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Moon It's not been long after the break of day, already it is dry and hot. At this point, people may pray for rain, or even clouds, to bring a break to this already hot morning.

Within the outskirts of the city, it's a bit quiet. Until the sound of something clanging breaks through the air, following that is a voice. "The metal will burn at 1510 degrees Celsius." The woman saying this has long dark hair, it's a mixture of wavy and curly. She is wearing a floral dress to her knees, and a leather vest on top of that. Strapped around her head are a pair of dark goggles. "Not hot enough to melt the steel." The hunk of metal in her hand is tossed aside.
Lucky Little ol' Lucky was out having some fun in the outskirts of Roswell. Well, fun being scavenging that ends with finding a comb, toothbrush and one scary looking dolly. That and having been chased by wild dogs, radroachs, a Bloatfly and avoiding some kind of critter that was not on the list of creatures noted by the Rangers. But, back to that dolly! I mean, look at it! the face was burnt, hair missing and those eyes.. shudders. He stands at the edge of a crack in the highway, a deep gouge that saw one side higher than the other and no sight to the bottom. "Goodbye l'tle ugly thing." He mutters with one last shudder before tossing it into the rift.

And with that, the dolly was gone! Dusting his hands against each other with a gleeful look, he turns away and walks back toward his campsite. A little whistle of a tune escapes his lips before as he walks, then slows to a near stop. "What.. the what?" He exclaims, his blue eyes looking around "Uh, 'elo?"
Moon Having found something of interest, her hand, well both, having fingerless gloves on them, but one is lifted, brought up to examine. Head tilts to the side some. It's a picture. Her other hand comes up, fingers run across it. "Happy faces, happy faces no longer." The picture is thrown then, in a small act of anger.

Catching wind of the whistle, the limber woman hops down easily, gracefully - which is odd against her ragged clothes and such. "You create a resonate chamber with your mouth when you whistle."
Lucky Thwack! is the sound of picture frame meeting skull which quickly follows with the sound of glass shattering. "Da f'ck?" He shouts rubbing his noggin a little before bending down to pick up the picture. "N'w where th' hell didja come from?" He asks of the picture, looking up to see Moon speaking to him.

"I uh, what?" comes the confused reply of Lucky as his mind works over the words slowly. "Oh.. oh! I see yes, yes I do I suppose; I think?" He responds questioningly before looking around. "So, what brings to Roswell?"
Moon One more easy hop off some rubble and the goggle wearing stops about two feet away. The hot sun shines down on them. "I am sorry." Moon says, frowning and taking another step forward. "Is your head okay?"

Looking around - which is only noticeable by the movement of her head as the goggles mask her eyes, it's followed up with a shrug. "Why not? It's a place." A hand lifts, she points to the sky and leans forward some. "I hear little green men come here."
Lucky "Oh-ho so you be th' one to th'w it hmm?" Lucky inquires, still rubbing his head, his little shoulders shrug a bit at the inquiry. "Mere bump I s'ppose, but should be ok'y. I think." As she looks around, so does he hmming a bit and suddenly caught off guard by the response "W'll, I s'ppose your right, right? Though fr'm what I hear, not many come out here cause of Ghoul's and da like." His eyes blink a little "Green men?" he says following up with laughter. "I seriously doubt that."
Moon Moon turns her head a little, looking to where the picture went. "Their happy smiles were lies, eyes said the truth. Bad, bad people. Had to toss it, get rid of the bad." Walking over to some rubble, the woman sits, hands on her lap, her head tilts back, as if she were absorbing the sun into herself. "It's what I hear. Little green men, I want to see them for myself. Why are you here? The remains of death compelling?"
Lucky Looking to the picture again, Lucky brow quirks up a bit "Ya s're? I mean, they look so d'mn happy and all" He says shrugging as he sets the broken frame on the ground, hands digging into his pant pockets with thumbs pushing through the loops. "Well, dun know about th't cr'zy talk of little green men, but I'm here ta clear the Ghoul's and do a bit of sc'vengeing. You?"
Moon Standing again, Moon walks nearer to him, stops, and looks to the picture. "You can see the tension in their eyes, the smile doesn't quite reach them. It's forced, they hid something." Her head lifts, and he could feel her eyes on him. "Thw Ghoul's are bad, yes." A pause, she takes a few steps past him, looking around the remains of the city. "I have no where else to be." Words are heavy, longing in a way.
Lucky "Ooor th'y had a bad week or d'y." He says turning to follow Moon. "I mean it w's two h'ndred years ago." He notes, eyes looking upon the city "Pl'ce use to have meaning back then from what I hear. Tod'y it's just a ghoul town." He sighs a little and casts a side long look to her "So, y're not from around here?"
Moon "People don't realize what their eyes show, they were said to be the gates to the soul." Is Moon's repy, shruggly idly after that. She still looks over the once great city, perhaps sensing what it once was. "It is great to the Ghoul's yes?" Her head slowly turns to him, the goggles dark enough to hide her eyes. Her face is a bit dirty. "I don't know where I'm from. You?"
Lucky "Perhaps, but there are those that wish ta take it back." He sighs as a hand slides from his pocket to the nape of his neck and rubs. "As f'r me? I am from the Mojave area, up near New Vegas." A smile creases his lips as he speaks of home "Names Lucky Strikes." He adds, a hand moving out to her to be shaken.
Moon "And do what?" Moon asks, looking to Lucky, quietly, eyes studying him from behind those goggles. Slowly her head lowers, looking to it for a moment and then goes to take his hand, the shake a little more enthused than normal. "Lucky, well, they called me Moon. So I am Moon."
Lucky His weathered, callus hand shakes her firmly as he gives her a little ol smile. "It is fine to meet the woman who clunk my head with a picture frame." A small bit of teasing given to her as he lets her hand go and slides it back into his pant pocket. Shrugging his shoulders, Lucky replies "Don't know ta be honest. Guess reclaim the city? Make it human again?" A follow up shrug is given
Moon There is a laugh. "If you had been one inch the other way it may of impaled your eyeball. Given where I was and the trajectory of the frame." A beat and he's given a big smile. "I am glad I only hit your head then."

She looks back to the city, thinking over how it would be for people to live in it again. "Can the city be made human again? Maybe it's time is done."
Lucky "Welll, I chalk that up to ol' Lucky lady. My family s'ys she tends to follow me ar'nd a lot." A small chuckle is emitted. His blue little eyes look back out to Roswell as he shrugs "I s'ppose it's possible. Afterall, I've seen towns and cities turned to something prosperous and great."
Moon Moon looks behind them, then around, as if worried, every bit that she can see is scanned. "Who ia this Lucky Lady and why is she following you?" Asks the woman with concern.

Idly some dirt is brushrd off her floral dress, but not like it matters much, given that the outfit is already pretty dirty. Even her cowboy boots are caked in something. "Humans can do a lot, but sometimes they don't see a stop sign when it's there." She shrugs, and pulls some hair out ofher goggles.
Lucky "Ya know, Lady Lucky? It's a expr'ssion of sorts of a person that is extremely lucky." Is his reply as he looks back to her with a joyful smile. It falters however as his brows furrow "Er, not sure I follow that one Moon." He replies curiously.
Moon "Oh! A human superstition! Luck!" Moon nods a bit, realizing what he had meant. "You're Lucky, how does that work? Are you a good luck charm to?"

To his next comment she walks forward, in a graceful way that stands out against that outfit. She easily jumps on some rubble, looking around. "Maybe this place is done. Like humans die so do places." Her back was to him, and on a turn of her foot she faces him, skirt flowing around her knees. "Maybe something new needs to be built."
Lucky Lucky give as a little ol nod of his head, "Well yeah, I guess in a way I am. I mean, that is after all how I get this here pipboy on my arm!" He says jovially "Got it from a deathclaw den with three or so of them inside. Managed to get it and accidentally cause a cave in of sorts that killed them." A small shrug "Not the first time stuff like that has happened too."

A small pause and nod is given "Well, maybe. But.. I think that'd be a bit further down the road." Looking to his pipboy, he says "Shoot... I need to run. Catch you later moon!" He shouts, heading back toward his campsite.
Moon "Bye." Moon says with a small wave, then going to turn away herself. "The puzzle needs to be fixed before humans can be here but the picture is destroyed." She says to herself as she disappears off in some random direction.