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Iris Lark It's a quiet day in El Dorado, and even quieter in Shantytown. The weather is fair and because of that there are a lot of people out and about, doing errands.

Iris is shopping in the marketplace for some odds and ends for the clinic. The Healer is always looking for a deal, or something she can use. Music plays from her Pip-Boy as she strolls along the stalls, carrying a basket in her off hand. She stops near a vendor selling fabric, and kneels, gazing at the different fabrics for sale.
Jude Jude makes his way into the Shantytown Market. He's from Vault Town, so doesn't really get out this way all that often. He stands out in Shantytown. The bright blue and yellow of his Vault 30 jumpsuit are splashes of color. He glances at the various wares, but he doesn't really see a whole lot that catches his fancy other than perhaps a few of the denizens.

He's here for a more important endeavor though. He's heard tell that someone needs a little work done on a pip-boy and he's totally willing to contribute to the El Dorado well being. He flicks his gaze around, hoping to spot Iris in the crowds.
Iris Lark Iris stands out in the crowds here, not because of her looks so much as people tend to treat the Healers well in this part of town. She spots the vault dweller before he spots her though, mostly because of the fight at Jack's Town. She turns and walks towards him and reaches to tap him gently on the shoulder. "Are you the guy who punched John in the face?" She asks, a slight grin on her face. "Because if you are, I think I owe you a hug."
Jude Jude turns and gives Iris a once over. He smiles brightly, giving a little nod. Jack's Town is a little fuzzy given the being knocked out and all. He blushes and laughs a little before he admits, "Yeah. I got a couple licks in, but..." He laughs and shrugs. "I thought it was gonna be way more good natured than all that." He shifts his weight from one foot to the other and then decides to open his arms for the offered hug. "If I'm owed, I ain't one to disappoint."
Iris Lark Iris gives the man a hug and when she steps back the smile on her face is crooked. "John came to the clinic a bit ago, called me names and then almost didn't pay me. I'm glad he got punched a time or two." She shrugs and then holds out the arm with the Pip-Boy attached. "Did you come to see me about putting a holodisc in this?"
Jude Jude hugs Iris back and it should be said, he doesn't hold back much when he gives hugs. It's one of those sorts of hugs that's present and vulnerable and caring; all without a single word spoken. "Yeah," he agrees at Iris's description about John. "Yeah. If'n I ever run across him in the wasteland, I don't reckon I'll be of much help to 'im, that's for damn sure." A brief scowl crosses his pale face. He steps back and pats his tool belt. "Yup, I did. I don't reckon it'll take too long." He glances around and asks, "Care to find a seat at that little lizard on a stick stand? It'll take a few, depending on your Pip-Boys processing speed."
Iris Lark Iris nods and her arm comes out from under her cloak showing a pig clutched under her dominant arm. "You're not afraid of piglets are you? Bacon doesn't bite." She says as she sets the little pig down. She takes a seat when she finds one and unstraps her pip-boy from her wrist and holds it out to Jude. "Unfortunately, I help everyone, so if he comes back to the clinic..I'll tend to him, even if I want to kick him in the ankle." She pulls the holodisc from her cloak and then holds it out as well.
Jude Jude smiles and casts Iris a wink and spares one to Bacon as well. "I ain't bled enough to be rightly ascared of much yet," he drawls with humor in his voice. He takes a seat near Iris and reaches down to give the piglet a scritch. He then reaches into his toolbelt and produces a couple tools meant for delicate electronics repair. He accepts the disc and smiles as he recognizes it. "First aid! That's worth a out here I bet." He leans back and says, "Well, I suppose we should probably talk about price. Didja have a number in mind?"
Iris Lark "No, I'm horrible with money." Iris says, grinning over at Jude. "So you tell me what you want, and I'll make an attempt to meet the price." She hunches her shoulder slightly and swings her feet back and forth. "I've got caps and trade, so..hopefully .." She trails off and keeps an eye on the piglet for a few moments.
Jude Jude thinks a moment and sighs. He isn't great with money either, but suggests, "I was thinkin' along the lines of twenty-five caps? It don't take too long, but if'n you don't know what you're doin', you can mess up the whole system, yaknow?" He reaches out and draws Iris's arm towards him, getting it ready, guessing that they'll find a reasonable price. He takes the screwdriver and starts to unscrew one of the ports on the side. "I'm pretty sure we can work out somethin'."
Iris Lark "That's more than generous!" Iris chirps, a big smile on her face. "We can, I feel bad for so low of a price though, if you need healing, come see me and I'll take care of you as well, okay?" She holds her arm out and glances around as Jude works.
Jude Jude laughs as he places the little cover to the side. He leans down and blows gently at the opening and blushes just a little as he explains, "Dust and wastes gunk gets up on in there sometimes and can be hell on the disc." He brushes Iris's hand as he explains further, "Just keep your arm relaxed. It makes some pretty weird beeps and squeals when it uploads if it hasn't done it in a while." He slides a little closer so he can reach the buttons and displays better, slotting the disc in. "Here we go."
Iris Lark Iris cringes a bit and tries to hold still, her arm shaking slightly. "Thank you again for doing this, I really appreciate it. I can handle broken bones and babies, but I'm crap when it comes to technology." She sighs and pushes her hair behind her ear. "Maybe I'll get better one day."
Jude Jude keeps a hand gently on Iris's as the Pip-Boy starts to vibrate and squeal a little. Old tech doing something it hasn't done in a while sounds a bit like it's being murdered. "Come on, buddy..." he murmurs as he hits a few buttons and flips a few switches in a pattern. "Lemme into the root so I can route ya right." He glances up at Iris and offers a smile. "It's just cranky," he murmurs, trying to ease her discomfort. "Most folk aren't so great at it. I have a 5000 at home that I'm workin' on. Basically rebuilding it from the ground up. Talk about cranky!" He snickers as he ah-ha's! "There we go!"
Iris Lark "It's cranky?" Iris asks, and then she giggles softly. "Reminds me of Bacon, that piglet gets really sore about stuff easily. I guess I would too if people often looked at me like I was food." She eyes the device as it starts to make noises and then chuckles softly. "Is ..that a good noise?"
Jude Jude laughs and nods. "Most people look at the old technology like it's either caps, something to cook in, or full of demons. I'd be a little cranky too. Your Pip-Boy and Bacon probably have a lot in common!" He pushes a few buttons and spins the dials a few more times, the pip-boy calming down and whirring like a purring kitten. "Yeah. It's a real good sign. Almost done. Your 'boy is eager to run." He laughs a little and gives Iris's hand a final squeeze before he ejects the disc and starts to close up the pip-boy. "And... there we go!"
Iris Lark "Oh that's amazing! Thank you so much!" Iris is very excited and she bounces on the seat a few times before she gets to her feet and throws her arms around Jude's neck, giving him another hug. "Oh!" She says, pulling back, an embarassed look on her face. "I should pay you. Goodness." She says, giggling softly. She digs into her cloak for the caps, humming as she fishes around.
Jude Jude hugs Iris back, rising out of his seat. He laughs a little and says, "If you have any problems, bring it back and I'll make it right, okay? I guarantee everything I fix or upgrade, okay?" He blushes a little, but does take the caps. "You're incredibly generous, Iris." He lifts the fistfull of caps and salutes before putting them in his toolbelt. "Thank you kindly, ma'am." He then starts to collect up his tools and cleaning up what little mess he made.
Iris Lark "You're welcome, the same goes if you get injured. The clinic is..a little west of here." Iris says, smiling up at Jude. "No wound too big, I've sewn people shut before and pulled out babies."
Jude Jude grins, his eyes sparkling. "That's awesome! I'll be sure to come see ya!" He raises a hand and waves. "It was a pleasure, Iris. See you around!"