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Ironface Jones The wasteland is as quiet as it ever is, allowing for the lone adventurer to explore the area in peace. Low, scrub bushes dot the landscape. The occasional pre-war ruin can be seen in the distance. It's almost beautiful despite it being toxic and dangerous. From here one could seem to go anywhere, difficulties are far away and hard to see and there's plenty of room to get lost.
Manuelito Manny was on a walk today, nothing fancy or epic just a normal stroll into the wasteland. His trusty sniper was sling across his back, a pistol holstered at his side. As usual, he scans the area quietly as he walks, occasionally bending down to review prewar scrap or even post-war scrap. He never knew what he was going to found out here.
Ironface Jones From off in the distance, in one of those pre-war ruins, smoke can be seen drifting up into the sky. It's a thin streak, not everyone would have seen it, but it's definitely there and it could perhaps be man made. The building it's coming from used to be two stories at some point. Concrete. It's now pretty much a one story tall wall on this side and two stories with a bit of roof left to hang over what's left of the interior. It's odd, but the windows are stuffed, just jam packed, with debris from the inside of the building.
Manuelito Spotting the smoke as he scans the horizon, Manny hmm slightly as he unslings the right and proceeds that direction. He has walk the area quite a few times and did not recall the ruins in this area being used that often; if ever at all.

As he got closer and notices the stuffing, his hands quietly check the rifle to make sure a round is in and begins to round the wall. Against the better judgement, he calls out "Hello? Militia, here to help."
Ironface Jones All is quiet. The smoke continues to billow but no sound can be heard from it's direction.
Manuelito Frowning ever so slightly, he slowly continues around the wall as he brings the sniper rifle up in a ready-aim position. Truthfully though, the pistol would've been a better weapon if it ends up in close quarters. Realizing this, he slings the rifle and begins to pull out the pistol. No further words are said as he feels he may have stumble in to a trap.
Ironface Jones The interior of the ruin is full of rubble from when the rest of the building came down, save for a space in the corner that's been cleared away. There's a fire burning, dried dung from some large animal being used as fuel. Behind it, slumped against the wall with a bullet hole in the center of it's forehead, is a fresh human corpse. In his right hand he holds a broken single shot zip gun, useless now that it's been utilized for it's singular purpose. Rolled up in the dead man's left hand is a piece of paper. On the ground next to him is a liquor bottle marked with a triple X.
Manuelito Slowly, methodically the Navajo takes careful steps towards the dead corpse. Once upon reaching him, he uses his left hand to reach out for the paper, eyes slightly watching his surroundings for traps.
Ironface Jones There doesn't seem to be anything ready to reach out and grab the militia captain. As best he can tell he's all alone in the ruined building. The piece of paper reads:

"I dun kilt myself. My wommin runt off with another man and I lost the ranch gamblin. Alls I got lef is my hooch and one bullet. If you find me please drink my hooch with me and tell the fellas in the gamblin hall that they dun kilt Heruld Michner."
Manuelito A gentle sigh escapes the Navajo's lips as he reaches forward to close his eyes. "Rest weary traveler. Mother Goddess will watch over and protect you now. No sin too great for her compassion is greater." He recites quietly before settling down next to the corpse. Eye the bottle, he picks it up to take a sniff before looking back to the note. "Sad really." He says quietly.
Ironface Jones The smell of the hooch hits hard. It's clearly good stuff. But thanks to his fine senses the adventurer can pick up the hint of chems in the bottle.
Manuelito Setting the bottle back down, a simple head shake is given "Out by a bullet, but the hooch probably would've taken you first." He says quietly, eyes glancing over the bottle. "Must've really been down on his luck." He mutters as he tosses the bottle into the fire.
Ironface Jones As the bottle hits the fire there's an audible 'whoosh' noise as the highly flammable hooch ignites and burns brightly for a moment before the fire returns to it's low burn. From outside, well in the distance, the sound of talking can be heard. From here the voices carry just enough that one can make out what is being said, "You reckon he dropped the bottle in the fire when it passed him out?"
    "I reckon so. Nobody'd waste hooch that good."
Manuelito Hearing the voices from somewhere off in the distance, he gives the pistol a once over before glancing to the corpse. "Sorry Heruld" He mumbles and pulls the corpse over and on top of him in a position that would mostly hide his body; well.. hopefully at least mask him until they got close enough.
Ironface Jones The two fellows from outside make their way into the ruin, laughing and joking. One is a scrawny little bastard, a wicked knife held in his hand as he enters. The other is a tall, lanky so and so. The bigger fellow's club droops as he looks around the interior of the ruin, trying to determine what the hell could have happened to the guy that came in there...
Manuelito Well, the odds were stacked against Manny at the moment. Taking one down, but not killing him would help even out the playing field a little. The gun was already primed so he took a little aim and fired. What happens next surprised even the Navajo; a straight shot in the crotch. Even he had to wince at that.
Ironface Jones "My bits!" Yells the shorter of the two guys, dropping his weapon and falling to his knees with hands clutching his bleeding crotch. His face reddens and tears burst forth from his eyes as he sags down into the fetal position.

The larger of the two guys gets one look at what just happened turns, trying to run away before the mad man shooting people's bits off can get off a shot at him. As he flees he yells out, "Don't shoot! I surrender!" Based on the fact that he's running away one can grasp that he doesn't have complete understanding of the word 'surrender'.
Manuelito Well, that didn't go exactly according to plan. Staying hidden behind the corpse, the Navajo speaks "Why were you after me?" He asks which probably could be taken as Manny or the corpse talking.
Ironface Jones "Oh... My bits!" The little guy weeps uncontrollably as he rolls around on the ground in pain before becoming coherent enough to look over at who's talking. His eyes go wide and he calls out, "Herold! I didn't mean to shoot ye', but ya... ya wasn't sharin' yer' hooch. We was jes' gonna use ya' to catch us some slaves fer sellin' so we could buy more."
Manuelito So good ol' Harold didn't shoot himself. Perhaps the bullet then was karma's way of payback, or the Mother Goddess showing some form of humor. Deciding to play on the fact the guy actually believes Harold is still alive, he speaks once more "You killed me for hooch while I was down on my luck and my woman runnin off with another man." A pause "Repent your ways or I shall smite you where you stand."
Ironface Jones "I repent! I repent! I'm sorry I was so wicked!" The fellow, still rolling around and holding himself, cries out! "Forgive me, I jes' wanted to drink and slave people like we use'ta. I tell ya' I ain't gonna do none o' that no more."
Manuelito "Good! Now I can rest in peace knowing you shall forever repent your wickedness. Your balls will be a reminder of what you have done here to me. Now go forth! into the desert to find treatment or death." Manny says all ghostly like.
Ironface Jones "Yes, Herold.. Yes..." The little man manages to pick himself up and half crawl, half walk his way out of the building and into the wasteland. The sound of sobbing can be heard for quite some time as the villain, now repentant, heads off to search for help lest he die of missing testicles.
Manuelito Now that he was dealt with, Manny pushes the corpse to the side, standing and proceeds on after the second, taller man. If there were slavers in the area, then one would hope he'd know.
Ironface Jones The tall man's tracks lead into the wastes, but not terribly far. As the militiaman can tell he's holed up in one of the nearby ruins. Having done a bad job of covering his tracks it's easy to get close enough to hear the man crying coming from inside.
Manuelito "Come out with your hands held high. Harold has called upon the Angels before his death to punish the wicked. No funny business or I shall smite you with lighting from the skies and melt your skin with acid." Manuelito calls out, weapon drawn.
Ironface Jones "Don' shoot! Don't shoot!" The tall man calls out before his hands leave cover, slowly followed by his head. Seeing as how he's covered the rest of him continues to emerge until he's standing there, hands held high in the air. "I like ma nuts, mister. Please, don't shoot 'em off. Take me fer a hangin' or whatever, jes' leave me my bits!"
Manuelito "I am the Arch Angel Michael. You have done wrong in this world and I demand repentance. Your friend killed Harold and justice was carried. To avoid a sentence worse than your bits being shot off, you must tell me where this slave ring is being held." The Navajo says in a cool calm collective voice.
Ironface Jones "I don't know if yer' no angel or nothing, but we takes 'em up a ways away," The tall guy explains as he stands as still as he can, though shaking a little bit interferes with him managing that. "You takes em' to a town called Malpais and the Legion buys em' from ya'."
Manuelito "I see, up toward the North.. west?" The 'Angel' asks as he keeps the pistol aimed at him.
Ironface Jones "Yeah... Uhh..." The man turns around a little bit, still keeping his hands in the air, and points towards the northwest after getting his bearings. "That's the way. I heard they was in Jack's town so I was hopin' they was closer, though."
Manuelito "They are not. Jacks town was culled by my Angels." The Angel replies "Now, repent! Go forth and find your nut-less friend. Take yourself to El Dorado and seek medical help and turn yourself in to the Sheriff. Otherwise I will return and I will rain the heavens upon you and drag you to the abyss of hell for all entirety!"
Ironface Jones "Awright, Mister Angel! You got it! I'll go get Stumpy and get him to town!" The tall fellow replies before just taking off. Hauling ass in the direction directly in front of him, eager to get away from this ball busting seraphim. As he disappears in search of Stumpy the wastes go quiet again, returning to their sort of peace that can either put you at ease or lull you into deadly complacency.
Manuelito After the man leaves, Manny just laughs, his head shaking "Damn fools." He sighs "Too bad someone had to lose their life for it." He adds with a small frown, heading back toward El Dorado. Now he had new information and a mission for his up and coming S&R's.