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Owner Pose
Beau A small sign reading, 'Open' hangs outside. The shop is richly appointed with heavy velveteen drapes in a rich purple hue with gold trim. The entire interior is decorated in dark woods and various bolts of fancy fabrics. In the back is a leatherworking table and closer to the door is a counter with a small bell atop.

The owner is readily visible in the main part of the shop as he works with a faceless wood mannequin that has a half finished suit jacket pinned to it inside-out with the seams showing. His tall stove pipe hat is on a hook in the far corner and it leaves his severe even part on display above oiled black curls. He is humming softly as he unravels a cloth measuring tape from around his right wrist.
B Open! What luck. The door is opened and an odd pair enter. One has a cherubic little face framed by golden curls and hesitant blue eyes. She tops out at three feet tall, and is currently wrapped around the left leg of the other, taller, potential patron. The latter stands just at five-foot-tall with short black hair and bright blue eyes. Both are covered in that thin layer of dust that seems to coat everything outside.

B glances around the store curiously, wandering in a couple of steps before noting the shop keeper busy working away. "Oh," says she, shooting a cheery smile his way, "You must work here. That's great. I'm hoping you guys might be able to help me out. I'm going to need some new clothes." Her smile turns into one of motherly pride as she places her hand atop her baby bump.
Beau Beau glances up when the door jingles and he attempts to smile around the pins grasped carefully between his lips in the corner. It creates a pursed expression but he reaches up quicktly to remove the pushpins so he can speak, "That I do, that I do..." He jabs the pins 1! 2! 3! into a bit of the mannequin's frame. He steps around his work and approaches the counter as he spoke in a familiar regard to the strangers, "What can I do you, loves?" He's still polite but he narrows an eye at their dust covered forms, "New in town?"
B B blinks and looks down her frame. "It's that obvious, is it?" she chuckles and reaches up to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear, "I'm in need of something that will, er, grow with me, yeah? I was thinking maybe a dress of some sort? Maybe one that won't look too baggy in a couple of months after I'm due. Guess I'll need baby clothes too, but I'll worry about that later, you know?"

The little girl remains silent, judging this stranger in the fancy clothes quietly from the safety of B's shadow. Neither one of them move much further into the shop -- B because of the extra weight attached to her leg, and the child because she's yet to decide if this place is safe.
Beau Beau remains behind the counter keeping the solid block of wood between him and them for... everyone's comfort. "I don't usually allow children in the shop but if you can keep yours reigned in.." He beckons them closer to the counter with a smarmy smirk, "Dresses to grow with you? Congratulations are in order then?" He flutters his eyes at B and then gestures to a few of the pieces on display in the window with a flourish of his arm. "Examples of some of my work... or.." Patient but persnickety, "Were you looking for a more... affordable garment?"
B "She won't touch anything," B is quick to offer assurances, reaching out to rest a hand gently on top of the girl's head. The pair approach the counter with an awkward gait. They may be dusty, but neither have that unpleasant odor of the unwashed, sunbaked worker in desperate need of a bath. "I should probably stick with something more on the functional side, yeah? Instead of fancy? I'm not real sure I'd have anywhere to wear something as fancy as some of these things," she gestures vaguely around, careful not to touch anything, "I'm a distiller, yeah? Set up shop down by the lake. Mmn. Bitter Lake? Anyway, I'd like something a little more fitting to work in. Once my first batch is ready and sold, I'll think about something a little fancier, you know?"
Beau "See that she doesn't." Beau says kindly when he is reassured that the child will not touch anything in the shop. He reaches up to give the end of his cartoonish moustache a thoughtful twirl before he abides in an even baritone, "Something to brew in." There is a slow considering series of nods, "I'll be back in a pip. I may have something in the back... no promises..." He doesn't seem concerned about leaving them along with the merchandise but he does have a reputation in this town.
B B nods to the shopkeeper, watching him walk away. Once he's gone, she crouches down next to a little blonde girl clinging to her. "Shh, now. We're okay here, alright?" says she, voice hushed, "Just some shopping. If we're going to stay here then we need to meet people." She takes the girl's hands in her own to give them a reassuring squeeze before standing again. One hand on her belly, B looks around again, paying closer attention to the details of the wares on display.
Skittles      The sounds of music can be heard briefly from outside. JIngle jingle, goes the door, as Skittles steps in. The music is coming from the Pipboy on her wrist, which she quickly turns off after the door has closed behind her.
     Glancing up, she blinks at the woman and child, questioningly, "Uh... I'm guessing you're not the taylor?". She scratches her head and glances towards the back of the shop. Dressed in tan pants, a pale blue t-shirt, and a slightly too large dark blue BoS jacket, likely the reason for the visit, she too is sporting matching grime and dust.
B When the door opens, both pairs of eyes turn that way. The girl wraps her arms tightly around B's leg again, peering towards the newcomer almost fearfully. The woman smiles brightly but shakes her head. "No .. sorry. He just went in the back, yeah? But I'm sure he'll be back in a minute. Just went to get something. I love your hair, by the way. The curls .. the colours .. all of it. What do you think, Pony? Maybe we should take you to her hairdresser?"

The child, Pony, just smooshes her face tighter against B's leg, causing her to smile and shake her head ruefully. "Sorry. She's not much of a talker, that one, you know?"
Skittles Skittles looks at the young child and smiles, "Oh, I'm sure someone could do loads better with a pretty head like that.". She's stooped a bit in talking to the child, but now stands straight up once more, "I don't know really, I'm lucky if it stays this way, you don't want to see it in the rain. YOu look like you've been traveling for a while, just coming into town from...", she pauses as she seems to contemplate. "Huh, nothing within walking distance for a little girl, unless you're a lot sturdyer than you look.",this last bit said to the little girl with a grin.
B B's finger weave through the little blonde's curls, combing through them. "Yeah .. we're new to town. This is Pony and I'm B. It's been a long walk and she was real good with it, yeah? But she did ride in the wagon most of the way. Well .. at least until about a day ago. The wheel broke and I couldn't fix it on my own so we had to leave it behind. Yeah." She shrugs to this, skirting around the details of where they've wandered in from.
Beau After a considerably long enough time passes Beau steps from the back room with nothing in his hands, "Alas, nothing in stock that would /suit/ your needs but I may be able to cut and sew something for you... would take about a week." The tall slender man in a red coat crosses to his front counter to pull out the Big Black Book from below. To Skittles he states, "Be right with you, love." Then he gestures for B to comes closer with a wiggle of his writing implement. The pen touches the page, "I'll need to take your measurements but we an always schedule a time for that..." After a pause he grins at B, "Name?"
Skittles Skittles nods in sympathy, "Oh, well that's terrible, how unfortunate. I know a guy... he's a little crazy, but he could probably get it fixed for you.". She turns back to the taylor and nods to him, grinning as she takes a place off to the side.
B "We don't hang onto the past," says B, "but thank you for the offer, you know?" Then the shopkeeper returns, and B looks back to him. At his words, she wrinkles her nose. "Nothing? That's too bad, yeah?" No doubt something altered would be cheaper than something hand-made. Shrugging to herself, she continues, "Oh, a week would be okay. Er, except there's the issue of cost. Before we book stuff, we should probably talk about that, yeah? Do you want a deposit, or payment on pick up?"
Beau Beau's pen hesitate for a second and the remarks about not hanging onto the past cause his impassive business man's facade to crack for but a breath. He inhales slowly but then visiably steels his nerves with a drawing up of his brows, his smooth baritone insists, "If you bring me scraps I may be able to keep you clothed through your pregnancy but without an investiment of caps or... additional effort." His eyes dips back to the page with his vague open ended conditions, "I can't afford to make Speciality clothing for your profession... 275 caps for the uniform. The dresses will be ragspun but they'll see you through the months and the stitching will hold."
B B nods slowly, doing quick calculations in her head. "Okay," says she after a heartbeat. Detangling herself from the child, she reaches into one of the inner pockets of her jacket and digs out her caps. She doesn't take them all out at once, but rather counts them up and reaches in for more as needed. Once there are two hundred and seventy-five of them in neat piles of twenty-five, she pushes the lot of them across the counter. "A week you said? That'll work for me. I'm pretty flexible on when I can come in to get measured too so whatever works for you, yeah?" She shifts her smile from Beau to Skittles, "But maybe another time so she doesn't have to wait on me, yeah?" With that, she awkwardly steps back, dragging one leg with a little blonde girl attached to it.
Skittles Skittles glances up just then, her eyes having been drawn to the dressed up mannequin, "Oh, sorry, it's really nothing. I just wanted to have my jacket's sleeves shortened a little.". She lifts her arms straight out, showing how the cuffs extend over her wrists and down the front of her first knuckles.
Beau "I still need your name, love." Beau agrees with a warm grin as pulls a sack-cloth bag from behind the counter to swipe her caps out of sight with a single smooth motion of his gangly arm. Once the caps are whisked away be takes his pen in his hand again and jots down her moniker when she offers it to him. "Pop in tomorrow eveining. I'll save an hour for you."

The shop is lavishly appointed in dark woods and a plush purple velvet curtain with gold trim decorates the plate glass window. Near the front of the shop there is a wide counter with a thick black book on it. The books is dog eared and decorated with various ribbons to seperate the volume. Beau looks back up when Skittles mentions her sleeve, "Come round here, let's have a look at it pet." His sweet tone indicates he plans on fixing it for her, "Were you wanting to pay in caps or trade?"
Skittles Skittles remarks as she steps around, "I can probably afford to give you 20 caps, everything I have to trade would probably gain me one of your best dresses, and that's not really something I do.".
B "Sorry .. you can call me B." She smiles sheepishly, watching Beau write it down her name while nodding to the appointment time. Crouching down so she's at eye level with the child, B tucks a lock back behind the child's ear. "All done here. If you want, you can stay home when I come back tomorrow. Might be more fun for you."

The child returns a blank stare, to which B smiles and gives her hands another reassuring squeeze. Standing, she turns to head back out to the street.
Beau "I'll take your twenty caps." Beau gestures for her to follow him around to the depths of the shop where cutting and sewing took place. He unwinds the cloth tape measurer from around his wrist and take measurements of both of Skittles shoulders and sleeves before he has her take the jacket off so he can work on it. "Should only be a few moments... feel free to poke about the front end of the shop."