possibly even a Junkalanche occurs behind the door to the back. The sound of parts hitting a hard floor is replaced by a 'Oof', a 'gah' and assorted curse words involving a Gecko's ability to pleasure a radroach. More shuffling, and Lilly emerges from the back room. She pause to shoves something back with her foot far enough to get the door open.. then closes it.. a shift of heavy things heard as she does. "I aint cleanin' that up..", she says to no one in particular..
Tina Tina, just coming through the front door, squeaks and jumps at the crash and the following banging of parts hitting the floor, looking around wildly for the source of the sounds. "Hello? Is someone hurt?" she calls out to the store in general, instantly worried that someone might need help.

The first potential sign of trouble that she notices is Jackie's posterior protruding from the open door of what is probably an ancient washing machine. Instantly the young nun hurries over, in spite of a lack of debris to make the noises she heard. "Can you hear me?" she says, kneeling next to the denim-clad rump and trying to look over Jackie's posterior and back. "Are you hurt?"
Jacqueline Naturally, upon hearing that crash, Jackie tries to straighten up. There's a muffled *THUMP* from inside the washing machine. "Ow! Lilly? Lilly, is that you? Everything sounds funny from in here," she says, trying to extricate herself.
Of course, by then Tina is there. "No... I'm fine," Jackie mutters, embarrassed. "But I can't vouch for Lilly. You might check on her while I try to get out of this thing without killing myself."
Which proves tricky, with all this junk around. And the fact that it's a lot easier to get halfway into a washing machine than to get all the way out again.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine makes her way over to the front, hearing that thunk. Her own hand goes to the back of her head as she winces.. "I'm.. fine.. you okay?" She looks at a new torn spot on one of the legs of her pants. NO scratch.. just.. yay for extra layers above the skin. Lilly spots Tina. "Oh, Hey!", moving over to the counter where she turns around, hops up onto it, spins on her butt and dangles her legs off the customer side.
Tina "Oh... I see. I'll be right back to check on you, as soon as I've found Miss Lilly," Tina replies, standing with some care for her robes. She's just in time to see Lilly hop onto the counter and spin to face her. "Oh! Miss Lilly... I heard the most terrible noise. Did something happen to you? Are you hurt?" she asks, hurrying over to the young tech.
Jacqueline "Thanks. I don't think it'll be necessary..." Jackie replies optimistically. Or maybe just with a touch too much self-reliant pride, as she can't quite seem to get through the opening. After a few seconds of pushing and struggling, she sighs in frustration. "...Then again, maybe it might."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nods to Tina.. "I'm fine.. pants ripped. Was a slide, not a fall. Really need to stack stuff better back there..", noticing Jackie isn't seeming to be free. Lilly looks to Tina, motioning her head towars the bit of Jackie that's visible. She lifts an eyebrow to Tina, then smiles as she hops down off the counter and moves over to see if she can help Tina extract one Jackie from the maws of hungry tech.
Sparrow Sparrow steps into Chips'N'Bits taking her hat off as she steps through the door. The bright eyed Cowgirl's expression bordering on it's usual stoic neutrality. She looks around and then spots on the shelf the thing she wants. Meandering over towards the counter with her eye on the prize, a Medkit. Though upon noticing other faces in the store the Cowgirl pauses and nods her head tapping her hat against her chest once or twice. "Mornin' Ladies," A not to Tina, "Sister." She greets each with a nod.
Tina Tina smiles faintly and shrugs helplessly, then turns to assist poor Jackie as Lilly hurries into the back room, perhaps to deal with the fallen junk. Her turn brings her almost face to face with Sparrow, and she smiles. "Peace and blessings be upon you, Miss Sparrow. I hope you are well," she says warmly. "Miss Jackie seems to be in a bit of trouble. I was hoping to try to help her out of this... actually, I'm not fully sure what it is."

She moves to Jackie's side, kneeling beside the washer once more. "Miss Jackie? Are you caught on something, or is it safe to try to move you? I just can't tell... I can't really see anything except your bottom. Not to slight your bottom any, but the view is rather limited..." she adds apologetically.
Jacqueline "Miss Sparrow? Um, good morning... I'd wave, but... well, you couldn't see my arms anyway," Jackie replies to the cowgirl, sounding sheepish. After all, she's less of another face and instead a posterior. If she were a face, she'd be blushing.
The sound of Tina's voice again draws a sigh. "I'm stuck... sort of. This hole looked bigger when I was going in. I can't push myself out. My elbows get in the way."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Same as I ever was, Sister." The cowgirl looks towards where Jackie's voice is echoing metallically from around her posterior. "Mornin', Jackie." There's a dry amusement in her tone before she turns her bright gaze back to Tina with a twist of a smile. But she reserves her judgment for the situation first she moves over to help, setting her hat on the washer. "Shouldn't be too different from birthin' a brahmin calf." Poor Jackie. "Sister, I need ya to come over here and do me a favor. Reach in there for me and help keep her elbows and head out of the way so she don't break or bang up nothin." She moves over and pats Jackie on the hip. "You let the Sister hold ya all in now and I'm gonna pull on your hips. We'll getcha out in two shakes of a lamb's tail.""
Tina "Oh, dear... that /does/ sound vexing," Tina observes softly, studying the washing machine and poor Jackie's backside thoughtfully. "Perhaps if you held your arms above your head, you would fit. Do you have enough room to push yourself out if you do that?"

But Sparrow seems to have a better idea, and the Sister smiles, nodding. "Please hold still, Miss Jackie... just try to hold your arms above your head, and I'll hold your elbows to they don't bump the sides of the doorway," she says, trying to reach in over Jackie's back. "I just hope I am doing this right... please let me know if I hurt you?"
Sparrow The first time once the Sister's ready Sparrow nods her head. She waits to see when it happens and grabs Jackie by the hips while giving a good tug; nothing. She readjusts her stance, one leg forward and digs her fingers into poor Jackie's hipbones and gives another tug and there's another bang; Sparrow winces. And finally? Sparrow, sorry again Jackie, wedges a leg between Jackie's, wraps her arms around the trapped Wayne's hips and gives a grunt and a swear under her breath. Naturally, it's the third try that's the charm as always. Though it is perhaps not nearly as graceful or painless as it could've been.
Jacqueline "Um, okay..?" Jackie replies, her voice catching as Sparrow pats her bottom. Tina's assurances... well, they aren't assuring. "Just watch the head, okay?"
The first tug doesn't do much more than shift the trapped girl back a couple inches. "Oof!" Jackie grunts. "Hold tighter... eep! Not that tight!" The second pull draws a yowl of pain. "Ow! Oh... my ribs!"
Jackie sighs in frustration. "Sparrow, Tina, this isn't worKIIIIIIINNNG!!!" The last comes as a yowl as that last pull is made. This time she comes free, bumping her elbows and the back of her head along the way, and all three girls end up on the floor in an embarrassing tangle.
Tina Tina winces at that bang, losing her grip on Jackie's arms. "I'm sorry, Miss Jackie..!" she cries softly, only to squeal in surprise and dismay as Jackie comes free. Caught by surprise by the movement, she is knocked backwards, and ends up on her backside with a sound of tearing cloth. Her robe, rucked up around her knees from the fall, evidences a torn side seam from the hem almost to her knees. It also reveals that her legs are bare beneath her robes, except for her socks and ankle boots. "Ow! That... just wasn't fun..." she says, idly rubbing her bum.
Sparrow Sparrow oofs as she lands at the bottom; since that's where she'd been holding on. She oofs as she lands, then Jacqueline and Tina land and there's another oof followed by a soft clearing of Sparrows throat. "Well it was that or be known as your backside until someone unscrewed ya." She teases but she's already chuckling softly before glancing to the Sister and wincing at the rip. A quick glance to Jackie and she rubs the back of her neck with her free hand. "Well, shit. Sorry." She coughs trying to seem serious but all in all the situation has a sort of dry laughter glittering mutely in her eyes. "Sister I can't fix your skirt but let me have a quick look at Jackie. How bad did you get banged up?"
Jacqueline Jackie ends up on top of Sparrow, gasping as she catches her breath. Suddenly going from the dark inside of a washing machine into daylight again has her a little disoriented. She stifles a giggle at the cowgirl's reply. "Well, my backside thanks you for saving it from having to act as my face," she ripostes, grinning. "Though my elbows and noggin don't have so charitable a first impression." She lifts up her arms, showing that they're scraped from the exit. But Sparrow gets a hug all the same. "I thank you, too."
She looks over at Tina, her face falling at the sight of the ripped robe. "Oh... oh, dear. Maybe I can sew that up. I do some mending now and then," she says hopefully.
Tina Tina stares at her torn habit, then sighs softly. "It's quite all right, Miss Jackie, Miss Sparrow. I' m just glad no one is hurt. Well, only a little, anyway," she says softly, slowly moving to stand, and to straighten out her clothes as best she can.

Jackie's comment is met with a thoughtful look, then a nod. "Thank you. I will be very grateful for any help you can give me."
Sparrow Sparrow gives Jackie a one armed hug back and then gently helps hoist her up so that the cowgirl can get back to her feet and shakes herself."You're welcome. I mean I'm certain no one would mind, but I doubt you want just any jester off the Wasteland starin' at your.." Glance at Tina, "Butt while you're talking." She shakes her head to herself. "Come for a MedKit and find some adventure. I'm sure Jackie'll have ya all set right as rain, Sister." She smiles apologetically to Jackie, "Sorry about them bruises." She gestures to the poor woman's hips before moving out of the way to let Jackie help Tina with her habit.
Jacqueline Jackie doesn't refust the help, being a little stiff from kneeling for so long. "True enough. I'd like to think my butt has standards. I know Roman has a medkit around here... ah, I see it now. It's behind the counter at the side. Tina, I can't fix your habit here, but if you'll come by the shop later, I can loan you some of my things so I can sew that tear up right."
Sparrow's apology draws Jackie's attention down to her hips. Of course, they're covered by her jeans, so she can't exactly look at them right now. "Maybe I'd better slip into the back and check on this," she murmurs. "Someone should check on Lilly, anyway." Carefully picking her way amidst the junk, she finds her way to the door behind the counter and slips through.