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B Down at the place where the river runs out of Bitter Lake, a short black haired woman pokes through the rubble with a long stick. She's dressed in a pair of baggy shorts and a pale pink tank top under a threadbare duster. Over her head she wears a blue bandana. Feet bare, she hops onto another rock (after first poking it to make sure it's a rock) and digs under one of the smooth river stones to turn it over.
Derk Walking with a rucksack over his back, is a man who's height puts him in at about six foot, and he's got hte lanky look of one who's wandered the wasteland for some time. His clothes are dirty, a leather duster over an old orange jumpsuit, patched in many places, but the man's face, dust covered and sweaty at the brow suggests that someone handsome may be underneath it all. With the handle of a pistol showing from under the open right flap of his duster, Derk walks with purpose, his gaze not to the river, but towards the distance, where El Dorado is located. It isn't until he's coming down the bank towards the river that he realizes he's not alone. The woman doesn't give the impression of a bandit raiding party, but sometimes there are bait slaves for such purposes and so he stops, wary as he scans the area with his eyes, doing a sweep to see if he can find any good ambush spots.

A pause and then he's moving again, staying a safe distance away as he calls out to the woman, "Aye! You there! Should I expect to be shot sometime here shortly?"
B B looks up sharply, turtling a little out of habit. Her blue eyes shift immediately to the newcomer, fingers gripping a little tighter on her stick. It's not a weapon, but in a pinch, it could work. Of course, throwing it would be hard.

After a breath, she relaxes her grip on the stick. Glancing back down to her flipped stone, the woman crouches to pick it up. "That depends," says she, raising her voice so it'll carry, "Are you being hunted by someone?"
Derk Looking down from the edge of the bank, though descending quickly to present himself as less a target, Derk hurries to the river's edge, not in a threatening way, but a wary one. "Everyone's always being hunted, I'd like to think that today is not such a day that it will lead to terrible things," he explains, then seeing that she hasn't presented much of a threat from her stick and perch, he shrugs the rucksack off his shoulder and leans down to where the water laps against the rocks at his feet. Taking a knee he set the pack beside him and reaches into the water, cupping it to draw and splash over his face and through his hair. "Ain't claimed, or nothing, right? And you from round these parts? I'm looking to head over to that town there, sort of a journey's end kind of thing, but yeah, you seem like you've been here a while... no?" A pause as he realizes he's been babbling, "Name's Derk."
B Switching the stick to her other hand, B fishes the smooth rock out of the creek. Turning it over in her hands, she glances up towards the man on the opposite bank. "Er, I guess you're right about that but I think they patrol around here. S'far as I know, this place isn't claimed by any one person but might be part of the town limits. Not real sure though because I've not been here long. Anyway, the town's not too far away. Just walk that way and you'll run straight into it." She stands and slips the smooth rock in her pocket before twisting at the waist to point off into the distance behind her. It's not the most direct way, but it's the way that'll keep him from wandering through her front yard. "I'm B." She eyes this stranger a little warily herself, not quite sure what to make of him yet.
Derk "B, pleased to meet ya," Derk tells her, and doesn't even hitch over the shortness of the name. With his face cleaned, he looks several years younger, and the stubble on his cheeks and chin are a little lighter in colour. He rises slowly, but gestures with a hand towards the woman, "So, I ain't one for formalities, but you're expecting, aren't ya?" He asks, celarly referring to the swell of her tummy. A pause and he pull the rucksack up from the ground to throw it over his shoulder once again. Moving slowly he walks along his side of the river until he is directly across from her.
B At the mention of her growing babe, B's smile turns motherly. Resting one hand atop the slight swell, she bobs her head. "Yeah. Not for some time yet, but I figured El Dorado is as good of a place as any to settle in. Like I said, I'm still rather new around here, but everyone seems nice enough." While she speaks, she absently rubs her hand across the top of her belly. "Hey, you said you're gonna be sticking around here too? Maybe I could hire you. I need to find someone to sample my brew since I shouldn't be drinking any of it. Gotta find out if it's just swill before I try to sell it to the saloon."
Derk Derk nods at her response, seeming to relax a little, he's silent though as she starts to talk about hiring him. "You're looking for someone to sample your brew..." eyes squinting in such a way as to say she's got the wrong guy for the job. "Sort of made it a rule not to be the first to sample... perks of the profession and all," he remarks, giving her a winning smile that shows some nearly white teeth, and yes they're all actually there. "El Dorado seems to be the place that everyone wants to get to, so I don't blame you. Been trying to get here for a while... so should be an interesting awakening when I arrive all proper like, worried that reality will pop the dream, ya know?"

He steps out into the water a little, allowing the water to come up to his calves as he welcome the coolness that settles into the tops of his boots with a wistful sigh. "They got facilities for that sort of thing here? Not the brew sampling but the birthing? Give you your best chance and all?"
B B wrinkles her nose. "So that's a no on the job? Back to square one, I guess." She shrugs to that, not particularly bothered by that. "Oh, I don't know. Guess it depends on what you have thunk up in your head. I mean, it's just a place like any other. Went to the clothing shop there recently, and things here cost as much, if not more, as any other place." Smirking a little at that, she turns back to poking stones with her stick to make sure they're the non-living kind. "I don't know. I'm still figuring out the town but I figure I'll take my chances here."
Derk "Charging for clothing? Well that's at least an idea as to where things have gotten to, so point, I suppose." Derk looks at her again, but then just nods. "Well enough, I suppose, I'll be looking around also. You said you were in town earlier, mentioned patrols as well, they got a sign up for the militia and do they got a proper doctor in town?" The way he hefts the rucksack and shifts it to his other shoulder suggests he's hinting at something.
B Hop! She's still on the far shore, but about three stones down from where the rest of her gear is. There, in a puddle on a dry rock, is a pair of worn out shoes and a small burlap sack. "You're a doctor? Hmm. I don't think you can really have too many of those around. I don't know any though. Really, I just went into town this morning for that one errand. Won't be long before my shorts won't button anymore. Guess I should consider it though -- medical treatment. Sounds expensive. Maybe I can find some odd jobs around town to help fund that... Anyway, sorry. I don't know where the militia meet. I'd head to the saloon, were I you. Everyone seems to pass through there sooner or later. I'm sure they know where you should go and who you should meet."
Derk "Well I wouldn't go so far as to say proper doctor, you know, not like we read about in them..." Derk pauses then shakes his head, "...that's not important. Though I've been sort of filling that role for the past while... probably longer than I can remember and eventually you pick up a thing or two over the course of life, ya know?" Derk chuckles at her mention of shorts buttoning and while it is fast, he won't be able to hide the obvious glance down to her shorts and back up her body. "Right... ummm, yeah, I suppose I should do that... probably got things to do and I'm just keeping you here, out in the open... like this, probably got someone to get home to, though that's sort of obvious," he notes, chuckling at himself, though it's a dry laugh.

"They're paying good cap for treatment around here? That's very good to know... to be able to actually trade... that's good." He seems to be lost in a thought.
B A guilty look crosses her features as she glances off to the south, no doubt giving away which direction she's wandered in from. "Ah .. I do have people at home, but more the kind that depend on me instead of the kind I depend on. Orphans, really. Two of them. I don't think they're even sisters. Not by blood anyway. Mmn. You're not keeping me from them. They're sleeping last I saw, and I couldn't very well go about my work when they're asleep. Would wake them. We're still getting used to the change of schedule." She colours a little, realizing she may have said too much. Giving her head a little shake, she straightens and slides her thumbs through the loops of her shorts. "I don't know how much doctoring costs here. Just sounds expensive, is all."
Derk Derk nods, listening with a quiet shake of his head then seems mollified enough to step out further into the river and pause on one of the rocks, sitting down on it's edge, facing perpendicular to her, so that it does not seem entirely rude. He brings the strap of his rucksack over his head so that it'll stay in place and lifts one foot out of the water, unlacing the boot, which shows years of wear, but still seemingly sturdy, old combat style. Closer now, the jumpsuit that he wears is Brotherhood make, patches faded to the point of near obscurity, but the shaping is there, and the patches of other cloth that have mended tears and the like still don't hide its origins completely. There's a pause in his motions as he looks down into the water.

"What have we here?" He asks, reaching down into the water and struggling at pulling something out from beneath a rock. A pause and then he's leaning back, pulling out a remarkably intact rifle of some sort. "You drop this?" He asks with wonder, slowly begining to check it over.
B B turns towards him. "Ah .. no. That's not mine," says the raven haired woman, watching him pull it from the water. "Is it even good after being in the river for .. however long?" She's curious, yes, but doesn't approach. Instead, she leans on her stick and rests her chin atop the backs of her hands. "You've got a lot of luck to just come across that, yeah? I'd never think to look in the river for stuff. Guess I should start, huh?"
Derk Derk shrugs a shoulder, eyes intent upon his prize as he starts to go through the action and the magazine release and the like. "Well, we'll soon find out. May be that it's just an oversized paper-weight, but it could be something good with a clean, but that's gonna require some tools, which I should be able to get in town if this place is all that it's cracked up to be." He rises up from his rock, slipping the rucksack off his shoulder and after turning the rifle back and forth several times to drain the remaining water out of it, he places it in the sack, the butt hanging out the top, but after adjusting some things inside, he's able to get it to sit even on his back once more. "Alright, well I'll let you get back to your kids when you're wanting to, but I should probably head into town. I'll put my name out there, perhaps I'll see you again sometime soon?" He remarks, then flashes her a smile as he bends over to tie his boot then steps back into the river, the direction of town being his destination.

"Nice to meet you, B."