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Blank Wandering through the streets is somebody who won't be familiar to anybody. Well, almost anybody. Moderately tall at a bit over six feet, he's wearing fairly normal clothes along with a chainmail shirt and and a holster on one hip. He has a raggedy looking pack slung over a shoulder, which from the looseness of it is currently pretty empty. He also has a bandage wrapped around his head. He looks to be exploring, maybe getting to know El Dorado.
Lucky Scouting along the outskirts of the city, but not daring to go in because of well, orders, is Lucky. the young kid walks along, eyeballing the magnificence of the system from afar; well like a fourth of a mile from it but hey, his boss won't know, right?

Digging his hands into his pockets, Lucky whistles "Th'y built a town out of a p'rk. Impressive."
Skittles Skittles is heading towards the Lone Star Caravan. Planning out the rest of her day has her mind a little unfocused on her surroundings, and so it's no wonder when she rams full speed into the wandering Blank. She's sent sprawling to the side as they collide, "Oof!", and then she's falling.
Blank Blank has his head craned, peering off into the distance at the Wasteland, and doesn't notice the approach of Skittles until the woman is bumping into him. He grunts a bit when she bumps into him, reflexivly grabbing at the falling Scribe. He's not a very strong guy, but she's not a very large person. So it works out. He blinks a few times at her then smiles and says, "Hi." He straightens her up. "You okay?"
Lucky Pretty, shiny lights were calling upon the kids wanderlust as he heads forth and toward the very outskirts of El Doardo, a road called Gold Road. Interesting name that, Lucky thought as he pondered the idea of real gold or maybe caps? being hidden within.

Creeping into the town on slow and methodical legs, the young ranger pauses at the sound of voices talking. Looking around quickly, he dives into an empty barrel and peeks out a hole, spotting Skittle and Blank.
Skittles Skittles steps back after she's regained her feet with the aid of the victim of her enattentiveness.
     "Oh, hi there,", she says as she straightens herself out, "Sorry about that.". Avoiding his gaze she seems to be unsure what to do. "So, um. Are you militia?", gesturing to his general uniform.
Blank Blank glances down at himself. "Me? I don't think so." He doesn't sound entirely sure. He reaches up a hand, absently scratching a little at his bandage. "At least, as far as I know I'm not. I....don't really do anything yet I guess." He shrugs one shoulder, then offers it to her. "Blank Slate." He looks at her own outfit. "What about you? Are you with..." He squints at the unfamiliar BoS markings. "....somebody?"
Lucky Well as it so happens, the barrel Lucky jumps into was meant for something. That something was rotting food being dumped over him haphazardly as the thrower does look down inside; I mean after all, who the hell jumps inside a barrel?

Next thing he knows a top is being placed on and with several thumps, he is rolled into a cart. "Er, wh't the f'ck?" He says, though the words are muffle by the board to be barely heard audibly. Well this was a predicament in of itself, Lucky was trapped in a barrel on a cart. Man his Senior Officer was going to kill him.
Skittles Skittles squints a little as Blank speaks. "Well, if you're interested, the barrecks are by the north gates.", she states, her head tilting to the side. Adding, "Specially if you intend on sticking around.".
     She looks at the outstretched hand, just now noticing it. "Oh, I'm Skittles.", she states as she grasps his hand. "Scribe for the New Mexico chapter for the Brotherhood of Steel. Nice ta meetcha.".
Blank Blank takes the hand and shakes. Judging by the firmness of his handshake, not particularly strong. "I might do that. So far I've just been scrounging up stuff rom out there and selling it here in town." He gestures at the wasteland. "It's working out well so far." He points to his chest and the chainmail shirt he's wearing. "I even managed to find this thing. In a cave with one of those big, talking pink rat critters."

He considers her uniform again. "The Brotehrhood of Steel huh?" He thinks, trying to draw up some info on the group. "....who are they? They sound very...shiny." This lack of memory is really inconvenient.
Lucky well, now wasn't this a bit of a pickle of situation for Lucky. Stuck in a barrel, filled with disposed food from some restaurant that is sealed with a tiny little supply of air through a peeping hole. His callus, weathered hands push against the lid with no reprieve. A sigh escapes his lips, following a small cough as his mind wandered over on just how to get out of this situation.

Thus, an idea pops into his head and begins to rock the barrel from side to side.. to well, side. Then he pushes forward at about the same moment the cart begins to lurch the opposite direction. Over goes the barrel crashing onto its side, spinning slightly against momentum and rolls off the cart with a heavy thud.

Once on the ground, the natural slant of the ground pulls the run away barrel toward the town, thumping and bumping along the harden ground as it makes its way straight towards Skittles and Blank!
Skittles Skittles arches an eyebrow as she lets her handshake fall, "Oh, well we're focused on collecting technology and using it to help people. So far, that's just included scavenging for tech and fending off raiders. Oh, and that battle at Jack's Town. She looks to be about to say more, but the barreling barrel has her taken aback. "The hell?", she says, stepping to the side.
Blank "Battle at Jack's Town. Right." Blank pausese for a couple seconds. "I'm gonna be perfectly honest. I don't remember a thing about thing before like....two days ago. But...scavenging for tech, huh. Maybe I'll come to you guys if I find anything like that and sell it to you." Blank isn't the most observant of people lately. Maybe because of the brain injury. But, a barrel rolling down a rocky hill is pretty noisy. He blinks at it a few times, then tries to catch the speeding barrel with his foot. This....doesn't work as ideally as he might have hoped, since it knocks him on his ass. But, it does jolt the barrel to a stop. Grunting on the ground, he slowly climbs to his feet again. "Ow."
Lucky Barrel does come to a harsh stop as Blank intervenes with its trajectory and path. From with comes a simple thump, thump then pop as the top of the lid cracks open, disposing rotting food on to the ground. A few seconds later comes the young kid crawling out all stinky like and grunts "I uh.. think I'm gonna be sick." He says
Blank Blank stares at the kid that crawled out of the barrel for a few moments then says, "You okay?" He bends down to check on him, then quickly changes his mind and backs up. This might be the post-apocalypse, but stinky is stinky. "What were you doing in a barrel, man?" He glances over the uniform he's wearing. "I take it you're another soldiery type. Seems to be a lot of those around here. Maybe one of these times I'll recognize who they're with."
Lucky "Pssh, yeaaah I'm okay." Lucky says awkwardly as he tries to dismissive the whole concept of being stuck inside a barrel; even waving a hand in a dismissive fashion is given. Blue eyes fell on Skittles for a few lingering moments before looking over to Blank "W'll, yeah I am actually. I'm a R'nger." He tells him jovially, smiling wildly.
Skittles Skittles frowns and squints curiously at the young man, "You look a little young to be a desert ranger, who are you, and why are you in a barrel?".
Blank Blank nods to him. "Hmm. Okay. And what's...." He glances at Skittles. "Desert Ranger then? I assume you have something to do with the desert." Quite the deductive reasoning he has! He glances at the Scribe then back to the Ranger. "Lot of groups around here I guess."
Lucky Giving a sideway glance to Skittles, Luckys brows furrow a bit as he scoffs "Well I am and h've been since I was a wee kid." He defends, hands going to his hips. Eyes dart around as he quickly says "I thought I found something shiny inside it." He retorts quickly before looking to Blank then to Skittles, then back to Blank "Big ol' group from the Mojave. About ten years back joined .. the NCR." It's not said with disdain, but rather understanding. It was a part of a large agreement to help bolster and strengthen the area. After saying it, he pauses, then adds "What's your name?" To bane, before his eyes flicking back to Skittles he smiles jovially "and y'r name?" He asks.
Skittles Skittles glances to the barrel and asks, "I'm Meggan, did you find it?".
Blank "Me? I go by Blank Slate. At least I have for the last two days. Before that...your guess is as good as mine." He smiles brightly at the Ranger. "I woke up pretty much naked in the desert with a bullet in my head, and have no idea how I got there or who I was beforehand. Then I met a guy in werid armor. Then I got attacked by a green-haired lady with a crowbar right before a giant... scaley.... lizard thing attacked us and I ran. I have no idea what happenned to either of them! And then I found this town." He looks at Skitles. "Nice to meet you, Meggan."
Lucky "Uh, that is like a wickedly cool, crazy and wild story mister Slate." Lucky replies, looking him over slowly "But I see you've got clothing now and not so much nakedness; which is good, at least your bits are protected." He notes with a grin before looking back to Skittles "A pleasure to meet you Meggan. the names Lucky. Lucky Strikes!" He poses, arms folding against his chest, a wide, teeth showing smile being given.
Skittles Skittles still looks a little skeptical. "Um, alright Lucky Strikes.". Her brow furrows as she continues, "Uh-um, is there something we can help you with". Gesturing to the barrel, "Not an everyday occurrence.".
Blank Blank shrugs at Lucky, "It was mostly a a lot of bad luck, honestly. But, I didn't die. And yeah...I managed to stumble on some scrap and the like as I was makning my way back to the city, and found a backpack somebody apparently discarded." He pats the strap. "It's kind of ratty, but it should do until I get something better. Now I have pants, and a gun." He touches his chainmail. "Right. And I got this from one of those big talking pink rats."
Lucky The kid looks to Blank skeptically as he pauses in though. "Wait, did'ja say talking pin rat?" He asks puzzled. No way there was a talking pin rat. Just, no. Otherwise he'd find it, keep it and call it Pinky.. or Brain. Shoot, if there two it'd be Pink and the Brain. "Well I'd say ol' Lady Luck be rubbin off on ya mister Slate."

Looking to Skittles, he smiles "If'n you don't believe me, then how's a bet. I prove I am who I am and you come ta dinner. If'n I'm lyin.. well, you call it." He says. "And no, not really just.. ya know passing through and getting stuck in a barrel." He says causally, as it if was a daily occurrence to have odd things happen.
Blank Blank nods to Lucky. "Yeah. In a cave. It called itself the Overrat or something like that. Kept on squeaking on about destroying the humans and stuff. So, I shot it in the head. It had some stuff I could sell laying aorund its lair, and this armor." He watches the kid try to hit on the Scribe lady curiously.
Skittles Skittles smiles and says to Lucky, "I'll take your word for it, but if you want, if you ever see me in the Gold Digger, I'll buy you a biscuit.". She shrugs a shoulder and turns to Blank, "Sorry again for bumping into you, but now we met, so not all bad I suppose. Hopefully you've some luck regaining your memories, though after what you've described, maybe it's better not to.". She looks at the display on her Pipboy and frowns, "I'm really sorry, but I should really get going. Some business to take care of.". "Seeya around.", she calls as she turns and waves, heading down the street towards the caravan market.
Lucky "LUCKY!" squaks the pipboy on Lucky's arms. Eyes glance to it, cheeks flushing as he blinks "Oh shit.. that'd be my boss. I am so in.. trouble." He looks to Blank then skittles as she wanders off and sighs. "I've got to go Gonna get myself in to so much trouble for being this far into town!" And with that he makes a mad dash for the outskirts again.